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Why The Rock will win at Wrestlemania 29

The Rock’s double-whammy 
Wrestlemania win

Wrestlemania season is upon us soon to culminate in an extravagant end on Sunday 7th April with one of its high profile matches featuring returning champion The Rock against opponent John Cena. Billed as once in a lifetime for last year’s exact same match, originally for the WWE title itself many fans and organisers forgot about was instead earmarked for the following year coming in just over one week’s time. As fans felt conned with the disillusion of the now fad advertisement of “Once in a lifetime” pitting arch enemies Rock and Cena one on one in a real life simmering situation of dislike WWE chose to pre-empt advertisers in secret to raise a long list for the Rock/Cena II collision leaving many fans frustrated, annoyed and feeling duped.

Last year after Rock’s win, most knew WWE’s booking standards of rematches for money would likely occur though, and Rock extended his contract until Extreme Rules. So why exactly is The Rock going to win this year in a double whammy at Wrestlemania?

Firstly the allure of a rematch loss is always existent and should have intent but in this case Cena should not gain the victory, and he won’t. WWE realises it needs to close this chapter on Cena and Rock after the second booking was money making but a strain too much, as well as other stars and time needing both superstars in different scenarios. Rock should not lose in defiance and continues to remain WWE’s most over entity able to work other stars successfully and to their best and always deliver audience values with ratings. For that alone he should be highly respected on the grandest stage of all time, after becoming the modern day entity who is the forefront of the business, let alone WWE.

Plus, The Rock was advertised to defend the WWE title on April 9th also on the post Smackdown in Boston.

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