Wednesday, 6 April 2016

WWE Wrestlemania 32

Wrestlemania 32

After a spate of crushing injuries sidelining almost all of WWE's main event players, the company was forced to finally find a new way of pushing new talent to the card. With a gaggle of talent available could WWE prove it was able to utilise its roster well or simply push the wrong ones who are company favourites than stars that can develop for WWE's future? 

Coming live on Pay Per View on Sunday 3rd April 2016 from the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas the biggest event of the pro wrestling calendar, Wrestlemania 32 began.

Fifth Harmony sing the event in with a stunning rendition of America the Beautiful in laced red gowns adding a touch of class to the start.

Intercontinental Championship
Dolph Ziggler Vs Sami Zayn Vs Zack Ryder Vs Sin Cara Vs Stardust Vs Kevin Owens (c) Vs The Miz

Stardust presented an homage to late father Dusty Rhodes with attire and action later in the match in a warm gesture of respect.

Kevin Owens's first Wrestlemania event it was and he ruined it by entering like a bumbling bowling ball oaf looking a state and screaming like a girl. This is not the indies and what an embarrassment before even beginning. 

All went outside as Owens was left alone as usual always being carried. Zayn and Owens went at it as predicted. Zzzz. It was boring. a hobo versus a busker. 

Ziggler stopped it as Stardust, sin Cara and Zack Ryder moved the pace along. The Miz came in to control as fans weren't feeling it. Miz could not set the ladder properly as Ziggs and Zayn close the ladder to topple Miz off of it with a tilt push. Kevin Owens comes in against to jump Zayn from behind to gain an advantage and slammed him on to the ladder. 

Kevin Owens humourously tried to claim Zayn needed to return to NXT where Owens was easily taken down by Zack Ryder. Heed your own words. Upon a climb Ryder was booed. Everyone was outside as Zayn flipped over them doing "all that flippy sh*t" as he caught Owens at the other end with a DDT. Sin Cara did a random flip flop from the top of the ladder on everyone. That was already done and it's so boringly stereotypical. It had no impact and everyone rolled over on the floor. 

Ziggler and Ryder did a spot with a Superkick but was way too rushed despite decent.

Stardust used a Ladder laced with yellow polka dots marking such respect for Dusty Rhodes. He used it as a helicopter swinging battery ram. Owens cheaply entered after all the hard work down to catch Miz from behind with a cheap move. 

Owens showed huge disrespect tossing the Dusty Rhodes ladder to the outside as fans who sheepishly cheered rightfully booed the ignorant non-worker. Zayn sat on a ladder from a cheap kick as Owens jumped his gut onto Zayn after looking like he was taking a flying dump. It was pitifully done. 

Owens once again stumbled around the ring looking to waste time and do nothing again. The Miz took a powerbomb as Owens ran outside again. 

Ryder used the Elbro-Drop on The Miz from the ladder, after being a quarter short of title distance. After a climb DolphZiggler stopped him. Both crash down as Ziggler's leg looks highly injured. announcers tell us. Ziggler set the ladder and climbed with a hopped leg as Kevin Owens came back in from sitting outside for a cheap thrill. stardust finally stopped the ignorant breather spot king of bloatation. 

Cara had his moment to climb as stuntman Zayn came in. Kevin Owens once again got cheap heat titling the ladder as Cara was the usually annual outside ladder falling spot lunacy with Stardust. Never wrestling once in his WWE stay, carried Owens climbed as him and his real life inseparable friend Sami Zayn trade blows. Owens pushes Zayn off. How cheap. Zayn got the best move next by shoving Zayn off the ladder into a laid one on the ground as Owens was slumped face down like a pig in the trough.

The Miz went for it and stood high on the ladder to grab the title as Zack Ryder comes up from behind to unhook the Intercontinental Championship to shock cheers. Some boos followed after but most changed their mind and cheered the once un-thought of choice from WWE's previous years of booking.

If only Neville wasn't injured, replacement Ryder wouldn't have won. Aww well. Let him have his moment for once. Zack Ryder wins the Intercontinental championship at the high point of his career.

Chris Jericho Vs AJ Styles

Up next was the exhausted out feud of the Hickory Stick Man action figure against the ageing and tired paycheck collector.

Flapjacks and tiny jabs in places got this going. How thrilling. No real interconnected action, just spots and a moment, breathe moment, sit out routine. Play to the crowd too much and lacked any gumption. Overlorded talents which failed to show they have any. 

Resident flavour of the month ignorant AJ Styles was put into the Walls of Jericho, which was actually a Boston Crab as Jericho forgot how to do his own move and was in no conditioning phase to withstand carrying out the manoeuvre.

AJ tried his Styles Clash attempt. Reversed to the outside but AJ holds on. Jump and roll through by AJ as Chris Jericho whacks a Codebreaker with a slow cover taking time. AJ kicks out.

