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Wrestling Wonders Pro 50, 2015 (Part 1) 50 - 26

Wrestling Wonders 
Pro 50, 2015 
(Part 1) 
50 - 26

The Wrestling Wonders Pro 50 annual ranking includes the period of 1st January to 31st December 2015. 

The most impressive and earning 50 have gained a place on this pioneering list which ever performer, wrestle and entertainer in the field of wrestling should aspire to enter on. There are no other substitutes and is not based on fandom picks or kayfabe thrills.

The top 50 have earned their place based on match quality, in-ring ability, strength of promos, vocal range, depth of character and entertainment within wrestling. This isn't a top of the company listing nor a office backroom fandom choice becoming a glorified fanzine. 

This list always has and will always continue to honour the best of the year who have shown immense commitment and skill beyond materialistic one-offs.

It is the list everyone copies, aspires to and rips off, but can never maintain credibility or respect. Wrestling Wonders leads where others continue to follow.

As ever, Max Waltham has written the entire lot, and has not skimped on anything for a couple of print media lines for tacky disrespect to the entries.

This isn't simply being ranked, for others it is rising the ranks and holding onto their former positions and improving on them or not. All seem to be thoroughly compelled to do so. 

This year, as a bonus, for our fifth year online, a top 100 list is compiled but will not receive a write up. Only the top 50 earn this accolade. It is also an indication to see where and how far between others rank and how close they could be to entering the next year.  

This year was a close run for the top spot. So, shall we begin...

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This year was a close run for the top spot. So, shall we begin...



2014 Placing - 25

Slow year with Wyatt Family, led by Bray Wyatt achieving barely little despite keeping parts of matches together… Sat on the sidelines as Bray Wyatt pummelled Roman Reigns at Battleground, adding dimension to ringside valet… Joined in at Night of Champions with Reigns, Dean Ambrose and ignorant mystery guy that should have been electric and was mildly tepid but controlled by Harper, who took jobbing duties to outdated emptiness… Was given the greatest honour to face The Undertaker and Kane at Survivor Series when short roster plans changed initial four man tag, joining Bray Wyatt to a compact loss with the legendary Phenom… Had a little play in TLC match with The Dudley Boyz, Tommy Dreamer and Rhino in the most abysmal match of botches and failed actions which was a glorified mess of grand proportions that no-one could ever applaud now, then or forever…

While has been treated as plus one jobber, was contained with efforts and held matches in place even should WWE fail to acknowledge such… Needs much more development to advance what was supposed to be a super boisterous nasty now seen as a gruffy teddy bear… Last year’s doghouse with WWE seems to be lifted instead becoming part of WWE’s extras… Needs personality and presence…


Ring of Honor

2014 Placing - Unlisted

Continued downward spiral as joke plus one in TNA with and without real life ignorant criminal MVP in company disaster known as TNA… Lost to Drew Galloway in an absurd Pipe on a Pole match just over six minutes on UK tour… Had no place or role in TNA since disbanding from the childishly named Beat Down Crew, which had immense racial connotations… Lost both TNA tag and X-division titles on way out of company in sheer distasteful show of disrespect by TNA as King decided to jump ship and value his career… Threatened entire career month later in inferior UK promotion of high ignorance with swift tournament losses to ignorant hipster wannabe outcast (whom insiders claim cannot wrestle properly) Jimmy Havoc and El Ligero… Finished up with TNA until July contract expiration tapings… Returned to Ring of Honor to re-join standout partner Rhett Titus, which regained the pair’s fresh spirit… Became costly on empty tour on British shores with highly ignorant promotion PCW, who fill their bingo hall venue with ROH combo cards of no value including a losing tag match with out of shape backstage user Dave Rayne… Became ROH’s number one tag team championship contenders for what it’s worth…

Has made questionable choices which can be modified if serious about career… Needs to think very carefully about who, where and what he challenges… Hasn’t much to show for career yet… Has a chance to rebuild on All Night Express return in empty rostered company filled with ignorant choices and combo card disgraces hoping to tread water…  Must think before acting… 



