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Abraham Washington fired from WWE at long last

Max Waltham imposter scribes 
his pink slip with WWE

Abraham Washington was fired by WWE on August 10th. While some fans are supporting the dire rip off character of Max Waltham, the reason Abe was fired has been revealed. Clearing this up below, we will explain as to why racist, intolerable, no mark Washington was rightly booted out.

Washington returned to TV in his most recent outings from a hiatus of nowheredom to play an adaptation of a motivational speaker, come advisor, come knowledgeable force to alter the pro wrestling landscape in every aspect, online and on television, to be mocked up by a shadow of that design.

Washington was seemingly fired for unleashing a rape joke by comparing Titus O Neil, a no hoper, brick built lump devoid of any personally who is still unable to throw himself into a ring post successfully, a basic move from 'wrestling school.' A.W would compare him to a rampant Kobe Bryant, a basketball player who had committed a rape clause. This did not bother McMahon though saw A.W fired nearer to this timing, leaving the dumbass 'Internet wrestling community' to once again spread 'reports' and ' articles' thinking they got a big scoop revealing the wrong information once again. If you want accuracy, stop reading the dumb wrongful 'news' known as idol gossip with no warranted merit. Choose credible sources. We are the only credible one. Everyone tries to outdo us, yet they expose themselves as pointless and inconsistent once more.

Abe couldn't best a laughing hippo

WWE, who have inducted a rapist into the WWE Hall of Fame this year, in the field of boxing, had no issues with the joke. Though one may assume they came under fire for it. McMahon was highly incensed when Abe tweeted a support message for Linda McMahon. Linda, running for senate a second time at an expensive cost, who also had to bail out WWE for its financial loss earlier this year with hubby Vince, is no longer afflicted with the wrestling company she resigned from in order to stand for government. WWE support the option that the two are highly separate and no one should mention Linda in WWE's walls. 

Foley wasn't stupid enough to tweet about it...

WWE, of course, realised that losing Abraham Washington was no big loss as his only 'strength' was talking, and let's face it, he could not maintain any charisma, and could only take text and mentions from Wrestling Wonders. Vince chose to portray Max Waltham in an altered shell of mediocrity which ruined those attempting to handle it because they are too stubborn to hire the one who often comes up with better ideas or ways forward for his stars he fails to make nor produce to devise profitably due to ego. Upon our birth, McMahon noticed instantly, and chose to boycott any mention, like the Fort Wayne arena , assuming to the big leagues and informing all staff never to interact with yours truly in order to take the ideas that were interesting and reform them as their own. 

The dire Abraham Washington show.
Abe needs to be told what to say...
Let this be a lesson to you. Truth is, there's no one that can do what I can do. (Priestly, M :2006) 

You may have seen concepts such as the Hoeski, divalicious, Brodus Clay's disco essence, Johnny Ace with his concept of People Power, derived on WW caring about its audience and product output and the divas gaining actual structure from the past year, with a mock on purpose of rubbish entities on show to attempt to mock, joke and annoy this writer, as Vinnie feels the divas have no importance and are often used to make a political point.

Washington had also been highly racist at the previous PPV, Money in the Bank and followed up on Raw. He even called Kofi Kingston "dreadlocks" 

© Max Waltham 24th August 2012

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