Jericho going for the Styles Clash in a weakly anticipated opportunity. AJ wriggles through to do a flip down face drop. Two fall. Awkward and badly connected reversals. Styles Clash badly done and non-eventful jump to the ground got a close two fall for AJ as Jericho kicked out. What a yawn fest.

Some off the rope flip thing next. AJ failed to put Y2J away. AJ jumps off ropes at the side to get Chris Jericho who pushes ref out of way and jumps up with a Codebreaker to silence AJ Styles for a three fall victory in a weak and boring match up lacking real wrestling or dignity.

There were given way too much time with immaterialising moments. It looked poor and tacky.

The New Day Vs League of Nations
Kofi Kingston, Big E and Xavier Woods Vs Sheamus, Rusev and Alberto Del Rio w/ Wade Barrett 

Instead of Vince McMahon’s costly idea to ride New Day in on Unicorns, McMahon had a different idea. To tip all three of New Day out of a giant box of New Day’s Booty O’s cereal. They popped up from under the ramp’s secret door to get in the box. It sounded good on paper, no doubt. All three worn gold Unicorn horns.

Their disgusting and dated gyrations rally ruined the tone and clear they are WWE’s toilet humour gimmick which is putting them back into the realms as suckers. Always a joke act.

Xavier Woods used his trombone which is now plain annoying and cheap with no new ideas. 

After a poor match full of gimmicks, ignorant Del Rio and a job fest mark of boredom, League of Nations’ Sheamus nail New Day to win with Rusev and Alberto Del Rio in a non-title match that wasn’t clear to the WWE Universe who thought this last minute choice was for the gold. WWE probably forgot themselves. 

After the match nostalgia filled the stadium with Shawn Michaels returning down the ramp. Joining him was an ignorant floater that just won’t flush, in a smelly hobo sock wielding Mick Foley. Finally filling up geriatrics corner was the cheap and disgusting ignorant manslaughter of Roddy Piper, Steve Austin. They did their moves on everyone and jobbed out New Day. What a way to get your tag champs over. Job them out for a Wrestlemania 'moment' that was simply a throwaway waste of time.

New Day join only for cheering tools to be booed. How fickle the fans be. New Day all wanted to dance. New Day looked like complete idiots. It all comes down to this. All your hard work for months in WWE equates to one moment at ‘Mania being made a complete goof out of. What honestly is the point? This is not entertaining, funny or clever. Same old tut.Tag team division destroyed in just three minutes. Well done WWE.

No Holds Barred, Street Fight
Dean Ambrose Vs Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman

Taking up the filler spots the two losers as preceding Pay Per View, Fastlane, Dean Ambrose and Brock Lesnar were put together in the fodder match placement.

Could the part time ignorant Beast in Brock 'one move' Lesnar do well against the forgettable, messy lunatic flying about all over the place to be desperately recognised as a potential option so often in the background? 

What was actually the point of this match, anyway?

Expect carnage. Max Waltham has arrived in the shell of farmer Brock Lesnar, giving Cena a run for his 'one move of doom' show.

Paul Heyman stopped announcer to speak and introduce Bork Brock Lesnar to hype the thuggish crowd of Texans to champion "violence" from The Beast. 

Suplex instantly. Second flung. Problem is it was meaningless in the split second it was given. Third thrown. Boring start. Ambrose used time breather to get a Kendo Stick from under the ring to use on Lesnar. Suplexes four and five given. Yeah this isn't a creative idea anymore, it's just boring and lame. It had no point or meaning to it and the impact on the move was as lost as Brock looking walking around on his lonesome. 

the fans were quickly bored and chanted "Suplex City" or "Let's Go Ambrose" as Brock walked around the ring slamming Ambrose who gave a pathetically laughable thumbs up to the ref before being battered again. It was sad and constantly typecast of both's entries. Brock continued to hop on the spot. JBL said it was "fun." 

Typecast Ambrose continued to play the goof in comical laid out poses as Brock was alone trying to look hard and powerful. The opposite effects really shone through instead.

Ambrose the honourable nutjob used a low blow to get an advantage over Lesnar which received very loud mixed reactions. Ambrose should have turned months ago to save himself. How cheap.

Trying to turn into Terry Funk moronic Ambrose fell short on overcoming The Beast early on. All of the interactions were insanely poor. He used a chair next to make sure all WWE's fixtures and fittings were utilised. A top rope drop quickly sought put both down from Ambrose. 

The typical WWE street thingy. Use all the fixtures and fittings to seem a bit hardcore and all that.

Either way this goes, Ambrose cannot win. Win makes infeasible as overcomer and plain Jane. Loss is obviously, not good either. He won't do anything or be respected for his monumental win over some hardcore run around. Loss means he'll be seen as lacking. 