2014 Placing - 4

Returned from career stalling injury as spare part plodding along until February’s Fastlane Pay Per View in twenty minute scuffle outing over Roman Reigns as WWE’’s newest chosen one as number one contender to Brock Lesnar’s Wrestlemania gold… Moved into brief feud with The Wyatt Family once again to no avail of interest… Won the Intercontinental Championship in a dreadful Seven Man Ladder mess at Wrestlemania with the resident jobbers on the undercard… Teamed with company hero John Cena to beat Tyson Kidd and Cesaro in Smackdown tag match in London, England to give him and Cena higher standing… Ignorance from previous year’s misguided interviews played its part as Bryan once again injured himself with a possible career retiring mishap… Has not been cleared by WWE, who are considering Bryan’s shelf life since…

Despite injury, WWE soured on Bryan and have no plans for him creatively… Should consider retirement as no logical outlook for crippled star… Threw it all away on a random magazine interview of no value… Cursed Intercontinental Championship was last knock despite warnings by WWE faithful and insiders… WWE wanted to prove wrong and hence stumbled harder instead… 



2014 Placing - Unlisted

Starting to dip down the list and everyone else’s thoughts as forgettable… Did self injustice in tag battle at FWE card in February against the ignorant Christopher Daniels where he should have asked bookers for someone else… Returned month later with a tasteful loss to Orange Cassidy in an interestingly entertaining singles bout… Quest for VPW New York State championship was initially empty but gained second chance victory in July to snare the gold from Jorge Santi to save his career, ironically… Worked with likes of David Starr and Icarus smoothly in six man winner… Built more tougher attitude in Street Fight defence keeping title from Santi in rematch of value to rise standing… 

Must be very careful who to dabble with as career could depend on it… Has falling back into the starting blocks after making impressive notice two years ago, debuting on the WW Pro 50… Has a good look, sweet skills and all-rounder which could be utilised to develop further standing… Could use more promo time to develop more personality… Needs the right opponents… Avoid ignorance… 



2014 Placing - Unlisted

Built steam as Handicapped Heroes team with once WWE superstar Zach Gowen to win PWS tag title with smooth sailing… Continued concentrating on building team to most prolific stance with skill, risk taking and dedication, regardless of personal health issues… Improved physique, toned and trunk wearing lovely looks befitting of a professional star holding self in good stead… Smooth technical ground work and tag principals continue personal development… Took independent matches over second half of the year with strong character and held own beautifully… Took charge once more as AIW’s new Intense title champion in a six way stunner, selling for others and shining with credible skill… Dropped the title before Christmas on 18th in Six Man Scramble that elevated self, roster and competition with a fresher outlook and capable action encouraging fans of all things wrestling… 

Can work independently on initiative understanding necessities of match involvement and crowd interaction… Committed, capable and efforted approach to any match included in… Could do with developing promos more to a wider audience… Cutey with skill is shining example to others… Needs longer title reigns in future to develop company and divisions which is certainly achievable…  Must avoid all ignorance from disgraced cat loving, midget trainer if ever to remain stable and grow respect… 



2014 Placing - Unlisted

As part of WWE’s developmental brand, NXT has settled comfortably into the role of tag partner with Aiden English as The Vaudevillians… Pair won biggest achievement to date from year and a half run as partners with Blue Pants (Leva Bates) in their corner to lift the NXT tag team titles in Brooklyn… Were soon dumped off the mountain to Dash and Dawson two months later on TV taping time in senseless choice which came too late in their run to contain audience as champs… Has cute style, lovable fans and respected connection in tag matches on NXT… Pair needs huge booking faith to transcend and succeed in WWE’s main programme which is the ultimate goal, which both are ready for as a pair in 2016… Nimble navigator with in-ring smoothness and works the room can achieve much if given a chance but would flounder currently as a solo act… Can be built upon on main stage TV, but must be at the height of programming pair… 

