Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Why Randy Orton holds all of WWE’s cards

King of the pack 
means more than jack

Randy Orton has become WWE’s most valuable player in the business, without even realising it. Orton, WWE’s most dependable star where fans and possibly himself may see him as a sub character or support structure, absent from title pictures while hovering around in high profile matches and with new stars in need of growth fail to understand why.

While fans and critics may argue Orton needs fresh change as a disorderly beau, as he is mildly around a comfortably yet non impactful area in WWE’s walls would be wrong. WWE have considered the change but have caution as to whether to carry through. The answer is that Orton, for at least 2013, should remain honourable. Orton, if quietly wondering if a heel turn will come and allow him to charge a hard new persona should re-contemplate his position. Randy Orton is the most powerful person in WWE. As a righteous man fans come to see Orton for all reasons, as alluded to previously by Wrestling Wonders. Able to connect story and microphone promos, strong vignettes and craft new stars on the rise to expert matches no one else in the locker-room can squeeze from them and able to put them over with sheer technique, Orton is prime player. Currently WWE are struggling with Big Show, John Cena, Mark Henry, Sheamus, Ryback, CM Punk, Undertaker and current part timer Chris Jericho. The young batch, Dolph Ziggler, The Miz, Wade Barrett, Alberto Del Rio, Antonio Cesaro Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes are either watered down, ignored or not pushed strong enough that now they are substandard and taking longer time to rise.  The Shield are rising but will naturally take time and build profile as new opportunities.

On the turn?

Orton should remain as he is, because WWE have no one else to deliver. Not only this it will maintain suspicion of Orton turning or not and when those teases aren’t even in storyline place Orton is the man WWE need, at least for 2013. Orton can be slowly geared towards heavyweight title contentions towards the end of 2013 for 2014 or begin a turn here or for the New Year - January period. WWE do not have anyone else who is able to sell tickets, raise star profiles as well as his own and secure the structure in the WWE format for divisions. If Orton is desperate to turn he should realise he is the one laughing. He is the one needed, called upon and has everyone eating out of the palm of his hand. All he has to do is behave himself. 

One of a Kind

With his durability, style, in-ring psychology, technique, popularity and a tendency to put others over expertly whilst maintaining his own standing Rand manages to silence all critics in how to present his style in ring and build a future of opponents for himself and everyone. They all have to go through Orton to get somewhere and Randall takes them on to somewhere new than have a match to quieten them before throwing them to the wasteside doing those jobs cleanly coming out unharmed by presenting competition in matches showing vulnerability as an equal as well as respectful of all gender, faith, sexuality, nationality and culture to worldwide audiences, which also pay a huge proportion of WWE’s investments from abroad.

Wait for the river?

As much as people may want a heel persona, including Orton, fans only want this because the WWE product is stale and dry. Orton’s water in the vast desert of disdain will not feed the camel but break its back. WWE needs to make the younger newer stars on the roster rise, which it is doing with The Shield, Fandango and slightly with Brad Maddox. It needs to realise it needs a multitude of stars to influx the shows, while this takes time not to deflate the current ones on show, rightly so, the ‘E must keep Orton honourable in order to ascertain those stars rising. Orton won’t be harmed and he will gain more esteemed respect for his talent which will eventually see him turn and WWE can do this towards December/January of 2013/14 in order to enhance its structure. Once Orton goes bad boy once more which will be a delight, there will be no turning back for years to come. He can have a year or two on his own, then lead a new set of stars if necessary after. Getting Orton over as an honourable man was a difficult challenge at its time. Ruining that with no one to fill the void in his place screams catastrophe. Sheamus, Cena and Big Show are not adequate. Neither is Ryback. The Miz has been marred with no direction and there is no one capable, despite Alberto Del Rio’s perfect transition on Smackdown, he’ll need viable competition and support on both sides.

Orton is the only one in the business and the WWE who holds all the cards as its undisputed in-ring talent.

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