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Wrestling Wonders Pro 25 2015

Wrestling Wonders 
Pro 25 

The best female workers of the past year of 2015 have been ranked based on their contributions to the sport alongside quality of promos, depth of character and strong in-ring wrestling. Top of the company feels are not a priority. This is the only list that truly respects and honours Women's Wrestling as its leading pioneer in the business. Everyone should aspire to make this list.

This isn't just about gaining a spot, it is also about holding on to and climbing or slipping down the list based on such wrestling credentials. 

As a special bonus, like the Male WW Pro 50, (which can be found at this link) as it is our five year anniversary online, we shall list the top 50 as an inkling as to where the division and its performers stand, but only the top 25 best get a write up honour.

You're Welcome.

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50. Amapola
49. Sexy Star
48. Tomoka Nakagawa
47. Cameron
46. Amber O'Neal
45. Angie Skye
44. Ivelisse
43. Awesome Kong
42. Shazza McKenzie
41. Daizee Haze
40. Blue Pants / Leva Bates
39. Portia Perez
38. Kacee Carlisle
37. Jessie Kaye
36. Evie
35. Kimber Lee
34. Marcela
33. Yuu Yamagata
32. Crazy Mary Dobson
31. Sassy Stephie
30. Leon
29. Meiko Satomura
28. Kairi Hojo
26. Becky Lynch



2014 Placing - 12

Treaded water in early months up to April despite being given random wins that didn’t do much for lucrative start… Lost NCW title in a disastrous three way with wayward victor LuFisto and ignorant sponge Saraya Knight… Failed to regain stride after losses proving to be a one year wonder without staying power… Returned to SHIMMER in October to be given wins that could not elevate standing from what once was encouraging… Continued thereafter to give boring and crowd draining performances that could not entertain anymore as a credible option and simply a one-off filler delay…

After a growing start in 2014 acknowledged by Wrestling Wonders, Rush has run too fast without thinking…Signed with TNA for 2016 in what should have been career turning success only to be a newly squandered opportunity as zombie looking goof akin to ripping off ex star Daffney… Must focus on not being silly with random media chances for photo ops from drab magazine rip offs and TNA bragging rights… 



2014 Placing - 17

Was used in the TNA annual ‘get some cheap freelancers’ Knockout’s Knockdown exploitation by Dixie Carter which lasted a whole six minutes jobbing to Taryn Terrell, which to her credit was a decent battle… Returned to independent scene where more fruitful options were available and respect her talents with title opportunity for ACW TV title and strong fights with Sassy Stephie and Leva Bates… Should reconsider and ask management not to book her with ignoranceinvolvingSaraya Knight and homophobic JessickaHavok for cheap heat matches in SHINE… Took on Santana Garrett for NWA Women’s and CWE Vixen’s title in losing effort to the more obvious choice of plain Jane Garrett with professional loss… Was jobbed out to Madison Eagles for SHINE wrestling in October where Yung covered for baby stepping eagles’ return… Finally rewarded with deserving victory over Jessica James with to SHINE lacked importance…

Lacked wins but strong impact did not hamper her outstanding displays in the ring… Ferocious attitude and strong sense of working kept standing among regulars needing solid worker to cover them… Underrated plodder along could be better utilised… Needs to figure out how to break through and not rely on ignorance… 



2014 Placing - 9

Spent time in various independent promotions over in Australia and America with fair but uneasy challenges... Dropped Yumi Ohka at SHIMMER event but failed to pass champion Nicole Matthews in a credible set of shows... Beat the ignorant Saraya Knight in an ungraciously dreary follow up thereafter... Went back to Aussie promotions to become a random nobody... Came back to SHIMMER in October to win the title from Matthews in a huge upset by cheap disqualification victory of no meaning... Played with men in intergender Middleweight title challenge for NPW which was just to make up the numbers...

What should have been her burst back onto the scene once respected for, Madison Eagles has proved to be severely lacking depth... May have to wallow in her sympathy call ups to look good despite her dabbles with ignorance... Should have learnt to distance herself in order to hone her career more succinctly... Looks like a random party pooper than sheer talented heavyweight champion based on merit and skill... 