Former Ryan Drago’s homage to the Gotch legends Karl and Frank has not gone unnoticed with the dodgy but workable ‘tache… Old age influences with new age wrestling continue to shape and develop the star, growing into a role WWE can perfectly craft for a newer style and star of potential future… Must own the night on Raw as new forces of the tag division… Pair can work both sides well, adding further dimensions to their development and succession for WWE, should it finally choose to call on what can boost its future than impulse buys and old hat hires who shame the company…



2014 Placing - 40

Played around on Independent scene well with unknown stars, but made matches entertaining for crowd fans… Took on Eli Drake, then Shaun Ricker in a decent loss at IWF over January which showcased the best of the pair to start the wrestling year… Thoroughly entertained at FWE above all else with partner Candice LeRae against Paul London and Veda Scott in March… Dabbled with ignorance at King of Indies event which was pointless and did nothing for him… Dropped tag titles at PWG with LeRae in an ignorant filled match which lost core value to career… Had decent matches with returning Jesse Sorensen for PPW heavyweight title, proving both men are best off out of the utter disaster that is TNA, over the Summer… Created some buzz near the end of the year in DDT using his penis as a power surging tool to save him where DDT are well known for comedy matches with quality… Risked everything on UK tour for Christmas event as loser to All England Title… Plans to dabble with ignorance underground south of America…

Must be careful who and where to wrestle with if ever to truly succeed and maintain worthy career outside of ignorance… As written on WW Pro 50 previously, is stable structure to Independent scene and should not risk it all for a novelty moment of low value… Can command an audience and prove to be an interesting force of fun… Must keep serious tone if ever to remain respected where counts…



2014 Placing - 7

Tasked to build on tepidly evaporating drawn-out feud with Dean Ambrose on Raw in gripping Ambulance match pair really made captivating… Found self back with Daniel Bryan in minor battles… Continued to play with jobbers in uneventful wins crushing momentum including Jack Swagger on Main Event demotion… Lost the big bouts when counted on primetime TV in hopes his character would be enough to carry him… Failed to stand out in Royal Rumble match, which could have been a goldmine opportunity… Reignited feuds with Ryback, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns lost spark as standout force… Cost Roman Reigns Money in the Bank victory at said PPV in unexplained choice as favourite Reigns was hated by the WWE Universe for Heavyweight contention, allowing Sheamus, of all people to win the briefcase… Brief feud with Roman was lacklustre waste of everyone’s time which should have been a red hot firecracker… Played against legendary veteran The Undertaker and Kane at Survivor Series in perfect tag match, which was smooth but forgettable for Wyatt thereafter… Was moved into random TLC gimmick matches with Dudley Boyz including homophobe Bubba Ray for inside point mockery…

Max Waltham adaption by WWE standards hasn’t understood the essence Waltham has, and there is no substitute… Without Waltham’s advice, WWE have stumbled at a brick wall, neglecting the true power of support WWE had… Wyatt needs stronger booking opportunities and depth of character to full enhance his role… WWE audience losing as much interest as the Wyatt character is dipping…. 



2014 Placing - 18

Failed to make any real impact for WWE from the beginning of the year as one of its most forgettable stars with Royal Rumble, Fast Lane and Wrestlemania filler spots… Plodded along until mid-end of year without any depth… Re-developed style at Elimination Chamber enormously but suffered from loose booking choices that crushed main event stardom for mild mid-carder to come… Had greatest match of career with Seth Rollins in title challenge Ladder extravaganza, despite their rivalry starting to be overdone at Money in the Bank… Worked finer moments of career including Survivor Series in poor tournament championship layout with an exceptional display of charisma and workability with Roman Reigns to help him become credible victor… Had lucky escape by failing to win… Was given consolation prize of cursed Intercontinental Championship month later in tainted win with ignorant waster Kevin Owens, who failed to place shoulders on the mat, ruining Ambrose’s legitimacy… Showed off jiggly man boobs at TLC, pleasing many fans worldwide…

