Saturday, 25 May 2013

Introducing Curtis Axel

Paul’s Heyman's New 
Guy Revealed

Capable look now ruined by name
After numerous teases WWE confirmed it would reveal the newest “Paul Heyman Guy” on this previous Monday Night Raw episode. (20th May 2013) Obvious to Wrestling Wonders was the hidden gem the WWE Universe plucked straws at.

Heyman’s new guy, joining the ranks of Brock Lesnar and CM Punk would have to be someone new, fresh, young and talented. WWE do have enough of those in surplus backstage.

The new man was announced. Michael McGuillicutty strode out to a new theme and titantron saying Curt Axel. Who is this? Yes, Michael McGuillicutty is no more. Curtis Axel, changed at the last minute by WWE who planned it as Curt Axel, stuck the former rookie with Paul Heyman. If anyone can make him Max Waltham Paul Heyman can.

Triple H is reportedly ‘high’ on the former NXT superstar. McGuillicutty has also trained stars like Brock Lesnar and The Rock in their return matches and helped with match layout including the Wrestlemania Rock/Cena I extravanagnza.

Joe Hennig, whose name change was to acknowledge as respecting his late father’s legacy as Curtis Axel, wanted a new name instead of Michael McGuillicutty feeling the name was holding him back. It is a shame. Michael McGuillicutty fitted him and was actually a better and capable name to make a star from. Hennig disagreed. Axel has been born. It will fail despite WWE’s efforts to defy that statement.

Triple H instantly launched himself into a match with Axel as the main event. Everyone already sensed what would come, and sure enough, it did. Triple H, king of career killing, dominated McGuillicutty constantly, barely allowing him any offence.

Expect numerous "Perfect" innuedendos 

Afterwards Tripper felt weezy and sat outside. The giddy Game almost tipped over and had medics check on him to begin a concussion angle. Fans were baffled after a real concussed Dolph Ziggler was off TV, as champion, due to concussion.

Giddy Game
A chance of a new star thrilled the WWE Universe, then the anticipation sank. Fans knew as soon as Triple H would be involved McGuillicutty (who he will always be typecast as) stood no chance at making his name. It officially ended before it began.  Numerous times Wrestling Wonders has praised McGuillicutty and now, WWE, Hennig and Hunter had indeed ruined any chance of this prospect to be anything more than a wannabe on the edge of the precipice of which WWE will make sure crumbles beneath him. 

WWE always feel they need to put on a third generation name tag on all its wrestlers to get them over, and yet those are the one's that can get over on their own merit without their legacy flaunted if pushed. WWE disagrees and therefore makes a song and dance about heritage which makes absolutely no sense as a gimmick because it already ruins them to start with as well as what they must live up to, also. 

Battle of the lovehandles

Another massive WWE fail only this time on branding of which Vince McMahon is often referred to as ‘the king of’ which has proven his crown has fallen to his online hated alter ego with every way forward for young, budding talent.  Once more, WWE failed to launch a new talent the right way and ‘their’ way does not look bright for any star hoping to rise, even if they sign with the promotion from the independent circuits. Curtis Axel is done. All because you wanted to change your name. Good luck, kid.

©  Max Waltham 25th May 2013

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