Friday, 24 August 2012

WWE Summerslam 2012

Heaven on a stick! Shame it was pre-show. 

Coming live from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California on Sunday 19th August 2012, the "twenty-fifth anniversary" of one of WWE's longstanding and valuable PPV's, would its "silver anniversary" deliver an epic, fair or even pleasing card, filled with favourites in one block and unimpressives to counter the balance?


United States Championship
Antonio Cesaro w/ Aksana Vs Santino Marella ( c )

Aksana makes her way to the ring to begin by introducing Antonio Cesaro, who explains he is “great” in five different languages, beginning with English and ending in his native Swiss. 

Those red tights and design really suit.

The fine haired hunk of white Swiss chocolate then kissed his girlfriend Aksana. Santino soon arrives before the match gets underway, as Cesaro pummels Santino down in the corner after an equal start. Marella dodged a splash from Antoni to unleash the Cobra. Cesaro halts his attempt with a clob to Marella’s back as ‘Tonio then beats ‘Tino with headbutts for his troubles, trying for a pin, with a two fall only.

Qi-lingual Cesaro. Hello!

Cesaro tries again for two after more attack. AC then applies a headlock. The Cobra found itself on the apron after one member of the production crew moved it in place, as Marella edges forward for it, while his captor, Cesaro prises him back, soon followed with an aggressive gut wrench body slam. In a rage of frustration, Cesi tears the sock puppet to tiny sheerings, causing Santino to find an air of anger and instantly retaliate with power attacks. Marella soon revealed another Cobra. Socks usually go on two feet, right? Cesaro nails a front forward piledriver onto Marella after being distracted by the alluring Aksana. Antonio Cesaro lifted the United States championship in a deserved and necessary victory, accentuating his worth in the year of 2012/13. We hope his standing in presentably is long.

Chris Jericho Vs Dolph Ziggler w/ Vickie Guerrero

Going up the first for the evening would be Y2J against recently crowned money in the bank, spaghetti head Dolph Ziggler. The match got going early on with a positive atmosphere on both sides which put on a grand spectacle to begin the show though lacked certain panache to deliver more as it should have. The match was slightly lukewarm to say the least despite some giving a positive response. People cheering Dolph Ziggler don't want him as the star to rise they are looking for a new star that facilitates change in today's era, which they seek in a new star and realise Dolph is the only new star in WWE' s tightened walls that WWE have selected and therefore the only reason as to why they cheer rather than heckle.

WWE need to realise that this new star will not be Dolph Ziggler and they need to reselect a new one to push forward with, in order to accomplish a new stance for today's market and make a wealthy invested profit from this superstar. The longer you keep someone on superstars or NXT without any building will take even longer to build them, won’t it. If they are on TV now, they will gather their value day by day learning with the product and encouraging a new level of interaction. As with the cheers in loud volume it is clear confirmation that fans are seeking this and wish to affirm themselves with a new star who they want to see become valued having those qualities to watch on their product rather than be bored with stars who keep losing while lacking in certain qualities and adding no point overall. They need someone who hasn’t gotten boring joined with losing streaks all over them and not just in their hair.

Noodle head later on in the match performed a rollup on Jericho, towards this point it should have been great but it was still a rather boring encounter. Vickie Guerrero once again took centre stage with star quality with her screams of “Rahhhh!” showed how powerful being at ringside can be for a star in the ring. After the elevated screams of “no!” Jericho soon was on his finishing manoeuvre, the Walls of Jericho to which Dolph Ziggler deliberated for a short time before being forced to tap out and submit a loss to Chris Jericho.

Some people felt it was the wrong choice to place these two either together or perhaps best placed in singles against different opponents. Though Jericho was technically a bad guy teased on Raw prior to the match itself, both combatants were bad guys fighting one another.

Instantly spotted from the beginning of the pay-per-view, journalist celebrity Piers Morgan could be seen directly behind the commentator’s booth and was officially announced now. Of course he was only booked because the company are desperate to have someone successful in the “big leagues” to rival yours truly. There was no other successful British journalist in America who was also male and a former editor, successful at what he did in his time at achieving results, regardless of his sceptical audience.

Using '”discretion” Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar were seen partaking in an interview on the sidelines of WWE's corridor walls, where we would be informed this would become a “fight to the finish” where Brock would “break the spirit” of WWE.

Was in his client, Brock Lesnar's corner.

