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Royal Rumble 2012

Royal Rumble 2012 

On Sunday January 29th from the Scottrade Centre in St. Louis, Missiouri, WWE Royal Rumble entered it's silver anniversary of 25 consecutive years as an event. Did it deliver what it aimed to achieve? Would it create any new stars for a future and spark feuds on from here along the Road to Wrestlemania, and beyond?

Beginning the Pay Per View...

World Heavyweight Championship
Steel Cage

Daniel Bryan (c) V Big Show V Mark Henry

Starting with the obvious try to climb the cage from the start of the bell, which never helps anyone. Why would you attempt to climb when knowing you can be caught? WWE's backward booking always does this practise. It needs to change into a form of logic than stupidity. It helps no one.

After many cage scale attempts and power moves allowed from all fighters when allowed their moment of equal timing the match got wrapped up.

Show attempts a chokeslam though Bryan blocks it countering with a DDT from the top rope. Bryan then goes for a LaBell Lock after a failed 1 fall. Henry boots Bryan's head to stop the submission. Henry launches Bryan into the cage wall. Show then nails Henry with a KO punch. He is allowed when Henry isn't champion. Pathetic, right? 

Bryan would then climb to the top of the cage attempting an escape whilst Show covered Henry for 2. Show then grabbed Bryan before escaping, thwarting his chance. Danny Boy almost made it over with his legs dangling, until Show had him. Hoisted up and seated atop the steel structure, Bryan delivered punches to Show. Reversing, Show now tries to climb over. Bryan, almost having escaped, now dangled with just Big Show's arm holding Bryan, aimed for Show to lose his behemoth handed grip, and eventually Bryan fell to the floor for the win, being able to retain the championship, as Big Show would look on from atop the cage dismayed.

Divas 8 (Wo-)Man Tag Match
Tamina, Eve, Alicia Fox & Kelly Kelly V Beth Phoenix, Natalya, Brie Bella & Nikki Bella

Dream Team brimming with Cerulean passion!

Another pointless booking, though the highlight was Tamina V Natalya. See 6 feuds post here - 6 Feuds . Neidhart V Snuka gave time to one another, looked credible among the Diva dilution and sold futher towards the Women's divison. Tamina's turn was neccessary to play with the Women. Now she needs to be catapulted into a stronger and competant position, as she can handle it. Draft her, Natalya and Aksana to Raw, and send the others to all obscurity. (Bimbo Bimbo, Eve and Fox - who is still on Smackdown).

The Bellas supported well. Alicia Fox stood on the apron cheering on. That's all she could do. Though for what its worth, she did it with slight enthusiasm. The others were as usual, a waste of time.

Bimbo Bimbo went for one of the Bellas towards the end, though Phoenix smacked the back of the Bella thus tagging in, to then smash Bimbo B with the Glamslam for the disgrace brought upon the wrestling Women to end the match.

Another one. If booked, expect more.
Eve had to rush backstage, where Zack Ryder was wheeled in by a handler. Eve then took over to wheel Zack around in his wheelchair. Telling Laurinaitis that he had done enough, slandered him (hey, wasnn't Eve some kind of ambassador for the bullying campaign? She was on the advert...). Eve would call Ace an "Ass" once he left stating - "There's Gratitude for ya". 

Eve then wheeled Zack into literally a square room which had been customly built so badly and cheaply that everyone could see it as a 'set' in the middle of a wide open space. Cheap is the word in every sense. The room was barely big enough to hold Ryder in the chair.

Kane V John Cena

A standard match in which barely anything happened. Simple as that. 

Halfway through the match Cena attempts a five knuckle sh!t fall onto Kane, who grabs Cena with a clenched fist around his neck. Kane receives a two fall for his efforts.

Cena, being super, quickly finds himself atop the turnbuckle in next to no time at all after a beating from Kane, to attempt a superplex front he top rope. Kane simply falls off the turnbuckle, so Cena can drop the Knuckles onto Kane from the top rope. Kane then blocks an Attitude Adjustment attempt. 

After going for Kane's leg, The big red monster boots Cena out the ring with it. Kane continues his onslaught outside. 

The match then dismally ends on a double countout. Yes. Hard paying fans online and in the arena or in front of their TV screens received a no finish for their paying efforts. 