Relied upon too much by WWE typecast and fails to be the man he once was… Is losing more fan respect by being sidelined for others… IC title is seen as derogatory and would have been better left off than on waistline… Needs to find hidden spot to excel which may now be at least a year and a half away from growth… Bland… Gratefully changed style from critique when realising was too wayward every repetitive match… Needs real competition, opportunities and writing depth… 



2014 Placing - Unlisted

Expert tag teaming against Cesaro, especially, with Tyson Kid, catapulted New Day to highest standing with sheer technique, passion and exuberance that changed the tag division for the better… Secured the big one with Big E as WWE Tag Team Champion in an excellent scrap with outgoing champs Tyson Kidd and Cesaro which elevated the group at a tentative time with fans in April… First Elimination Chamber tag match was rushed event, but shone on the main stage where needed to reshape the scene for WWE and New Day… Needed to freshen act by dropping gold to Darren Young and Titus O’Neil which was later clear Young was given gold by WWE to parade at Gay Pride events as O’Neil won a Father of the Year award on unseen tour date… Won the gold back with Big E in second current run from 23rd August Summerslam which was good but felt cheap to fans hence losing connection with crowd… Has gladly removed many of the spot monkey, bouncing theatrics to concentrate on more ground work that has boosted in-ring talent with vocal personality… Is in trouble of becoming stale since feud with The Uso’s and others in December failed to be anything other than useless ignorance for opportunity sake… 

Has grown over the past year in tag team trio gathering steam and becoming more over thanks to insider guidance… Has started floundering on toilet humour over last few months which is turning people off than on New Day once again… Must be careful not to lose all momentum built from year that narrowly rejected their careers launching… Could use more presence in New Day as being overtaken in personality by other two stablemates… Need real competition than filling action dolls… Should have a level run without gold in singles action with his crew to rebuild tag division firmer… 



2014 Placing - Unlisted

Whirling masterpiece with opponent Kota Ibushi for KO-D’s Openweight Title in March which had all the fans routing for him as challenger… Shock moments of comeback and sheer momentum make YOSHIHIKO at complete mesmeric  joy to watch… Has outranked numerous in the industry with his light technique and fresh, seemingly endless possibilities… Participated on DDT’s Osaka Octopus card with eleven other men in a near fifteen minute Iron Man Heavyweight title opportunity adding defining moments to others with inclusion…  

Captivating to watch and creates superb magic proving and embarrassing many on how to make a perfect wrestling match… 11 year old Dutchman, born on Christmas Day, wrestling for one decade is youngest but one of the most talented wrestlers to grace the list in his debut year of 2015… Creates chemistry with all opponents effortlessly engaging audiences with entertainment and skillset… Wrestling Wonders would like to see more championships on him in the future…  



2014 Placing - 46

Began year teaming with regular partner David Starr building more steam as The Juicy Product in tags, defining their place as credible tandem growing, shining brightly with BandidoJr and Trent at FEW’s skilful and fun filled No Limits PPV… Finally dropped NYWC tag title in four way frenzy to Milk Chocolate which included Little Guido and Tony Marmaluke of ECW fame, adding extra quality… Fell out with pal Starr after longtime partnership to become bitter enemies with a defining match up for both at Beyond Scorned that enlightened the audience… Made considerable growth as solo star with multiple opponents maintaining profile, stardom and technique including Amazing Red, TJ Marconi and Kimber Lee… Became foolish with a victory over ignorance of the highest order on 19th September… Was made a further fool of when battling ignorance on 26th September with slender aerial weasel… Put in a decent show losing to expert superstar Tony Nese at HOH Weekend’s first show with Alex Reynolds only to ruin it with high level ignorance in Tommaso Ciampa defeat following evening…