Ambrose countered Lensar with a DDT onto a stack of laid out chairs in the ring. Ambrose then pulled his shirt off to get some cheers with his man boobies. Now he pulls out a barbed wire bat as a gift from Mick Foley. You're not Randy Orton. 

Relying on turning Dean Ambrose into a cheap version of Randy Orton? WWE really are desperate. Anticlimactic end too. #WrestleMania Waste.

After a quick chance opportunity, Brock Lesnar caught an F5 on Dean Ambrose and planted him into the steel chairs. The random out of nowhere victory was as anticlimactic as it comes. There was no interest or awesomeness here. Bland, empty and routine.  No momentum. Thanks for coming. 

Nothing was achieved as Brock Lesnar pummelled Dean Ambrose as his rag doll tossed all over the ring with one move. It’s going nowhere. All filler no thriller. Dean Ambrose is doomed either way. A win makes him infeasible to overcome Brock and do something with it. A loss is evermore bad for Dean. Such a gimmick match had no thought without any aftercare. Ambrose is a dated jobber now.

Next we see a pre-taped moment of that ignorant talking old fart Ric Flair trying to be relevant. He tried to teach Zack Ryder how to "woo" and pulled out a Snickers Bar, which turned him into Diva Charlotte. What a surprise. Flair and his daughter, again. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

WWE Hall of Fame
Stan Hansen, The Godfather, Big Boss Man, Jacqueline, The Fabulous Freebirds, Joan Lunden (Warrior Award), Snoop Dogg, Sting

Some ignorant face paint fool from WCW went into a WWE HOF for ticket sales boosting. It didn't work. Many resent this ignorant goon but WWE will only listen to the mild marks and Triple H/NXT hopefuls. At least he's retiring, but he's ruined his name since. Trash. Get out.

Big Boss Man is the best and most deserving one up there. Loved his work and glad to see him in after so long. Well deserved. An exceptional point of the WWF at its time as one of its most encouraging stars on the midcard most memorable with his battles against The Mountie.

Women's champ Jacqueline was a big player in her era as a stabilising force of the Women's division and kept entertainment strong despite her pint size yet feisty nature. 

Still looking gorgeous in laced gown..
The newly added Warrior Award, a rip off of the Max Waltham Appreciation award and launched in homophobic steroid abuser Ultimate Warrior's name adds nothing to WWE and is becoming a farce that WWE should drop before it gets too out of control and think of something else to do. The award however went to the courageous journalist battling cancer, Joan Lundun, who aims to keep the fight going for many other survivors and sufferers. 

Snoop Dogg was the celebrity wing entry, instead of intended star Regis Philbin. Other more instrumental names that have built up WWE's legacy are far more deserving. Some include Joan Rivers, Cyndi Lauper and Alice Cooper. Even David Arquette is more viable.

No-one cares about the rest.

WWE Diva's Championship and WWE Women's Championship
Triple Threat
Charlotte (c) w/ Ric Flair Vs Sasha Banks Vs Becky Lynch 

Lame and elaborate gown
as pale as Diva.
One of the greatest female wrestlers of the last generation and true legend, Lita had the honour of presenting the WWE Women's Championship. The title however looks poor and not very female. New women's title will replace Divas gold but WWE still full of useless Divas. 

WWE said it was for the WWE Women's championship. Again they fail to understand their own rules. It is for the Divas title going into ‘Mania which will then be for the WWE Women’s after. WWE are clueless at times like this. The winner will become the new and first ever WWE Women's Champion. 

Sasha was sung in by her entrance music female and her cousin, now WWE HOF'er Snoop Dogg. Snoop receive many noticeable boo's with the miming performance before bland non-entity Sasha Banks arrived. Convenient.

Charlotte doesn't wrestle and has no personality. Becky is a plus one and Banks is a bland and uneventful runner up going over.

Naturally accompanied by her father, Charlotte, dressed in one of her father's robes, (never dispelling her entire career is based on her father) walked on, plainly. She was booed by many, drowned out by WWE's entry music and fireworks. Some gave a nostalgic "Woo!" for being there. 

WWE never get it right. Match is for DIVAS title, which will turn into WWE WOMEN'S. So bloody thick and moronic. Get it right. 

Charlotte removed Becky like an afterthought as Sasha and Charlie go at it jumping up around the ringposts. Becky botch on flying punch outside as Charlotte dropped Banks. Charlotte was constantly resented with boos at every turn. 

Poor, lacked punch, all sloppy and tired in their interactions on each other and many running moments that never meant a thing. Another poor divas match hyped as new. Becky almost submitted Charlotte as Banks was too late to break up the move. Charlotte uses her daddy's leg move and booed as Sasha Banks frog splashes on top of Charlotte for a close two.

Becky the thingy came in and did a move or two but failed to get a pin. Taps on each other, especially from Banks were tepid, lack connection and had no oomph. Sasha dive flipped through the ropes on Charlotte to take her down. Flair teased Banks as Becky jumped on Flair and knocked the old codger down. It wasn't the smoothest actions but was funny to see Flair get bumped. 