2014 Placing - Unlisted

Proved to be stunning contender in positive revelation at FWE title opportunity against wayward champ Candice LeRae… Returned month later in Tri Borough and Women’s title defence with Paul London to win respective titles from La Rae and ignorant, intergender, sex crazed floater Joey Ryan… Rising up and comer grinded hard in triple threat victory to gain vacant Inspire Pro XX division title with Athena and Jessica James… Lost AIW title to Athena in super-hot mini rivalry next month…  Proved self in SHIMMER over October with achievable pair-offs that boosted standing and skillset… Dropped Inspire title to Jessica James in another impressive ground work spectacle… Boxing Day battle with Leva ‘Blue Pants’ Bates becoming another stunning showcase of respect and depth to the sport…

Growing over the last three years Scott has always been short of the WW Pro 25 but has trudged through tough competition to stand out with personality, style and grace… Has made nifty place for self in Women’s wrestling which is likely to see more from her in 2016 and beyond… Potential to be a grower who is careful about her choices may benefit longterm… Speccy stunner set for greater things with levels of female wrestling respect and honing craft for years instead of taking cheap shortcuts… 



2014 Placing - Unlisted

Regardless of donation of ignorant NWA female gold early in February, Garrett has been a small grower than shower… Garrett’s run became dated, boring and unnatural instead of the opposite meant to be in her run up of dominating the first half of year… Being given a title does not make instant success when failing to do any substantial good with it… Had strong bouts with Su Yung over June and July which Yung made Garrett look decent… Through the overhype, Garrett now looks boring as a result… Debut in new Japanese based promotion World Wonder Ring Stardom (Wonder where that came from) Garrett failed to exercise depth in random tag match of no value… Finally lost title in moderate handover in December to Amber Gallows in a four way fight…

With no other female on the roster capable it was obvious to give her a long reign which failed to be naturally organic without boss Bruce’s ignorant involvement stalling growth… Almost one year as champion with such bias involved did not put her in the best light regardless of kayfabe time scale gifting than earned grit… Rumours to install Garrett as Sister Abigail in WWE would not benefit… Received losing try-outs with Asuka and Emma on Triple H’s ignorant filled NXT fan filled flounder… 



2014 Placing - Unlisted

Rookie built steam in early months including at female challenge with Renee Michelle at ECWA for unsuccessful Women's title bid... Defeated Mary Dobson in May for the APWA World Ladies gold in a smooth transition of feisty but entertaining action but not RPW strap night before... Held a compact and tidy match with Veda Scott at PWX adding stable ground work... Took the challenge to men in September with a loss to Cedric Alexander which was all about trying to prove can run before walking which lost some credibility as a gimmick match instead... October AIW title loss to Heidi Lovelace was another worthwhile favour showing  new contenders with heart and determination to stabilise new stance on female call ups... Turned in decent showings at SHIMMER shows attempting to craft own place at wrestling royalty table... Reached finals of Super 8 Chick Fight for ECWA vacant title loss in efforts to boost profile and merit... Failed finals of QOC title tournament to Taeler Hendrix in a very careful and collected battle to thrill fans with spills and smashes... 

While having a decent starting year as relative unknown, has big boots to fill outside of father's name... Has done so well but is only just a rookie and would do well to remember necessity in building character than all over the place at times with matches... Can add stability but has a lot to grow and shouldn't be overhyped as unfair on her, competitors and business... Could work well in tag scene to develop further in-ring depth and avoid ignorance to boost the charts... 



2014 Placing - 13

Put in exceptional commitments over 2015 with a sturdy fight against SHIMMER champion Nicole Matthews to provide healthy competition at AAW event... Worked capable magic over independent scene upholding stability whilst rejoining main home stay promotion CHIKARA to defend Young Lions Cup Title with roaring passion... Defeated WWE bound Athena taken the AIW Women's title in an outstanding spectacle of technique and heartfelt grace as match of the night... Stopped Tessa Blanchard in following defence displaying depth and personality in the ring, also putting over challenger comfortably... Continued some fun fights in CHIKARA with Soldier Ant proving capable of more than one dimensional star... Continued on Indy scene with string of powerful and impressive performances to entertain and compete credibly with sturdy ground work... 