Both men ended this match on a double count out.

This result occurs at almost every PPV featuring something bigger. Over The Limit and Royal Rumble lead the charge. 

After the phoney result, Kane pounds Cena's chest with chair shots until making their way backstage stopping once Kane's evil eye glances towards Zack Ryder wood hut dressing room. Brian Pillman it aint. Kane kicks the door down (HE huffed and he puffed and he blew it down) as Ryder is seen waiting for him. Zack furiously kicks in his chair to aim to break free.

Ummm, Zack. Your in a wheelchair, dummy! Kane chokes him out, before wheeling him out past Cena, who remarkably isn't Super any more and still stayed down longer than 2 seconds. Only when he sells for himself, its ok...

OMG! I'm just gunna stand here....

Ryder is then wheeled to ringside and dumped out of his chair by the evil fire breath-en. Placed into the ring, Eve joins us again. Pleading with Kane to stop, Kane lifts Ryder and delivers a Tombstone Piledriver. SuperCena has now recovered and charges to the ring to save his homo, oops, homie. 


Kane is allowed to chokeslam Cena too. Ryder is removed via a stretcher.

Still with us :(

WWE then airs the "Be A Star" video, which features Eve, asking you not to be a bully.

Sadly, Eve was not dragged through the Hell Hole/Portal to all obscurity.

Inpromoptu Match
Brodus Clay V Drew McIntyre

After enetering with the Funkettes to the glitter ball disco esq music (a lost era), The Funkasaurus, Brodus Clay strutted to the ring. Designed to sandwhich a rest period before next match-up, this unadvertised match was best placed. McIntyre would blow a kiss to the dancers as Clay shakes his stuff. Bootylicious Brontosaurus! 

Drew strikes with offence before Clay quickly surpresses him from the corner pushed into with a shove and dance. Drew attempts again though Clay retorts with an overhead suplex with height, then a follow up splash in a very quick match that signalled from WWE HQ that Drew CrapIntyre is done. (Yet still remains employed :( ).

Call Yer Daddies!

WWE Championship
Special Referee
Dolph Ziggler w/Vickie Guerrero V CM Punk

Special Referee – John Laurinaitis

From the offset it would be very clear. John Laurinaitis, claiming he would willingly screw CM Punk after their disagreements surfaced on Raw six days earlier. After a competent match up, 

Johnny Ace stated from the beginning that he would remain on the outside as a special enforcer. He aske gor a new referee, who swiftly arrived. New balls please! What would transpire shortly on, would be a ref bump from John Laurinaitis after Vickie Guerrero's possible interference caused the GM to turn awkwardly to halt any attempts to get involved to structure match order. Johnny just removed the referee in place. 

Lift it up a little :)

A submission attempt would follow. As would a pinfall, with a GTS, too. A reversal then causing Ziggler's legs to Knockout Johnny Ace once Punk hoisted Dolph above his head and spun him round clocking the noggin' of Ace. Punk then planted the Go To Sleep. Oh dear. Whilst not breaking the hold, in the hope a ref would stir to eventually, Punk frustratingly bellowing for a ref whilst still in pin hold, broke to investigate the shoddy dealings occurring.

With Laurinaitis coming to, Ziggler crept behind Punk gaining a seemingly upper hand drilling him and attempting a sneak attack pin. Any superstar would have beaten the champion here. Even CM Punk would have fallen. Which would have opened further opportunity. 

Punk reversed Ziggler's pinfall and gained his upper hand by soon pinning Dolph and ending his dreams of WWE title dominance. The referee, counting, then saw Laurinaitis spring to the ring from outside to count together with referee to enact order. Both agreed on a 3 fall, after Ziggler was "out cole-d". 

Johnny Ace remained impartial as referee by counting Punk as the victor. CM Punk remains WWE Champion.

Any match ladened with such immense outside interaction and governing force bearing down against you, and in fashion where Ziggler caught Punk out, would have seen a new champion, regardless of the persona. The champion, was caught unaware and took the move as a hit. Therefore, the champion had no chance to comeback. This principal was overridden. It ruined the key element to the business. Not wrestling or performing. The business. 

