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Interview: Max Waltham

Exclusive Interview with
 Max Waltham

After taking the world by storm and rocking it to its very core, one individual has made a striking presence for the industry, reforming it in ways that fans around the world can enjoy professional wrestling to their every needs. Now, in his first public interview, conducted by Max Waltham on  March 31st, Max Waltham reveals details on his understanding, knowledge and core being and exactly why he does what he does to help the wrestling industry, along with its ignorance filled with plagiarism.

1 For those who may struggle to, how do you pronounce your name?

Wall, or wolve – am, Waltham. Max is self-explanatory, surely.

2 You give a lot of supporting advice. To who and what is it for?

We give advice for talent to find an opening and produce something more rather than become future endeavoured to hear those fatal words “Creative have nothing for you.” It is up to them to provide, but we help suggest options that most people cannot think of, in order to drive a better product for fans, employers and wrestlers.

3 You've been able to reform the pro wrestling landscape. How do you feel about that?

As you say, we have redefined a landscape to work in unison. Every company in wrestling has some form of Max Waltham’s input in it, whether they wish to acknowledge it or not, which shows that wrestling can work together if it chooses to and deliver different outlooks with a sustained future.

4 As a result of this, you may be often misconceived. Your thoughts?

Concepts are mostly ‘borrowed’ from WWE with no recognition and this is a form of thievery with mass disrespect. Back in 2010 we gave WWE the option to use a couple of ideas minimally IF they gave some recognition which they failed to do so. Since then they have utilised concepts as their own and melded them into their WWE way. Almost every superstar has Max Waltham’s concept inside of them today on the WWE product, and since TNA have copied WWE they have done so with our content and have browsed the site for ideas too. TNA have responded with sheer ignorance and disrespect also as a result of being clueless in running their company to a fuller capacity.

5 This makes you look a certain way because you are telling the truth?

Yes. Moral, principals and ethics are abandoned by those in charge who only know how to use a good idea because they need something quick and cannot think themselves so they steal and then give no respect, be it recognition, name drops, product placement, celebrity endorsement, tickets, payment, scholarships, merchandise, action figures, guest spots or employment in some capacity. One will always tell the truth and that is all I have to do to expose these people who have been neglectful.

6 What about in print and online plagiarism?

Many believe because it is online, it is available and able to be taken for free. They are wrong. That is actually an offence. You can use mentions and whatnot and give endorsements etc,but if you take from someone who has not consented and adds a copyright symbol, for example, by their name, that means the text is not yours to pilfer. If you work an agreement of sorts with them then you can do so. Most often steal from us on almost every website. The worst offender are the obnoxious disgrace known as the tacky Bleacher Report who steal constantly from Max Waltham and their response was that because their writers go to “college” and get a “degree” that there is no way they would ever do that, yet they did not investigate and could clearly see the thefts on offer and proved their statements of defiant protecting of friendships adds no integrity to the fan update site. Wrestling INC have been doing the exact same thing as have other gossip sites who don’t deserve a mention fully but the one’s most know of.

It is unacceptable behaviour and you should be prepared to be exposed if you do so. If you are making a point from it, then you should reference it, noting you are following or making a new point from the person you first read from. Surely they teach you that in school when you study for a “degree”? Most don’t have one and therefore proves further the point of random fans trying to seem elitist to other fans. All in all, they know nothing. It's insulting to real fans, too.

Plus, a degree in America teaches the level of college in the UK. For example, a University degree in London is extremely intense and difficult, and you often have to go to college beforehand to get an “access course” in order to hopefully enter University, which is not a guarantee. That’s at Level 3. Level 4 is a higher education access course and levels 5 and 6 are heavy, hard hitting University scholars.

In America these “degrees” are a college level which is Level 3 – 4 at best. Therein lies the point. Yet they brag that their education system makes them better than the writer/s they steal from and cannot have a rational conversation adopted on the basis a national attack when truth and fact is presented.

