Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Sin Cara leaving WWE?

 Mexican luchador set 
to fly WWE's nest

The future of the gleaming azure masked golden flying luchador known as WWE superstar Sin Cara has come under jeopardy as of late. With his status literally in the air, Wrestling Wonders can reveal Cara's future has a two sided gaze.

Over the last few weeks you may have noticed Sin Cara return with wider, taller and bulkier muscle mass. No, the original Cara has not illegally bulked up, but rather been suspended from a previous wellness violation and banged up with several injuries during his WWE career under the adoption of original crusader Mistico.

Having been re-moulded, Sin Cara remains on WWE television as fans have understood the current Cara to be Hunico, who was previously the black masked Sin Cara. WWE are continuing to retain the Cara character for a number of reasons, mainly due, however, to merchandise sales proving popular.

Mistico's contract expires on January 10th and WWE will wish him well in his future endeavours. Mistico has already returned to the Mexican wrestling circuit.

It is rather unfortunate that the original Cara, 31, had difficulties working the 'WWE way' as a potential mainstay, with added problems mentioned above. For Triple H, as signings go, this has been another flop choice, however, there is no need to abandon the character ultimately. 

Maintaining the Cara mystique with another capable star is a valid move. It's now up to fans to drop the smark attitude and give a wrestler as the new Cara a chance to see if he can make the name a little more plausible. Mistico had agility and tenacity on his side and did a decent job with this, however, again, missed the boat at being good enough for WWE product.

These things happen. In order to find what works, sometimes, we have to go through testing times and not every initial choice will be a success for everyone. The opportunity to drive a new look forward is available. 

©  Max Waltham 31st December 2013


Saturday, 28 December 2013

Jeff Jarrett leaves TNA

Wrestling's Guitar Hero 
resigns from TNA

TNA founder Jeff Jarrett has sensationally resigned from Impact Wrestling on December 22nd 2013. The former NWA World Heavyweight and WWE Intercontinental champion, who launched the company with father Jerry Jarrett in 2002, confirmed the details via Twitter. "On December 22nd, 2013 I officially resigned from TNA Entertainment. Thanks to everyone involved for all the fantastic memories! #grateful."

No further details were added as to why the former creator of TNA chose to leave. Jarrett had been re-assigned to working for Ra Ka King, TNA's sister promotion in India. Jarrett was rehired for the shifted overseas role to help hapless Dixie Carter after engaging in a backstage relationship with Kurt Angle's recently separated wife Karen. The pair married in August 2010.
TNA President Dixie Carter spoke on December 23rd of Jarrett's resignation.

Controlling Carter.
"TNA Entertainment, LLC announced today that it has accepted Mr. Jeff Jarrett's resignation from the company effective January 6th 2014. Dixie Carter, President, comment 'On behalf of TNA, we would like to thank Jeff for his contributions to the Company. We wish him the very best and look forward to his continued participation as an investor in TNA Wrestling."

Jarrett may also have been upset with TNA's direction under clueless Carter, who publically denied considering selling off TNA, which leaked online. Key figures in the pro wrestling business expressed an interest in purchasing TNA ranging from Jake Roberts and Max Waltham. TNA have been accused of holding secret discussions with the lead singer of rock band the Smashing Pumpkins, Billy Corgan, who already owns an independent wrestling company.

Frontrunner for possible TNA purchase.
Carter is said to be very stubborn and neglectful in potential buyers she could eventually sell to, as well as booking product. Jarrett has reportedly been unhappy backstage with the current direction of his 'baby.' Fans feel this is the final straw which will break TNA's back and claim the company is finished as a national threat to the WWE. TNA re-re-branded its name to TNA Entertainment, something fans failed to recognise it as after earlier calling it Impact wrestling.

Carter and her executive Vice President of licensing, Andy Barton believed they had 'conquered' overseas television by amounting stable viewing figures compared to WWE in the United Kingdom, among others.

Barton added -

"Let me give you a global perspective; we at TNA play the long ball and this strategy relates to the entire world. If we look at the UK market - we have pushed ahead of WWE there and our show is watched more in comparison to WWE week in, week out. Ditto for Germany. In the US of course, it's going to be tough to carve a space when there is already such an old and established brand and the same is with India.

Such movements don't generally work for everyone, but if you take a look at our wrestlers compared to WWE, we are more on the road than them."

The above bragging statement has lead fans to believe TNA is just as much a mark as it presents itself on air with programming making such ludicrous comments.

WWE is broadcast on Sky Sports, a subscription package for Sky television, which makes a profit. TNA airs on free digital channel Challenge, a channel which repeats old TV gameshows, which has been in its troubled seventh rebrand since May 20th 2002, totalling 13 years.

TNA talk backstage is to the belief that "TNA is bigger than just one man" regarding Jarrett's departure as a blasé throwaway release, inside sources claim. Fans have rallied to the understanding TNA has a huge ego that is affecting the product, stars growth, career prospects and that of falling into a bottomless pit. Carter's delusion of doing an excellent job running TNA has left fans fuming at Carter and TNA executive's insane egotistical ideology.

As the integral cog in TNA's wheel to keep it functioning fluently, TNA fails to realise Jarrett is one of the strongest glues that binds TNA together. TNA is a crumbling mess that has no relevance and is simply a throwaway catastrophe that many wish to bail on or avoid signing with to protect their careers. Those remaining have nowhere else to go.  

