Friday, 27 December 2013

Batista is back!

Hunky beefcake 'The Animal' returns 
to Raw late January

WWE have confirmed that 'The Animal' Batista will return to WWE on the January 20th Raw 2014 broadcast.

Batista left WWE in 2010 after a lacklustre feud with John Cena as a beefy black coat wearing muscle hunk, most memorable for being beaten by duct tape in a Last Man Standing match. He has since spent time starring in movies such as Riddick and soon to be released Guardians of the Galaxy due in August. He has signed a contract dating past Wrestlemania and may be a part timer whilst finishing his silver screen filming. For WWE, this is an extraordinary and clever promotional opportunity for both parties.

Batista had also been training for an uneventful attempt at a UFC themed career losing tons of muscle mass in the process.

WWE were miffed at the details being leaked, forcing the company to instead highlight a return date and gather audience interest, which they should have done to begin with. Fans expect Batista to enter the upcoming Royal Rumble match, gathering a possibility of match opportunities including the run up to Wrestlemania.

WWE may be considering Mason Ryan, among other NXT members to join the Rumble match as well as trying to secure Goldberg for the event leading to 'Mania. One strong possibility being discussed is a Randy Orton title match for the April 1st spectacular.

Regardless of the weight loss, Wrestling Wonders is interested to see hunky beefcake Batista in action again. It was always a given and obvious forthcoming return, as expressed by ourselves.

We do like a star with some hair on his head. Let's hope WWE allow Dave to re-grow a little smooth patch over his bald head. WWE often think a bald man makes a star a success by default. It doesn't. Hair is important. It's part of the package. Maybe he can advertise some Just For Men style product? :p

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