Kane Vs Daniel Bryan

Up next would be the big red monster, Kane against yes man Daniel Bryan. showered with numerous “no” remarks, Brian entered a competent battle against someone who may be a company favourite and is supportive however may not have been the best fit for Bryan, WWE's rising star of the new century where Bryan desperately needed a win on merit to drive home further standing in his position with this company and its growing audience.

Bryan would later attempt a diving headbutt, referred to as something else, where the big red monster, Kane caught the pocket rocket Bryan into a clasped grip preparing for a choke slam. Brian counted with a rollup soon after which was countered with a tombstone attempt. Jerry Lawler proclaimed Kane may be “livid.” Jerry Lawler cannot carry that line any more. Bryan scored a cheap reversal on Kane to gain a needed win, yet gave Daniel Bryan a ‘picking up scraps’ win as a detriment. As one of WWE’s esteemed wrestling stalwarts, Bryan needed to be protected and claim a presentable finish to secure standing.

Kane was livid. It was like Jerry (can I call you Jerry?) already knew what was going to happen. Kane was extremely livid as seen backstage throwing a fit, smashing fixtures backstage before being approached by the sweet mousy commentator Josh Mathews. Mathews proceeded to stuff a microphone in Kane’s face. Big mistake. Kane hoisted Josh Mathews and flung him into the side where steel grilles and whatnot where they were assumed to be. These were not shown on television, only the direction to which he was thrown, complete with sound effect of steel pole dropping. Wasn't this already done two - three months ago with Brock Lesnar?

Intercontinental Championship
The Miz ( c ) Vs Rey Mysterio

Up next would be the bite size force that is Rey Mysterio against dainty pocket sized hunk known as the awesome one The Miz. With the Intercontinental championship on the line, a Smackdown title held by a Raw superstar defending against a Raw challenger was unacceptable. While the supershow allows numerous talent to appear on both shows regardless, they cannot fight for brand separated championships. Those titles cannot be defended the two opposing brand stars. You can defend the title on either show so long as those duelling are also of the same brand show that the championship pertains to. The challenger must also be of that same brand show of the title. Beginning the match, Rey Mysterio, arrived dressed outrageously in Batman attire. We shall not go into this however it was a highly embarrassing choice, for obvious reasons. Clad in olive green panties, The Miz aimed to provide some added entertainment in what may have been seen as a tough match to get through after the rest of the show had played out thus far.

At one point commentator Jerry told us they were “ flustered.” Perhaps there was no better word to say. The Miz was heard relaying instructions to Rey, once in a head lock to guide the out of touch returning superstar to the fold, in order to protract a decent match on the card, stacked with noteworthy named performers outshining these bit card talents forgotten about.

Miz soon sat up from a head butt diving from the corner by Rey. Rey soon countered The Miz, once resurfaced with an attack. Though the pair aimed to make this match as interesting as possible, they can be credited with working well on an over the stacked card of names capturing the headlines. Both attempted to make a consistent outing which got them recognised by the audience however just wasn't powerful enough to encourage any influence over all. Raw superstar The Miz retained the Smackdown Intercontinental championship.


Raw General Manager AJ received praise on the other side of the door by Teddy Long and the Hoeski, Eve. Both had been at loggerheads with one another previously who were now conversating encouragingly without any acknowledgement of their past discrepancies. We soon received a double perspective. CM punk would walk up to the door after Long and Eve walked off. He then barged through as the camera was on the other side and saw him walk through as if there were no cameras in sight. It is encouraging to see WWE advance in the 21st century. They had a few words about the upcoming match for the WWE champion.

World Heavyweight Championship
Sheamus ( c ) Vs Alberto Del Rio w/ Ricardo Rodriguez

It would now be Irish ginger warrior as defending champion replay at another outing against Alberto Del Rio taking the pointed side of the card pencil striking once again. Del Rio deserved his place as contender as Sheamus had no scope as champion nor of personality.

The basis for this feud this time around was Sheamus being allowed to commit a felony and on WWE TV. This was acceptable by the company because Sheamus as babyface, committing a crime, can be encouraged as an acceptable trait because he is a good guy. Surely this highlights that WWE misunderstand their own values yet again, also teaching children that it is acceptable to behave in this disgraceful manner.

