Friday, 13 January 2012

Evan Bourne divides supreme team

Evan Bourne divides supreme team

Evan Bourne has come under scrutiny further on from his 30 day suspension back in November where he gained his first wellness policy violation for smoking a substance irregular to the policy conditions.

R-Truth, whom smoked the drug with Bourne, was also suspended one month after Evan’s time out. Recently Triple H, natural successor to Vince McMahon in the near future, confronted Bourne backstage. Bourne, currently on C Brand Superstars, is scheduled for Raw 'returns' in February. Delays seem to be expected  further.
Tripper made clear to Bourne with his dominance backstage blaming Bourne as the sole reasoning for R-Truth’s violation leaking out into the media.

Evan Bourne however, has a support system in the form of Stephanie McMahon.

So, are WWE then aiming to inform us that they would be willing to cover up a more favourable superstar in the main spotlight event? A double standard, perhaps, though the truth, pardon the pun, will always out.

Should WWE 'brush it under the carpet', how would the company be seen once in immense disrepute than originally giving a 30 day slap to the wrist?

Would Triple H prefer to abandon his morals for company representation, even though he states to Bourne he wishes for exactly that?

WWE do not prefer any negative media attention given to them from their superstars, however placing the blame on the lesser man is ‘advisable’ to those in suits un-attentive to the fact that the implosion would have been far greater from hiding those key elements.

Ask your father in law if you should downplay or distort facts on drug policies, and see his response. Circa: 1991

The 1991 trial almost brought the company infrastructure to its knees, so then ask yourself, would it really have been better to blame one small man and then have a HUGE combustion revealed that blows all the walls off your house, taking every livelihood you could possibly hope for with it, just so you could shield a month or two program with current, in place stars which would then shatter everything worked for by continual program placement?

Although she gave us the very bad decision of John Cena, if she truly thought deeper into the process of producing stars, no-one would ever dream of saying out load these very words…

Stephanie McMahon may be our only hope for a beneficial, fresh and newer product laden with transferable stars who come from nothing and are made to favourites, thanks to the very creators themselves – the WWE Universe.

© Max Waltham 13th January 2012

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