Punk was allowed victory after becoming corporate sell out last year after the leaving angle to earmark a career for himself negotiating with McMahon that his contract give a better prospect. We agree that Punk, as any performer whom loses 9 consecutive PPV's back to back in a yearly period as a near figurehead of said company must tighten his position. Though Punk has practically asked for favouritism. If you are truly talented, your work should be a shining testament people recognise, than just asking for the position to keep me in high esteem? No?

The result of the match was an Ace V Punk nothing match, which destroyed Dolph Ziggler as challenger and booked incomprehensible results. "I can make a new John Cena" - Vince McMahon. 

Didn't snag it one year on.
Is CM Punk the new version of SuperCena? Crippling all opponents just so he can smile and brag with a shiny trinket on his shoulder? Burying all opponents doesn't make a worthy champion. Having challengers you defeat in quality matches from BOTH participants is what makes a champion.

Dolph Ziggler, in the same position as he was last year, a World title match at the very same PPV, with the very same result, then forcing an ugly response from the Universe in the Rumble match itself (read on), Ziggler's chances are as good as dead. What was the last year all for?  Maybe Ziggler should demand a contract leaving angle. At least his character would be able to campaign for change and make it happen. CM Punk has yet to change anything in WWE, which he claimed. He also focuses on his main dream - to get an ice cream bar. Really. 

The Royal Rumble Match

The Miz, Alex Riley, R-Truth, Cody Rhodes, Justin Gabriel, Primo, Mick Foley, Ricardo Rodriguez, Santino Marella, Epico, Kofi Kingston, Jerry Lawler, Jinder Mahal, The Great Khali, Hunico, Booker T, Dolph Ziggler, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Michael Cole, Kharma, Sheamus, Road Dogg, Jey Uso, Jack Swagger, Wade Barrett, David Otunga, Randy Orton, Chris Jericho, Big Show 

Knowing the first participant from the previous Raw, The Miz entered as the number one participant. Having some choice words to begin withOnce action was cleared to begin, The Miz would square off against number 2. Former ally, enemy, rival and counterpart, Alex Riley drew number 2.

There he is. A Rileylicious Rumble! 

Yes! The feud is back on. And Riley will be booked highly again, was the first thought of the WWE Universe. Don’t hold your breath. Alex Riley was eliminated by The Miz in less than two minutes, just before the clock counted down to #3.
Why Riley, who, like The Miz, had a perfect opportunity as numbers 1 and 2, involved in one of the biggest matches that can re establish or launch careers was removed in next to no time at all after a couple of moves, just to prove to certain forces outside of the WWE corporate walls (as well as the ones inside those whom he has ‘upset’) ruined yet another star the chance to break out.
In predictable fashion, the WWE Universe had #3 down as the second entry, and sure enough, R-Truth came out as the third man. Beginning the match now, after Riley's dumping to prove a pointless point, R-Truth and Miz finally locked horns in what will be the near culmination of their feud ending series.

Then #4, Cody Rhodes entered. Giving the young breed time to make the Rumble their own was no bad move, but alas, it will always be down to the booking of it overall.

The Miz and Rhodes shortly worked together, with moments of going at it. Both impressed in the ring in style as well as pleasing the gay community. Many wanted these two to replace what Zack and Miri made... (I can feel the photoshops coming...)

Entering afterward would be Justin Gabriel. Predictable, by yours truely, usually in the #3-7 spots, filled with those who have a chance, yet constantly jobbed out senselessly. After being allowed 2 or so moves by roadies, Gabriel was down in typical fashion. Some chance he had...

Quickly joining them was Primo. A headlock on Gabe at turnbuckle corner proved interesting. Though the 'will someone be thrown off' angle wasn't heigthened as it could have been. But with WWe ill favouring "little guys", what else could they do? Primo had one of the most awful eliminations in the match. Another waste.

Gabriel came back shortly with a dropkick.

Then had a confrontation with numbers 7 and 8 - Mick Foley and Ricardo Rodriguez, respectively. Upon entry, the Razella theme music blared. Assuming Alberto Del Rio was driving in, the crowd roured with heat, until then changing its position upon seeing Rodriguez, clad in scarf, car and Del Rio's ring attire also. How fickle fans truly are.

Check out the ride! And Alberto's tights! RICARDO!