Capable star able to provided assistance and dependability whilst remaining championship material... Flexible nature to entertain and have serious matches a difficult challenge for many... Technical skill adds to ground work with passionate grace... May well be called upon in 2016 for more input... Is comfortably growing into her own... Needs something extra to rise the ranks but coming along well... Should avoid ignorance as could be a smooth riser needed for Indy scene... 



2014 Placing - 11

After months sitting out returned in dodgy dark match for ignorant 'brand' Lucha Underground losing in intergender matches with wrestling rats including high flying cat channelling stuntmen... Rejoined SHIMMER after title loss in ChickFight tournament contendership... Lost to ignorant homophobe Jessicka Havok in a festering flash in the pan... Put in entrances with independent shows including AIW and Stardom Galaxy cards becoming a tired and dated bore... Won GRPW Lady Luck title in August from an unknown which signals the need for more luck overall in 2016... Chancer given smooth sailing at SHIMMER with wins to keep sweet since previous title ownership in 2014... Didn't have enough Luck month or so later as Thunder Rose stunned title from her... Daft choice to join ignorant 'brand' Lucha Underground does not look favourable after a string of losses being jobbed out with men in mockery of intergender tag matches as the new 'in' thing...

Has made laughing stock of self... Lewd choices and lack of self faith have diluted once high regarded female as doing the rounds... Ex champ has no steam left in tank and looks way too lucky to have had such fortunes... Envisaged future looks dismal... Needs to carefully consider choices and not jump on bandwagon's for attention seeking moments inclusive of random plaque plagiarising donating kayfabe nerds... Needs to choose competition more smoothly... Haggard and stiff interactions...



2014 Placing - Unlisted

Newly crowned SHIMMER champion from end of 2014 pulled many punches with ECCW champion with intergender and female battles with constructed style… Returned to SHIMMER in March to defend gold over Tomoka Nakagawa over sixteen minutes with a sterling defence and strong imagination… Continued dominance as epic new champion paving way for roster against Madison Eagles, Heidi Lovelace and Kay Lee Ray instrumentally with dominance… Downed Jennifer Blake in Street Fight at Girls Gone Wild for ASW to continue rampant nasty attitude keeping sense of self… Fell short in four way ladder title loss at ECCW in double title defence with wriggled reserve… Faced huge upset as SHIMMER title propelling career naturally ended in a tender and credible handover to Madison Eagles in October… Continued to ride high in ECCW rebuilding steam as tag team victor…

Epic shock championship victory as SHIMMER champion has proved to be successfully epic start from former tag team stronghold… Continued to grow in role with carved and imaginative entries proving preferable… Defined SHIMMER transitions for upcoming roster achieving epic and audience respect… Could use more fluid style in places while working on fitting back into fall out places as champion-esq material… 



2014 Placing - 25

Dire feud with high ignorant flunkie Paige was omni-shambles of events on card at FastLane, leading into tag at Wrestlemania with former grand diva AJ, whom retired the following night… Strolled on through divas division overcoming all obstacles in efforts to exceed AJ Lee’s diva’s title record after Lee officially retired with shock notice to WWE, who had neglected the scene and its talents monumental ask of…  Began working with injury after her run guided in tags and squash matches last little time… Braved the misguided ‘Diva’sRevolution’ which saw Team Bella surface with Alicia Fox and sister Brie… While taking sidesteps, Nikki did however prove to be improved among a batch of useless flunkies and uneventful call ups audience had hoped would excel which WWE used for personal favourites already lacking audience… Finally met with fan favourite Sasha Banks on Raw only to work a solid match and expose Banks as weak, unprepared and stale, shocking what fans and WWE thought to be water tight newbie… Became the standout worker against Ric Flair’s shadow in daughter Charlotte, dropping Diva’s title in a Night of Champions title pass credibly… Failed to regain at Hell in a Cell month later in another rematch that despite her efforts fell short thanks to Charlotte’s lack of grace and wrestling proven useless after her call from green NXT developmental…

