Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Maryse Released

Maryse Released

Former WWE Diva Maryse Oulette was officially granted her release from WWE on October 28th 2011. With two different points of view, WWE granted the release, however Maryse asked for one prior.

Whether it was WWE or Maryse, the former employee was thrilled and celebrated her freedom with posts on Twitter, also informing she would be having a celebration party for her release alone.

A few months back Maryse received a restraining order against one fan, Lee Silber, 61, whom obtained her cell phone number sending a mass number of lewd and disturbing messages, as well as letters to her home address, fearing for her safety.

Maryse is officially free, and for those who believe (ROH) Ring of Honour would snap her up – you must be barking! TNA would be the likely culprit to possibly offer a deal. Ms.Oulette plans to focus on modelling and acting for the near future.

With the loss of Melina, her best friend left in the WWE locker-room, it wasn’t long before WWE would send the French-Canadian glamour model on her way. Whatever animosity between the two occurred, Maryse had options to reshape a part of the division. Now, with her departure, that division is in an even sorrier state.

Maryse had been inactive for roughly two months, recovering from a hernia injury.

WW wishes the 28 year old well, though WWE sent the customary online message in just 28 Words. “WWE has come to terms on the release of WWE Raw Diva Maryse as of today, October 28, 2011. WWE wishes Maryse the best in all of her future endeavors.
She first joined in 2006, as part of the Diva search contest. She was predominately featured among the Smackdown brand, before moving to Raw on the April 13th 2009 edition of the annual WWE draft.

Oulette has recently been dating The Miz, for roughly a year. Among speculation, many still wonder if she split with him and had a dabble with DiBiase, before rejoining The Miz.. DiBiase was sent to Smackdown in the WWE draft in April last year.

See a later post (in a few days) in regards to Maryse’s talents.

Here is a Video link of Maryse’s entrance and time in WWE, if you are interested.

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