After the comedy routine, #9, Santino Marella, locked, 'hands' with Foley. Mr.Socko fought The Cobra, in an amusing (for a few seconds) yet loony angle that deflated the honour of the match. It could have been booked different, (see below post), though with WWE backward booking, ruined the potential the match could've sold in buy rates on forthcoming DVD release.

Epico, (as #10) was gobbled up by Mr.Socko before hurled over the top rope. A tag match would have saved both of them here.

Sock Puppets!

"Catch the angle from Santino's hand"

Miz and Rhodes came back on the scene, where Cody removed the stupidity of Santino. 

Entry 11, Kofi Kingston arrived. Shortly after, the match saw an announcer join the fold. In a 'shock' entry, ringside announcer Jerry Lawler entered. Michael Cole, alongside Booker T, was miffed at the booking. He wasn't the only one. The WWE Universe cannot feasibly comprehend why Lawler, of all people was inserted into the match for new talent, especially when he was booked to last only minutes. Miz then punched Cody in an accident when attempting to nail Lawler, whom ducked from the onslaught. Rhodes then sent Lawler out of the match shortly after.

#13 saw the 'return' of Ezekiel Jackson. A beefcake build, whom transgresses nil transferable skills among wrestling style, aimed to turn it around with a chance in the Rumble. For the 'impact' he gave (barely any), Jackson shouldn't have had this precious spot.

At 14, came out Jinder Mahal. While Mahal has dark and charismatic entrance music to project a tough image, his in-ring booking, does not. Only there for the Indian geo-demographic, since the last Indian superstar was sent packing and never heard of again, Mahal, who senselessly jobs over on Smackdown to Sheamus, among others, was simply not believable. Only there to project audience image, number 15 was on his way.

That's how you take elimination.
Good flight on the legs!

Shock to the arena! The Great Khali returned to PPV. Mahal looked mistified. He knew what was heading his way. Mahal was there to re-infuse the Khali/Mahal pairings over on Smackdown, once more. Mahal was shortly eliminated.

King Lawler was back on announcing duties after his elimination, from his entry of no importance.

Hunico was hurried in at #16. On one of those "one wheeled bikes" with some guy briefly mentioned and forgotten in the haze of announcing mis-matches, #17 followed in after.

"Can You Dig It?, Sucka!!!" Booker T instantly disrobed his suit, underneath, in ring gear, slipped himself into the Rumble. Cole, again was flittering with upset. Though Booker had more of a place in the match, he did not need this entry. He was dispatched shortly after, before the next three entries.

Miz would toss Kofi over the ropes. Kofi ended up on the floor. On his hands! Agile Kingston landed on his hands and managed to use the art form of gymnastics to handstand move on the outside to the ring steps to re-enter the match. This was utterly tedious and devalued the match as well as Kingston, as performer, and those who had to play the part of trying to eliminate him and then having him back in. It was not clever by any means and destroyed the Rumble honour again. The principal was clearly understood - feet didn't touch the floor, just hands so no elimination. Watch it back, and you'll see the point.

Another John Morrison/Spiderman antics from last year, when hopping all over the arena barricades at the side. It cannot get over like that.

Now excused to enter, "because he lost earlier", golden haired warrior, Dolph Ziggler participated in yet another double duty of the night. While this is a regular occurance, is slightly dated now. If they have no one else good enough, why is Ziggler still below the glass ceiling?

Met with comments of - "Who cares?" and " I don't view Ziggler as someone to carry the company as champion" should spark a very big concern with WWE. One day, you must listen AND implement procedures to protect your stars aimed to build broadly. Ziggler has gone from hero to zero. What a waste of a year.

Joined by the first ever winner of the Royal Rumble match in 1988, Hoooooooooooooeeeeee!!! Hacksaw Jim Duggan returned at number 19, in a neccessary place. First ever winner at the silver anniversary was a) deserved and b) there to heighten the prestige of the match honour itself. Only problem is it should have made all others aspire to the goal, which wasn't the feel planted in the match structure. Duggan was eliminated near after entering, which, though his entry was legitimate, fans saw this as a pointless and wasted spot. He should have remained longer. Im sure even despite health condition concerns from WWE, that Duggan would have gladly remained slightly longer, in a fuller capacity to help put another star over.