Charlotte did a horribly loose Moonsault to the outside which was very ungraceful on dismount with those long legs. It also failed to connect as she flipped onto the girls outside to land on her feet and then roll over.

That moment when you flip onto someone's shoulders and land on feet to then roll over. Botch. So many potholes.

Becky Lynch tried to submit Charlotte with a poor armbar that was too easily wriggled out of and had no connectivity. Banks returned again way too late to put her own on Becky as Charlotte came in to use the leg lock. Charlotte Arched as Becky pulled Banks out of the submission. All three were laid out. Flair watches on. All three sit on knees slapping each other. Charlotte gets hammered as the other punch one another. Their tired and lacking punches were enough to tell none of them are capable of this long a match. It was messy.

Becky knocked off as a loud call spot was heard by Sasha and Charlotte. Becky returned to talk to Charlotte and then flip her over. Banks now gets filled over to counter and mess up a Backstabber as Charlotte flings her out. Figure 8 on Becky Lynch who naturally taps out. Charlotte retains. 

Ric Flair looking a little more blonde these days.
Earlier in the week I did tell you Charlotte would win and retain. It was obvious. WWE are so dated and useless. Sasha Banks a green herring. 

Full of botches, no connectivity in holds and weak contenders with personality. Nothing wrong liking ladies but messy.

Hell in a Cell
Shane McMahon Vs The Undertaker
  • If Undertaker loses, he will retire. 
  • If Shane McMahon wins he controls WWE.

Undertaker can't lose. Why Vince put a stipulation on to up the ante gives it away. Undertaker aint doing his last tonight, surely? Though some idiot marks actually believed it so Vince will think its legit and hilarious.

The stake for Shane - General Manager of Raw. Bit empty in comparison.

Undertaker was not happy to be caught up in the McMahon's family squabbles and vowed to remain the professional he is and do his legacy right. 

Snake Eyes to Flying Elbow from Shane to get back in. Cell made its presence known as Undertaker flung Shane O into the steel wall. Steps dismantled. Flung back into the wall by Undertaker hard. Legdrop. Powerbomb. Two fall. 

Shane O still managing to
look sexy and sweet.
Undertaker going soft on Shane O.

Steps in ring. Shane counters Triangle submission. Chokeslam to Shane on steps. Two fall. 

Running elbow drop as Shane O moves, UT crashing onto Steps. Shane crawling over steps to sit on them and provoke UT before a jump up DDT on the steps.

Two fall on UT who rises up quick. Hell's Gate submission on Shane O writhing in pain. Flip over into leg lock into Sharpshooter submission. UT booted him off eventually. 

Garbage can in face for Shane O's leap of Faith from top turnbuckle dropkick. Post to post smash to UT. Coast to Coast. Two fall. 

What to do to stop The Undertaker? Bolt cutters to take it outside, Shane opens the Cell wall to go up top. 

Caught by Undertaker. Jabs outside. Drive Shane through the wall breaking the partition open by the foreign announce table. Able to move outside from the ridged wall, 'Taker dismantles the main announce table. Punched up onto the barricade side padded rail ledge. UT signals time to finish with the Tombstone Piledriver with huge gasps from loyal Shane O fans as McMahon clamps a sleeper hold on The Phenom to wear him down. Instead Undertaker breaks the hold by jumping the pair down into the announce table crushing both of them in the process.

Shane seeks a toolbox near the ring announcing section to clump over Undertaker. Second smack as tools fall out. Laid out on table, Shane O looks up as the crowd roars and Shane O thinks about scaling the Cell. A monitor whack to keep Undie down convinces Shane to scale upward. Poised at the top Shane risks it all with a slamming elbow drop on The Undertaker from a seriously difficult ask of entertainment. Perfect wide angle sees Shane plummet down with the drop as The Undertaker cleverly moves out as Shane crashes through the table like textbook. Even Undertaker looks concerned for Shane O's incomprehensible and respectful dive. The fans happily know he's okay. 

What a place to be.
Shane goads The Undertaker on his knees for more. Undertaker, ever the moral standpoint, carries young McMahon in the ring. Undertaker taunts Shane for more. Shane returns the favour. The Undertaker tenderly taps Shane O's cheek as the crowd sigh gently and The Undertaker drops the Tombstone Piledriver on Shane McMahon to defeat the chance opportunist and remain the kingpin of Wrestlemania. 

Now THAT is how you have a match The Undertaker is always the man. Truly the best in the business. Though a valiant effort and terrific job by Shane McMahon

Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal
Jack Swagger, Konnor, Viktor, Tatanka, DDP, Heath Slater, Adam Rose, Bo Dallas, Curtis Axel, Big Show, Kane, Mark Henry, Fandango, Damien Sandow, Shaq, R-Truth, Goldust, Darren Young, Baron Corbin, Tyler Breeze

Why do WWE always make the Andre Memorial Battle Royal a toilet break joke act? Mark Henry or Kane are winning it. Curtis Axel should.

