Thursday, 1 May 2014

Antonio Cesaro: Future heavyweight prospect in WWE's motion?

Antonio Cesaro: 360 heavyweight swinger 
taking stalled detour to future success

Beginning his WWE career in 2012 on an April edition of Smackdown with provocative diva Aksana and her boyfriend Theodore Long, the General Manager of that very same show.  One month later, Cesaro and Aksana came clean over their suspicious behaviour. Aksana confessed. "Antonio. He's my lover" she lingered. Theodore Long was stitched up. After getting him a contract with WWE, Aksana helped her lover on numerous occasions, including as manager ringside. On one occasion Teddy Long got the wonderful job of oiling up Antonio with smooth lotion.

After a distraction Cesaro soon dumped his incapable female lover in a costly non-title match. Cesaro soon made headline progress as a new United States champion. Regaining the title and its contenders to a highly credible level of competition, Antonio made the US title interesting to fans alike. Cesaro had the most impressive reign of the United States title for today's era. He held the gold for 239 days ending on the April 15th Raw to Kofi Kingston.  Cesaro by now had enough reputation to but WWE decided he had lost his stride and "wasn't ready" for fuller stardom. Cesaro's career dwindled a little until he was ushered into a grouping with with Xenophobic nationalist nutcase Zeb Colter and All American Jack Swagger in the ultra wasteful Real Americans stable. The pair were tasked to re-develop and prop up the tag division. Instead, overflown with multiple rising tag team with The Shield and others, Cesaro became lumbered with the ever disastrous Swagger. With new, or indeed, old options WWE was focused on the big players, Cesaro was ignored and pushed into a minor scenario to fill the time. WWE had run out of interest and had no plans for him. Forming a consolation tag team for the interim, the scene was set to change.

Whilst WWE had lost their way with Cesaro, the ever influential creative strategist Max Waltham had other plans. Pointing out the credible positions Cesaro's career could travel, WWE soon regained interest from the very ideas presented. Cesaro was due a split.

Unable to perform well with standard entries and media reputations up in smoke,  Cesaro had to be given something strong. WWE donated a giant swing to the six foot hunk of Swiss white chocolate who soon made the move his own. Turning a 360 u-turn becoming the moment of a match and proving expert stamina and technique, Cesaro had grown impeccably. Enough so that WWE have listened to those impressed and began looking again with appealingly eyes.

After missing a career enhancing opportunity with a scuppered Royal Rumble entry, Cesaro was given a supporting role in the Elimination Chamber match for Randy Orton's WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Regardless of the outcome, Cesaro had been given a strong place on the card. Now, WWE needed to maintain the momentum and give rise to a star that was capable, beautiful and talented. Working with others over the past two years with glowing endorsements, Cesaro has tangled with Randy Orton, The Shield, mid level players and upheld credibility with consistent performances. Holding the details together, while understanding in ring psychology and giving his opponents a rise in match portrayal also, this one has the chance to excel in 2014 to 2015. Clearly the decision from up above will be what decides Cesaro's fate. Given clear structure and strong challenges with expert meaning, another skill Cesaro adds impeccably, will be a boosted payoff for WWE with lucrative effect.

The future for Cesaro is somewhat clear, but still hazy. WWE decided not to push hard for Antonio and made changes. Believing he was not strong enough again, WWE changed his name. Instead of having a full name identity, WWE gave him a surname only. Known simply as Cesaro, because WWE's chairman decided it wasn't strong enough to call someone Antonio, renamed him a surname only. Worldwide theoretical philosophers and even previous WWE performers similar to Cesaro were towers of strength, which is in tune with Cesaro. Alas, WWE disagreed. Adopting the 1980's approach again to a big guy, Antonio Cesaro is preferred by the office to be named a surname. This alone places Cesaro in a backward position that can't go forward as quickly as intended.

Stuck and confused how to build Anti up, WWE decided to present to him the originator of the idea, Max Waltham, in the form of on-screen genome and ingenious promoter Paul Heyman. Used as a mechanism to poke fun and try to elevate Cesaro, WWE's conflicting ideal will be what always stalls a new prospects hopes of rising high and fast as could be needed for the current climate in wrestling. WWE are still trying to hold Cesaro in the position of villain in a heroes role. It clearly isn't working with fans, who still remain hopeful for the star with, for now, their support. As we all know, fans won't wait forever and cannot be taken for granted any longer. WWE are keeping this slow and trying to build a reputation. This is acceptable, but is not worthwhile when so many blips are in place.

Failing to give Cesaro a Royal Rumble victory launch and no drive afterwards with the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal victory, WWE are stalling at a tense rate. The action needs to pick up a gear, but now WWE have stalled, Cesaro is at a pace of which cannot be rushed in a way that contradicts his momentum. Indecision is truly costly to future growth.

WWE's less than appealing music entrance, awkward renaming and second gear transition is not placing Antonio in the best light. Rename, re-brand and boost. We may just have to wait a little longer. But how long can you wait before the steam evaporates?

Hope is all the WWE Universe have left. WWE thrive on it. Though too many awkward rebuffs can put the hairy stomached hunk in a less than smooth airbrushing of wonder for a WWE future. Getting it right is now the biggest test, because, done incorrectly, will open Cesaro to the pitfalls of mid card jobber failing to reach the final front -ier. This is it. No more ifs and buts. Messing this up will cost the company one of the biggest futures for fans and finance. Can pride set aside product? Only one decision maker knows. The other, must make the call.

© Max Waltham 1st May 2014

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