With 10 more to go, #20 came in the form of someone who had "a hunch", with seconds to announcing the 20th man, Michael Cole was officially pencilled in as numero 20. Instantly disrobing, taking time, of course, Cole unvieled his attire, looking slightly well, in the putrid orange get up. Though, it works, doesn't it? (Attire, that is.)

HaHaHaHaHaHa!! The crowd boomed. #21 came. The third woman to enter the Royal Rumble was none other than a returning Kharma! Sending shivers down anyone and everyones spines, Kharma was focused. Walking with her steady Medusa gaze, glared into Cole's petrified eyes. Upon entering the ring, walking towards her prey, Kharma felt a strike towards her. Unbroken, but aware, Kharma turned, seeing Dolph Ziggler challenging her aura, grabbed him and hurled him up high into the finisher - The Faithbreaker. (Ironic) Yet still the WWE Universe do not know what it is called, due to WWE not verbally communicating it in any way on TV. Joining Michelle McCool, Maryse, Eve and the like, Ziggler got Kharma'd!

Yes. That is Kharma drilling Dolph Ziggler.
The KDD - Kharma Dolph Drop!

Once Ziggler was dealt with, Kharma continued to Cole, re-enacting the Kane/Drew Carey moment from 2001, Cole clambered over the ropes in fear, with Kharma preying onto him like a heavy wind breathing down him with her domineering gaze. Lawler an Booker wouldull both Cole's legs away from him to gain elimination after both lost out before him.

Taking her piercing eyes off the ball, Ziggler returned with Karma of his own and nailed the returning Woman over the top rope. Kharma recieved the biggest pop, yet held less than two minutes in the match. Another wasted spot, seeing as Kharma's premice had many angles and with size, menace and prowress, could have tangled longer with, and posed serious threat to the rest of the boys. She also has more of an interest than most, if not all the characters in the WWE, on its very roster. Food for thought.

Kharma's a coming for YOU!

After Kharma was cleared, The Great White, Sheamus strode down the aisle to join the match. Delivering the non-descript, powerhouse moves once again in stylistic WWE fashion. Hit one, hit next one, hit other one. All down, Pose. Then get out of shot.

We didn't know!
The 23rd man was former attitude era cohort Road Dogg! Previously returning at the Slammys on Raw a month ago, in December.  Dogg, who was legit as a nostalgia entry, played in the 2012 version of WWE.

24 and 25 saw Jey Uso and Jack Swagger hurtle down the ramp. Jey, with Jimmy for encouragement, up the ramp filled the 'we need jobbers' patch. Swagger, still United States champion, having no hope in hell of winning this match, came also. Both were uninteresting.

26 saw the Barrett Barrage cometh. Wade Barrett, the man whom crushed former favourite, Randy Orton with injury in December, came to fight.

Following him was speculation. Out came David Otunga. Yes. Otunga was booked. No one cared.

So #28 picked it up towards the nearing end of entrants. Hometown hero Randy Orton! Orton returned, making a beeline for Barrett. Quickly eliminating Wade with ease, Orton gathered momentum at the pivitol moment - when the Rumble dies down for the next big entry. Orton also dropped Rhodes and Ziggler with the double rope DDT, which gave both stars a chance to play with an established WWE entity while maintaing their placement. This built the pair of them, and didn't harm them. Many should look back on how to do so from these tangles in the past for encouragement to getting over.

Two spots left. Christian? Undertaker? Zack Ryder? Doink the clown?

#29 dimmed the lights rapidly. DOOF! The arena sparkled. The man who returned on the 2nd January Raw to immense hype, whom has bearly spoke a word, entered to screaming girls and some hetro "Y2J's". Chris Jericho retuned to have his first major and grandest match back in the WWE. Y2J has never looked better. The body is a testament to that. And slightly washboard. :p

Trickle of sweat down there?

All Jericho needs now to complete the package, pardon the pun, is to have sparkly lights around his tights. They cannot match the jacket as plain tights. Make it work!

So 29 men have entered. 1 left. Jericho, being lined up for a Wrestlemania match with the Undertaker (which is a viable and more efficient booking), (Future post coming), would have started to lay foundations here for that. No beginning with the CM Punk angle, neither. The road to Wrestlemania did not begin.