Jarrett, now a free agent, was praised by numerous wrestlers including Velvet Sky, Angelina Love, Samoa Joe, Eric Young, Matt Morgan and Zema Ion.

There were plans to have Jarrett return to TNA television throughout January. A handful of conspiracy theorist fans have doubted the sincerity and are hoping the statement is not a work for publicity.

TNA's attempts to capture pockets of the internet for favourable publicity is proving TNA are simply clueless and aiming to grab anything that is relevant. Yet, they fail to realise the biggest availability is right in front of them. Running around for pointless parts of the online world is useless and irrelevant when the one who can make or help you is ignored through stubborn attitude to reach out. The end result is your product closes its doors, not mine. How long you take, and the action of who and how you press forward with, are what burn you from those that could save you. 

©  Max Waltham 29th December 2013

Friday, 27 December 2013

Batista is back!

Hunky beefcake 'The Animal' returns 
to Raw late January

WWE have confirmed that 'The Animal' Batista will return to WWE on the January 20th Raw 2014 broadcast.

Batista left WWE in 2010 after a lacklustre feud with John Cena as a beefy black coat wearing muscle hunk, most memorable for being beaten by duct tape in a Last Man Standing match. He has since spent time starring in movies such as Riddick and soon to be released Guardians of the Galaxy due in August. He has signed a contract dating past Wrestlemania and may be a part timer whilst finishing his silver screen filming. For WWE, this is an extraordinary and clever promotional opportunity for both parties.

Batista had also been training for an uneventful attempt at a UFC themed career losing tons of muscle mass in the process.

WWE were miffed at the details being leaked, forcing the company to instead highlight a return date and gather audience interest, which they should have done to begin with. Fans expect Batista to enter the upcoming Royal Rumble match, gathering a possibility of match opportunities including the run up to Wrestlemania.

WWE may be considering Mason Ryan, among other NXT members to join the Rumble match as well as trying to secure Goldberg for the event leading to 'Mania. One strong possibility being discussed is a Randy Orton title match for the April 1st spectacular.

Regardless of the weight loss, Wrestling Wonders is interested to see hunky beefcake Batista in action again. It was always a given and obvious forthcoming return, as expressed by ourselves.

We do like a star with some hair on his head. Let's hope WWE allow Dave to re-grow a little smooth patch over his bald head. WWE often think a bald man makes a star a success by default. It doesn't. Hair is important. It's part of the package. Maybe he can advertise some Just For Men style product? :p

©  Max Waltham 27th December 2013

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Wrestling Wonders Pro 50 2013, Part 2 (24 - 1)

Wrestling Wonders Pro 50 2013 Part 2

The second part of the Wrestling Wonders Pro Wrestling 50 continues on from 24 - 1...

You can also join the discussion on social media. Check our page above or use the #WWPro50 

Consejo Mundial De Lucha Libre

2012 Placing - Unlisted

Impressed in Japan/Mexico tour exchange for NJPW in a brimming Intercontinental title defeat by Shinsuke Nakamure... Grabbed Middleweight title from Dragon Rojo Jr spanning eleven minutes day late on Jan 20th... Flew back CMLL adding structure to six man two of three falls tags... Held World Middleweight title from Mephisto in another thrilling two of three falls win at 2-1... Blasted past Averno, Volador Jr, Thunder and Ultimo Guerrero in tag bouts over coming months in credible step ups... Three way draw against Mistico and Volador Jr for Azteca title over collossal thirty minute scuffle in LLA... Firmly received IWGP Intercontinental championship from Shinsuke Nakamura on Mexican ground... Stopped Volador Jr chasing title heels in Jun... Traded title back to NJPW on 20 Jul with Nakamura in another tantalising tussle... Retained middleweight gold from Volador Jr in dirty victory at Queretaro event... Foxed Volador Jr in Mask match in Sep... Provided further thrill to feud over Nov... Headed back to NJPW in Dec... Joined Tetsuya Naito for Tag league over festive season...

Planted onto Mexico’s map with supporting work... Budding young star has amassed high profile in novice timing... Masked warrior holds intense... three time champion and 24 year old mounted heavy record of action with quality involved... Trade partnership with NJPW has further raised profile of young newbie as well as New Japan’s roster... Needs sturdier vocal approach... 


2012 Placing - Unlisted

Started year with Double DQ against AHTU at ECWA New Year Resolutions II... Fought decent heavyweight title tournament falling in first round to Lance Anoai for NWS LSW on 18th Jan... Won peerless three man bout with Mike Mondo and Jerry Lynn for Lynn’s final ever match...  Tremendous display in ECWA’s Annual Super 8s tournament losing to Damien Dragon in finals... Dropped Anthony Nese phenomenally at NWA DAWG Bigg Bang Theory in mid April... Consistent victories over Apr and May... Defeated Vsk to become ECWA Unified Heavyweight champion on 13th Jul with remarkable input from both... Race to the ring tourney first round passed in Aug... Participated in Shane Shamrock Memorial cup at MCW falling at finals to Luke Hawx including Adam Cole, Derek Frazier, Drolix and Mike Mondo... Dropped Joey Ryan in quarter finals of ring race on 17th... Fended off Apollyon on ECWA Anniversary card to retain Unified heavyweight gold... Defended very title again in Sep against Kekoa The Flying Hawaiian in aerial energiser... Stopped Ricky Reyes and Vsk in three man title hunt month later... Downturn began on 19th Oct falling to DJ Hyde... 2nd Nov saw Flying Hawaiian Kekoa nab  Unified world title from Papadon’s waist to end dramatic year...

