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Hulk Hogan nude pics Vexation

Sex tape scandal entrapment intensifies...

Last month in March, details emerged of Hulk Hogan embroiled in a sex tape scandal (click here) - Hulk Hogan Sex Tape Scandal , which was to his knowledge secretly recorded by a mystery female he engaged in sexual relations with, in light of his divorce and singledom.

Released onto website “TheDirty”, images were uploaded last week onto the site, where Nik Ritcie failed to remove the snaps. The latest photo was uploaded of The Hulkster from the rear view participating in the sexual act. The female in question cannot be seen in this snap.

The candid image may indeed therefore support Hogan’s claim of “unconsented” release/recording.

The website in question was issued with a warning to remove the image and any further details scheduled for upload. The website chose to decline the advice from lawyers, who now wish to sue.

One fact remains, while we can state that it is in the public domain, Hulk, if his claim is supported of unknowing and unwilling filming consent, would have a clear claim.

Here’s some advice. Hulk had sex. Get over it. Everyone with a life has forms of sex at one point or another. I’m sure many members of the wrestling world and the WWE Universe have done far dirtier things than this.

If Hulk consented, then the lady putting it out there is allowed to do so, but would have to split profits 50/50 with Hogan. If Terry Bollea did not know, then deception and warnings to those leaking it for mass impact are all accountable.

Even with warnings some people are too stubborn to remove content. You truly cannot help ignorance.

Maybe this will be the starting point of everyone online, and for use offline, to understand how not to take, upload or share content that is not copyrighted to you. Again, if Hulk knew and she leaked it, that’s fine. If it wasn’t, you’re in serious trouble, Sista!
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We also have some interesting news on Hulk to be revealed in May, so keep sticking with Wrestling Wonders, as it might actually be revelant to this topic! Ooh Err... (We haven't revealed as we've been busy with ten tonnes of work here) :) Even more coming for May, so stick with us, or follow on Social Media outlets, comment, tweet or share, but do not steal or plageriarise!

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Rey Mysterio suspended for 60 days

Rey Mysterio suspended
for 60 days

WWE Superstar Rey Mysterio has been suspended for 60 days after breaching the company’s wellness policy for the second time, on April 26th 2012.

Employees are allowed three periods of failed tests before being fired from the company.
Another clear embarrassment for WWE was unwelcomed.

Other previous employees serving suspensions include Evan Bourne, who has just been cleared from suspension and set to return shortly, as will Sin Cara in a couple of months’ time.

Should Mysterio gain one more suspension he will end his WWE career via a suspension release, the first ever in WWE history since its wellness policy came into place.

Classed as boring, outdated or simply uninteresting since his lengthy absence, Rey needed to return to WWE in a very strong position unclouded in judgement by its audience.

Mysterio’s first suspension caused intense backstage friction between the lockeroom where Rey played political and wouldn’t drop his mid level title as per McMahon’s request, whom felt belittled by the belligerency, which has since been shelved.

Mysterio’s options, as well as continually suffering numerous injuries, are somewhat strained.

Mysterio’s last TV appearance was at the Slammy awards on Raw in December 2011, though his recent last match was with Alberto Del Rio after Summerslam 2011.

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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Brock Lesnar's Attire for Extreme Rules

Brock Lesnar's Attire for Extreme Rules

Once uploaded on a week ago, the picture was instantly pulled.

The clothing is reminiscent of his UFC getup.

The red tights from Japan wouldn't have been an upset :p

Though this comes from a 'source' wishing to remain anonymous.

Though it went widespread on other websites in the week regardless, so cannot place blame here for 'sharing.'

Lesnar plans to fight John Cena on Sunday 29th April at the Extreme Rules PPV.


Max Waltham, 21st April 2012

Friday, 20 April 2012

Wrestlemania 28:Fallout, Part Three: Sheamus/Daniel Bryan

Wrestlemania 28: The Fallout, Part Three:
Sheamus snares World Title Strife

Back in January 2012, Sheamus was the choice, campaigned strongly by gym buddy and friend Triple H, to be the man to win the Royal Rumble and claim a title shot at Wrestlemania in April.