As for in print, magazine writers, they are doing exactly the same, even more so at a disgraceful rate and abusing the system to adopt as their own in a blatant outright theft to make money from it with no credit or recognition and do not wish to hire as they want free stories while pocketing high amounts of money because those editors are clueless how to market, brand and carry out their ideas. They are also highly homophobic and think that they have earned their rights and other writers they steal from don’t, even though this one has turned every entity in the wrestling industry on its head, yet they hire other people on the quiet and have secret trade partnerships to make dodgy deals and unethical standards of acquiring details, stories and information.

Some random buerk calling themselves a writer because saying a few words of no value in misguided opinion that offers no help or interest to those reading built on fandom alone is not good for anyone.

7 How much work and effort goes into Wrestling Wonders?

Wrestling Wonders follows a linear function to writing and doesn’t randomly make up some split hair brained choice on a whim. We have numerous ideas and certain talents to focus on over coming weeks. Everything on Wrestling Wonders has a reasoning behind it, its up to you to read it, than just look at the words. No one understands the immense structure behind our brand. Careful thought and implementation is always gazed upon. We work harder than virtually everyone online and in print, which is why it is easy to steal. My commitment and effort in time spent here is unrivaled from writing, insight, passion, drive, help, style and structure in uploads, not just having it all done for me by someone else. Even image selection is crucial and uploading can take days. That's the care and attention I give to any product I am involved in. There are no days off at all. 

8 It’s fair to say you reformed the Diva’s division. Is it marketable?

No one gave one iota about the division, though it is highly marketable and talent is available to make something apparent. WWE feel Divas are not of importance. Fine. That’s their idea. However, no one really knows what to do with it and will let if falter, but when yours truly offered solutions, WWE jumped on it, but in doing so chose to play games instead as a political point rather than support the structure instead mocking with the Kelly Kelly/Beth Phoenix era. Their appearance of divas is a different contrast to what they should be and feel wrestling women don’t matter, which is something we can always book lucratively. All divisions count, otherwise they wouldn’t be in place. If they are serious about changing that, they can hire me to sort out the divas.

9  What is your relationship with Vince McMahon?

(Smiles.) We have a very tight and connective bond with McMahon. However this changes on a daily basis. One day he loves us and then 'hates' us thereafter. We do have a telepathic communication system of brainwaves and the medium of the internet also relays our messages. However, when McMahon, who personally reads every piece of our content instead of a researcher, and implements into his product, does often smile when reading our articles, but at the same time, doesn’t like any idea to be greater than his. Because we give an honest and helpful answer, Vince sometimes doesn’t understand how to apply that as helpful and often becomes disgruntled after his affiliation with the press has, for him, been a personal struggle. Even though he pisses us off, we still love him, and vice versa, hopefully. It’s like someone you have to put up with. There are good days and bad days, but Vince is a pussycat. I have worked for far worse than Vince McMahon and that should tell you a lot. Though, we do not need his approval. We are freelance, currently. I do hold Vince in high regard. He has been one of the greatest reformers of the business but I am never going to crawl to him and should never be assumed as such, though the respect is there for what he has done to make it meaningful today. Perhaps he has heard us cosmic order or send a telepathic mind communication to him. 

10 What is the reason Vince McMahon won’t hire you?

I know why. There are two reasons. One cannot be divulged. I suppose I should be grateful for that. The other, information exclusively unleashed online isn’t exclusive to him, but if he wanted that he would bypass it. That’s not the full choice. Being forward, Vince thinks I may be unadaptable to staff, or its environment. Should I apologise for doing an exceptional job on righteous virtue? I, however am more that professional and respectful around others. I am a very easy and cultured individual to talk to, but I cannot be sorry for my passion.