Engaging Greek God maintained extraordinary record of 2013... Respected and respectful of talent, Papadon’s career has grown handsomely... Needs to gather more believability in fan culture with promo’s and story telling... Works well in action as dependable and rising worker...  


2012 Placing - 22

All Japan start in Feb held successive tag victories... Rewarded with gold straps becoming tag champions with Go Shiozaki as team Burning on 17th Mar... Kept strong lines with tag wins again... Joined Champion Carnival challenge winning tournament on points against the likes of Joe Doering, KAI and Seiya Sanada... Defended AJPW tag titles on 2nd Jun from Joe Doering and SUWAMA as Last Revolution... Fierce battle with SUWAMA unrewarding for Triple Crown title challenge in twenty-two minute burner... Fully respected over Summer by AJPW with countless wins... Dumped by Akebono in first round of Royal Road series... Went for thirty-one minutes against evolution's Joe Doering and SUWAMA transferring tag gold in exemplary collision... Wasn't harmed by misfortune over Nov rising up stronger with triumphs...

Fed up with placement or lack of frustration with bookers at NOAH forced Akiyama's jump to rival AJPW... Beastly brute reshaping tag division with full commitment from AJPW amid frustrations elsewhere... Sits comfortably with in-ring action... Should consider attempting to elevate newer talent to play with for future prospects able to drive more dazzling future opportunities... 


2012 Placing - Unlisted 

Marred by Elimination Chamber scrap with Triple meathead mayhem with Ryback, Sheamus and John Cena however held focus, poignancy and tact in portrayal... 23rd Apr dream battle with The Undertaker a reality on Smackdown was scintillating scrap...  Began battles with Team Hell No (Daniel Bryan and Kane) and John Cena on 29th Apr Raw... Won career defining moment over Kofi Kingston to lift United States title at Extreme Rules in May... Saw off challenges from R-Truth and Kingston upholding prestige... Upgraded to Team Hell No and esteemed workhorse Randy Orton over Jun... Played in Money in the Bank World title mega match with an array of pleasing acrobatic repertoire... Protected standing from being overused joining Rob Van Dam on Summerslam pre-show well... Was the better worker at Night of Champions in US title defence over shortcomer Dolph Ziggler... Pointless Gauntlet match reached no contest on 17th Sep Smackdown... Tasked with helping Big E. Langston become favourable in successful US title defence at Hell in a Cell... Mornic Langston heavily smashed into Ambrose causing minor injury... Took on CM Punk and Daniel Bryan in lustrous no contest handicap on 11th Nov Raw... First out of victorious Survivor Series five man elimination match protected Ambrose cleverly but cost fan understanding expecting more...

As only title holder of trio left, Shield member seeming to have most is still at consistent level... Shouldn’t be rushed... Needs stronger engagement with action than just brawler which can expose match peak quality... Should drop title in New Year mid Feb... Can be rebuilt as hunger force bent on destruction, in part... Could add new member if Roman Reigns departs... Strong tag duo with Rollins... 


2012 Placing - 14

Returned from nagging injury in Apr for TNA... Dropped James Storm in good battle over Impact... Went to pathetic no contest with inconsistent Mr. Anderson in May... Excellent battle with Kurt Angle at Slammiversary... Qualified for Bound for Glory series... Lost gauntlet series challenge in six man to bumbling vanilla block Magnus...  Couldn’t catch a break over series in tedious encounters with Kazarian, Samoa Joe and Magnus... Became ‘The One’ everyone was talking about... Was lured to join fight between Aces and Eights and rehashed lunacy act Main Event Mafia... Choose MEM over Aces... Couldn’t hold prominence as intended after channeling the inner Waltham essence with an inferior booking promotion... Passed Austin Aries in semi finals and Magnus in finals for Bound for Glory title opportunity in Sep... Signed short month extension when contract expired then lied on television of having no contract... Finally crushed hapless Bully Ray after painful build up in previous months to lift TNA world title... Stunned Dixie Carter taking TNA title global into cross brand promotions for defences as rogue employee for cheap advertising of TNA... Copied entire motion from Wrestling Wonders see here - Could CM Punk defend title outside WWE? Defended TNA gold in AAA over El Mesias on 3rd Nov... Followed up outside defence with Seiya Sanada on W-1’s Wrestle tour in Japan... 

Slow year for Lloyd Allen Jones once again... Relied on Waltham essence and failed to carry off well with TNA stamp on it marring every step taken as poisoned chalice irony... Overlooked by clueless boss Dixie Carter and failed to gain World title when really counted... Now seen as inferior PR exchange... Desperately needs real booking options without stupidity regardless of finance... Without many options available, Styles could be forever doomed in TNA...  