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 fight of Plagiarism
Sheamus received the nod from Vince McMahon, who three months prior earmarked hometown hero Randy Orton to win the match. After certain injury restraints to Orton, McMahon favoured Chris Jericho thus setting the WWE Championship collision between CM Punk and Y2J. Jericho later won a battle royal on Raw following the Royal Rumble, showing that WWE can change the options when they wish to, though has never one so before in the RR match structure, in order to maintain egotistical dominance.

Changing the outcome to a young upstart was the preferred decision from Wrestling Wonders. Orton didn’t need the win, Jericho was too obvious and the match is specifically designed for a young star to hold a title shot as the match is inclined to enforce a new potential to main event status regardless of a victory at the grand event three months on.

Sheamus won the match to which he received no faith as a star who had previously not been on the radar and in squash, job and lukewarm matches and feuds.

Sheamus became a categorical bore, and WWE thought it was just an opinion. Since the victory, the Great White hasn’t exuded any star qualities to a champion role, and no one in the WWE Universe, or outside of those astrological walls, could envisage a champion based on no definition.

Sheamus, on Sunday April 1st 2012, lifted the World Heavyweight Championship in the first ‘match’ on the card, after a shocking 18 second match, where he delivered one Brogue Kick to the former champion Daniel Bryan after Bryan, turned around.

This made Sheamus look a fluke and chump champion. At the biggest event of all, that means something in title matches, and having flawed the champion in quick succession after his back was turned, and as a babyface, mixed the fabric for WWE’s outlook in such a way that was not supportive. Mixing it up is great, but not at the expense of no sense.

Since the win and heavyweight title held on his shoulders, to be enforced as the face of Smackdown just cost WWE that exact principal they tried to endorse.

Sheamus will never be seen as the face of Smackdown and has been completely harmed in winning the title in such a way that labels him as a fluke champion who couldn’t wrestle to secure the title, let alone after a patchy year of nothing matches, and standing in the background.

Should Bryan have remained champion, as heel, Sheamus would have been a healthy challenger that would have made his name on the Smackdown brand and solidified his position once he eventually lifted the title after building reputation with Bryan. Bryan, when losing would also be protected, seeing as the Universe clearly understands Daniel Bryan is the face of Smackdown, the wrestling show, alongside Randy Orton.

Smackdown only has Orton as its stronghold, and the ‘E realised they needed a number of stars to represent that have different backgrounds to draw an audience.

With this result, Bryan has been crippled, Sheamus is seen as inconsistent, and the rest of the lockeroom seem insufficient to stand strong.

Cody Rhodes, Sheamus and Bryan should have been the three built to represent with Orton. Now, the brand suffers immensely.

Re-christened as “The Great White” was a pointless trademark that added nothing to the character and supports Sheamus being inadequate. The championship reign is detrimental, and the only way to rectify is to remove it from Sheamus asap and build him back up to earn the match right, though this will not be taken to now protect an already broken champion.

The match at ‘Mania ruined both stars and with Rhodes' loss also, in such destructive fashion, adds no strong, powerful or investable stars on the product. Coming from out of nowhere, the World title became the most insignificant title among the rest, making the audience wonder where the future, business and investment lies. No one wants their time wasted, if so, they end up leaving when feeling no product can support itself in its self-production principals.
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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Wrestlemania 28: Fallout Part 2, Lord and Lesnar return

Wrestlemania 28: The Fallout, Part Two
Lord & Lesnar return!

One evening directly after the grandest stage of all turned heads with the heavyweight title match, Undertaker/HHH take three, and The Rock/Cena collision, Raw was ready to stoke those flames of intensity further.

On the 2nd February episode, John Cena, later in the evening asked for the great one, The Rock to join him in the centre of the ring to toast their respect for one another after realising the match they put on for business reasons was respectful, despite the reason for the feud being less favoured.

The Rock declined Cena’s invitation. Though it was answered.

Even before he appeared, the crowd were already chanting for him.

Former WWE and UFC star, Brock Lesnar returned. The crowd was wild for him. Cena shortly received an F-5 from Lesnar.