Sheamus has continually started using the “Bertie” quotation from yours truly. A note to Sheamus and his employing organisation, you cannot carry my quoted design, so don't keep trying. The choice should never have been given to Sheamus because WWE do realise that he could never carry this and was given to him as to mock his writer, which is just sad on their part.

Early on, action went to the outside of the ring where Sheamus found himself hurled into a table where anyone else would have been able to side step this, though Sheamus being Sheamus, smacked into the table and then instantly got up feigning no pain whatsoever and charged into his opponent Del Rio with instant kicks. Del Rio retaliated with some kicks which showed extremely great aggression in the Mexican aristocrat which Sheamus is meant to be, as a powerhouse, which he could not even adopt.

Nooo! Ricardo! He messed up my Hair!!

Del Rio took a two fall on Sheamus only. We were told this was a battle of upbringing. Del Rio of course was privileged. Sheamus naturally by WWE standards had a “tough upbringing” to enforce his powerful streak in wrestling. Sheamus, with his dire counter of an Irish whip on Del Rio, basic moves no less, dismally put his leg over the rope with a tireless fall out toppling over the top rope to the outside which was insignificant. This travesty came from the champion no less. It further enhanced his ever weak attributes. WWE continue to keep the title on him because firstly it has no challengers and secondly because WWE will always be defiant to admit any form of weakness from a star as champion so they will not retract any choices to assume that the audience watching realise the company are not ‘wrong’ in any element, thereupon shall not admit this by dropping Sheamus as well as the fact that they feel he is a powerhouse character and that is the choice in this company which ignores your opinion with the fact that it is willing to protect its own appearance of tall types with no all-round skills.

If a champion is weak he should be instantly restructured or removed to save face of the company reputation. Anyone remember Jack Swagger? Swagger was swiftly removed as champion because he was dire. Sheamus however remains just, due to favourability. The archetypes of shape Sheamus, Ryback and the like risk that type which doesn't get overall worth because it has no back story, is always the favourite and always will abuse the product because it is done incorrectly. They are selected because they are 6 foot six and have muscle yet their lack of charisma, style, technique, and skill mar the show. If WWE put their pride aside they could realise that they would have a more favourable audience able to believe the product and purchase more to bump up its revenue if they selected a correction placement with champion and challenger as well as filling the roster full of main event substitutes should any technicalities go wrong.

Let's face it, if anyone other than Sheamus as champion and they put in place his levels of performance they would have been dropped two months ago at that and quite possibly even demoted to the Superstars program.

Del Rio came on strong with a double axe handle which then became a sad state of affairs when there was no sound from the audience for the heavyweight title. Once again Rio was the only star to work this match, even beginning a chant in the ring to put over his opponent who could not get over himself by chanting to the audience “brogue” in reference to the champions brogue kick finisher aiming to encourage fans to cheer the champion to quell the challenger to make him more favourable with an audience that just wasn't there. Some people dislike Del Rio for his character alone, which highlights how far he has come as there are numerous who cheer him. Obviously it cannot be mentioned in WWE nor acknowledged. Building the momentum once again Del Rio was soon pushed down where Sheamus soon retaliated with headbutts where Alby returned with a tantalising slap which then saw an ardent drop off the turnbuckle by Bertie who then blocked a powerful arm bar which was awfully reversed, showing ever more John Cena clone-ism.

Attempting the brogue kick shortly saw a move then stumble, joined with clubs, a two fall by Del Rio and then being upset and attack Ricardo Rodriguez by his employer Alberto Del Rio in a fit of rage and frustration at his two fall only. Rodriguez attempted to help his frustrated boss by launching a shoe over the head of the referee who was dealing with Rodriguez on the ring apron. Ricardo was overzealous of his launch with the foreign object, gliding over the head of Del Rio and safely landed into the arms of Sheamus.

Ziggler chose not to come for another defeat.
Pass the case elsewhere.