Fresh off debut last year on this career launching list, has started out well but began swerving into ignorant battles costing him dear… Any further dabbling will be costly and must take note to avoid if serious about career… Forgetfulness is not career defining in this business… Needs to develop after stalling moments of no joy and concentrate on making serious choices than neglectful ones… Starting to simmer down as singles contender exposed out of tag team backdrop… 


Consejo Mundial De Lucha Libre

2014 Placing - 43

Started his year on New Japan trade tour which could have been a risky start to 2015 but booked with good competition in KUSHIDA and others… Went back to CMLL for more six man action to build on character including working among former Mark JindrakMarco Corleone,Maximo, La Sombra, Mephisto, and others in complementary tag building… Took first major stepping stone with Two of Three falls thriller for Mexican National Welterweight title with 2:1 victory over Titan that catapulted standing with fans… Entered annual Best of Super Juniors contest with NJPW over mid-year with standard battles but no defining aura once lost by other favoured names close to ignorance… Went back to Mexico to concentrate on self-portrayal with funny but some empty moments after being made fodder on detrimental international exchanges… 

After debuting on the list last year, growing in Mexico, now acknowledged by many more through making our list, Cavernario continues to entertain crowds… Hoping to add a mix of skill to the theatrics, Cavernario needs to be more focused than just plain ludicrous… Has potential as long as it is not whisked away on an empty whim…Companies must be careful with the talent it books and trades…


New Japan Pro Wrestling

2014 Placing - 23

Joined New Japan Pro Wrestling in January in a move that contemplated numerous doubt over his booking and style changes… Won a random encounter with New Japan whooping boy Ryusuke Taguchi for the IWGP Junior Heavyweight strap which looked more of an insult than elevating standards… Their feud was drawn out and useless following… Mascara Dorada was the next challenger who failed to achieve and Omega could not present as credible champion despite winning… Omega finally dropped the gold to Super Junior’s victor KUSHIDA in a tender match on July 5th only to retain it in September, making a mockery of the feud, self and opponent as well as title which should have been a glorious venture marred with interference… Beat former Evan Bourne cruiserweight Matt Sydal. Who became the laughable King of Pro-Wrestling, making the pair’s exchange ever more filled with disbelief…  Continues carrying a brush mop with trenchcoat, which gives the look but fails to achieve with the booking of a star, which New Japan has finally lost momentum with… 

Has dipped a lot since his mid-level, constant placing on the list consistently but now dips considerably… Joining New Japan was supposed to elevate but has damned Omega’s character and skillset with tiring and cheap moments that mean less than what he was truly worth… Has lost the magic in NJPW which he should take seriously if to reform his character… Can’t seem to break mid-level…


New Japan Pro Wrestling

2014 Placing - 19

Since his return from injury at last year’s 2014 Super Junior’s tournament pull out, returned to the Tokyo Dome on Jan 4th in a four man team, losing to imported exports reDRagon looking ever useless on a comeback who still could not win rematch month later in Feb… Did not have the best competition in the Super Juniors this year with worthless victory over David Finlay… Brushed with ignorance in October’s Super Junior Tag title tournament dropping first round to Matt Sydal and disgraced ignorance in spot moment weasel… While losing, had much better time on Independent scene with Louis Lyndon making magic in a simple, back to basics wrestling match that made fans interested again… Was made a muppet out of once more in Ring of Honor cards over December… 

Has either outgrown New Japan or left to rot instead… Either way, Shelley is on a losing path at NJPW currently… Not respected and lost in the shuffle, Shelley should ask for a pay rise and better feuds or leave… New Japan has crushed him for others despite his intense commitments to the company… WWE could offer something quickly if they valued him, who has a clean record… 



2014 Placing - Unlisted

Ten year veteran clocked up a lot of air miles in 2015… Was Package driven through table by Kevin Steen after Steen’s match with Steve Corino… Dropped PWG title in a terrific three way also featuring Eddie Edwards at Final Destination on March 17th… In ROH, lost super-heated Last Man Standing showdown to Steen on March 30th… Resurfaced on date with triumph against so and so in Dragon Gate next night… Reformed fun tag team The ExerGuys, aiming to help partner JP along the way… Pair complements one another perfectly as mismatched team with skill, showing such in tags over November and December including great matches with Iceberg and Glacier over festive season… 

