Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Brodus Clay:Somebody Call Yer Daddies! My Bad...

Brodus Clay's month long Debut 
as the Funkasaurus...

Brodus Clay has debuted! Officially thrown onto the Raw airwaves on the 9th January broadcast, Clay, now highly billed (WWE can do it when they want, cant they) , donned a red tracksuit and coat, complete with bowler esq hat. Accompanied by two smoking hot dancers in matching laced attire, Clay came out to a glitter ball entrance theme and funky disco music.

Clay came to get his Funk on. Now known as the Funkasaurus, Clay, even has his own fireworks pop from the turnbuckles after his ending routine in the middle of the ring with his dancers. Clay also performs a trousers strip reminiscent of a Chippendale.

With the Funkettes, who also
outdo the atypical Divas

Strip Dance off with the Mamma Cougar...

In what many, including oneself instantly saw as a jokey gimmick angle that ruined Clay’s prospects as a performer, many still share this notion, Max Waltham will explain in detail…

Wrestling Wonders previously wrote in numerous posts that Christian should adopt red coloured, shorter tights, in order to adapt himself in portrayal to the masses in the company in order to resurrect his career. In a classic swerve, Clay now sports that very colour, and shortness in tights. He also grooves to Disco and Funk, a lost art form. Have a listen people, that was where the music was at its best.

Woo! Sparks a flying for a thrilling entro...

Though an inside joke and mock to Max, firstly, WW doesn’t care if you pull an ’inside’ - it broadens my cheek to cheek smile. Secondly, the angle, designed to prove something to outsiders, actually works in hindsight. It puts Clay over, gives entertainment and above all else, gives Clay a chance to gain audience receptiveness.

Of course, with a gimmick in WWE as this, it can only have a limited shelf life, is the fullest concern of it’s Universe. And those sceptical cannot contemplate how to take Clay seriously, now he is billed in squash job matches, on the victorious end.

Clay, has defeated Curt Hawkins, JTG, Heath Slater (Drew McIntyre, at the Royal Rumble PPV) and Tyler Reks in consecutive weeks over his monthly  Raw debut.

Got some Green, White and Red, Waltham mentioned Red and Green,
but should NEVER be seen together.

Funky Brodo-saurus!
And the finger tape looks ’saurus-y. So, all in all, the look, feel and presentation is fine. However, "Red and Green should never be seen." 

It’s enjoyable and receives the seal of Waltham approval. Though it needs to gather steam and branch out into a strengthen backbone of booking procedure.

©  Max Waltham 7th February 2012

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