Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Sin Cara leaving WWE?

 Mexican luchador set 
to fly WWE's nest

The future of the gleaming azure masked golden flying luchador known as WWE superstar Sin Cara has come under jeopardy as of late. With his status literally in the air, Wrestling Wonders can reveal Cara's future has a two sided gaze.

Over the last few weeks you may have noticed Sin Cara return with wider, taller and bulkier muscle mass. No, the original Cara has not illegally bulked up, but rather been suspended from a previous wellness violation and banged up with several injuries during his WWE career under the adoption of original crusader Mistico.

Having been re-moulded, Sin Cara remains on WWE television as fans have understood the current Cara to be Hunico, who was previously the black masked Sin Cara. WWE are continuing to retain the Cara character for a number of reasons, mainly due, however, to merchandise sales proving popular.

Mistico's contract expires on January 10th and WWE will wish him well in his future endeavours. Mistico has already returned to the Mexican wrestling circuit.

It is rather unfortunate that the original Cara, 31, had difficulties working the 'WWE way' as a potential mainstay, with added problems mentioned above. For Triple H, as signings go, this has been another flop choice, however, there is no need to abandon the character ultimately. 

Maintaining the Cara mystique with another capable star is a valid move. It's now up to fans to drop the smark attitude and give a wrestler as the new Cara a chance to see if he can make the name a little more plausible. Mistico had agility and tenacity on his side and did a decent job with this, however, again, missed the boat at being good enough for WWE product.

These things happen. In order to find what works, sometimes, we have to go through testing times and not every initial choice will be a success for everyone. The opportunity to drive a new look forward is available. 

©  Max Waltham 31st December 2013


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