The rightful world champion, who believes we should support morals rightfully and have some level of righteousness as a role model to children as well as the fact that he is a babyface, therefore should not have conducted this practice, the defending champion decided to smash the shoe over the head of Alberto Del Rio. Sheamus decided to cheat. Not only is this controversial, Sheamus covered with cowardice on Del Rio with a pin. He scored a three fall over the challenger, who had situated his leg onto the bottom rope which technically forces the pin to be broken. The pinfall was not broken and allowed Sheamus to retain his championship on a mass technicality that discredits the title, the challenger and indeed the so-called righteous champion who cannot get over in any sense. It was pathetic booking. If Seamus was honourable wouldn't he have thrown the shoe away? The humorous part of this angle was the part of fans in the audience on the night, who shared their displeasure after the replay of Del Rio's foot on the rope, though they did not dispute upset when it happened in the ring. How fickle are these fans? Also how far are they willing to go to allow WWE to abuse their rights and make them look like marks on the night? Fans did not appreciate the end of this match, therefore they shouldn't have just allowed WWE to dictate the finish to an audience that isn't paying attention nor telling WWE they have gotten the angle incorrect by heavily forcing Sheamus forward as he is. The fact that Sheamus’ pressing characterisation is recognised by WWE while having to do everything in their power to protect its recommendation as champion, in doing so they will give you, the audience, who pay to see these events live, a woeful outcome every time. It is up to the audience to make it clear to those responsible that this is not a foreseeable future at this current state.

WWE went on to mention a “Twitter war” had erupted between two of their superstars, which it used to set it up. Legitimate Twitter wars are when two people who are not in the company nor using it to build a match hype are involved. Real people with real beef against each other are wars as such. The two involved were Brock Lesnar and Triple H, where neither had really been seen on Twitter, for that matter. Laughable.

Tag Team Championship
Prime Time Players Vs R-Truth and Kofi Kingston ( c )

After holding the tag titles for a record 112 days, R-Truth and Kofi Kingston defended their tag titles. Most noted the need for the titles to be removed from this absent, non-enthused team. Truth was injured for a while and Kofi didn’t do anything on his own, which put both into jaded status. They both need to lose the titles, but would they this time to the duo of the Prime Time Players?

Interesting body mass...

The PTP’s or Prime Time Pricks as they are known, as Darren Young is synonymous with the needle entering his arm full of injectable steroids, along with the no hoper brick house who still doesn’t know how to perform in ring moves at the simplest of technique, known as Titus O’Neil, challenged without their valet, the racist Abraham Washington, who holds no value, latitude, nor intuitive design to any angle. He cannot even make talent excel, so is no huge loss, is he? Especially when trying to keep his own head above water.

The only notorious moment that came from this match was the chant from the crowd of “Kobe Bryant” most remembered week ago for being the recipient of the rape ‘joke’ on WWE TV screens by Washington. WWE, of course, inducted a convicted rapist by the name of Mike Tyson earlier this year into the Hall of Fame, and are seeking Tyson’s involvement in future angles, including a possible one with Stone Cold ‘gimme the pay cheque’ Steve Austin at Wrestlemania 30 in 2014.

Titus O’Neil soon chose to cheerlessly bark as a dog in his match for no reason whatsoever underlining how much of a failure the two rookies from developmental have not even excelled past baby steps in training, where others desperately seeking the call up are highly talented than this awful portrayal.

Someone has superman attire, while Titus soon applied a submission hold. Absolutely no grip was seen on the hold by Titus which was further disreputable.

Did Vince McMahon inform us by his mouthpiece Jerry Lawler telling us Titus was a “physical specimen” who got “better and better in the ring” when this occurred? Or was it just Lawler striking again?

A rope pull by Kofi Kingston followed with a cross body came next. Darren Young then chose a crafty roll up out of nowhere. The boom drop was soon delivered as legal man R-Truth nailed Young for the pin to retain the tag titles. Kofi Kingston and R-Truth remain tag champs for now.

It seems WWE have forgotten about its very own “no dancing” policy. The company had years ago enforced a policy that prohibited any performer dancing in public or at events and would receive fines if committing this groovy sin. Does Brodus Clay apply, or is he a valid exception?

Regardless DJ Pauly whatever his name is supposed to be, from Jersey Shore, was seen as WWE’s DJ at its summer party. Bet you’re glad you didn’t get an invite. Make sure you show off how able to get a Z list celebrity you can WWE! Zack Ryder didn’t join in the party.

WWE Championship
CM Punk ( c ) Vs Big Show Vs John Cena

The WWE championship was up next and the outcome was clear, however had a touch of scepticism as all bouts should. CM Punk, as champion, did not main event once again.

Early on was a standard triple threat involving Big Show and John Cena, until later in Cena got things going by, touching Big Show, who had his back to him, to signal to simple ‘turn around and face him’ for a move. Disgraceful. Actual wrestlers grab ther opponents and deliver a surprise move.