Number 30 arrived. None other than, Big Show. Yes. Big Show. A man who was in the beginning match and, we are meant to believe had gained a spot in the Rumble. How exactly? So, who, in storyline terms, did he take the place from? Show was also involved in the World title match, above all else. WWE cannot give you an answer. Though McMahon understands with passion that to work angles you must adhere to them by remaining off TV or if in PPV match, non entry to the Rumble unless per stipulation (Lesnar, B :2003).

Do you remember him?

But being a big build, which McMahon favours, without a clue how to book it, decided it was the way forward. So Show is in.

Upon entry he came and instanly, and absurdedly double clotheslined The Miz AND Cody Rhodes to elimination. The WWE Universe were pissed, baffled and lost faith in the WWE. That a man of Big Show destroyed two strengthened stars in the WWE, whom are ever growing into their roles was inconceivable and destructive.

This has left an even bigger question mark over the running of WWE as a credible entity, more than anything else that happened in 2011. Well done.

To further add to this lunacy. Dolph Ziggler was hurled out next, also.

The final four were left. Big Show, Randy Orton, Chris Jericho and Sheamus.

That Big Show remained was a crying shame to all in the Universe, the locker-room and the WWE. So, Orton, hometown and fan favourite to win (since decided three months ago), Jericho, being discussed for a Punk/WWE title clash at 'Mania, and Sheamus, a man whom spent the most part of the year in tired angles with Christian, perfoming only one move as a powerhouse, and gym buddy to Triple H, as a failed King last year, were the final options.

Orton shortly felled Big Show, then to mass shock, though good procedure to send one of the two big characters out, Randy Orton was dispatched by Jericho. Orton had previously written off Jericho from TV, if anyone isn't supposed to remember.

Orton, did not need it, as Wrestling Wonders has expressed previously. He has more chances further on, as he himself expressed in an interview before the match.

Jericho V Sheamus. It was on. Sheamus was almost quickly eliminated, though did the rope hold on technique. Feet didn't touch the floor. It was soon to be Jericho's turn. Both were given time to have their worked match. As a Rumble match, it needed a third man to add the contrast, though the principal of two having time to tussel is a favourable move. With many counters to elimination and slight wrestling credentials, this was entertaining for the booking procedure, though it was boring to a degree in the ring.

Of course, the Rumble specualtion remained the priority to what fans were most interested in. It would have been preferable, however, that two new stars would be the final two, further enhancing at the silver anniversary, that the company is taking new direction, as well as enarmouring the favoured winner with a high sense of direction to developing for the company fruitfully. The second man as loser would still 'win'.

After Brogue Kicks and Codebreakers, Jericho found himself on the apron over the ropes holding on as Sheamus thought he bagged it. A Brogue Kick from the Celtic Warrior nailed Y2J in the face and shock to the Universe, sent Jericho, the new fan favourite of the two, off the apron to the mats below, signalling the Irishman's victory.

Brogue Kick for yer fella!

Sheamus won the 2012 Royal Rumble, in its 25th year. What an opportunity. Given to someone undeserving and waivered in the minds of those watching and meant to invest in this character, as a champion, no less.

Sheamus wins Wrestlemania main event

Daniel Bryan just got screwed. If you think Sheamus, the new face of Smackdown, and a new star to stand alongside Orton, will move to Raw, which is already overloaded with Cena, Punk, Ziggler and Jericho, you would be mistaken.

Smackdown has Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan. Sheamus was meant to be in 2011. Though he is still up there already clarifies the Rumble victory was unneccssary and worthless. He could be inserted into a title picture tomorrow, without the Rumble guarantee. Those who do not have that guarantee, whom need to climb the ladder, like that of Money In The Bank, are the ones this match is designed for. The reason buy rates are high, is due to the Rumble match alone. Though numbers dip due to its booking principals.

Cody Rhodes was given the most eliminations, though bafflingly dismayed at the last hurdle, along with The Miz, whom was intended to recieve higher respect from the audience as prestigious number 1.

Lawler, Otunga, Jey Uso, Big Show and Dolph Ziggler should have been omitted. Add Ezekiel Jackson, Primo, Epico and Kofi Kingston and Jack Swagger and there would be 10 spots vacated for other worthy stars.