11 You help WWE a lot with ideas and ways forward. How do you manage to write for almost everyone so easily?

It comes naturally with logic, common sense and a way to develop EVERY character and only a small percentage can do so. WWE want a writer or creative like this but have reservations built on ego, pride and a company portrayal, but realise they cannot find a substitute. I am available, and something could be worked out, I’m sure, but I do not grovel but I merely express to them because they have lacked their product somewhat and it is important to fix it before it suffers more. Though unconfirmed, it’s clear McMahon sent a memo to ALL WWE staff telling them to never engage with Max Waltham from the get go. That vetoed memo is always a thrill.

12 You can make a star gain name worth but some tend to abuse your helpful nature. Why?

Many weeds are out there to be plucked. We have done immense work with certain hapless stars and given them sharp help, advice or situations presented to them and key interviews to help their profile raise. Before us, they were an unknown jobber and since they were then booked everywhere. We help people in the business and work together. However, those people who received new interest failed to acknowledge even once the enormity of what we did for them. We virtually relaunched their ailing career and they screwed us over tenfold and still to this day do not repent with any form of respect and still don’t fathom why they should. They have ridden our coattails. We will do everything to get you over and work with you, but if you abuse it and fail to show any respect for it, until you repent, karma will come back to you and ruin all your options. We can be your best friend or your worst enemy. It’s about principals. You cannot just take something and expect no repercussions if you do not hand something back. Would you buy an item in a shop and walk out with no payment?

We work together to help Indy wresting, and as a result, many abuse it to get ahead with a massive ego, which will be their own demise. I suppose it is my fault for giving someone a chance, but I will not be beaten down by it, but I will rise over you and be on your back until you learn your lessons of respect. Do you really need that battle?

13 A few people you mention get called up or hired by WWE, but didn’t fully use your designs. What about those?

We have the insight of a new star. We can see what works and a path they can travel down that will get fan attention. With the right pathway and nurture they could become huge. Some dont get the platform, however, due to political ideologies in place.

We have that knack for spotting a new star potential instantly and how to brand it but WWE ignore it because it wasn’t their ‘idea’ but not hiring me then forces me to write it online. Then they do not have it exclusive to them. They miss out overall as it is a chance to grow competition  They can even hire as an off screen, overseas entity, on company structure or whatever title they wish too give, or even scout British imports and export. Need a head office or lead in charge at London? I could be here for you.

14 Many try to copy the Max Waltham voice in print. Why do they fail so dismally?

Many feebly try to adopt the Max Waltham voice in their writing and in print publications ignorantly believing they can do it, and better in some cases. The humourous writing exposes their flaw and arrogant belief at the highest extreme of self-indulgence and highly ignorant exclusion. It’s as the old saying goes, if you want someone who is that good, you’ll make sure you get them on board. It can only ever be a win - win situation for you. No one can do what I can do.

15 Why does online news become so constrained and unprofessional by fans attempting to seem knowledgeable?

My exact point. Fans are fans, not writers. There is nothing wrong with that, but need to know their place. Fans cannot write or understand and should leave it to professionals. As a result they are not respected for it because they cannot respect those writers in the first place and have no understanding for the field. Only Max Waltham can distort and change the structure of writing and make it a success. They just want to make a name for themselves adding their random quips for a split second on a thrown together two minute rant in text where they make no point, lack information and avoid clarity. It is a playground mentality. 

It needs to be made relevant in what you do instead of any old tosh with no reasoning or interest. Most ‘reports’ are pointless and false. Wrestling Wonders is full of truth an wit. All other sites cannot offer sustainability with this and stir rumours to raise site hits. They are inaccurate and a waste of time. Don’t believe everything you read online from those gossip hacks, who are taking stories from Wrestling Wonders also and choosing to fabricate them to get an “oh my god” reaction, whilst recycling news from every other website which has already uploaded it. Everyone thinks they can do better or do it because the tools on the internet give them the platform to write a site. The site has no weight, value nor scope. It is a pointless hole in the middle of nowhere that gathers no interest and will always be looked down upon instead.
Wrestling Wonders and Max Waltham are the only viable sources of information and direction forward for talent.

