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Fandango on debut road to 'Mania

Fandango fleckles onto 
Wrestlemania stage

The long awaited debut of the rose swishing, all dancing Casanova with a deep enriched voice filled with passion swayed onto our screens on the March 4th Raw broadcast. Previously taking backstage vignettes on Smackdown prior, Fandango would not wrestle if his name was misrepresented. After the intense build-up of excitement the over bulging pectoral delight took centre stage, only for Justin Roberts to fail to announce his correctly in a match with Kofi Kingston. On March 11th‘s Raw “Jillian” Garcia way next in line to mispronounce his name. Giving his advice to “breathe the A’s” in a second and third attempt Lillian as others, who couldn’t get it right, fell foul to Fandango who after a fair opportunity fluttered away for participation in defiance. It was a generous way to annoy and build repertoire and although it should have turned people off, his debut on Raw was the only highlight of the entire evening.

Areola approval test passed
One week later Fanny returned bumping into Chris Jericho backstage who mocked Fandango’s name with comedy blips intentionally. Fandango was only permitted to stare and breathe heavy in disgust. This would have been the perfect time for Fandango to deck Jericho with a punch in order to build further heat and rivalry. The feud officially began when Fandango attacked Jericho in match with Swagger on the following Friday night Smackdown. Following on to Raw ‘dango made his way to the ring for his debut match only for Jericho to halt his opportunity and assault in retaliation. Seeing as the balance was unfair from Jericho’s mockery and uneven, Fandango restored the tally later that evening to cost Y2J a match with Big E. Langston.

Faces challenge on April 7th 

Sought illuminus inspiration somewhere...
The pair are now firmly set into a battle which was announced to take place at Wrestlemania after WWE deliberated on the idea initially. For Fandango this is a making of star appeal with Jericho which should be returning veteran’s roles when not in title races. Jericho is more than capable and is one of the many returners who has been continually impressive in this building role. Until Y2J is in stable positions, due to others involved his time spent elsewhere rebuilding profile is an excellent change and supportive to all. It is in Wrestling Wonders professional opinion than Jericho should lose at ‘Mania in order to instigate a new star building who has impressed in just weeks without evening wrestling. That is a rare feat. The only other to do so was Alex Riley, who suffered injury since. Jericho will also be raising his own credentials in this loss, although WWE will likely give Jericho the victory. If WWE decide to mix the formula up to re-build newbies strongly after gathering huge interest and capitalise on its height than allow it to peak, new stars a can evolve evermore fruitfully. This will also set a return for Y2J and keep Fandango strongly presented at the top of his game. In the role, Fandango has been a revealing delight that has generated all boxes ticked with sheer gusto and determination which has divided opinion and created opportunities many fail to do so. He did it in a matter of weeks. Now everyone is eating out of the palm of his hand and watching with anticipation and interest for the next installment. Fandango has risen up the ranks immensely and he hasn’t even begun. 

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