Friday, 18 April 2014

Ex-WWE Diva Search winner given place on TNA creative team

Ring announcer given top position 
in company creative team 

As many of you may already know by now, last week Christy Hemme was promoted to a new TNA position. Hemme, an ex WWE diva and TNA ringside announcer has been offered a place on the TNA creative team by President Dixie Carter.

Hemme will have a say in making decisions that outline ideas and stories (most stolen from Wrestling Wonders) for its rostered staff and performers. Their choices will be directed by Hemme among others. 

Fans raced to online news sites to share their laughter and disgust at the decision. This resounded from a couple months prior to the signing of a guy to a top position backstage TNA staff who understand wrestling shared as fantasism. Like a guy winning a sweepstake from fantasy football in charge of wrestling product they remarked. 

Carter, who has added a female touch to the panel believes Diva Search model and announcer Hemme is a "great addition" to the panel. This decision is yet another fans see as Carter completely clueless at understanding wrestling and TNA has now become a place for staff with their belief of show up, get paid, leave. That's right. TNA is now officially a playhouse of spare time and not a serious wrestling organisation.  Hemme is most famous for her provocative modelling in Playboy magazine.

Crusty Hemorrhoid or Crusty the Clown, as see's also know to others, is not exactly going anywhere in TNA career wise. The irony is that now she will be shaping them instead. 

They wonder why everyone in it wants to bolt to the first option available, and wonder why many are cautious to join it and ruin their career. With decisions like this and Dixie unwilling to take any responsibility for 'being wrong' proves the company is simply a washed out marshland.

© Max Waltham 18th April 2014

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