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Johnny Gargano: From gold star to goofball

Johnny Gargano: From gold 
star to goofball

John Anthony Nicholas Gargano, an eight year freelancer on the independent wrestling scene made an interesting name for himself.

The twenty-five year old began his debut in October 2005 and has since made certain interest on the wrestling scene. In 2006 he was crowned CAPW’s Junior Heavyweight champion lasting over a year where competition, granted, was minimal, however was catapulted into a further spotlight beginning his entry level to the profession.

During his career, the naïve budding youngster held a multitude of titles in his new uprising surge of interest on the independent's as a minimal name of interest. Gargano soon changed that perspective in 2009 when he became involved with the Dragon Gate USA and Evolve promotions. Convinced by Colt Cabana after a match with All American Wrestling (AAW) ‘bana suggested contacting Gabe Sapolsky, recently departed booker of Ring of Honor, who chose to scout talent for the Dragon Gate company in a change of scenery. After informing, Cabana directed him to Sapolsky. Gargano was given an opportunity in July ’09 with a multi dark match loss. Gargano officially joined on November 28th in a championship tournament, failing to win, however set him as an on-screen talent.   

Gargano followed with a defeat of Chris Dickinson on Jan 16th 2010 to remain a new star on television. Gargano finally inked a deal in May that year after more dark matches of consideration. Taking on a massive challenge, Gargano fought CIMA in a loss on Sept 26th after one of the company’s founders and toughest fighters put Gargano in a comfortable position as a result. This set a humble offering of his services to CIMA’s faction Warriors International, which was rejected. Spurned, instead Johnny formed a group with Rich Swann and Chuck Taylor collectively known as Ronin.

In September 2011 Gargano would become a two time CHIKARA tag team champion with pal Chuck Taylor towards June 2012 finding his niche in the comedy promotion.

Competition in YAMATO?
Come November 2011, back in Dragon Gate, Gargano would capture the Open the Freedom Gate heavyweight title from YAMATO in a daring match for company turnaround projections. Under Gargano’s rule, however, the title came into disrupte. Dragon Gate, believing the championship to be in sustainable hands soon became invalid three months in. Having held the championship for 536 days and currently today, the feline loving thug, with his half-hearted, lazy approach to match layout, effort and ignorance regarding match portrayal has become an intense liability. Laboured, apathetic and bland, green bean Gargano, struggling to maintain any dominance or impact as champion should be launched into a series with YAMATO and lose the title if Dragon Gate wish to continue to keep its doors open, have a monumental champ and to be filled with powerful aggression among intense passion to rebrand its company tiers as a credible option. YAMATO can have an interesting series with other performers afterwards making the title meaningful and the company of interest once again.

Gargano also joined Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (PWG) in 2013. The intense, tough setting in PWG doesn’t have the capacity to house dated Gargano and keep its credibility with other performers if it is to continue its rising success on the independent scene and should sidestep the problem before it continues, rather than allow pride to ruin their progression.

Gargano, already floundering in matches with stars in certain companies, has become a constrained mess without any format or logically concepts. Becoming a complete embarrassment and in need of a charisma transplant the absurd borefest limits many companies than enhances them.

Goofy Gargano, with his gleaming stance and incapable booking qualities, is rapidly casting doubt among the independent wrestling scene as a legitimate choice for anything other than looking good and failing dismally.

So much so was the appearance at Preston City Wrestling's (PCW) Springslam event, (on April 26th) a constant rip off of WWE's branding including "Money in the bank" matches among many washed up old WWE stars, in a one on one match with homosexual Noam Dar. The clunky, defunct and minor scrap in hardcore fashion was a diabolical level of disjointed interaction from both incomplete lamebrains. Gargano lost.

Disgracing the independent scene, companies worked with and boring performances enamoured with dorky displacement and self-enhancing status for himself, Gargano has become a wasteful setting in the wrestling world which has become more harmful to any company that utilises his so called talent. If there is no time for the business, it should not have the time for him with such pitiful choices which harm the pro wrestling landscape further along the course of its already troublesome financial times in the independent settings where wrestling may have to shut its doors if it cannot balance its output righteously enough. 

©  Max Waltham 15th May 2013

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