Officially broke AJ Lee’s Divas reign to erase from history books under WWE’s insider abuse system to those who shape its product for greater good… Started strong as champion but then work with failed acts like Paige and Charlotte discredited hard work… Still improved her game in many places and stood out as WWE’s main diva among backstage hatred… Future Mrs John Cena is said to be contemplating retirement in 2016 after neck surgery… 



2014 Placing - 23

Started her year in TNA as Knockouts champion with gutsy and passionate performances quelled by TNA viewing times zapping chances of lengthy match worth… Wasn’t best represented as champion building up TNA’s tough scene of company disruption as stooge to randomly senseless booking choices of match endings… Long reign as champ however did gain some stead in mid half of the year with Awesome Kong and Gail Kim in idiotic themed matches including Lingerie Pillow Fight No Contest disaster by company bookers… Became part of new stable Dollhouse with then Mia Yim, now Jade and Brit borefest Marti Belle in a nonsense grouping that lost any way of going forward… Finally lost title to sexed up dolly Brooke in June tapings which was a total laughing stock of TNA… Last battle for TNA in losing handicap match with Kong and Brooke from the dollies of disgrace wasn’t best swan song… Annoyed with such incompetence from TNA, Ms. Terrell naturally left the company soon after…

Turbulent year in TNA’s muddy waters despite long reign being made lukewarm by top brass… Dixie Carter’s illogical management and troubled guidance in the red has overseen what could have been the defining edge in rebuilding TNA, namely its Knockout’s division… No surprise everyone cannot wait to leave TNA with its utter shambles of company direction on and off screen…. Needs a real, supporting company that will respect her efforts in growing a company to credible standards… 



2014 Placing - 18

Fought for lame concept of an NXT Women’s title in efforts to pass the time in developmental with victor Sasha Banks, losing champ Charlotte and Becky Lynch to no avail… Could not get back into saddle as contender in loosely filled roll around with Becky Lynch… Missed out on biggest call up to WWE roster in one go as three of the fab four NXT ladies logically made it… Spare part Bayley was rewarded with title donation from upgraded Sasha Banks in a solid match but simply transitional in brand terms… Stunned with banks on following IronMan match that left viewers amazed and appreciative that female action can be lucrative, even silencing naysayers at the top of WWE HQ… Comfortably slipped back into green role as champion but developing considerably with effort and time… Has been carried constantly by Emma, who has kept Bayley relevant and instrumental to title ownership in NXT… Has kept standing and interactions with new batch of NXT ladies is helpful to growth of company and personal development… Would be swallowed whole on main roster…

Once a solid idea now a simply cute little girl who jumps around… Has fan love at this time but still unprepared for main roster storm… Is being carried constantly and viewed as the new age female John Cena, which could be disastrous for her future… Is likeable and fun, but fans need more than that when the introduction stages of the NXT Bouncy Castle deflate to the reality of main roster premier leagues… Needs to rest in NXT for at least another year… 



2014 Placing - 7

Dominated every month in SHINE wrestling monthly over Athena and Kay Lee Ray with levels of tense, smooth and controlled battles that begged for more attention from fans… Participated in Independent shows with Athena, Veda Scott, Heidi Lovelace and others keeping comfortable company while putting on excellent shows that kept watchability with intent… Battled with ignorant Ethan Page on AIW Battle of sexesintergender match which did not put her in best light… Bounced back from cheap moment in SHIMMER over late year season proving developed and encouraging mat skills full of vigour, depth and dependably laced splendour…  Is being touted by troubled TNA for 2016 which could be undecidedly good or very bad…