2012 Placing - 26

As new KO-D Openweight champion defended successfully against DDT Extreme champion Isami Kodaka in winner takes all match to become KO-D and DDT Extreme champion in late Jan... Fought impressive Last Man Standing, Falls Count Anywhere fun filler for DDT with Michael Nakazawa on Feb 28th... Came too close for comfort almost crushing credibility on 8th March in feeble UK promotion... Failed to retain PCW tag title in three way beamer with Adam Knight and Steve Corino as victors over Omega and tag partner Chris Stevens during March... Fought the Honky Tonk Man in tag loss for PCW in Apr... Back in Toyko, Japan on 3rd May saw intense DDT Extreme title TLC Falls Count anywhere Street Fighter 2 funfest... Participated in annual Best of Super Juniors Tournament in May for NJPW clocking huge wins over BUSHI, KUSHIDA Alex Koslov and TAKA Michinoku through early June... Dropped at semi finals by drab squid Prince Devitt... Could not be crowned King of DDT in tournament over July... Lost DDT Extreme title in T-back table tussle with Danshoku Dino during twenty-one minute blinder at DDT Summer Vacation in Aug... Failed to regain Extreme title in three way to Antonio Honda and former champ Dansholu Dino... Rejoined as Golden Lovers with Kota Ibushi to relaunch tag division... As Golden Lovers stamped ground on tag contendership victory on 4th Nov... Had humourous fight with female fighter Ayako Hamada over in WAVE in seventeen minute golden victory... Couldn't defeat Yankee Two Kenju's Kodaka and Yuko Miyamoto to lift the tag titles for DDT with Ibushi on Nov 17th in hardfought contest...

Holds own in singles action and tag team with poise and compactness... If aiming to go higher needs to drive further oomph forward... Stuck at level ground as stable and comfortable talent... Adds fun factor with amazement... May benefit with entry in G1 Climax tournament or Super Juniors if allowed/able...  Could be further expanded upon as tag champ once more... 


2012 Placing - 9

Entered lustrous three way title challenge with Prince Devitt and Kota Ibushi on Jan 4th for IWGP Junior Heavyweight championship largely upheld by Ibushi and Ki... Missed many months due to injury hiatus... Provoked suggestions at retirement soon after... Returned at Right Coast Pro's Festivus event in Delaware in July against Billy Brax in success win... Signed with All Japan Pro Wrestling on August 11th for 2013 Odo Tournament... Started second week of September handsomely in Royal Road First round tournament for AJPW downing Dark Cuervo... Joined forces with opponent Cuervo in tag action dropping Hikaru Sato and Masao Inoye in ten men Open Championship contest... Fell to KENSO and Takao Omori with D Lo Brown as partner on 15th in noble tag falling... Failed to advance in second round of Royal Road tournament on 16th for AJPW modestly against monstrous Akebono, suffering abdominal injury... Ki announced legitimate retirement for the foreseeable future after AJPW neglected to pay medical care as per contractual obligations following injury on October 14th... 

After accomplishing all he needs to Low Ki has bowed out from the wrestling business, at least for now... Final year was outstanding run ending on high... Deliveered grace, aggression, tenacity and might... Worked opponents to best matches avaialble whilst nurturing pathway for them... Has certainly given the industry enough to remember for those who fully appreciate... 


2012 Placing - 47

Started year in January aiming to shape tag division with RhodesScholars... Mimicked Ton of Funk with Bella Twins and on Raw earning pointless tag loss... Upgraded on May 6th Raw against Randy Orton in remarkable signpost... Slipped back into mid card hilarity after tested waters over May... Had to play second fiddle to Sheamus on Payback kickoff event... Bested by Irish calamity Sheamus in Dublin Street fight in near ten min brilliance by Sandow on June 25th Smackdown... Won potential career defining moment with blue briefcase for Smackdown’s World title bumping ignoramus Cody Rhodes from the ladder to end partnership at Money in the Bank... Stock risen Sandow battled Orton again in another live Raw splendour on 12th Aug proving legitimate heavyweight challenger... Played fair 27th Aug Smackdown test with Rob Van Dam...  Sold Battleground kick off injury with Dolph Ziggler to air cash in speculation... Kept on kick off show for Hell in a Cell beating Kofi Kingston vividly to contain heavyweight away from contention as surprise guarantee... Bafflingly challenged World champion John Cena to honourable one on one match cash in on Oct 28th Raw in excellent quality action suffering senseless defeat... Saddled with pointless bouts with Ziggler over months including November until WWE push harder... Won Hamptons Hardcore on 25th Nov over Ziggler showing capability for bigger picture... 

Second MITB victor to lose as measure to inner essence via computer shelves credibility as main event prospect... Has fan support in thousands, if not with WWE... Believable characterisation challenges WWE status quo... Couldn’t take over tag division... Hasn’t achieved World dominance in WWE yet... Future Heavyweight champion in waiting needs booking faith and hard line of placement... 


2012 Placing - 1

Halted Kazuchika Okada in a mesmeric IWGP heavyweight title defence at Wrestle Kingdom in Jan... Followed up laughable contest with Karl Anderson for very same title on Feb 10th... Crushed vanilla weed Prince Devitt in sloppy exchanges on 3rd Mar... Was dethroned by Okada month later in a sensational transition with Okada's growth pushing 'hashi... Snatched CMLL tag title on Japanese shores with Jushin Thunder Liger taking down champs Tama Tonga and El Terrible in Jul... Controlled G1 Climax event without allowing any other competitor to shine in self glory...  Travelled to Mexico for annual talent trade initiative... Took one loss to Marco Corleone, Maximo and Shocker only over Aug... Dropped CMLL tag titles on 14th Sep proving transitional run pointless... Couldn't regain IWGP title from Kazuchika Okada on 14th Oct... Lost immense credibility with sheer ignorance soon after on UK shores... Nov tag teaming didn't provide anything eventful for New Japan roster... Played in World tag league over late Nov suffering multiple losses...

Former number one wrestler of the world has disgraced himself and the industry with illogical choices... Should careful consider retribution and careful donation to promotions that add nothing but harm to his being... Has become wasteful self-server to put himself over... Needs to work with others better... Must repent from obnoxious behaviour... Proved to be less than as great as anticipated... 


