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TNA quick results, 24th April 2014

TNA Quick Results

Date:  24th April 2014
Show: Impact

Kurt Angle Vs Spud
Empty, mismanaged and wayward from both.

Angle wins via submission

The Beautiful People reformed of Angelina Love and Velvet Sky 'makeover' Madison Rayne in a terrible show.

Kenny King Vs Bobby Lashley
King was booked awfully to allow ex-WWE superstar Bobby Lashley and empty win.

Brock Lesnar Bobby Lashley won by disqualification.

MVP Vs Austin Aries
Ego satisfying criminal MVP won by pinfall which offered nothing new.

  •  Returning old age team James Storm and Bobby Roode won a tag match

Love and Sky beat Gail Kim and Madison Rayne

It's like they never left. Yawn.

Sam Shaw does a skit in his mother's basement. TNA playing on the WWE Christian Creepy Bastard, virgin Bray Wyatt thing. Shame. Lame. Not interesting in every aspect. TNA clueless.

Abyss Vs Magnus
Useless block Magnus failed to win as Abyss won by DQ. Terrible use of steel chair interference.

Eric Young, who is the new TNA champion, was on commentary. Magnus attacked Young like Daniel Bryan/Kane on a recent episode of WWE Raw.

Another clueless episode from TNA only hoping to fill time instead of seats in arenas and at home. Hope for future won't change.

 © Max Waltham 27th April 2014

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