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Wrestling Wonders Year End Awards 2015

Wrestling Wonders 
Year End Awards 

Welcome to the annual awards of 2015. The only respectful Awards honours in Wrestling which everyone should hope to win. Being nominated is as much a privilege as winning. All the hard work and skills will be honoured with due respect here. There are no imitations.

Awards given and written on 02nd January 2016.

Seth Rollins, Cesaro, Rusev, Yamato, Minoru Suzuki

A fine collection of worthy nominees see Seth Rollins become the unstoppable force that was once denounced as worthy, but Wrestling Wonders' first choice inspired WWE to give him the push in the right direction. Rollins paid dividends and become the rock WWE needed in a time of strife. Seth Rollins is this year's Wrestler of the Year. 

Cesaro came a close second with his skills and technique but fell short for the award despite being the best skilled wrestler of 2015, as Rollins had the overall appointment at the top. He would not be outdone though, and proved even as downtrodden he could be the one everyone came to see.

Yamato trudged through the bad booking of Dragon Gate and turned his tag team placement into a real winner outshining everyone on its roster. DG still continue to dismiss him for heavyweight gold he should have won by now a year ago.

Rusev improved and Minoru Suzuki gained the greatest achievement being more championship value over his comedy routine and balancing the two together. Rusev places 4th as Suzuki 5th. 

Lana, Stephanie McMahon, Nikki Bella, Sasha Banks, Nicole Matthews

This year's Woman of the year is without doubt Nikki Bella. She toppled AJ Lee's reign as champion, regardless of skill, and crafted a place for herself with some real characterisation. There wasn't much competition her way and that helped her along.

Stephanie McMahon continues to come up short despite her grand efforts to reach the top. As the belligerent boss and nasty lady who plays disingenuous games under her family wing with staff, Steph does have stage presence. Sadly for Steph, her acting is somewhat left of the middle and needs more refining moments with less bark.

Sasha Banks made herself rise above despite being put on the backburner. Lana took credible 4th but dipped over the dire feud with Rusev/Dolph Ziggler and the Summer Rae love triangle, which saw Ziggler's white bits in a towel on Raw

Nicole Matthews proved herself capable for SHIMMER Women's Athlete's in becoming its new face as SHIMMER Women's Champion.

Daniel Bryan, Dean Ambrose, Suwama, Volador Jr, Kota Ibushi

The Hero of the year is Kota Ibushi. Able to work wonders in either sway, and fan favourite with lovable in-ring work, the man has it all in abundance which put all contenders to shame. There was no-one else worthy. Work with YOSHIHIKO also continued his skill and fun thrills for fans.

Volador Jr impressed with high flying skill, grace and ring work. 3rd was Dean Ambrose as 4th was Daniel Bryan. Suwama took 5th.

Seth Rollins, Rusev, Minoru Suzuki, Yamato, Jun Akiyama

There was no other. Rusev won hands down with his National Pride storyline. The irony is that this Villain was cheered over John Cena in their competitive rivalry. Rusev improved his skills and looked like the mighty foe he needed to be, with the greatest of presence.

Jun Akiyama breezed into second, becoming the stand out bully come champion All Japan needed at a time of refreshing the company.

Yamato held 3rd while Seth Rollins dipped into 4th, for being too much of a stooge with The Authority, which harmed him than helped. Minoru Suzuki holds a credible 5th. 

Sasha Banks Vs Bayley (IronMan, 22 Aug, WWE), Tomoaki Honma Vs Tomohiro Ishii (Power Struggle, 07 Nov, NJPW), Cesaro Vs Rusev (Raw, 06 Jul, WWE), Kota Ibushi Vs Katsuyori Shibata (29 July, DDT), Seth Rollins Vs Brock Lesnar Vs John Cena (Royal Rumble, 25 Jan, WWE)

Sasha Banks and Bayley put on a magical and encouraging IronMan match on WWE's developmental brand NXT but was it enough to tip the scales? 

The match of the year was the defining Royal Rumble Triple Threat match with workhorse Seth Rollins proving to be main event calibre even though WWE dismissed him originally. John Cena was lucky to be a part of the bout and played his part well as Brock Lesnar looked more of a beast than ever thanks to Rollins' powerful storytelling in the match. Without Rollins it would have been a huge flop. Everyone seemed invigorated and the audience were treated to a real chance of wrestling joy. There was no other contender. 