Mmmm, Pink Punk panties.

Big Show later dropped, Punk missed a move and Cena had no connectivity on his move once more. Cena soon got caught by his adversary, then instantly reversed out of it to further destroy the credibility of all involved, even those in the back. The side slam from Big Show could have added to Show’s ‘attributes’ though Cena chose not to sell it once more, getting up in one split second.

Cena then went for his trademark 5 knuckle sh*t fall. CM Punk flung a flying lariat into Cena from the off side camera angle. Big Show then hurled CM Punk off after a pin attempt. Cena came back with an STF which was truly dismal in display.

Punk partook a clothesline once more on Show, then raising knees into him getting his third leg up weakening the mass lummox. Cena was on the turnbuckle on the other side to launch his leg drop to the back of Show’s cowering neck, where Cena couldn’t miss this one, where he missed the leg drop at Wrestlemania in his match with then WWE champion The Miz some two years ago, landing all the way over the other side of the ring with Cena’s mass dysfunction, ruining the entire match portrayal. He hit the knee drop here so we should all say it’s fine now, right? Cena then clasped an STF, paltry, once again, onto Big Show as CM Punk held on an Anaconda Vice at the same time. Naturally, Big Show tapped.

One could see this a mile off, especially after mentioning beforehand that WWE were teasing such things in the last few PPV’s here on Wrestling Wonders. The double end result was shambolic and delivered a shock to the rest of the WWE Universe, as intended. However, the Universe were notably upset. Only to add an air of “ooh” –ism, this ending actually once again screwed CM Punk as a champion, though while Punk is that champion, WWE can feed him to the scrapheap as he is not John Cena, who must be protected at all costs because he sells some T-Shirts. Not to forget all his “charity” work. Up in the air, the match was at a standstill.

For a serious level of PPV dispute a cheery, girly, skip along theme rang out, which did not suit the mood and crushed the match into hypocrisy and a joke furthermore. The Raw GM, AJ arrived to inform us that the match outcome was flawed and, as a result of no clear unmitigated conqueror, the match would continue.

Most marks assume that the match should not have contained Big Show in the rematch. The match was restarted, and that match was under Triple Threat rules, therefore the match restarts with Cena, Punk and Big Show. It was not an elimination match. If Big Show was omitted then the match would not be allowed to continue and the belt, as would have it, would be stripped from CM Punk, which it technically should have been. When two people win the title, they cancel one another out, and therefore with no outright winner, forces a strip of said championship. This has also been mentioned in an angle akin to this some months ago on WW in the PPV’s. This has also been done with the Benoit/Edge and HHH angles, if Hunter has forgotten.

Big Show instantly got up to perform a double chokeslam with his time to regain his composure, making some believe Show had a chance to win on a technicality. It may seem good on paper, but when it comes to it, WWE realise that one is out of the woods.

Show gained a two fall. Cena then gave an Attitude Adjustment; Punk shoved Cena out the way and covered Show to gain a three fall so CM Punk could retain his title in a disastrous match all to protect John Cena, which should have supported its champion, CM Punk.

Celebrities! WWE showed off its ability to be up its own backside and show off to how many people it could get in the arena. It didn’t bother anyone; it just made them look as egotistical as seem to be. Rick Rubin, future Hall of Famer, possibly next year, and bullying campaign advocate, David Arquette, holding a WCW championship up, was seen, along with that bird off ‘Extra’, Maria Menounous, (remember her?), the mossy blonde haired deserved star of TV Dominic Monaghan, and celebrity journalist Piers Morgan. Morgan, of course was booked for reasons above (see start of PPV review, or the end surmise) along with rocker and corporate sellout (WWE’s own choice, as in its Video Games,) Fred Durst, who WWE highly regret inviting after he “flipped the bird” on WWE’s live TV screens. The audience were in hysterics “HaHaHa!” WWE were not amused. They threw Fred Durst out of the arena promptly. Only a few days previously on Raw, one audience member stuck his middle finger up also, in the centre of shot.

OMG, WWE star pull, it's Swimming
Olympian Ryan Lochte!

Intermission, Musical Guest

Made Diva's dance like rain drops...

Next to follow would be a rock concert of dire proportions. You’ve got to feel for Kevin Rudolf. Rudolf bravely chose to sing live which was a commendable choice, though WWE typecast all its WWE Divas once again to be dancers next to one another alongside Rudolf, making them inconsistent clones where you couldn’t tell them apart from one another. The fembots danced on the minimal space on the stage as the audience instantly looked like the tedious impact zone. The divas became useless once again.

