Thursday, 9 May 2013

6 Feuds for 2013 (WWE)

6 Feuds

The classic 6 feuds has reappeared for 2013 onward. These are the WWE feuds we hope to envisage over the coming months of the annual year.

Fandango Vs Randy Orton

Battle of the hotties, both able to talk on microphones and well equipped with talent, both can work perfectly in ring against one another to sustain a meaningful and valid level of competition and encourage fan interest lacking from numerous others on the shows.

Natalya Vs Tamina

We’ve been waiting for a while but 2013 may just bring or edge closer to the grand feuding. If WWE were to allow one of them to snare the title and build their new esteemed rivalry both would generate intense heat and engage to rebuild an already defunct divas division.

Damien Sandow Vs Alberto Del Rio

One step close towards headline status, Sandow is ready to ascend. A total package donated from the silenced one and alongside Del Rio, both have a technical and all round working attitude than complements one another and could also host submission battles over their series.

Cody Rhodes Vs Chris Jericho

Both skilled stars have the potential to escalate the temperature in the arena and at home with well played, thought out and constructed angles to produce both in standing with one another as equals in one up man ship and the grand battles over the months to structure the industry to a better place.

Undertaker Vs The Rock

This one should be a Wrestlmania only. Number thirty is the ideal time. This challenge has never been done before at ‘Mania and Undertaker needs valid competition able to present a defeat to the streak of which The Rock will certainly do so. This is a one for the ages which speaks for itself.

The Miz Vs Kane

Both need to regenerate their standing and against one another would be an ideal casting. With Kane turning to bad proportions once again, The Miz will be a vulnerable and rising battler with empathy and emotional connections to audience. It will re-ignite both from seldom standing and gain an interest to watch on screen. Kane should be allowed to run his course with Bryan without being rushed, first.

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