Mark Henry. Kane and DDP.Barely no reaction. No reaction to the ignorant. lol.

Clever nostalgia entry there for Dumb Dopey Prospect. This isn't Royal Rumble. Big Show last in. Shaquille O'Neal surprised in. 
Everyone whose everyone in jobberville filled this void. Are WWE completely deluded? Shaq? Cool guy but no place involved. Pathetic. Titus O Neil wasn't available.

Ring clears for Shaq and Show. Fandango wriggles his sexy hips and is tossed t the outside by Show. Damien Sandow joins in to fan cheers as Shaq plainly hurls him over. What a great thing to pay for. Show clasps Shaq's throat as he does Big Show in a poor moment of nothingness as the rest of the crew come in to dump the pair out together. It was pathetic. 

A missed and noted by announcers moment that Tatanka was randomly in there. Great build up WWE. The Ascension were dumped. What a waste those two have been to WWE call up with no direction. They really haven't had any match in WWE have they? DDP out by Tatanka.

Baron Corbin takes out Tatanka. R-Truth getting jiggy as then dumped out by Social Outcasts. Goldust next out. Kane has slipped in randomly after being outside as Social Outcasts do a victory lap. Kane tosses Axel out as Corbin removes Rose. Kane and Corbin tease a team come enemies fight as Kane Chokeslams him. Slater and Breeze next to follow the outside with Mark Henry's hurl.  Darren Young helps Kane who then double throws out Young and Dallas. Baron Corbin does the cheap run from behind toss over of Kane to win. 

Triple H just cannot stop his own ego ruining the product in efforts to raise the NXT lark as something and used the Andre the Giant Battle Royal to do it. 

Right idea, wrong way of implementing it. Should not have been a random NXT goof.

The Dallas Cowboy's cheerleaders.Oh please. Cheerleaders. WWE seem to have forgot what sport they are. Only cheerleaders allowed are Spirit Squad, obviously. Interval moment.

Then came The Rock.

We all love The Rock but WWE so desperate they need him and give him the toilet break spot. Only Undertaker and Rock  standpoints. Weak as it comes.

I wondered when WWE were going to lie about their attendance records again. Year old lying tradition.  Every year they lie. 101, 763 was the official record number WWE gave though the proper number was just over 97,000. Early estimates believed around the 93-94,000 mark was more accurate.

Erick Rowan Vs The Rock

This random match lasted just six seconds. The Rock won. It really was pointless and did nothing to fill the void of Wrestlmania even in the toilet break segment. WWE are clueless.

As predicted returning company hero John Cena arrived as fans were absolutely livid in and out of the arena at the same SuperCena save the event lunacy. Cena had no place on the card and didn't do anything to elevate it. Sitting one out would have been better damage limitation to being overbooked, but WWE are desperate and feel that two minute show will help them. 

Cena still strolls out like a goof trotting like a monkey. It was completely ridiculous and Cena has not changed at all, entering the same rubbish routines. Does he actually care? Cena was booed to the hilt. 

Body language says it all. 
Vince probably thinks once back from injury he can play up again. This won't save WWE for the future. Can't rely on them. If injuries should have taught them anything years ago and this year, it is more than crucial to develop the future. WWE have a talented roster but continue to pick all the wrong ones out of ego. NXT favourite Indy darling overflow is not the way. If they can't do it, get someone that can. Ego aside, messing up your company is far more embarrassing than having someone to help. No one can ever truly respect that. It's just another of the many reasons people left the shows last year in the ratings decline. 

Vince planned to have Bray Wyatt be a new heavy star after Wrestlemania. Okay.  

Predictable, moments, dry and pointless. Meaningless. Waste.

WWE World Heavyweight Champion
Triple H (c) w/ Stephanie McMahon Vs Roman Reigns

Someone you hate as the new John Cena fairytale hero or the ignorant, egotistical hothead ruining WWE's future for his own self loathing? 

Updated versus outdated. 

King of Kings had an absurd entrance presumably using all his NXT roster as plus one nobodies. An elevated platform showed a Venetian masked someone as Stephanie was behind it ready to berate the entire WWE Universe. Slating all of the remaining WWE faithful and using the army of clones style dressed as a Shera and Skeletor pair. Ever the trophy husband. Rambling on for too long about no hope slating the fans was a problem for Stephanie as she went on too long and ruined it for herself. Rambling, warbling, weird. Less is more. Though she did look stunning but awkward with a catsuit up to her nether regions. Big hair. Big hair!

Triple H came out as the same, over-bloated, routine of no thrills. Vanilla. He was just there, living out his ten years ago routine only a little more washed up than usual. His ego knows no bounds.

