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TNA Sacrifice 2014. LIVE Results

TNA Sacrifice, as live

Live as the PPV happens, the results will be uploaded for those who want the details.

Date: 28th April 2014
Arena: Impact Wrestling Zone

Tag titles
The Wolves Vs Zema Ion and The BroMans (c) 

The crowd were uninterested in this drab filler which had more wax in Richards limp hair than anything else. The BroMans, especially Jesse fail to get the recognition they deserve for holding the match together. The Wolves re-gained the titles in a wasteful and tedious battle in another swap the titles gameplay of boredom. 

Samuel Shaw Vs Mr. Anderson

This next offering is a committed match. Unexplained and a rushed idea, the loser is locked into a straight jacket and sent to a mental institution. Rrr-ight. TNA have surpassed themselves here. Making a stupid Impact branded mental wagon has made an utter laughing stock of it all. Not event he fans are impressed. This match actually had prospects. New creative team member Christy Hemme, subject to Shaw's mad affections, is at ringside. Sure. Anderson tells Shaw "we're going for a little ride" as a cheeky fan humourously asks "Can I go?" 

The match becomes more ludicrous as Anderson, taking the action backstage ask's Jeremy Borash for an interview. Yeah. Shortly after the match is finished. The winner of a WWE Ambulance match with some ballroom dancing in it is Mr. Anderson.  Wasted opportunity. Shaw could have made this somewhat interesting for TNA. They failed again. Even Hemme could have turned to help Shaw win. This is TNA, after all. They are the pinnacle of crazy.  

Tag Team
Kurt Angle and Willow Vs EC3 and Spud

Goofy chimp/clown pint size rocker Spud enters. Willow in his black and white rip off character joins delusional Angle now. Likened to the team of C3PO and R2D2 Carter and Spud gave a sloppy performance with the equally dysfunctional opponents. It could have been a real page turner if done correctly. Instead, playing on characters and sill scenario's the team continue to fail badly. Carter was the only one who tried to hold it together but was clearly outnumbered. 

Fans chanted "boring" instantly as Spud and Angle started. Willow played with his brolly like Mary Poppins from the top rope. No wonder it's bad. Did no-one ever teach you not to open an umbrella indoors? Though it looked like Willow was replacing Sting with the trenchcoat stupidity, EC3 acted like Sting and TNA failed to (purposely) mention it. Willow and Kurt Angle won the nonsensical match.

X Division Title
Sanada (c) Tigre Uno

Some Japanese guy TNA hired on its G1 Climax trade deal last month see's a title defence of two unknown people to it's core fanbase. The pair have battled in a best of three series match-ups for the title, both winning one apiece. How original. 

Fans in the Impact Zone greeted them with anime chanting humour. "Let's Go Goku" they said, which could borderline on racist, depending on how you view it. Fact is, fans were uninterested to have two unknown Japanese fighters trading the title race which has resigned the X-Title to nothingness. Financial times are difficult in TNA. So it is good business ideas to boost two unknown Japanese stars in an American market where Japan adds no income to TNA as of right now. Dixie Carter knows a goldmine when she sees it. 

The match had some great high flying spots, as expected but outside of this wrestling theatrics, the battle was simply uninteresting to TNA's audience. It needs something new, but two unknown's with no reason for support is simply redundant. Sanada retains the title. 

"I Quit"
James Storm Vs Gunner

Crowd tells Storm's opponent he "sucks." As soon as the action began Gunner pulled down the steps and destroyed the barricade. It was rushed and tacky. TNA have recently signed him to a long term contract. It needs to retract it instantly if it is to retain any skill. He is a big block of Ryback waste material. Release before the ink dries, or re-issue another one. Fans in the zone agree. Neglecting them is another sign of lunacy on TNA's part. 

TNA turned the drama into a Batman themed stupidity that made no sense to the action or story. Neither man sold the action and drove the show to look ridiculous again. Too many spots, drama and impact that missed the entire point. 

TNA decided it was so empty that it needed blood from Mr. Intensity. Careful of infectious Hepatitis C. Swearing and aggressive nature did not make this idea a clever one. It made everyone involve seem pathetic and wasteful. Repeating their Feast or Fired suitcase moment, James Storm lost. 