16 Why don’t you do it?

We don’t do too much news because it is recycled, most have seen it in one place and the reporting is just tacky words and then stolen from us should we choose to do it because people think using a big word makes them seem knowledgeable and they can’t figure out nor understand the meaning of those words which is why they plagiarise (steal) it from Wrestling Wonders. It is not a viable or relatable source to consumer needs. Plus that is everyone’s mindless attitude. I can do better etc. I could but it is tedious to recycle the news everyone has already seen and nuggets of boring updates from the so called delivers of news who only have scraps of information. Plus, we are a writer. There’s a huge difference than just writing two lines of text. Glorified attention seekers only to mention something to fill an online piece of paper out to get attention and seem a part of a community that doesn't include you at all.

17 Rumours. Why do they happen?

Rumours are there to create buzz and seek  attention from readers to try and seem knowledgeable about the subject yet constantly prove they are a fan and a mark who gets off on seeing numbers of website hits than interest which without any sustained legitimacy causes that one second moment or 15 minutess of fame aspect, as it were, only to fall in numbers straight after because there is no writer nor basis other than some headstrong fan who wants to quickly write a few minor words and have a rant on protecting their favourite stars. Biased and saddled with lies, distorted and adapted constantly by the writers fails interest further.

18 Why no re-edits of your uploaded articles?

We treat our articles as exactly that. Ours site is a magazine basis and takes that approach. To do so would also be unethical to re-write what you have already written. If you are going to publish then you cannot pick and choose to remove something considered awkward after some having read it. That is highly unethical and proves you have no place in this writing world.

19 Moving on, Vince McMahon made an indirect joke about not being classed as in the big leagues just like some stadiums for WWE programming. Why does he think so lowly of Wrestling Wonders?

I wouldn’t say Vince and WWE look at this lowly. They realise that we help them, and they also realise that we are their only competition. TNA does not even come close and McMahon loves a bit of competition to drive his product. Half the reason is to keep me as intel/ideas forming off the back of understanding audience. Vince will try to make competition seem lower, in case it rises up in a way he can’t handle. He likes to keep it grounded in certain areas to maintain control in his mind.

When we revealed we had gained readership in every country worldwide, McMahon could not feasibly understand how, so mocked it. Anyone who heard and listened to worldwide audience would understand a viable interest and necessary level of communication would be vital to contain relations of sort.

We have our own audience, understand and write for them which is what WWE miss at times. We have no need to lie or falsify our readership, however we aren’t going to reveal all our details so easily. When we uploaded our graph of some hot interests, WWE saw the numbers by the side and thought them small. The purpose of showing those stats was to explain how quick there and then people were looking for something in conjunction with live programming, but WWE saw an opportunity to mock. It didn’t hurt us, just made us laugh because it made WWE seem bitter and backward.

20 People may think your running out of steam. What do you say to that?

We have tons more left in the tank. There is something new every day. We only have to use common sense and apply it to situation in the wrestling business in terms of angles. It’s very easy to us. It doesn’t come naturally to others. That gives us longevity. We will be around for years to come. We are only just starting. Wrestling Wonders has a powerful future.

21 What would you say to companies in turmoil?

If companies want to survive, for example Ring of Honor and independent promotions, they should hire in some capacity those who can redevelop with a core understanding of the wrestling business. Most Indy shows can’t remain strong competition as well as fretting over keeping its doors open, due to financial reasons, because it has no one able to give what I can.  Therefore they should spend on the most vital to raise their chances.The same applies to all including WWE. While the WWE have money, their way forward is now lacking, making business decisions which are comfortable for staff rather than the greater good of the business.