Justin Roberts was told by management to do a dance craze he wasn’t fond of, but, nevertheless, performed a funky routine – the Macarena! Michael Cole danced aloof, as Lillian Garcia also jived along. Tout clips seemed to be playing backstage on the titantron? A square wall of random people on grainy cameras were shown. 

WWE's over reliance on Rudolf in quick succession is what had caused fans to boo the star. As talented as he may be, audience were tired of the same old process in some right. Let It Rock from Royal Rumble 2009 was our favourite. Though of course, everyone likes that NXT Diva's thingy theme also a lil bit, don't they?

Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman Vs Triple H

Michael Cole made a stupid announcement that a “tornado warning” was coming, in a serious fashion which shouldn’t have been uttered in order to build the “F5” coming that was Brock Lesnar. At least Ryback was bumped from the card for Triple H. There is one blessing in all of this.

Lesnar began domination, shoving Triple H down onto the table outside, soon seeing the two beefy bulks fly over the top rope. Triple H can be credited with selling the bulky Brock much more favourably than previous encounter with John Cena months ago, which caused a shambles to the company. Trips responded later with a gut first into the table to Brock Lesnar, where Cole told us that Brock Lesnar had extensive “gut problems” which had NEVER been mentioned on WWE TV at all. This became truly visceral to watch. No one in the audience at home or live had a clue what WWE were harping on about. Only a select few knew if they watched UFC, though it was WWE’s duty to either mention it over the course of the feud or simply erase it from the angle in the match, obviously.

Some kid bellowed from the crowd “do it again” which highlights the sheer levels of wrong behaviour sent out from WWE to its kids which it must recognise with all its “bullying campaign” hoopla. Teaching KIDS to insight such powerful hatred assuming it is acceptable because the guy receiving has been bad is unjust. Two wrongs and all that. Our society is turning into a baying mob at an alarming rate with no morals or virtue. WWE in the attitude and old school eras had this, despite having favourites and enemies in WWE superstars.

Spinebuster’s and a Pedigree, which was reversed, then saw an F5 reversal into a Pedigree, where Lesnar was slammed down for a two fall only. HHH couldn’t complete the storm’s end.

A low blow lift over swiftly followed. An F5 then came from Lesnar to take a two count only.

With an armlock, jabs, and then the Kamura locked on, HHH scurried to the ropes for a break. After a quick pin attempt failing, Lesnar hurriedly fixed the Kamura lock back on to HHH’s slightly weakened arm. Paul Heyman bounced around ringside fervently as Lesnar soon forced HHH to tap out to the Kamura lock. Brock Lesnar silenced the WWE at the highest level on PPV to stamp his signature over WWE’s presence.

Triple H had a lengthy leaving angle which speculated his possible retirement. It is just a tease, HHH had “many more” matches left in him company faves feel. Of course he does, but hopefully Triple h is willing to realise he must be a seldom worker and put others other to run the product than ruin it. He put Lesnar over. While he did well on that, he shouldn’t have had a lengthy leaving tease, in order to fully give power to Lesnar on screen. Ego doesn’t come into it. It’s about the product. Lesnar would be further set and increase buy rates potentially should his next feud become red hot as a result.

PPV Rating - 6/10

Men/Women of their matches - Chris Jericho, Daniel Bryan, The Miz, Alberto Del Rio, Kofi Kingston, CM Punk, Triple H

Man/Woman of the PPV - Brock Lesnar

We prefer the short hair.
It's more marketable.

The tag titles need to be switched. The problem is that WWE have no teams. Transferring those titles to a junkie and someone who cannot wrestle would be the biggest mistake they could possibly make. With stars on NXT and waiting for call ups and competent, WWE should call up teams together and give them chances to run in the tag division while they aren’t doing something else and build a repertoire for themselves. Mason Ryan and Alex Riley are two waiting in the wings. Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins are loitering. There are numerous others they can put in as teams. Primo, Epico and the other useless teams just can’t cut it at all and need to be support characters than full on battlers. Corey Graves is another looker. :) In addition, he does look more adaptable to a mid-main event spotlight.Oliver Gray aint bad eye candy neither. Train him up!

Daniel Bryan severely needed a victory on longstanding merit than a detrimental knock. He should have bested Kane cleanly and effectively.