On the following 9th Feb Raw, both Brock and Cena attempted a in ring pull apart brawl, which had mixed reaction. John Laurinaitis stated Brock would be the choice to redefine the WWE’s current infrastructure for 2012.

Once brawling in the ring, all WWE’s lockeroom, the job squad, entered to break up equally. Some held Cena back in one corner, while others kept Brock in his barracks too. Alex Riley was behind Lesnar holding him in a comfortable and picture perfect fashion on all levels. It was ‘nice’, ya know…

Cena and Brock broke free on numerous occasions to trounce onto each other to brawl briefly, before being pulled apart in the frucous once more. To begin with, before the brawling, Brock landed a punch to Cena’s face at the jaw, which was now busted with blood.

Cena swallowed a blood capsule once everyone piled on for the brawl, to assume Brock’s right hand busted John’s jaw.

So, Brock’s return has chosen to deliver something to the product. McMahon has chosen this choice to bring back “the pain” in the hope of regaining the demographic he currently lost with John Cena  – men.

An addition to bare knuckle fighting, at UFC, Vinnie probably believes this will infuse further following, as well as heightened media coverage, which is always desired.

The decision is a viable one. In the eight year absence of Lesnar, no one has developed. This also highlights WWE’s flaws. Brock may have had a good three week return; however, one man alone cannot make the change, yet WWE only ever rely on one being at a time in a yearly period.

WWE need ‘back-up’s. ‘Those back-ups are the young one’s WWE failed to push in the last four+ years.  On the business side, Brock will regain the male followers, but not all will join after a month long dilution. The choice returning was correct and necessary, though fans are fed up of old hat performers not in new situations.

Though one word to the WWE Universe -  Brock and Rock are not the “Stone Cold’s” or “Ric Flair’s” and “Hulk Hogan’s” who only return for a pay check then leave and constantly re-return to milk it , in which they do not sell anything.

Lesnar will add contrast and possibly a new dimension for now, WWE’s dimension, however won’t be new with the old scenario’s which it must carefully preserve.  It’s time to build talent along with Lesnar. By the end of 2012, WWE needs a list of stars who have developed position and worth with the Universe in status, even if they don’t get fully booked to main events. Get ‘the list’ shaped by 2012, and WWE may have a situation that helps its profits among fan interaction and emotional investment.

On the Feb 16th Raw, Brock claimed he was not a WWE superstar and that he is an “ass kicker” who plans on being a “wreckin’ machine” on John Cena at Extreme Rules on April 29th . (Further detail in the London Raw review in a few days.

Lord Tensai enters the fray

Lord Tensai with his deshi, Sakamoto, debuted on the Feb 2nd Raw also.

Staring opposite him as lamb to the slaughter was Alex Riley. Can you guess why he was booked?

Riley stood no chance and later mentioned in the match “a message “was sent. Alex Riley was jobbed out as Jerry Lawler announced “squashed” for one reason, Wrestling Wonders saw his potential and mentioned it, though McMahon didn’t feel he was ready, so instead, chose to crush a star that “isn’t ready” yet was capable of being someone to project a newer audience for WWE’s platform.

Tensai revealed himself removing his veil and helmet to battle A-Rod, in which Tensai, met with chants of “A-Train,” steamed through with a beat down and running dive onto his opponent to crush their body landing back first on their stomach.

Perhaps WWE were incensed that Wresting Wonders revealed Lord Tensai, click link here – Lord Tensai Revealed 

WW wrote as such, because the ‘E have constantly abused the rights to kayfabe and projection, as well as mockery to certain mentions and angles involving the henchman on the site in a detrimental fashion. Hey, we can take it, but it seems when returned, baby throws toys out of the pram? WW had far more insults than it gave, yet not once moaned about. We just get on with it, but we don’t forget lightly. This was just one receipt.