2012 Placing - 35

Began tough partnership with Joe Doering over Jan... Gave supportive structure in Feb and Mar coasting along with lack of direction from All Japan... Took on Masakatsu Funaki on 17th Mar to establish championship material winning Triple Crown title totaling thirty minutes...  Sustained time limit draw with Go Shiozaki in exceptional start to Champion Carnival in Apr... Rejoined Joe Doering in Last Revolution over May with title race shortcomings to tag bearers Shiozaki and Jun Akiyama maintaining the gold... Fended off Akiyama in Triple Crown defence on 30th Jun... Lost epic two of three falls match with Shiozaki following month... Could not regain tag straps from Shiozaki and Akiyama mid Aug with Takao Omori... Put in another fine contest with Shiozaki on 25th Aug... Stumped by former pal Doering in Royal Road second round battle... Rejoined Doering as Evolution to regain tag titles in united effort over champs Akiyama and Shiozaki in Oct... Lost Triple Crown title to beefy Akebono days later on 27th... Stood strong with Doering on 30th Nov in Strongest tag league over James Raideen and Maybach Beta...

Appears every bit a star... AJPW has started to become a serious company for rivals NOAH and NJPW with SUWAMA, among others... Strong push forward could help broaden beastly aspects with captivated fans worldwide... At 37 years of age, has proved can easily go with the boys and achieve formidable results... 


2012 Placing - Unlisted

Fresh start in All Japan in Feb with Jun Akiyama boosted tag team ascension... Obtained AJPW Tag team title with Akiyama on Mar 17th with fierce ambition... Went to thirty minute adventurous time limit draw with SUWAMA during Champion Carnival in Apr... Steady progress with all victories to reach finals against KAI on 29th in gripping challenge as runner up... Won ten man tag elimination end of May displaying potential long-term worth to company... Defended titles over Jun in blinding action over Akebono and Ryota Hama... Took off SUWAMA over thirty-five minutes in two of three falls nabbing two falls to one mid Jul... Program with SUWAMA and Takao Omori over Summer a heated rivalry... Couldn't win Triple Crown from SUWAMA on 25th Aug... Entered Royal Road tournament to finals over Sep crushed by Akebono... Upheld tag division over Oct... Dropped tag title with Akiyama to SUWAMA and Joe Doering in superlative contest... Turned and disbanded from Akiyama soon after... Went to tag draw in World Strongest tag league alongside Kento Miyahara against Akiyama and new partner Takao Omori on Nov 30th...

Upheld tag division and fully respected with Akiyama in AJPW... Intense support structure claiming own dominance gives company further opportunity to rise over competition... Should continue in tag scene with possibility of singledom in July/Aug 2014... Worth a strong glance... Needs clearer focus to achieve higher notch in global ranking... 


2012 Placing - 7

Fine show starting Jan in New Year Dragon scramble Battle Royal with fifteen others... Consistent over Jan and Feb in constant action often victorious... Denied championship success in Apr failing to capture Freedom Gate title from stale leech Johnny Gargano... Took hold of Twin gate tag title instead next month with YAMATO fervently... Gained victory for secondary title Dream Gate contenders battle royal in late Jun... Stole the show and Dream Gate title from CIMA in a thirty-seven minute mesmeriser in Jul... Really shone month later against tag pal YAMATO with effulgent vigour relieving former friend of Dream Gate gold... Officially against spurned YAMATO contained equal standing with one another in tender tag storytelling...  Competed in Summer Adventure tag league with ignoramus Akira Tozawa in Sep... Failed to capture six man vacant triple tag title to YAMATO, Cyber Kong and BxB Hulk of MAD BLANKEY...

Has many options available for 2014... Should turn on Tozawa and either rejoin YAMATO or prepare for tagging with other stars in need of boost... Can guide others as well as drive independent match quality... Needs aggression to become persistent enough to add further depth where required... Should add few tweaks to promos to find hidden access to key element of connectivity with fans... 


2012 Placing - 17

Shone in tag matches over January... Fell to Atlantis and LA Par-K in excellent tag battle alongside Ultimo Guerrero in Apr... Respectable victories over Apr... Master blaster with UWE 46 eliminating Blue Demon Jr, El Canek and Perro Aguayo Jr in beefy four man frolic... AAA Triple Mania card battle assisting Electroshock, La Parka and Octagon was another splendid sensation... Cracking three man elimination won by LA Park_K featuring El Hijo del Santo two weeks later ending Jun... Stunning two of three falls testament with Park-K on 10th Aug... Returned favour in rematch twenty days later... Entered four man elimination title for heavyweight title in IWL with Justin Credible, El Canek and winner Park-K... Teamed with Par-K over October at Invasion card over rivals Ultimo Guerrero and Atlantis handsomely...

Took minimal action over months in year which did not mar match quality... Held expert portrayal with in-ring action with others... Contains professionalism to sport... Reduction in schedule failed to harm quality given instead... Could be wearing world gold if taking more bookings with pro wrestling calendar for 2014... Adds highlight to company, circuits and fan interaction... 