22 Why do you focus more on WWE than TNA/ROH and independents, for example?

If you thought we were critical of WWE with advice, we would be here all day with TNA and still get nowhere. They just don’t listen at all. WWE do to a degree but the Indy’s like ROH etc shut themselves off from communication. They are losing a valuable audience. The fact they don’t put product out on certain platforms harms their reach. In order to change that, they need to work out programs of communications. They have an extensive library of tapes when they record their programs. They should send them to my inbox for reviews and figure a way to communicate and gain reviews. If it isn’t seen, it is unlikely that anything can be any bigger than what it is because no change is being conducted to drive audiences. I could be opening my very own Pay Pal View!

23 Does the Independent scene have a future?

As above, they often place their trust in the wrong people they think will help their reach with some fans typing a couple of words saying “it was good” or it made them feel something as a fan. The Indy scene has such strong talents and isn’t using them correctly or in the right scenarios and placement is all over the shop. People are just saying, yeah go with so and so as a new champ, create some buzz. Then it all falls apart because it has no longevity. In ROH, for example, they have huge transmission problems. It fails to show its regular internet PPV’s. When no-one is viewing them, nor paying, nor seeing, they should broadcast them for free initially until they get a bigger audience and outline from the get go these are only limited periods, so fans will eventually pay. Fans will pay for product if they have regular access to what they may be interested in seeing. If the Indy’s don’t sort their designs out soon, many will eventually crumble at some point, and if the Indy’s fall, then everything is doomed for wrestling as an industry.  

24 Wrestling Wonders has been rather influential. Why do people view it in the wrong context?

Wrestling is full of ego. In this case, Hulk Hogan’s is brimming and as we have seen, is slowly deteriorating the business. TNA is a mess, but it’s not all his fault. Dixie Carter is so clueless she needs to really sit down and strategize how to make TNA’s future work instead of getting a payment from her father to stay afloat when the company still doesn’t turn a profit.

Some of our insightful examples of product from an indirect, non-worded, tet a tet on live television, with certain stars playing the role of Max Waltham in many acts include – Brad Maddox, Damien Sandow, the Hoeski concept, filled by Eve, dysfunctional tag partners Kane and Daniel Bryan, the women’s wrestling reformation with Kelly Kelly and Beth Phoenix, the inspiration for CM Punk's pipebombs and Voice of the Voiceless ripoff from Raymond Carver, Dolph Ziggler’s brunette hair reappearing and Brodus Clay’s disco dancing to name a few.

If it can help change pro wrestling, for the better for output to fans overall and to keep doors open, then it could be a good thing, but don't abuse my position and work something out instead. 

We mention it; it isn't about us, but more what we can do. We can benefit and is important to express. Scouting, producing and keeping doors open, while encouraging hardworking talent with unique styles could only ever be a positive thing to encourage.

We have many other options for the future. We aren't revealing them all. That would be foolish to do so.

25 Why can’t we see your face?

You don’t deserve it.  Until it is earned, then perhaps you will see.

26 Most effective way to be a journalist?

Use a pen and paper. You cannot call yourself a journalist nor a respected one by writing a couple of fandom lines of text on a pithy website and claim you are one, that is a massive insult to the profession. You are a fan, simple as. Anyone who uses a starting sentence with words like ‘and’ or ‘just’ is an utter idiot with no understanding of the wrestling world in a writing context. If you use two pages for contents then you are a humourous fraudulent retard who has no understanding of their position and bring shame on the product presented. 

27 And what of TNA?

Just as before, it is on minimal ground as a business and holds no value to fans or wrestling interest, which can only copy others and do it so shambolically on television that they become defunct.

28 Would you ever date a pro wrestler?

Have an eye on one mainly and a couple of others but for a more sustainable thing. Any who may want to, make an offer, I cannot mind read. I am very discreet.

Wrestling Wonders would like to thank Max for his time, effort and contributions to the field given and shared in this interview today. You can follow him on Twitter @MaxWaltham or join Wrestling Wonders - @WrestlingWonders for the up to date happenings. Head over to our Facebook page too and like it! Who knows what will happen if more fan interaction is encouraged! - 

29 Any parting words?

You’re Welcome. 

©  Max Waltham 1st May 2013

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