Pair shines very brightly together, add fun, skill and entertainment that would not be out of place anywhere… Seem to be plodding along currently without many dates, which is sad to see for such talents… WWE should jump on them fast and keep them together to build on… Pair doesn’t need name changes… Both shine best in places like FWE but must be careful which Indies they go to and who they wrestle to avoid such ignorance potentially becoming costly to career… PWG should be avoided… Need to openly refuse matches if ignorance is put their way…


Ring of Honor

2014 Placing - Unlisted

VCW card for Heavyweight title battle with Dirty Money was fun fight with entertaining values to begin Titus’ growing year… Back in doomed ignorant company Ring of Honor, as The Romantic Touch, lost multiple singles matches but did so with style, technique and put others over, which many themselves neglect to do for others... One of those fun moments was with classic butch babe ODB, who won by DQ… After constantly looked over, as he has been for three years in ROH, reunited with a fresh Kenny King, desperately fleeing the drought of TNA over October… Lacking competition in tags including Young Bucks and other ignorance makes mockery of veteran with strong skills and dependable talent… Finally became number one tag contenders at Final Battle which was more of a throwaway nothing match than a glorious achievement, largely faulted by other disgraced teams failing to sell… 

Fresh return with Kenny King was needed for both but ROH have constantly neglected Titus’ achievements and his donation of getting other talent over which is shameful and stalls company growth… Ignorant company continues to fail many, talents and including themselves with their disgusting management… Titus continues to work well with what he is given and could do with some titles on him and at lengthy time to make up for stalling over years as well as staying fresh…



2014 Placing - Unlisted

Decent singer, made troubling act for many wrestlers workable… Developed tag team scene in WWE’s NXT developmental ground wonderfully, as main staple to behold… Finally got the nod for NXT tag division gold beating green tag team Blake and Murphy at August 22nd’s NXT takeover event in Brooklyn… Poor booking decisions sent the tag team of a year and a half ago crashing to title loss on October 22nd to Dash and Dawson instead, removing all growth the pair constantly made… More character based but not given enough time by WWE to train and be seen as developed enough in the ring to which he is fully capable, after WWE’s impulse surge of Triple H’s fanboy favourite hires of ignorance convoluting the product… Would not be out of place on WWE main roster and must be booked well with or without tag partner, though WWE could certainly do with fresh faces in the tag division…

Stop/start treatment continues to give English the Cesaro factor, built, capable and over but lacks good booking decisions… Serenading sweetie with charisma and style are befitting layers upon his vast technique… Vaudevillians team has proved impressive run as fresh face to youth culture… Has spent too long in NXT and 2016 should hopefully see him called to the main roster, Raw especially…Could add a real fresh take on WWE, which is troubled with ratings decline…



2014 Placing - Unlisted

Spare part carried in Triple Threat title match at Royal Rumble with Brock Lesnar and showstealer Seth Rollins barely touched surface… Moved into heavyily patriotic feud with Rusev for National heritage in United States title at Fast Lane and Wrestlemania culminating in victory on the grand stage of all… Rusev feud was hottest of Cena’s career despite mild efforts finishing at Payback in an “I Quit” which Cena never loses… After a good feud worn stale, US title Open Challengers were sought until NXT rookie Kevin Owens answered the call for a lacklustre feud to come… Owens put in such a disgraced performance continually which forced Cena to try and salvage the show which earned him a place alongside Rusev in debut WW Pro 50 by becoming an extraordinarily controlled, and finer worker… Cena’s efforts were smooth, transitional and selling like crazy which questions if he just can’t be bothered when others carry him… Decided to take sabbatical after Summerslam until New Year in well needed rest which actually turned out to be filing for a secret show outside of WWE which Head Office were none too pleased about… With desperate ratings nose-diving, has already been announced after Christmas Raw to return to action… May well win another pointless Royal Rumble with such short stacked roster lacking talent or personality… 