When the opposite sides are booed and cheered you know you've failed.

Roman was viciously booed out of the building. Triple H didn't fare any better. They weren't cheering for him, just that he dealt Roman Reigns some blows in their sheer hate for Roman. It has nothing to do with Triple H, who wants everything to be about him.

Crotch chop on HHH mockery from Reigns. Tense, nothing match walking around on spot lost and unknown what to do to get over. Both of them. Scuffle. No one cared about Triple H as champion. No one cared about Roman Reigns becoming one either.

Fight over table was a boring moment meant to be exciting. All same routine with no idea. This isn't 1995 or 1998, Trips. 

Barely any action in this match just stop/start moments to cheapen the crowd response.
Botch on ropes waiting for HHH to dismount and get hit by Roman. 

No one thought it possible that Wrestlemania a few years back was the worst. This has topped it completely. Only Undertaker /Shane McMahon were any good. Pitiful embarrassment.
Running jump off steps tap.

Simply a random and unfulfilling PPV, Not a Wrestlemania or even a title match.

Reigns flung over the announce table. Reigns charged with a huge running Spear to shove Triple H through the side padded barricade to fall away. Unflattering vision of Triple H's saggy ass.

Reigns seen mentioning a spot. Superman punch blocked and put into arm hold. Broken by rope. Put back into hold centre of ring. Reigns popped a blood capsule to make his mouth bleed.

Knowing how bad this match is why on Earth have they overbooked its time management?

"This is awful" finally heard. No-one could truly accept it this long.

Barely a touch into a knee kick. Reigns stuffs Triple h over the top from a Pedigree. 

Fans were so bored "Ole Ole " rang. 

Skeletor and Shera.
(Not masters of the universe) 
Fans SO bored that they "Ole Ole" a sign of self entertainment in the MAIN EVENT of Wrestlemania Now will you listen? Flawed PPV. Call Me. Along with Bayley chants. (Courtesy of a friendly twitter user in the crowd).

(I'd like to spear Steph too) fans elsewhere mentioned as Stephanie was accidentally speared by Roman Reigns as Triple H moves away near the referee. Triple H Pedigree's in anger for a two fall only instead of tending to his wife. Superman punch nailed on Triple H.

Running Knee by Triple H. Terrible headlocks and lacking offence from Triple H later as the match was finally nearing its end.

Stephanie passes sledgehammer from underneath ropes to Triple H. Referee sees hammer and won't stop him. Reigns hits another random Superman punch and a second. A running ropes Spear on Triple H finally nets Roman Reigns the WWE World Heavyweight Championship for the third time in six months. 

Three time champ in Six months. Not a good sign when trying to get over at the big one from previously flawed road of transitional.

After an obvious change to the Royal Rumble event which saw Triple H win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in a cruel vendetta against Roman Reigns, WWE with its short stacked roster placed a major shareholder/boss back into the limelight. 

Out of favour with the WWE fans and wrestling critics, egotistical Triple H could not separate reality from creative entertainment and continued to plough his abusive reality into his character as a message of authority in WWE. 

Sadly for H, fans are not interested in the ageing star who is past his prime and struggling to prove he can run WWE without his ignorant favoured friends and business potential. Picking dozens of failures already to fail on the main stage, Triple H forced the only man he knew, in his mind, could carry the promotion, himself. Out of touch with reality and full of self imposition, Triple H, who has become the title holding trophy husband with no credible reign, booked his ticket to Wrestlemania's main event, just like old times.

Most people knew either Roman Reigns or Trips would win the Rumble, with Hunter's hate fuelling the obvious choice. WWE had geared the match up for at least six months prior, but changed tack once then champion Seth Rollins became injured and John Cena was also sidelined. What a travesty for WWE's old age booking and a coup for Triple H to re-hog the limelight.

In 2016's WWE, a near 50 something boss figure is not relevant for main stage attractions and is purely embarrassing to see such ego festering the so called creative plans fans are becoming ever more distanced from.

The match was being billed as a Special Referee in which Batista declined, Shawn Michaels was asked and others including The Rock were touted. This is creative WWE, 2016. 

With the most important match of his career, and the most cheaply sourced failure in getting to that main stage, Roman Reigns wasn't just battling WWE's corporate ego fest, he was fighting for his acceptance. The fans have lost faith and while some fans may cheer in the loyal "John Cena Number 2" camps, Reigns has become exactly that. John Cena Mark II, but with huge consequences. Fans will not be duped twice. Most have left, others have stuck around to show their disappointment. WWE have failed to notice or simply stuck two fingers up. Neither of this is 'Best for Business' is it?

Reigns' road to WWE title stardom was a brief one with a 5 minute title win at Survivor Series 2015 and a second title run soon after to Royal Rumble lasting roughly a month. Scheduled to be a three time champion, at his most defining point of victory has become a complete whitewash on Reigns as a character. No believability, no connection and lacking depth, Reigns has become the scrapheap challenge. 