Despite a mild year with SHINE and low amount of dates, SHINE regular Allysin Kay has stunned the scene after being discovered by Max Waltham on the WW Pro 25 for her talents to the field… Is capable of colourful and lively in-ring interactions to enhance the landscape… Must be careful not to join ignorance, which has been noted by Kay… Has a strong future in the business with a beautiful and unconventional look which draws deeper than model-esq dollies…



2014 Placing - 14

Made it to main roster as part of NXT nostalgia call up to WWE’s version of female empowerment named the ‘Divas Reolution’ as spare part… Had opportunity of lifetime as member of Team B.A.D alongside Naomi and Tamina only to be zombie figure standing in background and lacked vocal promos… Rejoined NXT to drop the Women’s title to Bayley in tight August handover… Had an utterly pathetic 01:40 time limit draw with ignorant flunkie Paige as her standout opportunity in Raw Beat the Clock Challenge to prove worth…Went back to NXT for titlebfight with Bayley which became 2015 match of the year in IronMan slugger at 3:2 in Bayley’s favour tearing the house down on technique and personality…  Failed to win four way divas contendership on Raw in November once more to carried flunkie Paige, proving Sasha Banks had lost her spark from the NXT fandom to main event greenery on roster… Beat Becky Lynch at worthless TLC match which was too little too late to elevate them as capable divas who could make a difference today…

Has been exposed as green and boring despite the fans ‘last hope’ at a fresh concept that WWE have categorically neutered… What was once Triple H’s ego festing flaunt has become a less than capable jaunt… Is treading water on main roster and lacks and style, depth or passion as contender with often lazy entries… Competition surrounding her is uneventful hampering… Isn’t as once great as so often perceived in rushed call ups from Triple H’s LaLa Land that have no place on main roster… Generic, bland and botch prone, Banks is not the hope fans seek for Triple H’s ego love-in… 


Dynamic Dream Team

2014 Placing - Unlisted

Took role of special Sakura Ambassador at small but entertaining show for Dynamic Dream Team during Hanshin Sakura Week in which Cherry stole her tiara, promoting a good match where Akai then invited to tag with after smooth defeat... constantly built much steam almost always winning DDT events as its main attraction for female division with fun and skill that encourages focal points to the promotion and herself's success... Climbed big at Osaka Octopus November event winning the IronMan Heavymetalweight title, a type of WWE Hardcore 24/7 style winning title, over Cherry after multiple challengers won and lost on the night... Akai opened the show regarding a defence of her IronMan Heavymetalweight title, until arch enemy Cherry snuck into the ring and rolled her up to steal the title... Akai later entered a battle royal to win the right to rematch and defeat Cherry who tried the same tactic but Akai was too wise and retained in a daftly entertaining match that was mildly pleasant... Had some fun defences with lovable bearded drag act Ladybeard...

Picturesque fluid female capable of more if prepared to try outside of comfort zone… Maintains entertaining, humourous and tender moments in ring beloved by multiple fans locally… Starting to gain international attentions… High kicks, stunning attire and smooth complexion add serene beauty to graceful and empowered being… Too early for titles without believability but can be worked up…  New beautiful rookie has strong chances and depth to grow but needs finer transitions on moves... 



2014 Placing - Unlisted

Showed excellent style and skills at Ice Rbbon with Tsukasa Fujimoto, Neko Nitta and others including tournament loss for title in ten minute draw with Kurumi… Dropped independent Union Pro title to Cherry in a decorative transition… Claimed top spot as Tag champion in WAVE dropping Ayako Hamada and Yuu Yamagata with intersecting style and passion… Took hold of OZ Academy title over July captivating audiences with hard-working, rough and ready style… Constant title involvements raised affinity with brands and contender/champion position for Shirai as dependable star in need…Shocked everyone with decision to gracefully retire, instead becoming a referee after gaining notoriety elsewhere...

Has become fresh and bankable star Japanese Women’s scene and companies require, especially filling the void of Asuka/Kana’s departure to WWE… Contained force is stable and talented act capable to keep scene on level scale… Could help build up Japanese female division with others to rival lacking female scope internationally…Will undoubtedly do that as referee since stepping away from squared circle...