Epico, Primo and Kingston, along with Mason Ryan, whom Kofi tagged with after Bourne became belligerent. could have placed in a tag match. Swagger could have defended the US title. And the card would not have been overloaded, with what was also currently on it.

Those matches went on too long in places.

After entering 30 men and those still not in it, you realise that WWE actually have more than 30 men capable on its roster. Though it negated that with booking daft or unworthy and unbelievable to ascend stars in it which had no credibility. Cole was a credit to the Kharma angle placement, though if others are announcing, they should stick to it. All 3 were eliminated in space of each other, where non of them supported the match type nor its structure. 

Triple H's no call up of talent unless their is a strong stroyline awaiting them is the correct approach. Though it needs to start thinking of some. Rollins and Ambrose are two who could have began a strong WWE career of the bat of Rumble with a strong idea. Often classed by some Universers as "Lazy Booking".

What we want to see next? 

A woman to last a long time in the Rumble. Perhaps Natalya will gain the honour next year. In the final 4 or 5 would suffice. It is not as crazy as it seems, especially regarding the way its been booked every year. Any superstar enter the match and not be tossed out in less than or just over 3 minutes in length. A creation of superstars aiming to break out to strengthen the position of Upper tier, mid card, lower card, and power jobber. Feud or feuds created off the bat of a match that features so many 'egos' that it is inevitable others while be disgruntled with some. Forming tag teams from it. Cutting stupid gimmick angles like the John Morrison/Kofi Kingston hopping antics. It devalues the characters, and the match. Random selection and working the match around the combatants already involved by random number selection. A number 2 victory. A number 3 victory. A number 17 victory. No one in a previous match on the card. 

WWE design the rumble rehearsals numerous times to a fine tee, and select whom removes who from the battle. Cody Rhodes was awarded the honour of most eliminations. Though was downplayed with no outlook to his future off this diverted road.

So who benefited? 

Trying to think is hard. No match was sufficient, though only Daniel Bryan held his competence. All individual matches were rotten. And of the Rumble? Sadly NO - ONE benefited. Which makes that an utter disgrace. No lines were opened up. Sheamus won, but did not have any influence. Everyone truly jobbed. Rhodes had nothing to go on. Miz was dropped after presented with a chance. Orton came and went. Jericho had his moment from his month long return, saddled with building another star. For that WWE should be ashamed. Royal Rumble is one of the biggest and most superlative support systems to a future. They took that away from everyone. How can you claw that back? Serious damage control needed now more than ever. You really need to now implement change in more than just one factor or dimension. Showcase you listen and cut the dictatorial decisions, or their wont be a future in sight.

Imma Gunna Win the Royal Rumbles!!

Hey, maybe next year, SantinA Marella will stage a comeback. Rock on Sista! 

Men/Women of their matches - Daniel Bryan, Natalya, Kane, CM Punk, Brodus Clay, Cody Rhodes

Man/Woman of the PPV - Kharma

PPV Rating - 4/10

Name-Number Eliminated-Bested by

Alex Riley (1), R-Truth (2) - The Miz
Primo (3), Epico (6) - Mick Foley
Justin Gabriel (4) - Mick Foley and Ricardo Rodriguez
Ricardo Rodrigeuz (5) - Santino Marella
Santino Marella (7), Mick Foley (8), Jerry Lawler (9) Jim Duggan (12) - Cody Rhodes
Jinder Mahal (10), Ezekiel Jackson (11) - The Great Khali
Booker T (13), The Great Khali (14) - Cody Rhodes and Dolph Ziggler
Kharma (17) - Dolph Ziggler
Michael Cole (15) - Jerry Lawler and Booker T
Hunico (16) - Kharma
Kofi Kinston (18) Chris Jericho (29) - Sheamus
Road Dogg (19) - Wade Barrett
Jey Uso (20), Wade Barrett (21) Big Show (27) - Randy Orton
David Otunga (22), Randy Orton (28) - Chris Jericho
Jack Swagger (23), Cody Rhodes (24), The Miz (25), Dolph Ziggler (26)- Big Show

 ©  Max Waltham 2nd February 2012

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