2012 Placing - Unlisted

Chose to leave AJPW after losing match on 2nd Jan New Year Shining series... Was given access to stardom in NJPW over Feb including defeat of Kazuchika Okada on 10th Feb with excellent display of technical abilities... Reached second round of New Japan Cup over Mar... Took on team CHAOS over Apr... Entered superlative thirty minute thrill-fest with Kazuchika Okada unable to win IWGP heavyweight championship... Good innings over Aug in G1 Climax race... Kept winning profile in countless tag encounters with supportive contexts over months to Nov... on Nov 9th battled Shinsuke Nakamura at Power Stuggle for Intercontinental title in courageous losing effort... Entered World tag league over late Nov wining the event with Shelton Benjamin over Jax Dane and Rob Conway in outstanding melee... Four man tag league success culminated prosperously on 1st Dec...

Can pull out surprising gems in title matches often thought unthinkable... Develops talent in-ring with guidance and being... Dependable force valued by NJPW... Needs little more conditioning to enhance speed and pace of match if serious... Remains strong interim contender on occasion... Clearly primed for tag success in coming future... Valid decision to divert ships a fruitful payoff... 


2012 Placing - 15

Lost to ignorant mess Douglas Williams and Kid Kash at TNA X-Travangaza in wasteful appearance held together by Nese alone... Jan Payback event for IWC rewarded gold title from Logan Shulo... Kept good stance with Apollyon in tag pairing for National Pro Wrestling Day... Kept fusion title from unconvincing challenger Trent Baretta in Feb... Retained Super Indy title in Mar... Was dissed on PWS super card by ignorant shrew Davey Richards and washed up winner Jushin Liger in Apr... Had Fusion title reign ended by Francis Kipland Stevens in enthusiastic triple threat thriller following month... Lost hot contest with Mike Mondo and nonsense winner The Big O which thoughtlessly ripped Nese’s credibility down at NYWC in Aug... Had to support ignorant Akira Tozawa during stint with Dragon Gate USA... Blasted Ricochet on 17th Nov where Nese made the evening memorable... Played against Chris Hero and winner Rich Swann for number one title opportunity in PWX... Taking leave of absence after brainless Loser leaves for 60 days match against now heavyweight champ The Big O for NYWC on 30th Nov...

Bookers should be careful who they donate Nese’s expertise to... Jewel in NYUWC’s crown could lose all credibility if given to unworthy names on circuit as washed up glory hunters...  Should avoid Dragon Gate USA unless willing to retire early from idiotic booking decisions... Strong company needs to present Nese glowingly... Comfortability in NYWC is being taken for granted with illogical losses... WWE is only option to come running... Can survive on Indy scene and prise quality matches with flexible approach... 


2012 Placing - 13

Strong support in New Year Dragon Scramble Battle Royal on 12th Jan as one of sixteen in losing thriller... String of Tag victories with Shingo Takagi as Akatsuki over January...  Excellent battle with Jimmy Susumu for DG UK Festival of Fire on 23rd Feb UK tour... Should be careful in choice selection of opponents in UK who can harm credibility... Decent Captain’s Fall Elimination three way at Dragon Gate Glorious Gate early Mar... Back to tag supremacy with Akatsuki respected multipley... 27th Apr six man at Gate of Passion event a marvellous encounter as victor... Rose to tag team pinnacle with Takagi as Twin Gate tag champion on 5th May over MAD BLANKEY’s Uhaa Nation and BxB Hulk in awesome display... Made it to semi finals of King of Gate tournament unable to best tag partner Tagaki... Turned on Takagi after losing tag titles to MAD BLANKEY representatives BxB Hulk and Akira Tozawa mid Jun... Lost Dream Gate title contendership to former pal Takagi on 23rd... Switched to MAD BLANKEY in August...  Sought retribution over Takagi on 23rd Aug winning Dream Gate title during twenty-seven minute superlative struggle... Couldn’t contain Summer Adventure Tag League and Interim Tag titles with BxB Hulk in Sep... Captured Triangle Gate tag title with Hulk and Cyber Kong starting Nov... Ends Nov 25th tag success with Hulk and Naruki Doi strongly...

As suggested last year, should have been thrust in World title contention and victor of said title... Disrespected by Dragon Gate and forced to re-shape tag division done expertly by YAMATO despite inability to direct placement... Should be valued much higher as champion than spare fodder... Is capable of becoming company face and promoter, so long as he considers Brit battles carefully... 


2012 Placing - 2

Saw off lame challenger Ryback in TLC match on Jan 7th Raw, keeping WWE title... Gave fair match in predictable title loss to The Rock at Royal Rumble which could have been excellent attraction if Punk’s negative attitude to drop to the Great One didn’t affect attraction... Went for further twenty minutes with Rocky at Elimination Chamber rematch with a better but still grumbling mentality... Felt comfortable fighting WWE favourite John Cena in late Feb on Raw in loss of contender spot... Befitting entry in awful four man booking with Sheamus, Big Show and Randy Orton in Mar... Stepped onto Wrestlemania stage with The Undertaker in best match on the card... Took time off in upsetting rebuff to gather new options... Returned at Payback in technical whizz with Chris Jericho which earned high praise and split decision in hometown Chicago... Joined WWE Heavyweight title Money in the Bank contest losing to Randy Orton in high rise blockbuster featuring returning Rob Van Dam, Sheamus, Christian and Daniel Bryan... Fell to beasty Brock Lesnar at Summerslam for disrespecting mentor Paul Heyman in brilliant bout though slightly lacking extra something... Flew through Heyman and new client Curtis Axel with ease... Program with dire disaster Ryback as new Paul Heyman guy was dreadful feud where Punk showed off... Thrust into new program with Wyatt Family and buddy Bryan... Took Survivor Series win over tagging Wyatt Brothers with Bryan with steady working...