Total Non-Stop Action

2014 Placing - 3

Involved in a dreadful Battle Royal incubus swelled with rabble for Taryn Terrell’s Knockout’s title… Used in pathetic TV show by in house productions of TNA for across the pond challenge… TNA’s best female worker was resigned to five or six minute scuffles that could not elevate as much standing as required in recent years… Used to gimmick Battle Royal lunacy in WWE, TNA offered her an unfulfilling one of own in Joker’s Wild intergender balls up that provided a huge laughing stock at TNA where Kim was swallowed… Had to work with Terrell as champ in X-travaganza PPV mess among three models… One on one with Terrell finally proved exception during a Six Sides of Steel smasher cut short by five minutes on Impact… Dabbled with ignorance across the pond in July which proved no Queen… Finally took title from Brooke, of all people, over July… Made strong commitmentro IWR as Diamond champion defender with Awesome Kong so beautifully outside of TNA, proving a wonder why TNA constantly mess it all up when both are contracted to them… Settled end of year with Knockout title victories over Awesome Kong in short by sizeably good bouts but often deflated by TNA’s lack of direction…

TNA’s most powerful female, often surrounded by illogical choices always comes up trumps when called upon… Still no excuse for TNA failings to mistreat as Kim will not be able to carry TNA forever… When not champion can fit in elsewhere buteo needs more respect in guiding and working with others… Kim’s offerings in 2016 look to be earned and soothing for division in time of doubt… 


Pro Wrestling WAVE

2014 Placing - Unlisted

Entered with full on Japanese circuit matches to structure Women’s division internationally… Moved onto SHIMMER’s first year half shows with a strong and compact session against Nicole Savoy which added to the mid and undercard bookings… Moved over to WAVE May tournament including a pleasantly supple, plush fight with HikaruShida to develop the tourney with positive outlook… Time limit draw in contest with Asuka / Kana yet another successfully enthralling skirmish of high kicks, rough tension and charismatically bold from both… Twenty-Seven minute battle with Ayako Hamada over Regina Di WAVE gold had audience in awe with technical whizz, aerial joy and compact ground workings… Continued remainder of year in independent bookings to develop and maintain place…

Credible, controlled and classy entries have boosted Ohka further up to the WW Pro 25 always on the edge of entry… Will be looked at as a key player in female Japanese scene, no doubt… Is more than capable to excel and could well use a title of high standing to develop brand, scene and sport to enhance worth… Certain has capabilities to hold, earn and deserve such a befitting role so often out of reach… 



2014 Placing - Unlisted

Was loitering in Jimmy Uso / Tyson Kidd / Natalya ensemble on the girlfriends sides of supporting their men with fiercely lovable attitude… Developed that attitude further in fight to Nikki Bella’s Divas title through mid-season skills… Constantly overlooked by company when standing out as most sassy, freshest star on main roster fans were gagging to see… Joining with family roots as pair with Tamina to keep roster ticking over was naturally effortless unit… Team B.A.D (Beautiful and Dangerous) added surplus member to tandem in failed Diva’s Revolution call up Sasha Banks… Helped out in NXT occasionally with sterling scuffles that invigorated… Constantly used as whopping boys to Team PCB, ignorant Paige, Charlotte and spare part Becky Lynch when Naomi’s team needed and had more artistic flair carrying all else…  Fobbed off by WWE for favourites but unit still managed to keep place on roster ad own the division on promos and in-ring style… Looks every bit the star WWE have been so longly seeking, alongside her funky fresh sneakers…

Overlooked diva’s champion has grown to capable standards where WWE have gotten bored of developing style for more conventional or favouritism call ups… Is more than ready for title acquisition nd could be the mega sassy dishourable with power pals to really shine the divas division of over five months or more… Must be booked right and not as comedy cheapness or bimbo battler… Must also not be tainted by ignorance in competition and have actual talent to play with to raise diva, title and company standards… Feuds with Emma and a third would be highly lucrative… 