Bayley and Sasha take a credible second. Tomoaki Honma and Tomohiro Ishii created strong prowess over the over side of the ocean with a captivating one on one battle at Power Struggle. 

Cesaro and Rusev turned up trumps on Raw in a random but well needed boost for the product and audience in wrestling with one of the best regular matches of the year. WWE rally needs to respect the pair more.

Kota Ibushi and Katsuyori Shibata would not be outdone and put on a strong show in their DDT match on July 29th which provided skill, joy and valued respect to the sport.

John Cena/Rusev (National Pride, WWE), Go Shiozaki/Joe Doering (Title Hunt, AJPW), Sasha Banks Vs Bayley (Title Hunt, WWE), Brock Lesnar / The Undertaker (Beyond the Streak supremacy, WWE) Dean Ambrose Vs Seth Rollins (Old friends battle again, WWE)

2015 was rather short on feuds and most only came from WWE. Others were just regular matches and WWE stalled on its feuds after the main bias of its regular top tier stars. 

The feud of the year goes to Sasha Banks Vs Bayley. The pair put on many exhilarating matches in NXT and captivated audiences with tender and skilful mat play. The pair have such talent in abundance which WWE is stalling to impress with. The title chase between the pair took centre stage and the action was not skimped upon either.

Rusev and John Cena's National Pride was a tense rivalry that could have had troubling political implications but the pair played their parts very well, over the US title, no less, boosting the intensity. Rusev's golden mouthpiece Lana was loved for her legs and her promo skills. She was the perfect valet that shone Rusev from the rafters, who was left to improve the action in the ring, which he achieved. Rusev was constantly cheered instead of booed against WWE's hero John Cena, which hey were not expecting.

Go Shiozaki and Joe Doering's title chase for Shiozaki's eventual win was an early and intriguing story that pleased with the victory after a smoothly tense standoff. It did enough to encourage among heavy hitters above. 

The Undertaker proved to be the supreme force that is ultimately respected for all his plaudits. The continued battles with Brock Lesnar, despite dragging somewhat, were elevated by the skills of The Phenom and Paul Heyman's excellent promos. Lesnar occasionally added some graft but looked quite distilled in places. 

Not really a feud but the old rivalry of Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose brought back a few good matches and really shone on their Pay Per View collision. for them less is more worked but the previous year marred them by being too heavily overdone. They made good on such limitations. 

Corey Hollis, Dragon Lee III, Mike Mitchell 'M3', TJ Marconi, Elliot Sexton

A sterling and growing batch of new stars emerging for the wrestling scene filled 2015 with these five. The rookie of the year, however, who shone in his excellence, power and skills was Elliot Sexton. Finally proving himself worthy and lifting titles as Heavyweight champion overseas in Australia signified the skills and showed them tenfold in the ring. Certainly a growing prospect that has earned his rise after many hardworking years.

Mike Mitchell 'M3' has grown further in his role as the fun loving Exercise guru with his partner as well as on his own in entertaining and skilled scenarios that can only prove testament to his shining skillset often undervalued.

Dragon Lee III has boosted onto the scene with a new, fresh look for a cruiserweight lucahdor style that has pleased some fans, showing promise if correct options play out.

Corey Hollis has been a growing rookie relatively new to the scene but needs to be careful where he places his talent among. His skills are technically well placed for starting out but needs to have some maturity in business decisions and his opponents if ever to push forward with a future.

TJ Marconi has developed into an entertaining, new and beefy challenger that continues to please fans with such brute force and entertaining moments.

Personality / Game Changer
Curtis Axel, Big Show, Rusev, Minoru Suzuki, YOSHIHIKO

The winner of this award can be either someone who has become a stand out personality or changed the way of wrestling in a way that was renowned.

All five are worthy contenders but this year's winner is the Big Show. The man finally took constructive criticism on board (from this writer) and developed into a challenger with improved and skilful matches with a new surge of force. Promo's were better, skills were improved and he actually cared about the matches he put on. His Last Man Standing match with Roman Reigns made him the man of the match. Hopefully he will keep it up. Big Show, in 2015, never looked better. 