With Wrestlemania itself under jeopardy to suck tenfold, and two characters fans have lost huge interest with as its star attraction no less, how WWE thought this was a solid idea was most troubling.

PPV Rating  - 1/10

Men/Women of their matches – Zack Ryder, Chris Jericho, Kofi Kingston, Dean Ambrose, Sasha Banks, The Undertaker, Curtis Axel, The Rock, Roman Reigns

Man/Woman of the PPV – Shane McMahon

Tonight was WWE’s biggest test and the most destructive PPV, let alone Wrestlemania, that ruined its standing. It clearly was the worst show of its series. Poorly booked, loose decisions and ill thought out situations proved costly. 

WWE blindly use the excuse all its best talent were injured. Therefore all the more reason to deal with the new breed but unfortunately WWE failed to listen and choose ignorance over logic. Here is the result, a complete washout. How creative was WWE? How clever were the new breed of ignorant NXT darlings? Not very. They hate to admit it but WWE do not take constructive criticism and hate on everyone for helping. Triple H wants to boost his own ego and as a result exposes himself as the biggest mark WWE have who has no clue how to ruin it. He makes Dixie Carter look good which is very worrying to envisage. 

Triple H’s minuet playground of ignorant kiddies cant muster the true power of the main roster and his choices of ignorance instead of logic are costing the company and all its figureheads. 

Since not getting any advice from Max Waltham for months, and Triple H’s hateful ego needing to outdo everyone for his own bragging, WWE has crumbled beyond what it likes to admit. Too stubborn to do what is right and what has been proven to b loyal to the company and wrestling overall, WWE are irking the hand on purpose. The results speak for themselves.

This Wrestlemania was poor, boring, shameful, ignorant and full of trash. There was no excitement, no attraction and a huge lack of ambition. WWE cannot blame injuries. They had a four to six months to prepare when those injuries arose. WWE knew the playing field and chose wrong. WWE don’t do humility. Instead they became humiliated on the grand stage by their own doing.

Triple H’s ego is destroying the product with his ignorant hires, playground antics and his short sighted vision of WWE’s future based on his favourites. He is now looking to do a cruiserweight series with huge ignorance involved. The man has no clue. Vanilla midgets are going to help WWE? Vince McMahon needs to pull that series and its ignorant competitors IMMEDIATELY or WWE is well and truly stuffed. Triple H is proving to be very difficult to work with and blames everyone else for his failings. The man needs to grow up and be mature. Even his wife has a level of mature and grace behind her brutish character on screen. Triple H will never be a natural McMahon and desperate to fit in adding his own contributions of failings. Triple H needs to shut up, take a step back, listen and really think if he wants to succeed and lay down a future for WWE. You can’t ever make anything happen on your own. If you want everything, you’ll end up with nothing. All you have to do is call and work with the one that can. Put your ego aside.

WWE continued to lie about their attendance records every year and have no shame in false advertising. They claim over 101, 000. The actual number ranged between 97,000. WWE continue to fudge the numbers but fans are not stupid. Oh, and Twitter and social media accounts don’t count as ratings, by the way.

Vince McMahon convinced investors doubting the success of Wrestlemania as WWE would “be creative” which saw no creativity and the worst Wrestlemania to date, and there are some stinkers out there. This was the worst. No passion, no buzz, no fun, no interest. For all stock investors they should pull out now, 2016 is a troubling time for Wrestling and WWE isn't what it once was. WWE is slowly evaporating itself away with its own hat and therefore no profit is viable. Save your money. Unless I'm there, it will sink. That’s just a fact. WWE will go all round the houses and avoid the one thing they need most. Oh well, you’re loss. Would you really gamble your house on WWE?

Despite the epic event with The Undertaker holding Wrestlemania together with maturity and stability, along with a worthy challenger in Shane McMahon, who did not take the role lightly, the pair’s immeasurable feat won’t be enough to save the show, hence the 1/10 rating. The rest of the card pulled it down from going up.

Missed IC run.
That leads us to Brock Lesnar. The man who has done nothing with the glory of Undertaker’s streak defeat and a part time ignorance on WWE screens. Which begs the question, did Vince McMahon’s Undertaker streak break for headline buzz dispel the magic The Undertaker brought to Wrestlemania? As for Dean Ambrose, did anyone know he was even there? Who or what is he and why is he important? Ambrose is a typecast afterthought that WWE booking has rotted away. There is nothing left of him.