2014 Placing - Unlisted

Regina Di WAVE title defence in January over Sakura Hirota started year brimming with heavy ripples… RCW Women’s Street Fight title passing was another expert showcase of Shida’s blinding technical mastery…  Passionate title loss of Di WAVE to Ayako Hamada was another outstandingly captivating awe inspiring event… Kept standing and propelled back into tag title scene comfortably to guide new talent and stablise division with sheer talent… Fifteen minute draw with Asuka / Kana was another blinding bronzer on the rise… Reached Semi Finals in Catch the WAVE tournament falling to Mika Iida with graceful entries…  Romped through rest of the year with stunning victories proving capabilities to Japanese Women’s scene…

Future stronghold with youth and grace on side will put firm position of trust and dependability on Shida… Knows how to perfectly guide and take losses for the good of the sport and develop scen… Is a key player for Japanese future of female wrestlers, clearlydefined by the market’s respect of her booking wise… Will need to adapt to wider, modern audiences in time with nurture to fully engage fans… 


Pro Wrestling WAVE

2014 Placing - 6

Spent time devoted to WAVE wrestling in Japan stabilising the tag division with Yuu Yamagata... Continued dominance as progressive and compact tag team champions with clear and tender glory... Drooped in March as Mio Shirai and Misaki Ohata lifted the gold in near twenty minute splendour... Retained Regina Di WAVE title from Shirai on same event however, maintaining stride as heavyweight powerhouse... Tore the house down with Ohka on WAVE Anniversary show almost thirty minutes long in a captivating ripple of far eastern delight... Regained vacant tag straps in October Dual Shock battle... Teased break up between friends in motion when Yamagata relieved Hamada of Regina gold on 27th December thriller... Put over rising young talent Tsukushi despite beating her on 31st show for Ice Ribbon with a mature and entertaining encounter...

Dynamic workhorse proved to be unrelenting in action with ever passionate skill, making effortless and often underappreciated for it as result... Continues to work level of maturity with all ages and structure match and in ring psychology perfectly... Is strong and crucial figure in female and Japanese wrestling markets... Always dependable and capable to feature in anything monumental... Could prove beneficial with stronger and more lengthy title reigns with others to really boost the female division internationally as huge competition to main stream boredoms... 



2014 Placing - 21

Part of divas contender battle royal on Raw in which Emma was the standout master to make ignorant and fumbling worker Paige excel in pointless victory… Short but exciting match with Naomi on Smackdown in February teased call up chances until WWE had cold feet… Launched into tight feud with Bayley turning bitter and exciting with slaps and showdowns in NXT proving serious contenders for WWE’s female future which it continues to mar with its lewd personal choices than skilled stars… Held the walls of NXT together while being short changed… Managed to grow in a role than commanded dignity and respect as a dishourable but demure diva… Took on Bayley for the NXT title in an August thrill seeker that justified both’s role in NXT with passion and determination… Continued to put Bayley over in string of title defences over the following three months singularly and with additions including Alexa Bliss and Dana Brooke with gutsy professionalism… Tasked with guiding rookies Cameron and Eva Marie, Emma once again strengthened the developmental ‘brand’ of NXT as vital instrumental force beyond her time… Moved on to powerful and engaging battles with new NXT batch of outstanding females in Asuka and Adrienne Reese (Kana and Athena)… Further relied upon by WWE to keep Bayley’s title defences strong thereafter…

Devilishly daring change and sultry look defined new attitude WWE have so often snubbed talented diva on… Should have been called up a while back but not one of Triple H’s ‘favourites’ which Emma put to shame through her skills and growth on NXT… 2016 should hopefully see her rise above and become the star diva WWE and its fans want and need in the rabble of failed ignorant nepotistic opportunist unworthy of role… Could go toe to toe with Naomi as top divas in battles for title… Has been more than capable for over two years, which WWE need to begin valuing over HHH’s juvenile fandom favourites…