Knockout's Title
Angelina Love w/ Velvet Sky Vs Madison Rayne

Leader of the Beautiful People, Angelina Love challenged Madison Rayne for the X-Divas title thingy. This is a fresh original and new idea that has never happened in TNA before. Well, that's what your supposed to think. Velvet Skank decided to twerk her bubble butt. She failed to do it well. 

As usual Sky yanks the ropes with Angelina to double team behind the ref's back. 

To compete with WWE's Total Divas on E! at the same time, Angelina uses a Full Nelson leg lock, exposing her intimate areas on camera. Classy. Now they get a view of her backside for good measure. Feminism has nothing to worry about. 

After destroying Rayne in short time, Angelina Love lifts the TNA Divas title once again. 


Bully Ray Vs Bobby Roode

Let's hope Ray doesn't simply sit on the table this time. Giving them both a chance, the pair were horrible. Ray, the useless overbear and Roode the guy whose interactions fail to connect (on body contact and at home, ironically) dilute the process. 

The crowd, severely bored with Roode, finally told him their thoughts. "Sh*t Factor!" they chanted. TNA wanted WWE style, on the road audiences. Once they finally attempt to, sort of, listen to WWE fans who crossover to TNA, they finally hear the thoughts of wrestling fans. Everything is a problem in TNA, including Bobby Roode and fans have had enough of accepting this poor attempt to throw out tawdry wrestling values. They paid their money for this, and the result is unsettling for them. That needs to be dealt with. TNA have also kept the number of attendance quiet, but scores of seats are visibly empty. 

The referee was kicked in a bad display failing to take a good and lame bump. 

Bully hit Roode through the table with a third powerbomb attempt. Vince Russo is around somewhere. Jeremy Borash and the TNA crew were in the second row watching the show behind empty spacing for in-house fan controlled running for a picture. Bully Ray stole an RKO move from Randy Orton as well. As Bully climbed to the top rope a mysterious figure in disguise pushes his flabby ass off the turnbuckle with a hand.

In disguise was dumbass Dixie Carter, dressed in beard and cloak like a man. She just can't resist making an appearance to mar the show. Fans were miffed not for the result but the act Dixie came into focus to ruin the show again through her own ego. 

Bobby Roode won by interference in another empty win. Unmotivated fans in the zone were not buying into the hoopla. I can sense a PPV refund call at this rate. 

TNA World title
Magnus Vs Eric Young (c) 

If you missed TNA in the last week, you'll not know Eric Young won a battle royal to earn a title opportunity at lame duck Magnus' title. Eric Young won. It wasn't difficult. Magnus was the biggest flop in a long time and simply a PR drive from the UK tour in January to try and manipulate fans into buy things to make TNA a bit of cash in its tough times. 

Magnus gets another tryout tonight. in TNA, anyone can be it's champion. At this rate, TNA don't seem to have anyone, let alone comedy homegrown talent to house the gold trinket which is nothing more than an accessory at this point. 

The crowds chant "USA!" as Young makes momentum. Canadian Young, battling Brit stain Magnus retains control of the battle. Young then baffles Magnus with the comedy hour of goofy gimmicks from Young's past making a world title match completely laughable with two un-serious contenders. 

Vanilla stick insect Magnus takes control in a one move turn around now. 

Eric Young, sporting beehive beard akin to Daniel Bryan and ripping off parts of his core being, just like they and others did with Max Waltham, received "YES!" chants from the crowd. Denying this World title underdog for the company presence angle was copycat from WWE/Waltham, TNA decided to endorse the "YES!" chants when they arise. Either tacky booking or cheap heat. Which is it?

Magnus put Young into the 'stand over and look like your creating pain' Texas Cloverleaf hold with no effect. After two piledrivers, which have been banned for health reasons in other promotions, for good reason, and a flying elbow Eric Young retains the TNA World title. 

PPV Rating - 4/10

Men/women of their matchesJesse, Samuel Shaw, Ethan Carter, Sanada, James Storm, Madison Rayne, Bobby Roode, Eric Young

Man/Woman of the PPV - Dixie Carter

© Max Waltham 28th April 2014

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