Fans may want the divas revolution thingy to succeed which is all well and good but that Triple Threat divas match was horrendous. Anyone claiming it was good is seriously deluded. Charlotte, who as yet to wrestle a decent match, if at all, on WWE, stuck with her ignorant daddy’s shadow was uneventful. Becky stink Lynch was the plus on extra who filled up the numbers. Sasha Banks was a timid, bland and watered down mover that has lost all momentum. The choice WWE made with Charlotte was by default the right one as they went back and forth on the choice. Banks couldn't carry the new title, but Charlotte is so poor WWE need to drop it from her instantly and get a real Woman on it. A woman’s title with too many diva models is not going to work. The title also looks ugly, not very female and is actually worse than that god awful butterfly belt. Who wants Willy Wonka’s chocolate wrapper belt?

Triple H, who has had the worst run of his career with one title defence since Royal Rumble (at Roadblock, which doesn't count as a WWE PPV) hasn't helped the scene. With a short stacked roster to get Roman Reigns over, WWE chose lading boss type company backstage geezer Triple H. An outdated, old, flabby and over the hill star fans want no part of any longer. Is this the future? No. Perhaps Triple H wanted the ego risen for a few cheers to feel good knowing Roman Reigns would be booed. Reigns was not booed. He was viciously ripped apart by the WE Universe who do not wish for John Cena number two thanks to WWE’s booking. It isn't Reigns’ fault, but being too rushed, jobbed over the title in a transitional mess at Survivor Series and a lack of recovery from Royal Rumble did not strengthen this program. How WWE cannot see this with their impatience to get Reigns over has severely damaged their reputation. 

After heeding our advice, WWE finally learned to do the right thing and dump that ignorant festation Kevin Owens, who will never be any future or thing in WWE as IC champ. While all the contenders were poor and infeasible ideas, with six opponents it was clear. “Pick one!” we said. “even if it is transitional” WWE gave Zack Ryder his honour as Intercontinental Champion. Funny enough Ryder looked okay wearing the strap with his waist and attire. As we all know, WWE would drop the title to The Miz on the following Raw to utterly mock and embarrass Zack Ryder as they bully him every year. The Miz needed his ignorant wife Maryse to return and help him win.

The Rock arrived in the toilet break segment to get fans encouraged. He met with Bray Wyatt, to ridicule and denounce him on the stage live to the millions. Rock apparently requested to work with Wyatt, so why did he agree to put him down at the most important of all times? Rock had a six second match jobbing out Erick Rowan, while Bray and Braun Strowman looked on. Luke Harper is injured. WWE were planning to have Bray be the next monster dishonourable in its back catalogue. Good luck with that.

New Day had a random match that meant nothing and made them look entirely ridiculous.

Andre the Giant’s name is constantly mistreated by WWE with a poor put together, uses toilet break spot. This year Baron Corbin, and unknown NXT dude won. I'm all for up and coming talent as things should be but WWE again failed to understand its own concept. It has to be a new talent rising on the main roster. Not some green  NXT newb who doesn't even have a right to grace Andre’s honour. 

Wade Borrett has been booted out of League of Nations on the post ‘Mania Raw as you read this. He was the weakest link, Shamus said. Goodbye. Ignorant Wade gave notice to quit WWE soon. WWE were livid at such bad news. Barrett was never going anywhere in WWE and is no big loss. It’s a miracle he hung on this long.

AJ no Styles put in another boring loss that showcased no personality or depth. His foe, the equally ignorant old hag in Chris Jericho is just plain sad to see. WWE has no future going at this rate. Overblown hype won’t succeed failure. 

What else? Oh, the pre-show. WWE officials told all occupants of the pre-show that they were valued and a huge part of Wrestlemania. I don’t think they bought that. They weren't a part of Wrestlemania because they weren't on the card. Derrr! 

United States champion and high ignorant midget Kalisto retained against lacking competition in Ryback, which should have seen better opponent and title successor. 

The Total Divas team of Natalya, highly ignorant Paige, Alicia Fox, Brie Bella and surprise entry severely hated Eva Marie beat Team B.A.D and Blonde’s Naomi, Tamina, Emma, Summer Rae and Lana. Great.

One thing I do have to say, Kevin Dunn has once again always come up trumps with the staging. Wonderful work

So to sum up, Wrestelmania has become a complete washout. Predictable, pointless, nostalgia, nepotism and boredom. Do you want a future for your legacy? It seems Vince McMahon, the grand creator of the WWE world is content with allowing his lacking members of extended family ruin everything in a test to show leniency so Hunter can prove himself. How many failures do you need? A sting of failures to mention and running riot on booking and hiring. Something has got to give. WWE cannot continue to keep attacking the one that can and expect to survive without troubling fallout.

Stock, down, ratings down, roster, useless. What’s left? Returning injury stars won’t help it. They need new partners to play with. If you don’t know what to do you hire the one that can and put your ego aside. I'm actually very easy to work with. Want the answers? We're not telling anymore. 

Vince McMahon. Get your sh*t together.

Or forever be known as…

…Then, there, forgotten.

© Max Waltham 06th April 2016
All Rights Reserved

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