Curtis Axel and his mainstream run of debacle over the Royal Rumble elimination still kept him worthy even though WWE have quietly dropped what could have continually been its biggest angle to date in recent years. Do WWE even care anymore? Axel did and so did the fans. It still sits atop the pecking order to this day. Until something is done properly, no-one forgets and respect is lost, alongside ratings, of course.

Rusev's strong presence, alongside Lana, landed third. Minoru Suzuki's heavyweight title win put him atop the roost in the Japanese scene but lost some traction with NOAH's misplaced management with ignorance from Naomichi Marufuji. Doubling up as owner and performer proved wayward.

YOSHIHIKO stunned audiences and became a focal point that embarrassed almost 80% of wrestlers today with stunning matches and good opponents. 

Tyson Kidd, Big Show, Go Shiozaki, Dr Wagner Jr, Curtis Axel

A difficult choice, but the comeback kid is Curtis Axel. The man still remains a Royal Rumble entrant over a whole year almost and has made the character his own, even if WWE hate him for it. Hey, it was WWE who messed it up, but Axel made a goldmine out of it. Maybe a Royal Rumble victory and two entries will give him his crowning glory. If he can guide the Rock to the main attraction, surely Axel can main event? Have faith WWE.

Tyson Kidd boosted his position with his tag team with Cesaro and turbulent relationship with wife Natalya. It was his most impressive year to date. 

Big Show's improvement was outstanding and made himself a standout figure everyone was looking for years ago. Let's hope he can maintain a good standard as he has attempted to improve on, which can only be respected. 

Go Shiozaki returned to the highest honour after the original setback of injury before title win took a mild backfoot last year. 

Dr Wagner Jr stuck to his position and held firm values refusing others who planned to control his choices. The title wearer of exceptional value and skill managed to perform comfortably on the independent scene and was thoroughly respected outside of bullying company bosses out of touch with the current flow of the sport and its branded product direction. 

Tag Team
Tyson Kidd and Cesaro, Yamato and Naruki Doi, reDragon (Bobby Fish andKyle O'Reilly), The New Day (Kofi Kingston and Big E), The Vaudevillians (Aiden English and Simon Gotch)

Hands down Cesaro and Kidd lit a firecracker under the tag team division and boosted a much needed surge of fresh energy and charisma never before seen anywhere in WWE. The pair worked for others, got them over and rose to the occasion as the only force to be reckoned with in the tag scene. The pair were the perfect appointment at a time of need.

Yamato and Doi filled in second as New Day took 3rd. 4th were The Vaudevillians as reDragon just slipped in at 5.

Pay Per View
Extreme Rules (WWE), Payback (WWE), SHIMMER Vol. 77 (SHIMMER Women's Athletes) , Saitama Slam (DDT), The Power of Wrestling (AJPW)

Wrestling took a brief hiatus in producing good cards and character attractions were not a selling point for cheap nomination, either. 

Extreme Rules was WWE's best Pay Per View of its year and overall. Scoring a mega 9/10 with Wrestling Wonders' reviewer Max Waltham, it had all that was needed to encourage and impress the fans. The Last Man Standing match, Seth Rollins and woman of the PPV, Naomi, shone beyond what WWE needed. The shame on WWE is that it fails to respect the talent that made that PPV its highest achievement of the year. It is no wonder ratings have plummeted. 

Payback was a close follow up but Extreme Rules ran away with it. 

SHIMMER crowned its new champion Madison Eagles in her second run as champion in another tightly laced card that showed an all woman's roster can be just as good, if not better, than male dominance in the field. 

All Japan's Power of Wrestling and DDT's Saitama Slam took respected 4th and 5th places. Their card's were top notch and stood out over the mainstream fandom choices that failed to invigorate.

Seth Rollins (Naked Pics), Stone Cold Steve Austin (HHH/Chyna domestic abuse comments and manslaughter of Roddy Piper over Podcast), Dixie Carter (Multiple) New Day (No Positivity) Hulk Hogan (Racism and Homophobia)

You would think an inadvertent murderer would win, but every year Dixie Carter manages to come up trumps. Dixie Carter wins the award for the fourth year in a row. Allowing her company to completely disintegrate and become a washed away afterthought was plainly embarrassing. Failing to pay her staff, arrested talent appearing on TV tapings, the James Storm angle, changing networks because no-one wanted her awful management of the show and the roster and all her stars jumping ship, Dixie could not push her ego aside. Instead of getting those that could help her fix the company, her arrogant attitude pushed her closer towards the precipice. There is no going back for TNA and its days are well and truly numbered. Dixie's management meltdown's, attacking fans online and outright lying about TNA while being completely delusional has sealed TNA's fate. 

