Sunday, 11 May 2014

Former WWE star abuses late Ultimate Warrior at UK event

Has been hunk rips off WWE legend

Former wrestling junkie Chris Masters recently appeared in the UK at an inferior wrestling promotion copying the recently deceased Ultimate Warrior in a distasteful show of theft and mockery. After entering to the Warrior's music and portraying Warrior in the match without any permission from the deceased star who had clear problems with plagiarism, and use of his copyrighted issues, Master's claimed it was to 'honour' his memory.

Steroid abuser Master's used the "honour of Warrior" as a cheap excuse to try to make a name for himself once more after the wrestling world lost interest with the former drug taking fanatic.

The promotion in question has been one that constantly steals and copy's WWE PPV names such as "SpringSlam" and "Money in the Bank" matches without any taste or decency, among others.

The rip off pair have infuriated fans and viciously abuse those who disagree with them telling them if they don't like it to get lost, among other harsh language. Instead of taking a balanced approach the promotion and wrestlers in question display such ignorance that they fail to accept they are neglecting their fans on personal assumption they are superior to all.

Failed WWE superstar of past Masters is fondly remembered for his steroid abuse and upset towards Triple H for taking a stand against such dishonour. In 2006 Triple H said to Masters on TV "What are you going to call it: How to Lose Fifty Pounds in four weeks?" in regards to a muscle building book. Master's is said to still hate Triple H over the comments of Masters' own steroid abuse at the height of WWE's wellness policy abuses.

He also took a recent dig in February 2014 at WWE Chairman Vince McMahon saying he was "barely" accessible to communicate with.

Master's is known for being a 'kiss and tell' since his WWE and all-round career dwindled. Simply put, no one is interested in the media talking liability who takes everything personally with bitter aftertaste.

Any suggestions Master's makes tend to be shrouded without any weight. He is also accused of doing "backhanders" from sources after Master's starts claiming companies should hire certain ignorant wrestlers. Masters rely's on a UK market with numbers of occasional appearances. Fans believe this is fuelling the suggestions to also get him a profile that has already peaked while favouring locker-room stars at the top  of the card.   

He dressed up as Warrior a week past on Friday evening.

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