Debut of Cena on the Pro WW 50 is a revelation that proves if he can be bothered to work well he will earn a place… Has sadly slipped back to phoning it in than maintain a real chance to develop for first time in empty career… Needs less comical lunacy and idiotic, ignorant opponents as this is no consolation to achieving… Sterling work eroded by weak ignorant talent who did nothing with grand victory that was just plain meaningless… WWE, who hate for Cena to look weak, achieved that very goal…



2014 Placing - Unlisted

Brief year for Sexton was no excuse for quality wrestling making the grade… Appeared over the coming months on monthly Pay Per View for MCW Wrestling in Australia with a sting of defining victories over showcasing charisma, in-ring poise and finer workability to send fans home happy… Won as part of Team Juicy in a smashing Caged Warfare card in May developing tougher hardcore action to sweet looking cutey character… Soon took defined Heavyweight glory with MCW title from KrackerJack to boost talented reputation… Committed worker put in his best shows defending the strap months after from Ryan Eagles and others which really was top-notch wrestling at its finest… Ended in November with a victor over Rocky Menero in another plain sailing delight… 

Good-looking beefcake can adapt to situations and work a crowd comfortably… Makes best work with opponents and plains to boost title worth… After years of stalling can finally be built upon to move forward and be the wrestler company and fans want… Isn't bad looking too… Needs to have more dates and depth to stand above competition more dominantly… Has the figure to do so… Loves a Victoria sponge...



2014 Placing - Unlisted

Returned in 30 man Royal Rumble as number 29 to send out a gaggle of stars including Ryback, Jack Swagger and Dean Ambrose… Partnered with The Authority and henchman Kane over coming months… Proved impressive in changed attitude to wrestling from critique to better self from Wrestling Wonders… Won useless Wrestlemania Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal which was tad lazy and uncoordinated opponents… Stunned everyone at Extreme Rules in Last Man Standing bout with Roman Reigns as the most improved and charismatic worker behind the main event… Short spell moved into Intercontinental championship failed to get started… Notable weight loss over second half of the year seemed to invigorate… Took unexplained leave of absence shortly after…

As Big Show’s harshest critic, has now accept advice from Max Waltham and proven to be a revelation in the ring with sustained effort and continued attempt to succeed… Rejuvenated star has been entering best matches of his career since… With the right opponents and situations could be a stable force for WWE, regain fan respect and eventually be a champion others want to see once more…


National Wrestling Alliance

2014 Placing - 11

Came back stalled from recent injury but gave no less in delivery quality wrestling and entertaining moments…  Once again booked like a fool that crippled his momentum like last year with a New Japan loss to HiroyshiTenzan to take the NWA World title from Conway in an astoundingly well transitioned exchange, technique wise… Remained Texas Tag Team champion as consolation prize than champion worthy… Took on old pal now enemy Jax Dane to a fine no contest battle, sparking the best from one another… After challenges for other titles, unsuccessfully, was dropped as NWA Mid-South champion which looked like a complete dismantling of Conway over the entire year… Was allowed to win the NWA World tag titles with Matt Riviera beginning The Iron Empire team, while looked entirely mismanaged… Could not regain main Heavyweight gold from now champion Jax Dane in a December finale card which was finely wrestled, despite management errors…

Always gives more than enough in crucial grace, skill and desire… 2015 was a clear shake up which made Conway look ridiculous and exposed management as shoddy in how to freshen up the promotion… As with Conway, the NWA now looks entirely cheap and tacky… NWA must defer from dabbling with overseas ignorance as it may plan and leave Conway well out of it to re-build him among its growing tag scene… Currently dethroning Conway vastly makes NWA less of a contender… 