After previous year as lengthy champion, has dipped in standing... Largely due to opinionated ego failing to work with others more comprehensively... Said to have adopted the John Cena mentality of self-service... Suffering lingering knee problems... Needs to extend olive branch and add vulnerability to worthy opponents if to increase feud potential... Bashing microphone work unsupportive... 


2012 Placing - 34

On winning side of 29 man mega match at DDT New Years Special extravaganza... Fought outstanding challenge for Prince Devitt's IWGP Junior title in NJPW during three way with Low Ki, unsuccessful... Held victories over Feb for DDT... 17th Feb marvel fell short with Gota Ihashi and YOSHIHIKO in six man pleaser... Gave dynamic performance at Max Bump for KO-D Openweight title against retaining Shigehiro Irie... Nabbed Six man tag title with Kenny Omega and Ihashi as Golden Rendezvous on 26th May... Dropped championship month later on 23rd Jun to Monster Army... Won finals of NAKAZA-1 CLIMAX Battle Royal... Held own in G1 Climax tourney over August including stonking losses to Shelton Benjamin and Minoru Suzuki... Took on Kazuchika Okada on near twenty minute dazzler on 18th... November six man tag contendership success with Omega joyful... End of November tag title loss still vivid encounter... Ends year on 23rd November alongside BUSHI with tag loss to Doc Gallows and hapless leech Karl Anderson...   

Crowd pleaser with fun emphasis and YOSHIHIKO to boot excels talent for audience... Capable of comedy and credible action... High profile matches boost all involved... Team with Omega successful joy which can continue another year with longevity... Has risen back into the game from injury to reclaim place in wrestling market fruitfully...  


2012 Placing - 40

Launched into early feud with Team Hell No (Daniel Bryan and Kane) with ultimately excellent results... Soon thrown to big boys Sheamus, John Cena and Ryback in drab disasters... Ryback soon replaced by Randy Orton where work with Rollins proved outstanding in Mar... Tore the house down in the O2 centre in London against Hell No and esteemed veteran Undertaker with an impressive six man victory... Often used as punchbag spare to big WWE names only to outshine everyone of them with unique skill over May period... Snared Tag titles from Bryan and Kane at Extreme Rules with Roman Reigns delivering superlative four man action... Defended titles month later at Payback against Bryan and Orton in clever mix up... Destroyed Uso’s at Money in the Bank keeping titles as Rollins held the match in sync further allowing Uso’s to become established equals in title hunt... Forfeited tag titles at Raw on 14th October to Cody Rhodes and Goldust in an exquisite display of aerial, technical and ground intimacy... Gained rematch at Hell in a Cell which was again impressive... Held ground in five man elimination at Survivor Series paving way for stablemate Reigns...

Outshone all members of WWE roster with exceptional skillset adding believability for opponents... Crazy bumper adds entire emphasis as glue to three man tandem... Workhorse of WWE should be given chance to earn stripes in future foundations... Largely underlooked... Endorsed by Undertaker... Needs booking faith in tag and singles action later on down road... Could be Intercontinental champion later in year... Slow burner to develop in Shield dysfunction required as enticing mechanism for all three in future prospects...


2012 Placing - 44

Picked up momentum from ending year sustainably... Covered in impressive victories over Jan in strong tag action... Defeated Takeshi Morishima for GHC heavyweight championship in twenty-one minute scorcher in Osaka... Took part in Lucha Libre Torneo Latinoamericano de Lucha Libre advancing to finals over Trash, Kaiser and Super Crazy leading contest... Defended GHC title favourably at Great Voyage from Maybach Taniguchi... Mar 15th loss to TMDK's Johan Rock, Mikey Nicholls and Shane Haste was a classy portrayal for continental outlook... Entered Apr tag league with Yoshihiro Takayama passing Bobby Fish and Eddie Edwards adding stability... Held onto GHC title from Takashi Sugiura in thirty-two minute mesmeriser mid May... Tore the house down at Southern Navigation in title defence with Toru Yano spanning twenty-four mins... Failed to gain tag title on 8th Jun against CHAOS members Takashi Iizuka and Yano... Stopped intense GHC title  challenge from Naomichi Marufuji in July... Gave an exceptional fight against Australian Shane Haste for title gold over Sep... Annual Global League contest saw baffling defeat to cutesy Eddie Edwards two months on... Joined with bulky favourite Sugiura falling to Daisuke Sekimoto and Yuji Nagata in a tense transgression...

Unstoppable champion making up for lost time has excelled in defining year... Finally claiming first, long awaited title has proven 32 year old warrior can co-exist as center of company perceival... Continental outlook to world status further shines positive aspect on NOAH (and all associated) with respectful booking practice... Could be partly less aggressive to protect championship standing and health... 