On the Feb 9th edition of Raw, Tensai, met with chants of “Albert,” fought the next jobber, Yoshi Tatsu. Tensai dominated through Japan, and respected thoroughly, which WWE used as a basis for Tatsu’s crush, as Yoshi “wrote on Twitter” comments about being Japanese and wrestling meaning something probable to him. McMahon, in the mask of Tensai, smashed Tatsu’s values. (McMahon didn’t technically wear a mask and appear.)

Tensai uses a mist spurt and vice claw to finish opponents.

On the 16th Feb Raw, live in London, UK, Tensai was unveiled as John Cena’s mystery opponent. In this match Tensai was allowed to look inferior to Cena, who bested all of the Lord’s moves, didn’t sell any aggression and crippled Tensai as a credible entity.

Lord Tensai’s options are difficult.

Initially good, booked instantly into job matches, does nothing for him to solidify meaning or depth in the company. Once disrobed, Tensai looks just like Albert from 2001 with make up on his face from the matrix.

Tensai’s run will peter out, unless WWE actually cut the crush jobs and give him strong opponents to battle with. Perhaps WWE’s failings to create opponents to battle with is its issue as to why this return is slowly failing.

Same old, same old. WWE don’t know how to book into a different, wider spectrum other than mockery, when they could and should have used their positions and the one’s of advice online, to learn how to re-structure in a way that gets grand scale characters like Tensai, dark and mysterious, to have a meaningful enclosure.
What does it mean?
After great returns of two big stars, eventually, less than three months into their runs, WWE will be in danger zone once again, because it can’t understand how else to present it. With a record fifthteen members on the creative team, and a handful booking the way the company needs to be represented, may now allow for competition to stand against WWE if they can be bothered. Whether that remains to be seen, WWE will dip all the same, unless it hires or re-shapes in a completely new way. It cannot seem to do it on its own, which highlights drastic disaster looming for their business model, and ratings. Currently, everything seems to be centred around one man WWE claim is not the frontman anymore, John Cena. WWE only want money, so Cena it is. Eventually, once again, and again failing to listen to the Universe and “create a new John Cena,” McMahon has put continual strain on its Universe, and with damaging effect. Cena will drive away those fans regained by The Rock once more. Will WWE ever learn and give to the “People” as it states? Time will tell.

There are two more parts coming on the Wrestlemania fallout. Stay tuned all this week.

If WWE want to bring in more UFC men, leading candidate? (not Puder) - Dennis Hallman! Thta's all that needs to be said! Adds instant interest. :)


Wrestlemania 28: The Fallout, Part One: The Rock/John Cena

Wrestlemania 28:The Fallout, Part Three: Sheamus/Daniel Bryan

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WWE Draft 2012 Suggestions

WWE Draft 2012 Suggestions
and Predictions

With the WWE Draft set for Monday April 23rd 2012, hosted the second time in Detroit, Michigan, here are some suggestions, as well as a few predictions too of who could and should move.

Raw to Smackdown

Zack Ryder

Outdated on Raw, clogged by Eve, John Cena and Kane, as well as other stars, Ryder can't survive as he is already peaking on the red brand. Needs to be ferried over to remain something, even though its not much.

Alex Riley

Riley  had a chance and WWE royallly ruined it, just because. Upsetting people backstage didn't help. No other choice is feasible than to move over if he wants his career to have a chance to begin.

Michael McGuillicutty

Saddled on Superstars, wasted as a talent, Mikey needs the move to enforce his position. Then WWE need to get behind him with a solid push as new talent. US/IC title is not out of the question. Another shot at tag titles can also become a solid move.

Mason Ryan

Fell down in estimations for the Universe and its company, reinvesting over the blue brand would support his stride.

David Otunga

The draft seperates and re-creates new beginnings, supposedly. So the shock factor here would do that. Smackdown also allows Otunga to have matches whilst editted, Raw, cannot mask any inaccuracies.

Kelly Kelly

The epitome of inaccuracies. It's all been said before. Kel's only hope is to go to Smackdown and play with the barbie's while Raw maintains the Women's division. This move is the most crucial to the division itself, if any order is to be re-invoked (which it should.)

Curt Hawkins

Makes up the numbers.

Tyler Reks

Makes up the numbers.


