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Vince, Savage and Stephanie Affair?

Vince, Randy and Stephanie, 
the biggest triple threat of the WWF

After numerous speculation over years was questioned what truly held the connective bond so strongly between Vince McMahon and ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage many labelled like an idolised son McMahon never had in the business, the pair’s falling out when Savage fell on tougher times in the WWF defecting for WCW was abruptly unknown.

McMahon was said to have blacklisted and boycotted certain areas of his appearances and bookings while in the competing company as his personal feelings were upset like no other and felt utterly betrayed. Vince also blocked Savage’s DVD release of Macho Madness.

Industry experts and loyal sportsfans deliberate Vince’s stern behaviour was implemented to a possible reasoning. That Savage was having a backstage affair for many years with company daughter Stephanie McMahon. While the lid has and can never truly be lifted on this accusation, legions today vividly accept and deny the story, though fans and experts are further inclined to support the ideas as true.

Opening the floodgates for numerous rumour mills, one high debate is the personal tension between the two. Clearly there was pressure in both camps with such a personal and intertwined relationship.

Various consider the issue stemmed from McMahon mainly, as Savage, regarded as a private individual who respected his outside life to his professional one, may have snubbed McMahon’s constant offers to remarket a comeback for Savage. Savage was classed as financially supported from his wrestling career at those points of seldom lifestyle able to switch off from the pro wrestling landscape from time to time. Savage didn’t necessarily require the reliance on the business as much as say the Hogan’s and Flair’s suffering finical turmoil to return for another paycheck.  

The rift further intensified and reason not fully known. This was debated as Savage having a sexual relationship with Stephanie McMahon, Vince McMahon’s daughter. Naturally the tension bore an unhealthy upset between both men. McMahon, highly protective for daughter Stephanie from the business of muck he clearly understood, was incensed with Savage so vehemently that many insiders believe the allegation to be true. Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, to which McMahon has constantly subscribed and offered close links to in a backstage alliance, believes the situation to be an honest account.

Meltzer stated "I think that the reason is the same reason that everyone says. It's the reason everyone in (WWE) says. It's the reason that is the only one that makes any sense. So I think that's the reason. I can't come up with any other reason. I don't know. I mean, I've heard that reason from so many people that are not internet rumormongers, I mean people who - all I know is that within the company as far as the top people, they all believe it, and nobody knows for sure, because it's never brought up.

"When I first heard the story I didn't believe it because I thought it was just some story, but then, and I mean even when people who are very high up in that company, after they left the company, would tell me that story I still didn't believe it, but, you know, after a certain number of years when it's just, you know, ideas are brought up for Randy Savage and the reaction - there's something real, real bad because, let's face it, I mean, I couldn't count the number of times Vince said he would never do business with Hulk Hogan, and he always does. So, I don't know... Actually, as time goes by, more people talk about it trying to say that it didn't happen."

McMahon has been known to abort any staff or performers that upset him in the slightest inclination and will form a vindictive and spiteful stance to make sure those stains are blotched out from the business for defying him and his only way forward, if necessary.

It is also fair to suggest Stephanie could have become pregnant and forced to have an abortion. How would the image be if the bosses’ daughter in the 90’s era was bearing youngling with the WWF’s top superstar with tons of PR endorsements?

Others believe the nature of the betrayal was deflowering Stephanie’s virginity. McMahon was also rumoured to have caught them in the act. Talent back then were informed NEVER to mention the words “Randy Savage” in front of McMahon afterwards. Stephanie would have been at the age of 14, roughly. Clearly WWE would have suffered just as much publicity damage as Savage, who was also accused by a minor proportion of backstage workers of paedophilia. This is speculation of course, and could be jealousy, however, if true, highly damaging to any organisation, especially with involvement to the daughter of the owner already fresh off of the recent child abuse scandal with ring boys attested to by Bruno Sammartino and Superstar Billy Graham.

Becoming Undertaker's "Virgin Bride"
In 1994 after the act allegedly happening, Savage was hastily removed from the Summerslam card and his mysteriously pulled reasoning never acknowledged.

All wrestling soap operas are closely intertwined that eventually play out in reality as a consequence. Is this the one we are truly witnessing now instead? The greatest myth unveiled, if true, could be the most damaging to the industry and WWE itself and many still believe an ‘inside job’ had been constructed to keep details from everyone.

Others simply suggest the defection to rival WCW was the cross to bear for Savage after McMahon gave him ‘everything’ in the WWE as his biggest star once Hogan faded out.  Vince even gave an on air statement on the November 7th 1994 broadcast of Raw.

“At this time, obviously conspicuous by his absence, is the “Macho Man” Randy Savage. And I’d like to announce, unfortunately, that Randy Savage has been unable to sign a contract with the World Wrestling Federation—not unable to, rather to come to terms with the World Wrestling Federation for a new contract. But Randy, I know you’re out there listening, and on behalf of all us here in the World Wrestling Federation, all of your fans, and certainly me, the number one fan, I’d like to say thank you for all of your positive contributions to the World Wrestling Federation. Thank you, Randy Savage, for all the wonderful memories for so many years here in the World Wrestling Federation. We wish you nothing but the best. God speed, and good luck.”

