Monday, 29 April 2013

Adam Cole: From crumb to conqueror

The straggly long haired, blue eyed boy entered Ring of Honor years previous in 2009 to some rather lacking presentation. Now, in 2013, brimming young talent Adam Cole has exceed expectation four years on. 2012 was by far one of Cole’s sketchiest, yet map setting moments for recognition. Was it so bad that it was noticed, or did Cole manage to present a new lease of interest regardless of company booking? Cole impressed and made it onto the Wrestling Wonders Pro 50 2012 at number 43. Since then, Cole has been inundated with appearances, interviews and acknowledgement from other sources of entertainment and fan respect. Cole shone but his lackluster booking was thwarting his potential. In 2012 we wrote “May be doomed in ROH, needs further development in their eyes, though unwilling to give support to him, Cole could be on a rocky road again…" 

Cole bypassed that predicament in 2012 soaring up the charts making the list at number 12 with added intrigue. "Respected from previous year downpour launched technical and barbaric whizz into capable outlook for ROH... Heavyweight and mid level champ further elevated company fortunes in portrayal designating correct style and look of star as frontman... Needs solid matches, core structure in technical main stay with opponents to maintain company perceival..."

Since then Ring of Honor complied and bean realising the fruits of its labour. Adam Cole has since transgressed into a blooming champion as the TV Championship holder and delivers expert matches. Since his troublesome 2011, Cole’s turnaround in 2012 proved profitable. Working outstanding matches with new talents that matched level and equal opposition able to prise wrestling standards credibly, Cole is on many radar’s since.

So why did it take ROH so long to act? If Wrestling Wonders' recommendation wasn’t given would he have been a jobber destined to sink to the undercard and fill in for those who were floundering in the company tiers? Whatever the case, Cole has become a standpoint for the company and drives viewers forward to the working environment who once neglected his position to favour a pocket full of mainstream names alone.

Cole impressed with tag team Future Shock, joined with Kyle O’Reilly making an impressive duo in the tag team division building huge profile and quality where possible. The partnership was disbanded on January 7th in 2012 setting Cole on his fully fledged singles path to glory, not before pairing with Eddie Edwards, who broke with his partner Davey Richards where Richards joined O’Reilly to battle the partnered teams broken on either side which was initially fair but then became senselessly relied on. All four did their best to achieve good results, though Cole became the shining light in that series.

Cole received a monumental standing rise from Ring of Honor dropping the ROH champion Davey Richards on the company's 10th Anniversary show, however only in non-title tag action. He would embark on a minor series with former partner O’Reilly to finally end their series in June at Best In the World. Cole offered goodwill to his former buddy, who spurned his advances. Moving on, Cole soon captured the ROH TV title from Roderick Strong in a proven and tantalising win which catapulted Cole over the fence. Cole fended off competition from all-comers including esteemed colleague Mike Mondo and Eddie Edwards while losing a pointless non-title encounter to Matt Hardy which shouldn’t have been booked over the course of the year end for Cole. Cole continued to hold the title well into the new year of 2013 until falling to no hoper Matt Taven at the annual 11th Anniversary show on March 2nd. Cole held an astounding 246 days as champion.   

Winning ROH TV title
Cole recently reunited his tag team with O’Reilly in Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (PWG) where he also independently adds his flavour. PWG has fast become an increasingly interesting promotion as of late, gathering new quality protraction from stars such as Cole lending their skills to the organisation.

Able to succeed rivals, rise above the doldrums and impress the most important people in the business Cole’s doors have been opened up tremendously. With a number of valid options and opportunities now coming his way, enraptured by his own talent portrayal also, and his ability to go further than what is asked for to deliver fan and wrestling appreciation, Cole is the one who has a very bright future in the business if correct choices are made. WWE have already given him a try-out earlier in the year and with no loyalty and ignorance from ROH previously, the decision to jump may look ever more attractive for this promising superstar. He’s quite hot, too. 

©  Max Waltham 29th April 2013

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