2014 Placing - 16

Began as stable structure on romper stomper victory defining career whitewash in CMLL… Played well, mostly as victor in tag team two of three fall matches that elevated self-portrayal, team player qualities and sold for others as building structures… Lost in April to VoladorJr in a two of three falls charmer… Defended the NWA World Historic Middleweight title over Gran Guerrero with another sturdily content 2:1 best of battle… Partook in moderate Independent cards between CMLL dates to contain style and durability… Relieved of gold by Ultimo Guerrero ending august with another fascinating fight for said title above… Could not wrest back the title in yet another defining career extension against new champion VoladorJr in October… Finished up the year in November after WWE finally came calling with contract offer, which La Sombra rightfully took…

After making powerful steed on the list three years ago as relative unknown until Wrestling Wonders boosted the monochrome masked mystique, everyone has been interested in wrestling’s newest prospect… Has chosen the right avenue in WWE but must avoid ignorance and cliché of Triple H’s NXT fanclub than serious superstar… Despite being chosen for Max Waltham’s colours, has a real chance to make a go of it and prove why he can be of value to everyone concerned…


Total Non-Stop Action

2014 Placing - 28

Began epic year in TNA with a two minute joke battle with ignorant nobody Jeremy Borash, ending in a pointless No Contest, damaging Carter’s on-screen prospects… Stupid match made with hair vs Hair match against Spud, after Wrestling Wonders pointed out former Derrick Bateman of WWE past only needed a haircut to succeed. TNA decided a whim choice on a figure of speech was a bookable battle, with poor results… Risked everything for career with a battle against uber ignorant string bean, cat lover Johnny Gargano at independent event, in which Carter needs to respect his position if ever to have a growing future… Joined a battle with another disgraced ignorant drug abuser in Chris Masters, which made Carter look a further embarrassment, even with a win… Relieved another ex-junkie abuser in Kurt angle back at TNA, to lift the World title in crowning victory only to be booked thereafter in pitiful matches against smaller and unbelievable one offs… Became the biggest joke instead of biggest prospect when aunt Dixie naturally got involved and ruined him with a loss to Matt Hardy in a Triple threat loss where Hardy pinned Drew Galloway instead… Further lunacy continued as Carter’s now redundant title was vacated the following night by Hardy so he could win it back fairly… What a shambles… In reality TNA taped a tournament beforehand, which further continues its troublesome money woes affecting Carter III and the product…  

Once TNA’s most needed success story became upturned to biggest goof in a swift 0-60 by good ol’ Dixie Carter… Carter’s reign and skill in trying to seem credible was carrying him somewhat, but could not be avoided from eventual destruction from with TNA management… Needs to be stand-alone star, respectable and given strong booking material, which may not be available with TNA’s lacking brainpower and stubborn attitude to look outside of their own ego… Has no ship to jump to, and who would want him now?…



2014 Placing - Unlisted

Managed to get his hands on three titles becoming an impressive force on the independent circuit in a short space of time including twenty minute win of PWF Junior Heavyweight title in February… Dropped gold two months later in another sweet, building connection to little lovely… Currently in an ignorant tag team with a partner who is stained and needs to repent… Made name at the ECWA Super 8’s tournament as tournament victor with impressive finesse and technical masterpieces… Mustn’t rely too heavily on others and be a standout force he has been over the year that has earned him his place… Has proven to be highly impressive rookie with short frame, all round look of growing star potentially and smooth, technical mat skills… Received tryout in WWE NXT losing to Dash and Dawson in October with ignorant nobody John Skyler… Ended year on 19th December with highly respected victory over Maddox…

Cute, capable and talented, rookie has decided to wrestle alongside and against ignorance which could be highly damaging for future outlook… If serious about career should be careful who to play with, unless willing to do so would then take his own path… Could be a real option to grow but at such a delicate age and debut, needs to consider options if to gain insider backing… WWE can continue watching but not make any rash decisions unless the green light is given… 2016 promising… 

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