Monday, 30 January 2012

The Miz to win Royal Rumble (2012) as #1?

The Miz's Golden (Royal Rumble)
Ticket To Smackdown

After losing a match to R-Truth on the January 23rd Raw, the loser (The Miz) would gain the #1 spot in the Rumble match itself. Is being number 1 really meant to be that derogatory? Even when they claim the likes of Shawn Michaels (1995) , the invisible ink of the other guy, no one is meant to mention (2004) and those who came in at number 2. HBK even offered some advice to Miz in the week running up to it on Twitter.

Lest we forget that although the blind hype is that #1 is the winning spot that claims all, what people fail to realise is that entry #2 is exactly the same as #1. As both enter at the same time. #1 clearly dominates ego.

Who else bagged as #2 then? Vince McMahon (1999) and Rey Mysterio (2006) own those spots.

Technically, 4 men won from the beginning.

Most of the Universe aren’t best pleased that numbers 1 and 30 are constantly booked in today’s age as derogatory, or by means of hatred, (GM/boss revenge booking etc…) They used to remember the days when a man would go through the 28 other men in a battle that heightened the match, how they were eliminated, and whom it built as well as owning an honour to be among, having the hard slog battle to victory, in something that was designed to be a triumph in every sense of the word.

The majority of everyone in the match were also potentials to win, regardless of whether they did or not.

So, no one can see it coming. Though, if The Miz is #1, he has no chance, right? Miz, by default could actually gain the victory, as #1, regaining prestige and ranking, as well as being the blindsided, un-obvious choice due to the Orton, Ziggler, Jericho hype. Gaining the win, Miz would also then be able to use it wisely.

No-one has contemplated the the fact that The Miz, can use this win to challenge World Champion, Daniel Bryan, re-establish his worth, as well as levelling up Bryan and the World title, which would also give Miz a possible move to Smackdown. (Or at least test the waters, before the annual draft, should it return). (Smackdown stars can only challenge for Smackdown titles, though WWE undid this with the Big Show, whom was a Raw superstar.)

These decisions are what have cost WWE many audience respect. They put the title on Show, whom was not a legal Smackdown superstar. 

Regardless, this may be the potential earner that The Miz needs. Of course, WWE, whom get lost in the build up of Royal Rumble, being busy to shape the card, tend to overlook the simplistic principal that it was designed for - to create stars, more than one, with added opportunity to retain their repertoire. The Miz, Jericho, Orton, Barrett, and others have the potential to create feuds or an extra characteristic to their Television selves. With new talent also on the horizon coming in, WWE need to make sure they do not allow the perfect opportunity to slip them by, seeing as this Rumble tends to be the most organised with idea than in previous years.

Of course, you could always throw in The Rock, meaning Cena would lift CM Punk’s title shortly. However, Rock/Cena should not be for the title at ‘Mania. It is too obvious, will ruin the outcome expectancy and devalue what they are fighting for - not the title, but the honour of hating each other enough to deliver the audience a wrestling match based on two personalities. Sometimes, the title clouds certain judgement calls. This is grand enough, it has no need for the title, which will always be booked as secondary, therefore becoming irrelevant.

With The Miz over on Smackdown, able to escape the clutches of Cena (unless he moves over) MIzanin has wider options. Filled with younger, respected stars coming into their own on the blue brand, the outlook for opponents would indeed be fresh.

Max Waltham 30th January 2012

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