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WWE World Heavyweight champion Daniel Bryan has NOT been stripped of the title

Heavyweight champion keeps world title 
instead of building new age further

After this Monday's Raw, Daniel Bryan, who was requested to surrender the WWE World Heavyweight title by Stephanie McMahon the previous week in London, UK, said he would not relinquish the championship.

Upset with the decision, Stephanie McMahon informed champ Bryan, who had surgery on his injury initially putting him back one-two months on television as champion, had another bout of information. She explained to Daniel that his wife Brie Bella placed her hands on Stephanie two weeks ago and unless Bryan returns the WWE title, Brie will be fired, instead.

WWE are continuing to strain the story out over a matter of weeks, with Payback being this Sunday.

Simply put, WWE should have stripped Bryan after a week, built huge heat and kept his contention with feuds strong. This would have maintained the title prestige, raise a new challenger and contained Bryan's return as challenger to the world title. Once again, WWE took too long to act and unsure of the situation, fell back into comfort. They could easily have placed everyone on double duty at the end of the PPV in a match for the gold. The obvious Battle Royal would be bad, however, because WWE always book it a certain, simply way which they knew would be rubbish.

Instead WWE could have added a select batch of stars. Or they could have placed a select handful of stars in a bigger, planned match. They could have pulled Antonio Cesaro from the United States battle while adding Alberto Del Rio, Christian, Big Show, Mark Henry, Brodus Clay, Curtis Axel, Damien Sandow and Kane. Though WWE view none of them as good enough as a strong champ and would select the likes of Big Show or Henry, who can be involved but should not win. Their time has passed as a champion that can be respected. Clay could be built as a strong contender if WWE bothered and keep Christian floating around as contender. Sandow and Axel could prove themselves to WWE once again and the audience by driving a harder attempt and clawing back credibility. The rest are self explanatory. 

WWE are said to be planning to hoist the World title above the Money in the Bank match as the main prize instead of a contending championship at the upcoming themed pay per view. This, on WWE's part would be ridiculous. While it is a good idea initially, the reason due to the fact that MITB needs to create a title challenger makes it counter-productive. While WWE once again, always book it obvious and halfheartedly in its after plans, WWE need to use this PPV to launch a new contender and remain faithful to their booking. WWE plan on a name like John Cena or Randy Orton winning again, to which the WWE Universe are fed up with, despite Orton being a credible choice in light of John Cena's favouritism with the title. 

On the post Raw show in further developments, Raw General Manager Brad Maddox was randomly fired by The Authority for allowing Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns on commentary last week in a match between Batista and Seth Rollins. Evolution leader Triple H and Randy Orton were 'allowed' to install themselves at ringside, like the 2003 Goldberg disaster angle years ago.

Fans believe the WWE are attempting to place lukewarm veteran Sting as the Raw GM over time. Sting, 55, who has never made a WWE debut, is seeking strong options to seem relevant to a younger WWE audience, many believe will be a waste of time. 

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