2012 Placing - 25

Plodded along in January with gratifying entries including Main Event no contest against Antonio Cesaro… 21st Jan Raw provided further skill with Cesaro in victorious Beat The Clock challenge… Held strong stance in Royal Rumble mash up… Moved onto Elimination Chamber heavyweight title contendership in placid portrayal… Ridiculous Fatal 4 Way structure on 04th March Raw with Big Show, CM Punk and Sheamus dipped credibility… Took the challenge with The Shield trio supportively over Mar… Extreme Rules battle with Big Show uneventful… Payback pairing with Daniel Bryan roaring success in tag title loss to Roman Reigns and Seth  Rollins… Fifteen min street fight with Bryan mid Jun raised profile… Supported younger talent in Jul against Fandango, Alberto Del Rio and Damien Sandow…  Fought way to glory at MITB to grab the dangling delight for WWE title… Lost consistent triple threat World title contendership on Smackdown with Rob Van Dam and winner Christian to re-build all involved further… Shocked world in unforeseen cash in on Daniel Bryan for WWE championship as Summerslam joining corrupt corporate official Triple H… Transitional champ Orton traded back to transitional Bryan at Night of Champions in September… Viciously destroyed The Miz in front of his family on 16th Sept Raw to repackage both men…

Lost footing and constant five star worker once again, Randy Orton is now heading towards a key player for WWE… Still needs to build opponents and understands this well... Aims to launch hot bad boy again… Needs clearer direction but unpredictable positioning… Should work with an honourable Antonio Cesaro launching both towards heavyweight picture as equal challengers for mid-2014… Feud with The Miz also possible early ‘14… 


 2012 Placing - Unlisted

Set upon sturdy year with World Heavyweight title victory on Smackdown over Big Show in Last Man Standing workfest... Honourable Del Rio joined with Team Hell No on occasion throughout Jan... Continued awkward programme with Show till Mar... Fought drink drive dope Jack Swagger at Wrestlemania to keep World title after Swagger was likely to win the gold in lewd choice... Randomly lost World title on 8th Apr to empty vessel Dolph Ziggler after Money in the Bank cash in... Provided with real talent in Antonio Cesaro on 29th Apr Raw spanning thirteen minute technical joy... Continued program with Swagger after WWE failed to deal with PR disaster in lame "I Quit match" at Extreme Rules... Quickly regained title from one month flop Dolph Ziggler, who missed one month to a concussion after victory, in distinguished battle at Payback where Rio and Ziggler both switched attitudes without any pre-initiation... Mexican hero gave people inspiration as role model... Strained series with Ziggler over Aug... Flew into action with Rob Van Dam... Held esteemed profile over multiple months as World champion with grace and skill... Was dropped like a stone to injury returnee John Cena at Hell in a Cell where Rio sold tremendously to WWE’s number one concoction... Rematches failed to make Cena a star despite monumental efforts... Common Survivor Series struggle with Cena followed...  Has rejoined program with Big Show and Dolph Ziggler in transition form Cena...

Mexican role model worked greatest matches with drab WWE favourites to provided quality and bearability... Honourable title run proved highly well with audience... Turn still kept standing but little premature... Needs to be booked strongly than wasteful fodder to muscle men who cannot get over... Should avoid titles until mid or late year end to work on re-building character knocked down by Cena and Big Show programs looming... 


2012 Placing - 25

Star studded cracker with Hiroshi Tanahashi to begin monumental year with IWGP title challenge loss... Took slump over Mar in tags with exemplary input... Destroyed New Japan Cup with peerless entries to win the contest... Defeated Tanahashi for the IWGP heavyweight championship at Invasion attack during phenomenal onslaught... Gave first championship defence against Minor Suzuki in yet another marvelous defence at wrestling Dontaku... Assisted Team CHAOS effervescently... Took off Togi Makabe in another workable heavyweight retainer... Blitzed passed unconvincing challenger Prince Devitt on Kizuna Road card in Jul... Provided sheer skill in G1 Climax battles in Aug... Worked CHAOS in eight man extravaganza with optimum victory... Gave further title fulfillment in two more stunning spectacles over Sep and Oct... World Tag League loss with YOSHI-HASHI to Rob Conway and Jax Dane in brand crossover a fiercely fantastic thrill to begin Dec vividly...

Had to work with some lame challengers as heavyweight champion... Should seek strong competition and have wider outlook than same old favourites... Adds skill, depth and workable timing despite last year growing as rookie... Has excelled in space of a year... One of New Japan’s most valuable young assets garnering immense reputation as champ and for company worldwide... 


2012 Placing - 5

Launched into 2013 extensively as Tag Team champion in dysfunctional pairing with Big Red Machine Kane… Put in tight effort during Royal Rumble match… Successful challenges against The Shield’s Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns over February… Joined Elimination Chamber number one contendership to World title on 17th in six man supremacy… Fended off all in tag division from RhodesScholars, Prime Time Playas, 3MB, Big E.Langston and Dolph Ziggler to remain only leading team… Joined with Kane and The Undertaker on 22nd April Raw losing to The Shield rapturously… Dropped World Champ Ziggler on April 27th by DQ… Inevitably lost tag titles to Shield R and R in Tornado Tag excellence… Sterling skill over coming months with members of the Shield proved capable dominance… Amicable split from Kane clever move to place singles pathway… 24th June Raw street fight with Randy Orton proved workable talent to WWE bigwigs… Displaced in MITB extravaganza were Bryan was obvious to lose but kept profile highly… Involvement with Orton and John Cena in tags over August demonstrated centre stage potential… Won WWE championship at Summerslam against John Cena in career enhancing scuffle… Lost WWE Championship to Randy Orton in nine seconds after cash in screw job by Special Referee Triple H… Insanely popular Bryan scored WWE title win at Night of Champions from Orton… Stripped of WWE championship 24 hours later on Raw by Triple H…

Excellent bouts with Seth Rollins and Shield members along with Orton and top key players of WWE made Bryan a household name with his resounding support from audiences... Championship win/loss lunacy marred progress slightly… Remains fan favourite like no other heading towards 2014… Needs sustainable reign as champion without gimmick losses so cheaply entertained even if used as mechanism to score interest… 

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