Monday, 13 May 2013

Austin Aries: In the pink to Mr. World

Cocky charismatic charmer 
completes clueless company

From ordinary misused Indy guy to heavyweight champion, minor build Austin Aries took the world by storm to change TNA’s scene and install genuine interest for a new era in 2012. Built only based on his failings for WWE’s Tough Enough castings a year previous and off the back of the Indy risers as WWE gave fruits to CM Punk’s rising labour and Ring of Honor pushing forward on Kevin Steen, TNA felt the need to carbon copy the design for the fill of the moment.

While Indy talent was the 2012 craze in all companies Aries shone with his star qualities while gauging audience and becoming a mock, yet influenced flamboyance on television due to more of TNA’s borrowing. Aries however provided colour to the contrasting debate of dysfunction in the company that it needed to flourish. Aries proved his rise with the X division title acquisition in September 2011 holding it for an incredible 298 days until 05th July 2012 in what would be an absurd angle for the monumental accomplishments Aries delivered to the title, the company and the fans. TNA’s General Manager Hulk Hogan offered Aries an opportunity to ‘trade a title’ in which Aries would surrender the X division title as vacant in order to secure a Heavyweight championship title shot, without any guarantees of victory. It was simply unbelievable that tempted Aries would not win the gold from then champ Bobby Roode.

Regardless, Aries finally climbed the big one on the tallest step of its ladder in a heart-whelming and appealing outlook for TNA fans. Offering hope of a new product, Aries hopes were soon dashed once TNA got on the handle of booking. As heavyweight stronghold, Aries was bumped off the ladder by directionless booking favourite Jeff Hardy, returning from obscurity to dethrone Aries with ease, making a mockery of the star who changed the perspective of TNA slightly to a potentially better offering than previously provided.  Holding at 98 days the world title became meaningless once again and Aries with it. TNA predictably left Aries in the cold and gave no forward thinking and planned to shift him back to the mid card for the X division title after an epic transition to launching a new talent in the heavyweight picture.

After concern raised TNA halted but chose to ludicrously subject Aries to copying WWE’s dysfunctionate tag team Kane and Daniel Bryan in a partnership on TNA TV with Bobby Roode, the man Aries beat for the very world title on 8th July 2012. Whilst attempting to retain his charisma with the tepid non entity Roode, Aries is slipping into seldom absolution. Winning the tag titles with Roode and playing a ridiculous and pointless character for a minor chuckle while shelving his grand run as a major champion for another company favourite who showed no signs of difference and new age dominance, Aries is shifting into a troublesome discretion.

One thing Aries can be appreciated for is his ability to remain slightly relevant but is slipping further into catastrophe for the man who was TNA’s greatest chance at reviving the already clueless and stale state of product.

TNA should have had the sense to understand Aries must be shifted back to world title dominance if he is to raise profile once again and encourage TNA fans to be further engrossed than a moment of standing there unfazed and give one clap or side smirk smile of appreciation for the in ring talent squandered. Aries boosted his status coming in at an outstanding #3 in the Wrestling Wonders Pro 50 of 2012. While the year of the Indy’s TNA needed to envisage a brighter outlook than the gloomy one on offer. If it cannot do so, it should consider tweaking pride and backstage politics to gain strengthened beings for produce. TNA is a bubble waiting to burst over and over again.

©  Max Waltham 13th May 2013

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