Stone Cold caused the manslaughter of WWE Legend Roddy Piper who suffered heart problems due to the stress of his Podcasting abuse because Piper and a comedian discussed a throwaway comment of Austin which was fair game discussion. Stone Cold, the domestic abuser who quit on WWE three times, after Wrestlemania, no less, ordered the same company both podcasted for, to shut Piper down. Piper's body shut down weeks later. Austin was rewarded by WWE as the face of its new video game instalment and a regular host on the WWE Network. No charges have yet been filed. Charming.

Hulk Hogan showed his true colours with his purile, disgusting abuse tolerance towards black people and homosexuals over 2015. Uneducated Hogan, who is desperate for media attention even turned himself into a victim over the comments to try and edge his way back into WWE, who rightfully fired him on the spot from his Legends contract. Hogan is still seeking media appearances as a victim, mocking the real people he insulted once again. He also compared AIDS to thin looking celebrities, including pop star Cheryl Fernandez Versini, who is suffering some bout of anorexia. 

Seth Rollins had a lucky escape from the above stealing the limelight. He made having some majestic images of his manhood not much of a big deal despite his infidelity backstage on his partner. At least he gave something back to the delighted and moderately appreciative WWE Universe. 

Triple H, Chris Jericho, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Lashley, Paige

Where to begin? As mentioned in the Goofball above, Stone Cold Steve Austin wins this one. His abuse of Roddy Piper and attempts to make money by abusing someone else are shady, tacky and disgraced actions to get a pay day with podcasts and video games. He, alongside WWE, who have a history of violence, should be utterly ashamed. WWE still continue to reward the vile abuser, making domestic abuse and general bullying entirely acceptable. Advertisers should pull out of those deals seeing as WWE don't plan to hold any accountability.

Paige held a second place entry being the most ignorant, disgraced superstar on television. Ignorance of the highest order who loves to cuddle bearded midgets across the pond, also used a dead wrestler from the Flair family, approved by Charlotte, WWE and Ric Flair, to build up an angle of cheap heat. The skimpy goth legginged, pale diva proved to be no lady. She also assaulted fans while singing karaoke with Alicia Fox in a bar with fluid and swore at a WWE PR event among its top brass.  WWE need to sack her immediately and wash their hands. She never wrestles anyway.

Triple H really did risk a lot this year purposely or naively choosing to hire ignorance with stern advice not too. Was he being clever or plain idiotic? Either way, Triple H went from credible WWE booker to complete liability that harmed every part of the product with his fandom choices and personal friends catapulted onto WWE TV. Every one of Triple H's personal pet projects has been a dismal failure and this year was the worst. The man who never listens and fails to clean up WWE as he so claims is making a serious error at a WWE future. All ignorance must be cleansed. Triple H's ego and his opinion of running WWE has come into disrepute with fans, who now see him as a failed mark than a smark abusing power for his pals, who will never make it big in WWE, regardless of all the tinted gloss shone their way.

Chris Jericho forever plays the victim to get some headlines, who should plainly just go away and leave everyone else to wrestle and speak. Jericho is not needed in 2015 and beyond. He only wants a pay check. Lashley ignorantly disgraced himself at the top of his game with a tawdry fanzine magazine overseas that did nothing for him and exposed his disgraced behaviour after being given a great accolade by this British wrestling writing pioneer.

Cesaro, Seth Rollins, Ethan Carter III, Dean Ambrose, Eli Drake

After some stiff competition, this year's Hotty of the year is reigning champion for the third year running, Cesaro! a hat trick for the award sees the Swiss hunk with sultry stance, fine hairs and smooth hazelnut body melt like butter for all fans alike. Topped off with his outstanding wrestling skills like a glace cherry on top, this vanilla compote takes the cream with it. Delicious.

Sethie Rollins stormed into second with some equally competitive chest hair, smooth locks and whipper-snapping momentum. A close second, these two are totally on to each other's tails as contenders in all areas, not just the gold championships of WWE.