Breath of fresh air will be needed to regain stride as vocal powerhouse created the exact last year on the draft 2011. Has a real chance to develop further if WWE allow it. No smoking indoors, neither.

Evan Bourne

Only move left to save his career, as well as only option to do something. Would be out of place on Raw with the rest of the crew. With WWE making a Bourne V Swagger US title feud, Marella can lose to Swagger allowing Bourne to pick it up on Smackdown

Jack Swagger

Is he still employed? Needs to go back to Smackdown as Raw will be overstacked. Distant memory. Will soon regain US Championship and then use it on Smackdown.

The Miz

The most neccessary and the only one with the biggest potential to re-enhance his place in main events and re-establish contendership at the top. Alongside Orton and others, Miz has the power to achieve success outside of the John Cena clogging up Raw situation.

Brodus Clay

Takes up too much TV time on Raw, and used sparringly when it has the time for a bit of entertainment. Though takes minds of the bad product when Raw plays out. In the mass hype, and if going to be a charcter who develops wrestling with his stripper gimmick, Clay will more than likely go. Prefered on Raw at this time. Naomi and Cameron would also move. Though WWE does not count them as seperate moves, which it should, to establish name value and prominence.


Does she need to move? No. Though if more than one diva moves, Eve will need to be that +1. If Kelly Kelly goes, she can play with Eve on Smackdown and both can develop further. Otherwise both will be swallowed up and drowned out, even if they are in main events.

Rey Mysterio

Does he need to move? Again, No. WWE have move Rey to Raw so many times, then once injured, need to move him to the other brand to establish some name worth. WWE could take the risk and keep him Raw for this year and hope he delivers those goods upon safe return. Either way, the result has no impact if he moves or not, however.

Dolph Ziggler

Is in a pool of convoluted mess over on Raw. Moving to Smackdown may be vital, though could also be harmful. Depends how WWE play with him. If becoming a tag team contender, or re-build towards world title, then this would be the best change over. Ziggs, however, has moved a lot. If WWE 'don't know what to do with him' could be last straw harming the golden camel's back.

Smackdown to Raw

Sin Cara

Given the current situation and the reason people move in the draft to capitalise on their lost momentum, Cara's announced move would get him back in the spotlight. Problem is he’s on Raw and this is live. Double edged sword it may be, though if Cara is to re-stamp his name, he needs the move.


Would do well from the move as fan favourite. On fire with the public, and possible to add to the crumbling ladies, learning as she goes along, while adding interest in angles, can only enhance her potential.

Thoedore Long

Now up for public consumption, Long, without a role, drafted to Raw, under the thumb of neanderthal Jonn Laurinaitis would be the ultimate TV embarrassment to keep both with a place.


Obvious. Without Long, has no place. Humourous angles and now a voice, has more chances to make WWE's 'entertainment' futher along. Santino is also on Raw...


Needed. One last chance to be  put into the title race, with fresh options on opponents, is beneficial, even if McMahon doesn't see that.

Daniel Bryan

Choices to move or stay are made for both cases. Unless pushed strongly, Bryan, if moved, must be catapaulted to a serious contender and away from Sheamus, in order to bypass the memorable 18 second match at Wrestlemania. Making up for it instantly is vital to WWE, not for Daniel Bryan, but for WWE. With the only 'Real' wrestler left in the company, WWE need to keep its audience from slipping. Failing to understand that Bryan is the man everyone is watching, could cost the 'E everything, even if they smirk and snort their noses at the very suggestion in comment.

Cody Rhodes

If Bryan moves, Rhodes may stay on Smackdown, and vice versa. If not being pushed strongly as contender on Smackdown, then Rhodes must survive on Raw this time around. WWE crushed him previously, and along with the Big Show burial bonanza. Serious potential.

Jinder Mahal

Moving would give air to the  jobbing on Raw and may re-motivate him. Demoralised on Smackdown, Raw could give options if the company push without senselessly crushing 'for a laugh'.

Ezekiel Jackson
Bored on Smackdown. Draft to Raw and place on Superstars. delivers a massive sigh to everyone. No potential breaking through. Waste of TV time, currently.

