Jobs at Wrestling Wonders

Work for Wrestling Wonders!

Wrestling Wonders has decided to offer certain Career opportunities.

We are a small team of 3 people, bar Max Waltham, 2 underground, while one is out there for us promoting publicly.

Bear in mind we do not accept everything and not "easy" material.

However we are interested in live reporters at house shows of ANY wrestling event, and would be willing to host them on the site should they be up to standard. (Possibly even local indy shows). 

  • WWE
  • TNA
  • ROH
  • OVW
  • FCW
  • NJPW
  • AJPW
  • NOAH
  • 1PW

We appreciate all feedback and contributions.

There is no 'pay'. Voluntary service means that you get your article published. If you want money in a quick fix, your in the wrong place. With WW being noticed by the highest entity in the WWE, often taken note of and used in storyline and ideas on occasion, also proves how worthwhile it is to be published here.

Please feel free to send enquires to -

Or visit this link here - Social Media to access and Follow/Message on Twitter or Facebook

Also check our Facebook Page - Wrestling Wonders Facebook Page and join for some updates. And the Facebook Group too - Wrestling Wonders Facebook Group  


Administrator - We are also looking for somone to maintain Facebook and Twitter accounts separately should anyone wish to be a part of this. We would prefer long term candidates whom have experience in using these practises and know how to use Facebook/Twitter avidly.

Administrator - Twitter
Administrator - Facebook
Administrator - MySpace

Digital Imagist - Should WW desire images, we would be willing to host your work on the site, images would be sent to you and name will appear on them as credit. (Photoshop experience is essentially preferred). 

Live Events Reporter (See Above)

Photographer - (Live Events) - Any action shots from shows could be submitted on the site, should you consent, this will be a showcase of your shots/portfolio.

We may decide to have more in the future. Watch this space.

If any of these appeal to you please enquire. 

Thank You.

© Max Waltham 19th January 2012