Dean Ambrose's mishap with torn shirt exposing his man boobs was initially low key but propelled him above the challengers to a respectable third. Those man boobs droves audiences wild, and some have called for more flesh on show in future.

Ethan Carter III became the hunky necessity with gold standards TNA needed, but it took a while to get started, which lost him a lot of momentum in being a full on hunk than making up for TNA's management errors in promos. All the same, he still put in credible hotness where needed to keep fans watching.

Eli Drake may be a newish blue chipper on the scene but despite being mishandled by TNA, has pushed himself into a desirable, fun loving guy with a cheeky mood and charming boy next door approach. The smiles, the moods and the charisma oozes from his sweaty, glistening pectorals, which help the drooling fans and respecting lovers keep focus on the delightful wannabe boyfriend material. 

Manspreader (Open Legs)
Cesaro, Eli Drake, Seth Rollins, Tyson Kidd, Paul London

The Open Legs award has been renamed the Manspreader award.

It was very encouraging to see so many people try for a nomination and there have been more contenders this year than ever, but we have to whittle them down to just five, so we are thrilled with the entries. Well done to all who participated and perhaps next year will be your year. Maybe something more creative might give you the edge. 

2015 was certainly the year, whether intended or not.

With a huge level of competition and overwhelming choice (which is most encouraging to see wrestlers care enough) this year's winner is reigning two time champ Cesaro! Once again, the Swiss superman stunned with his classy, not too overdone and moderately appealing teases. It was tasteful, classy and professional. Cesaro's in-ring psychology is even placed so perfectly into this setting that makes him a formidable opponent.

Seth again comes runner up to Cesaro. The two fighters are back and forth but Seth's unintended leaks of pic's (not shown here but can be seen elsewhere online) were not fully in-ring open but nevertheless so appealing to fans that felt it was time the wrestling community got something back. Seth had a good size and proportionate piece which made fans of all WWE and wrestling loving happy. Seth Rollins brought much happiness to many in 2015 with this, even if he was being a little bit adulterous.

Paul London also made waves on an indie show in the middle of the year, with an accidental testicle popping out. (Explicit content below. Don't freak out, it's not that crazy and worse is on YouTube, Google. This is always a respectable site.) 

Eli Drake gave a good challenge when put through a table in a TNA match in the GIF below. 

Tyson Kidd knows how to crouch with a tender piece of thigh and leaves something to the imagination. 

Randy Orton, Cesaro, Randy Summers, Elliot Sexton, Alex Riley

Cesaro has lost his defending crown on this one. It was tough but Elliot Sexton's match against James Shaw falling short on a roll up eight minutes in exposing his cheeky derrière and wrestling the remaining match juggling his eggs for fans was a sure winner. Pert, contained and stylishly done, while keeping his opponent and the match anticipation keen, Elliot Sexton has pipped all the competition in a shock but surprisingly thrilling victory for 2015! (A link to the full match will be placed on our YouTube Channel with the week, so check it out then. Here's the channel link -  Wrestling Wonders' YouTube channelSubscribe!)

Randy Orton's Wrestlemania moment with crisp, fine rounded moments and a full on, professional glance was a sure fire winner, until pipped at the post by Sexton. What perfection that moment was for many, and a strong runner up.

There was even more of a contest when Alex Riley, the previously initial winner four years ago, put himself back into the list with a back lying, legs akimbo, roll up moment. Maybe he should be called King of the Rollup now. Great distance and proportionate skill in wideness.

Randy Summers has been a growing force on the independent circuit over this year. As one half of the rising Tag Team Milk Chocolate (With Brandon Watts) Summers' bootyful cheeks were apparent in a power lifting manoeuvre. It looked very well defined and athletic muscle to boot.

Cesaro still lands a respectable fifth with a perfectly placed turn around pinfall with good separation and comfortable poise however dipped considerably to comeptition for his booty crown. Being nominated is a worthy honour for anyone, however. 