Justin Gabriel

Removing from Smackdown is viable. High flyer on Raw, delivering a chance to add contrast and effectiveness to a live crowd is welcomed. WWE's jobbing principls would, however, destroy Gabe. However, needs this move to remain a name.

Wade Barrett

Earmarked to gain the briefcase at Money in The Bank at Wrestlemania 28, until injury, WWE see Barrett as someone who can still make it on his own. His time for a heavyweight title has dipped, though if WWE want him in it, a move could neccessitate his uprising. Only for Cena to crush it in one fell swoop. Nethertheless, Wade should move to have a comeback from injury with fresh chances. (Shouldn't everyone?)

Drew McIntyre

New gimmick, new place. Could move as a piss take to Max Waltham and all men of a certain 'disposition.' If moved, mustn't be a mockery to the basis of his character portrayal as sterotypical goof that the company enforce. As a wrestler, can't feasibly gain higher up the card. Consider giving gimmick to someone more 'affordable' and lucrative. (Even rehire Chris Masters?)

Yoshi Tatsu

Superstar's needs equal Raw and Smackdown members. Sadly, Tatsu has no booking preference. With the only Japanese charcter around WWE with intent right now, could seriously push wrestling rightly. Use him WWE. Can mould new options with fans.

Trent Barretta

Boring. Superstar's numbers. Needs to find his inner self. Lost lamb on product, requires stronger charcterisation only he can find.

Tyson Kidd

The comeback Kidd. The only chance for Ty to make his name once again. Everyone wants it. The WWE Universe need it. Severe potential for the 'little man.' Lets face it, all the 'big' bulky men have been letdowns, haven't they? The little men with the talent are the one's to resurface and claim 2012.


The most crucial move for Raw. MUST move to join Phoenix on Raw, Allowed a maximum of one year to re-shape, crush, define and dominante the division while able to put others over and work them up with in ring training, makes the Women's division revalued. Equal to Phoenix will set the standard, shape and mould needed to encourage further fans to watch Women on screen for Wrestling, because, that is what they require, rather than the eye candy WWE thinks is an obvious business model.


Sent to the home of the Women's division, on Raw, can blend into the mix. Should Vickie Guerrero not move, whether Dolph Ziggler does or not, Guerrero could turn and manage Snuka, or indeed fight against her. Tamina is a strong exclaimation point for opposition to Phoneix and Natalya.

Rosa Mendes

WWE feels it needs its eye candy. Then Ms.Mendes is able to provide that. This is her niche. Oh, and she's smoking hot. As manager, hot and a female can provide on all levels where needed. Occassional ladies action is not revoked, neither.


Moved with Primo, both can be seen as powerful tag champs and contenders to the division with their names as tightly compacted into the flurry of a division needing strong upkeep.


Moved with Epico, Primo has the chance to restructure many of their seeming inadequacies as nobodies, while possibly being allowed to be more 'heelistic.'

With WWE moving 8 and then 22 last year in the televised and supplemental drafts, last year meant they were valuable.

Whoever does move on this draft doesn't have to worry at all. Being a supershow, where the brand extension was shutdown and all talent can appear on both shows, the draft now becomes a pointless move that WWE are capitalizing on, but not understanding that the draft needs to support the boundries in place of Raw and Smackdown. It all becomes irrelevant.

Click this link to read about the brand extension closure - Ending the Brand Extension

Alternatively, check out last years draft here - Draft 2011
                                                                                     Supplemental Draft
                                                                                     Draft Predictions

WWE often forgets it's own procedures, as it moved Kane to Smackdown and Big Show to Raw. In December 2011 Kane returned to the Raw brand. Big Show was quietly moved over to Smackdown only 3-4 months into his Raw switch. Big Show, is a Raw superstar.

To save face WWE shouldv'e and need to strip him of the title, and make him earn it. They also need to disallow the title reign. It is not personal. It is professional. WWE have forgotten its own brand culture and wrestling principals as to why the sport has dissolved under their leadership. Regardless of a supershow, superstars cannot challenge, let alone win opposing brand titles.

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