Insiders again believed this statement to be a murky and disingenuous warning of sort to Savage and present McMahon and his WWF as righteous in a PR war. Savage was later mocked on air in vignettes over ‘bitter’ billionaire Ted Turner, then owner of WCW. However, with McMahon giving his blessing to join WCW, belief was suspended on this one as not legitimate to the reason of hatred.    

Even the option transferring from wrestling to commentary was under the microscope when Savage chose not to leave the ring at the time the WWF asked him to present commentary instead.

Close co-worker Bobby “The Brain” Heenan revealed in his autobiography Bobby the Brain: Wrestling’s Bad Boy Tells All, Heenan wrote “Randy Savage was great to work with too. He was very professional. If I had a territory, I would have Randy, his brother Lanny Poffo and their father Angelo working for me. Because they'll always be there on time. They'll always care about the business and do what is right. They know what they should do and what they shouldn't do. They're businessmen."

Or was this McMahon’s golden handshake mentality of doing immense favours for wrestling talent abused by mindless, unthoughtful choices ungrateful for giving them a forward and helpful place to capitalise their careers in the business to ignore those who gave them their platform without any respect or recognition to become the root cause of their dysfunction and McMahon’s willingness to, in his mind, rightfully teach them a lesson the hard way for their ignorance?

With a man who offered a crazed father-daughter incest storyline, in the late 2000s, where Stephanie was going to have her father’s child in a storyline, which Stephanie had the sense to reject, could this have been a revelation? Nine times out of ten Vince and WWE will always use real life situations to create storylines.

Former WWE diva Lita mentioned in her autobiography supported the notion that McMahon would do anything to protect his daughter and warned her of remaining out of the business and wearing skimpy outfits in the McMahon-Helmsley era.

Lita also explained WWE diva Chyna was looked down upon when planning to leave the WWF in 2001, when Women’s champion and still receives a backlash today for entering the adult industry after her wrestling stints dried up.  

Is it possible, that Triple H truly has replaced Savage as the second coming with the daughter and father in-law in every right?

Power player Hulk Hogan was said to have used this opportunity to claw back his fading star by  also strategically helping to sideline Savage, who replaced Hogan’s star potential to regain his postion in wrestling and with no other stars, Vince was said to be desperate and in despair and elected to support his manmade Hogan character.

Mega Powers.
Savage implied that the internet was correct with the suggestion once McMahon continued to block Savage’s options. Savage would reveal certain truths from the inner circle after years of neglecting abuse after containing the knowledge was not appreciated.

McMahon prides himself on the fact all grievances with staff eventually send all those fallouts back to Vince in the ultimate dominance of power, being able to work out differences and returns on programming though Savage was the one that was the ultra-exception. The beef between the pair is more than extreme. McMahon has always been personal when it comes to something deeper involving himself at the helm.

‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage recently appeared on The Hitman and Groberman Show discussing his fallout with Vince McMahon, saying he was clueless knowing what McMahon's problem with him was.

He added the one person he would like to wrestle is Vince McMahon. Savage made the claim McMahon could have Triple H and Stephanie McMahon in his corner, and that he would give Stephanie a kiss "for old time's sake."

So damaging is the story in pro wrestling that every talent in the business will not address the issue.

Roddy Piper also added Savage smacked McMahon at a bar over their disputed grievance/s.

McMahon mentioned to his employees “under no circumstances” would Savage work with them again.

Savage divorced sweetheart Miss Elizabeth in summer ’92.

The rumour when Steph was 15 is dumbfounded as Stephanie would have been 15 in 1991. Savage left in 1994, so if they did as rumour suggests, she would have been 17 and aware of her actions, however technically underage as legally 18 is the age required for sexual relations. Many felt Savage, at the end of his tether with the bitter ego of McMahon, chose to rib him with mild snippets of secrets pouring out. Randy commented on his YouTube and rap songs implying Stephanie was a ‘mover’ sexually. Stephanie’s school days were classed as a ‘wild child’ era of misbehaviour.

The story even goes further with son Shane McMahon who was said to have idolised Savage and Macho introduced Shane to Peruvian marching powder. (Cocaine) Whether Shane-O formed an addiction or not is a hazy topic.

What we do know is that there was an unbearable tightness between the two and that tension was unaddressed. McMahon has hate the press ever since and continues to veto any links to the adult industry. Child scandals rang rife throughout the 90’s and the ideas presented were flabbergasting. It is highly possible this ‘rumour’ is legitimate and shouldn’t be ignored so blissfully by an uneducated audience. 

Our conclusion? We know what we would state, but we aren’t giving it away just yet. Maybe later.

©  Max Waltham 23rd April 2013

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