Wrestling Wonders' Hall of Fame
Roddy Piper, Dusty Rhodes, Mildred Burke, Gorgeous George, Lou Thesz, Cyndi Lauper, Doug Furnas, Phil LaFon

Infamous for his outlandish behaviour and talented reach, Roddy Piper's charisma outweighed anyone on the roster and joins a handful of greats able of such skill. skits in Piper's Pit were legendary, in-ring work was smooth, technical and daring. Standing out at a time when the roster needed a strong sideshow to the main eventers, Piper was never a plus one. Always making the scene his own and a glorious Intercontinental Champion, Piper raised title prestige and wrestling honour. Every time he graced the ring, fans were in awe. Full of respect, care and love, Piper and his in-ring persona are just as beloved as today transcending the past and always remaining relevant. Roddy Piper is one of the most underrated, massive stars that developed the business to its core today. His influence and power shall never be forgotten and remains the pinnacle of wrestling poise. 

The late Dusty Rhodes was a multiple champion most prolific with his three time NWA World Heavyweight Championship runs. Oozing with charisma, personality and entertainment, Rhodes had many great matches and took centre stage with his strong connection to fans. Not the average build, Rhodes made plus size males have a befitting place in the ring while proving he was more than capable to grace a match and worked harder than most in proving such talents. Whatever may have come up short in the ring, Rhodes made up for with vocal abilities at a time which ran away from the competition but would always make sure he respected his opponent as an equal. 

Mildred Burke was one of the youngest and most spectacular female wrestlers transcending dominance, talent and empowerment. In a time when Women wrestlers were seen as derogatory, the woman would not relent and proved her worth by battling with the big boys proving herself to promoters. Unafraid to get stuck in, Burke's height of her career was winning the Women's Championship independently three times, with the NWA and with the Women's Wrestling Association. She would hold the World Women's championship for nearly an impressive twenty years. Yet another pioneer in stabilising Women's wrestling, Burke was one of the unsung heroes of female wrestling for a generation today.

Gorgeous George started his career often looked down upon for his size at 5 foot 9 and 215 pounds by old age days of wrestling ideals. With his extravagant attire, looks and style, George was quite the cad, eventually marrying in the ring as one of the first to encoproated weddings to wrestling scenes. George would use dirty but classy tactics including infamous perfume using spots with his grand speculation as a compelling draw. His skills and style remain one of the most influential to this very day for scores of generations. 

The master of the press, Lou Thesz spanned a glorious career from the 1930's to the 80's in such a glowing feat bestowing excellence among the wrestling business. Compared to a leopard, swift and smooth in the ring, Thesz defined the NWA and his movesets have been incorporated by many as an act of respect. Thesz was most impressive as the youngest ever world champion, still strong today, at the tender age of just 21. Since then Thesz continued to prove timeless in his illustrious career.

Cyndi Lauper was a ground breaking, instrumental force in the WWF's expansion to worldwide status. Involved in the phenomenal Rock 'n' Wrestling connection, Lauper commited herself to a stint in the WWF. Alongside the esteemed Captain Lou Albano and managing Women's Champion Wendi Richter, Lauper held her own with pure Rock goddess prowress. Unrelenting, part of a powerful connection and responsible for launching pro wrestling into a new era, Lauper is often forgotten for her developments. Wrestling Wonders is proud to honour multi-award winning Lauper in her finest hour that made wrestling great once again for a modern era.

Doug Furnas' career was a vivid one with spells in All Japan, WCW and the NWA before taking higher prominence in the WWF. After strong singles action Furnas found higher glory in his stride with Phil LaFon in the Can-Am Express tag team. Moving from Japan to mainstream WWF, the pair were one of the hottest tag teams of its time with controlled, skillful and classy movesets that encouraged fans to watch with intent. His sad passing in 2012 does not hamper his shining testament to the business today which has shone with flying colours. Furnas continues to be defined by his skills and contributions to professional wrestling fans and critics can only ever truly respect. 

LaFon proved to be as standout as his tag partner Furnas in their most profilic team of the 1990's. The pair drew one of the largest crowds with Kenta Kobashi and Tsuyoshi Kikuchi which hit home tag team values and kept wrestling in a strengthened position overall with brimming talent. The pair took home All Asia Tag tiles, along with WWE and ECW tag gold. Despite short work in places, the pair continued to remain relevant and hold a firm place in developing tag team values paving the way for the following generation. Their talents were sheerly technical, smooth and professional.

