Tuesday, 6 May 2014

New US champion crowned

New United States Champion crowned 
on Post Extreme Rules Raw

On the post-Extreme Rules Raw, WWE set a 20 man battle royal match with the United States title on the line. It was obvious this would be a loss for Ambrose and just like that, Dean Ambrose loses the US title to Sheamus, a WWE favourite in a throwaway battle to crown someone new at the drop of a hat. This has also made Sheamus look further inferior and hasn't helped Dean Ambrose's core character.

Sheamus is set to became, as Wrestling Wonders suggested a year ago, a dishonourable man.

WWE have stalled and since, left even this opportunity to become, lukewarm. As a dishonourable man trying to re-establish his being, Sheamus did not require a WWE title to do so. This also highlights how little significance WWE respect their title/s. Well, it is mid season PPV come WWE change in perspective season. 

©  Max Waltham 06th May 2014

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