2014 Placing - 4

Cracking battle with Su Yung for ACW Joshi title another brilliant start for wrestling b year... Put in a charming skirmish with Allysin Kay over thirteen minutes with singles action in Florida... Earned AIW Women's gold from Nicole Savoy in titl v title double grab bag sweetness... Carried Mia Yim, now Jade, to delightful Two of Three Falls SHIMMR smasher... Dropped AIW title in a gorgeous battle with Veda Scott showing true professionalism... Regained gold from Scott in brief but dainty encounter in July... Saw off all challengers form title defences and Indy showcases with such easy and revered style... Unmatched star finished up independent dates before finally joining rightful home in WWE... Settled in comfortably as part of NXT with guiding, tender and skilful developing matches under the 'WWE style' of in-ring work... Has proven to be one to watch with sheer pleasure for Women's wrestling tenfold...

Like Kana, relatively unknown Athena, respected by Max Waltham on the WW Pro 25 has finally been recognised by WWE, not that she hasn't earned it... Capable of style, Athena has shone through vividly and is a miracle as to why WWE took so long on both her and Kana... Fresh, young, skilful and divine, Athena has big paths to travel and develop the current landscape of Women's wrestling more wholesomely... 



2014 Placing - 5

REINA Tag title half with Arisa Nakajima started year in January wholesomely with smooth victory before coming to end by Hikaru Shida and Syuri in a tantalising tag scuffle over February... Devoted time to WAVE and REINA among other indecent promotions with captivating awe and main event drawing power... Held onto Women's and tag titles for REINA promotion until inevitably yielding once inking WWE contract... After multiple Indy shows with cultural and classy showcases, finally received most respectful and logical offer to join WWE... Filling time and honing skills perfectly in WWE NXT where stunning singles with Emma in October was another shining light in Asuka's repertoire as one of Women's finest wrestlers today...

After being a relative unknown to all, respected by Max Waltham on the WW Pro 25, five time entry Kana has been given her true mark of respect... Most viable place was in WWE, where Asuka has colourful and charismatic shows awaiting her... Will bring tough and beautiful skills back into the women's division when her time is right to ascend... One to truly behold with joy... 


Ice Ribbon

2014 Placing - 1

Put in fun but entertainingly dainty card appearances with matches in JWP promotion... Superlative fifteen minute skirmish with Risa Sera to defend ICE Infinity gold was simply mesmeric awe... Continued devotion to ICE RIbbon and WAVE followed with smooth sailing action for fertile Japanese Women's scene... Battled many worthy names including Mio Shirai, Yuu Yamagata and others to keep stability in division while adding own powerful dimension of fresh personality, technical prowess and unique joy... Beaming smile was as bright as in-ring psychology added to promotional events over Summer with WAVE/JWP/Reina/Oz Academy/IceRibbon combo card triple team with Misaki Ohata and Shirai sending shockwaves through battle...  Ice Ribbon battles with Shirai in singles were outstanding... Rose up once more to gain International Ribbon tag titles with Arisa Nakajima in another captivatingly enthralling piece of action... No signs of slowing down in REINA entering and dominating tournament for vacated title on November 3rd downing Syuri with technical class... Put over Kyuri and Neko Nitta once more for failed Triangle Ribbon titl threesome in another stunning display of talent... Won even more gold clearly valued by JWP realising her worth with JWP tag and Daily Sports tag title grab bag at Climax card alongside Arisa...

Overbooked workhorse has run ahead with steam to please and invigorate fans... Inspirational sweet but skilful star claims top spot on WW Pro 25 for second year running in third consecutive entry after years of being on radar honing talent... Exceptional talent once again destroyed all competition, kept equal opponents and rose atop to be Queen Bee... Young, fresh and talented, has many more years to own the wrestling worlds for female fighters... Best in the world and evident in all matches as to why has become the one to beat... Four time reigning champ at JWP Tag, Daily Sports tag, International Ribbon tag and REINA champion in 2015 was one of best years ever which commanded respect for her beauty and talents on offer... 

Until the next corresponding year of 2016, You're Welcome!

© Max Waltham 13th April 2016
All Rights Reserved

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