Miz and Mysterio made the best they could. They could not go to a full time scale match, and Mysterio needed to be guided back into the main stage presence by Miz. The problem Miz faced in being heard mouthing instructions wasn’t necessarily his fault. With WWE chopping and changing its stance on pushing him one minute then dropping him the next, and issued with the task of working the match to a full advantage of achieving results for both of them, which is forgotten about on the card, though managed to hold its place with a few.

CM Punk had more than his work cut out for him to work Cena and Show and protract a decent match. Frustration possibly growing by lacking of main event as champion, Punk needs powerful opponents than company favourites. WWE need to make new challengers than place two people it has no current opportunities with to play by default. The Rock drama coming in the lead up to Survivor Series is another disaster waiting to happen with WWE planning John Cena Vs The Rock II at Wrestlemania 29 with The Rock as champion. WWE feel the need to milk the series because it has no stars left to feud for the title which is what it needs to CREATE. Obviously, The Rock won last year, so favour will be returned so a third encounter can be scheduled. The Rock should not be losing to Cena under any circumstance. Rock should be going one on one with Undertaker at Mania. He is the only legitimate star that could defeat Undertaker’s reign. Plus it has never been done at Mania before.

Ziggler is someone who will not be a star, so forget it and place faith in another one WWE Universe. Ziggler went for the whole of last year as an inconsistent fluke and this year cannot push into the main line up after having the main event in his grasp. If he was strong enough, he would be pushed furthermore into the spotlight to float around the title picture. Jericho is off to tour with his band again, which should highlight to WWE that it needs new stars to enter and hold value. WWE should consider giving Dean Ambrose a strong entry level to mid card perhaps with actually taking the time to think of a powerful placement for him on Raw. Ambrose is needed, wanted and already has interest, more so than anyone on the roster. Even stars like Riley and Ambrose would create two newbies at mid card level.

Cesaro winning the US title was one of the best moments for the show, however should have been put onto the main show instead, as was a mjor change that WWE showcases as unimportant. Cesaro is massively over already, and ignoring him from the main show was redundant to capture a new stance on audience and encouraging the change they sought. Of course Cesaro is a Smackdown superstar, and the US title is a Raw title which means Miz and Cesaro are holding the opposite titles which should have been switched, hence the need for a WWE draft.

Piers Morgan was only booked to rub it in to this successful British journalist online who has changed the landscape of the wrestling world all over, despite WWE’s ego evaluating their own promiscuity of self-indulgence and tender ignorance to the hand that feeds with no recognition and mass disrespect.

We’ve said enough honesty on Sheamus and why the championship, the brand, his opponents and himself are worthless.

The Divas are worthless without Max Waltham’s input, and no one can re-surface them the way the audience need.  

WWE needed and should have conducted their draft in order to remain on top of their brand identity instead of wilfully ignoring it and missing the point that the audience connect with. Without an audience, you have nothing, even if you do sell some tickets.

The draft is necessary and should happen after Summerslam if the company are able to enhance its values and product. It also gets a lot of viewers, too. If doing so, Miz and Cesaro must be stripped of titles, moved and then presented with opportunities to reclaim their golds. Or move the titles over, but either way this won’t remove the fact they won the titles to begin with ‘wrongly.’ In order to right the wrong removal must happen to re-capture titles correctly. This gives the stars, audience and the titles themselves heightened value to this whole ‘thing’ in WWE.

Lesnar and Triple H finally played out. Lesnar took the win which was needed. Triple H did put Lesnar over, for the good of the company, plus what would Lesnar have next in his coming feud when he needs a new opponent for his appearance only schedule. Lesnar, aiming to take over the WWE, is lined up for an Undertaker collision at Wrestlemania, while options are being considered to shift Heyman to align with CM Punk soon.

Monday night Raw, starring Brock Lesnar

The outcome is obvious. Summerslam was a PPV that lacked an important ingredient as the show was missing that something to be more than it was. One ingredient misplaced was Randy Orton. Serving a punishment for his suspension, WWE as we wrote last year “would be lost without him” and sure enough, they were. Orton was needed to get the show lifted to a level of necessity. Omitting Orton showed its cost. This also highlights why more stars are vital to the product. Who will Orton feud with after he and Cena and Punk go through everyone left on the roster?

© Max Waltham 24th August 2012

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