Wrestling Wonders is proud and honoured to induct the Class of 2015's outstanding achievements to professional wrestling.

Max Waltham Appreciation

The Max Waltham Appreciation goes to Chyna. Her ability and courage to speak out about domestic violence claims in a troubling environment and against someone like Triple H, in a steady position that could play politics with choices, earns her high levels of respect. Despite the fallout and some repercussions (and the mishap of the Podcast revealing it to begin with) there is still a chance WWE can honour its duty to Chyna and add her to the WWE Hall of Fame, which she thoroughly deserves. 

Strong willed, confident and courageous, Chyna / Joanie Laurer earns our appreciation tenfold. 

Rising Star
Rusev, Dean Ambrose, Minoru Suzuki, Tyson Kidd, Go Shiozaki

This year's Rising Star is Go Shiozaki. Overcoming injury and title ownership which was intended but stalled a year prior, Shiozaki actually came back even better than before and seemingly more invigorated to prove to fans just why he was Triple Crown Championship material. Becoming one of All Japan's top stars and over with the audience solidified his rise in his best year of 2015.

Tyson Kidd rose up with such amazing and renewed spirit with his fresh take on tag team values with Cesaro in the first half of the year. 

Minoru Suzuki took his most defining glory since with a balance of comedy and heavyweight skill as the leading champion across one of Japan's troubled promotions. 

Rusev had a categorical rise and Dean Ambrose was dipping but stayed above the water long enough where it counted to impress enough with fans.

WWE Network Cost ($9.99, WWE), The New Day, (Serenade of Brooklyn, Raw), (WWE), Bray Wyatt/Undertaker,  Post Wrestlemania Raw (WWE), Lana, Refusing John Cena rematch with Rusev (Raw, 23/02/15), Seth Rollins/Paul Heyman  (Jan 15th Smackdown

Paul Heyman's verbal masterclass stood the test of time once again, on behalf of his absent advocate to set up further match building glory with Seth Rollins. Once again, Heyman was electric on the microphone and Rollins played the perfect counterpart to enhance the best talker in the business.

Bray Wyatt and Undertaker's promo building before Wrestlemania was another tantalising but slightly off instalment. Nevertheless it did enough to almost tip the scales and keep the big card event in place at the time.

WWE seemed like they would never stop droning on about that flipping Network Cost. How much? Nine Ninety-niiiiiii-neee... Drummed into the public it became a humourous snooze fest material that fans managed to bounce along with than outright resent. WWE learned not to continually overdo it as they were starting to, which kept it building steadily.

Lana made good on her partnership as Rusev's mouthpiece while New Day's serenade of the Brooklyn crowd with an alternative diss of Sinatra's New York finished up the promo's for this year.

Most Improved
Big Show, Rusev, John Cena, Tyson Kidd, Jessie Godderz

What haven't we been able to say about Big Show this year. Hands down he has chosen to improve and succeed his position in WWE for the better after constructive criticism. Big Show was a standout force in Extreme Rules' Last Man Standing Match which really outshone and boosted Roman Reigns. Show's skills have drastically improved beyond anyone else and is a shining testament of what can be achieved with anyone, with such determination. We congratulate him fully for his progress in 2015.

Rusev was only slightly behind. The pair improved dramatically but Rusev's in-ring skills, better mic work and all round technique was overly impressive and go very close to topping Big Show.

Tyson Kidd and Jessie Godderz improved to much better defined years of their careers in 2015. 

John Cena rings up the rear after being forced to improve his matches with such shoddy opponents which were utterly terrible that Cena proved himself highly capable of being better. 

Daniel Bryan/The Authority (WWE), Go Shiozaki, Title Chase (AJPW), Curtis Axel/ Royal Rumble controversy (WWE), Diva's Revolution (WWE), Lana/Rusev engagement (WWE)

Curtis Axel's Royal Rumble controversy has turned into the best angle for the year, and humourously WWE continued to drop it instead of what would usually be developed into a perfect situation for a star. Fans believe decisions like this have lost WWE not only fans but feel they don't know what to do anymore, creatively. The birth of AxelMania, which will now seek anew branding name, continues to grow strong. If ever there was a time to win and have two entries into the Rumble this year, WWE could make up for it, but fans feel WWE is so clueless that it has no faith in giving Axel, who is more than capable and wrestling royalty the chance to be WWE's much needed and newest star. Instead they have no-one fresh or exciting and rely on green stars like Roman Reigns. Eek.

