Tuesday, 28 May 2013

WWE hire minor high-flyer

Del Sol signs with 
WWE Developmental

This week WWE have signed a new high flying star from the crumbling independent circuit. Samuray del Sol received the contract on Sunday and was desperate to sign as soon as he could.

WWE selected him because he was Mexican and equally desperate to capture demographics to raise TV figures from the area to increase revenue.

Del Sol recently appeared on May 25th in an inferior British Wrestling promotion’s contest where he was eliminated in the first round. Sol put in a diabolical match performance. WWE had removed him from Indy bookings across the globe as a term to signing.

Flabby thighs Sol.
Married Del Sol signed on May 26th.

Struggling independent Del Sol, who hasn’t been very monumental in the wrestling scene and plucked out of thin air due to demographics, high flying and wearing an orange mask (figure that one out) Sol, who is good friends with Sami Zayn, formerly El Generico, who was hired for being able to speak multiple languages, many already feel del sol is a waste of time and talent to WWE added with the fact no-one knows who he is, nor cares about him at all. WWE’s credibility at hiring new talent is further under challenge. With Triple H hiring another infeasible choice, many question his attempts to take over the future of WWE as Vince McMahon’s natural successor which has already dipped. With this signing Triple H has laid his cards on the table and further supported the failure of talent acquisition.

Triple H’s mediocrity further stains the illogical choices, with his pet projects previously failing despite huge television exposure in the form of WWE diva Kharma and Mexican flop Sin Cara. With Rey Mysterio on his way out and WWE lacking flyers it felt the need to hire, however chose a random selection with no real sustainable talent. Skirt wearing del sol is someone who will get you through the odd match a couple of times, and then will be nothing more overall. We all need a toilet break, don’t we?

WWE’s future looks extremely bleak.

Many other stars are undergoing WWE medical tests as a pre-requisite before hiring. WWE plan on and will sign hopeless thug Sami Callihan next. They should u-turn on Sol instantly and release him and drop Callihan if it is to save face and contain credible company outlook for the future. These choices do not fit into a modern day WWE no matter how much training they receive, they just won’t adapt. When you take away the costume, there’s nothing really there.
WWE have also given try-outs to Mike Bennett, Adam Cole (who is on the verge of signing) and Shaun Ricker, whoever he is, to name a few. They also plan to offer Davey Richards, who teased retirement, an offer at the end of his June-July contract this year. They should drop that one instantly. Little muffin Richards does not fit the mould of WWE at all and will flop in sixty seconds.

If WWE, of all the people in the world, as a company, cannot hire accurate choices and selects random, unheard of people just to put a WWE stamp on them as ‘ours’ to prove ego that it can find new stars which Max Waltham actual has and nurtures them to have a following in audience appreciation just to prove Triple H and WWE’s ego then it will not have a growing outlook for a chance to remain appealing any further in the future. Desperate to also prove himself to daddy-in law, Hunter has proven he cannot fully drive a prospect home and just hires to attempt to impress Vince’s mind based on looks, muscle, height and, ‘oh yeah, he’ll do’. WWE has no chance of growth at this rate. 

©  Max Waltham 28th May 2013

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