Saturday, 5 April 2014

AJ and CM Punk engaged?

Diva's champ gets engaged rock by absent star

Late last month the WWE Divas champ and WWE superstar AJ showed off her sparkling new rock on WWE television. 

After gaining a tattoo on her neck last year to commemorate the date of her title victory, AJ at that point proved to WWE she was simply a mark. After mocking the female champ and her lack of competition through numbers, it seems certain the odds are against her at this Sunday's Wrestlemania XXX Pay Per View. Gleeful AJ will take on every diva in the lockeroom on Sunday for the title, including her heavy Tamina in the Vickie Guerrero invitational. 

Current beau and fiancĂ© CM Punk, who has taken a wayward departure from the company, proposed to AJ who was said to be in total surprise. 

The shining trinket of jewellery was spotted on the March 31st Raw. Obviously no one needs to explain the damage the ring can do in the, erm, ring. How this one works, with WWE having a number of inexperienced divas, some continually injuring or being injured is tricky. No doubt fans will suggest the ring off would be a dispute towards the Punk-walkout situation. However, WWE need to figure out how to protect its performers. WWE's land also has a history of engaged, married and then divorced couples. Many believe AJ to  be highly insecure from the infamous 'Michelle Beadle incident' involving uncontrollable jealousy. Well, at least this time Punk asked AJ since the 7th September Raw in which AJ proposed to CM Punk. 

In recent months, Punk has had a string of relationships with past WWE female performers including Beth Phoenix and Lita. 

We wish 'em well. Maybe Punk should have just slipped the ring on my finger. :)

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