Go Shiozaki's title chase was exciting and captivating with Joe Doering and deserves more credit at number 2. 

Third comes a very poor diva's Revolution, which had so much promise but then WWE tainted the idea, made by Max Waltham in essence, with an ignorant nobody and a shell of a superstar with no being that ripped the new upcall of divas apart. Everyone else suffered for two oddballs that WWE favoured where the real talent was washed away within less than two months. As a result it is back to square one and no-one is over. Well played, WWE. 

Daniel Bryan and The Authority's angles became tediously boring and strung out. 

Rusev and Lana's real life engagement, which caused upset to WWE offices was a silver lining that abruptly ended the poor Rusev/Dolph Ziggler/Summer Rae story which was plain absurd. 

Neville, Flamita, Kota Ibushi, Tyson Kidd, La Sombra

The best high flyer of the year was Kota Ibushi. With such charisma, effervescent and angelically effortless connections through the air, Ibushi was one graceful Kingfisher. No-one came close this year and such effort was vividly inviting. 

La Sombra dipped to second this year but kept grace and individuality among the Mexican scene. 

Neville brought some flippy momentum to WWE this year as Flamita ripped it up on the independent scene.

Tyson Kidd really went to new heights with Cesaro, but lost some vital time out from injury. 

Stephanie McMahon, Yamato, Ethan Carter III, Seth Rollins, Asuka

There is no denying Asuka's colourful and beautiful ring gear was elaborately flamboyant and stunning. Her effort, culture and skills add magically to the gorgeous garb that demands respect. 

Stephanie McMahon continues hard to try and win this award, which we respect. However, Steph always seems to fall short as runner up despite some elegant and sultry outfits. 

Seth Rollins went a complete 180 on his ring gear from dark delight to shining star in the black to white changeover of pants. Have you not worked it out yet? After put forward by Max Waltham, the man has shone beyond delight, proved himself and looked stunning in the temporary, new style, where both colours work for him. 

Yamato's new look, feathered boa and intense mascara not only encapsulated fans but drove a new surge of skillset and passion from the star. The get up was a gorgeous revelation and managed to reinvent the landscape, which wrestling is all about. 

Ethan Carter III had some moderate and tasteful outfits which slip him comfortably into 5th.

WWE, SHIMMER Women's Athletes, All Japan Pro Wrestling, Dynamic Dream Team, Chikara

Apart from Max Waltham, WWE have no competition. Every other company sank and didn't produce any good wrestling. The management were all over the place, television deals everywhere and no standards that left those companies in a royal mess. None of them are eligible for nomination. The five who made it to the top are all worth nominees based on their merit and stand above the rest in a time of serious flux.

WWE, however for all its successes is starting to lose, take itself too seriously and snub those that boosted it to the top. The company is playing a dangerous game with over infested ignorance and as a result, troubling ratings. With no new stars developed and spates of injuries sidelining almost every top level performer WWE have, times are more strained for them than WWE would like to admit.

If it cannot figure out what or who will make it a success as part of its WWE Family then WWE is likely to suffer loss of fans, critics and experts respect. That is the most damaging for any company to receive. Though many say WWE are creating these problems themselves with its stubborn attitude and misconnected arrogance. 

By default, WWE is the promotion of the year, largely thanks to its improved stars and bankable names that provided entertainment. Though WWE need to boost those it dismisses which makes it succeed instead of ignorant fandom at the hands of those feeling they are in charge so will abuse their power for friends. Fans are leaving and others are annoyed.

SHIMMER proved it can go toe to toe with many as competition and came in second with its all female roster and talented skills that can put the males equally to shame. 

All Japan provided a lot of structural changes that make it entertaining and developing as an upcoming brand once more working wonders with their committed roster proving less can be more.

DDT's comedy and skills earn it 4th as lagging behind is Chikara, who provided some level of alternative entertainment this year. 

The rest were non-eventful and shambolic.

Trophy Case 2015

Until next year, where everyone is eligible for everything if they put themselves to the test, let's see who hopes to win and excel for the best wrestling has to offer in 2016.

© Max Waltham 25th February 2016
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