Friday, 4 November 2011

Evan Bourne Suspended from WWE

Evan Bourne Suspended from WWE

Evan Bourne became the latest superstar being suspended due to a wellness Policy violation. Bourne has been slapped with a 30 day, no pay ‘sabbatical’.

Currently Bourne holds the Unified Tag team championship alongside his partner, Kofi Kingston. This has now placed Kingston and the tag titles in jeopardy. The fate may well be decided at the Smackdown tapings. A title change looks imminent.

When will WWE listen? Kofi Kingston should have turned heel on Bourne at Vengeance. Losing the titles to ZigSwag and sparking a new persona to elevate Kofi, it would also place Bourne in a position he can a) return to and b) create a red hot feud between two high flyers capable of much more for both’s structured build.

Bet they wished they’d done it now, but chose to hold off because “that Max Waltham don’t suggest sh*t to me!”

Unlike all the marks, trolls and dweebs who crave for you to do so in order for them to jump up and down and say “ooh Vince took my idea!” I don’t do it for that, though I appreciate if it is taken and used wisely. Its logic, common sense, betters the product AND gives the Universe entertainment. Or you could just hire me. I can’t give everything away online, but the ideas are free flowing constantly.

Regardless, Bourne has made a reckless choice. Why he felt the need to do so is not unbelievable, yet daft. Taking a substance will not increase your career options. It will be how you sell your antics, gimmick and less of the goon smile. It’s too 1980’s. It doesn’t get over in today’s current climate. Now the suspension follows, the fans will always decrease from you, even if they seem to enjoy your comeback.

Undermining credibility and costing your title runs, when your position on the card was not threatened, is beyond comprehension. But these things happen. A little guy dominated in a big, bulky beefcake world Vince favours; some could understand the struggle to get across. But again, it was never Bourne’s size that held him back a level.

Evan Bo-u-ring (Boring) has been nothing other than, as of late, and hasn’t gone unnoticed with viewers.

Bourne was a fantastic worker on the independent circuit, many will remember as Matt Sydal. Sydal is NOT Evan Bourne. Bourne is NOT Matt Sydal, to dispel the ‘great debate’.

Bourne tamed himself joining WWE, though the company gave Bourne many chances to excel as a performer. You cannot blame them for that.

How Bourne gets over when he returns? Listen up then hun. (If you want some juicy tidbits, rather than assuming I don’t care…)

Lose the smile as a constant. Now and then, fine, but not everytime. It makes you look a goon. Showcase some aggression in your stance and body language. If you portray a weakling image, will the Universe accept you as anything other than?

And of course, bring a unique edge to wrestling technique, as you clearly have it, so use it as your strength.

But if you don’t want to follow this sterling advice, then don’t. But don’t start moaning at me when credible critique comes out and you have a moody attitude about it. Many want you to excel, it is up to one man to do so. That man is Evan Bourne.

© Max Waltham 4th November 2011

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