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WWE's Next Top Talent?

WWE's Next Top Talent?

Which of WWE’s superstars are excelling and who are failing to grasp the limelight?

Stuck at the resident top of WWE’s ever continuing tree of wealth are John Cena, Triple H and Vince McMahon. Adding to the corporate structure (Stephanie and John Laurinaitis) Randy Orton also remains on side to provide WWE’s younger stars with the all-important growth and development they could possibly receive. CM Punk should also be among this position, however is aiming to breakout into his own style, which he managed for say, 2 months, then abandoned his so called morals that has devalued  his character in hindsight.

The Miz is a performer who has grown to become WWE’s top breakout star to main event level. He is always on hand at WWE’s request and is someone many look up to in regards to his work ethic of making his lesser known name into a widespread star among a difficult bunch of stars who are all waiting in line, rather than attempting to do something for their own careers.

Alberto Del Rio has been the only other whom has broken the WWE mould, although with a deferral from the World title and being drafted to play diluted opportunities with John Cena – someone who should have been producing growth for stars he is challenging, due to the fact he has fought everyone and they need new fresh opponents to provide a future, Del Rio’s stigmata has been ruined as a result, if only slightly. Anyone one who is AWAY from Cena, will have the chance to showcase themselves, but until then it won’t be an option to support the company and gain new challenges the WWE Universe is crying out for.

Sheamus is the newcomer who is propelled into stardom since. His only way through was seen as Triple H’s gym buddy whom scaled the heights of WWE’s mountain. Regardless of this practise, Sheamus was made. Then his booking became a slight catastrophe. WWE like to make newbies ean their status in a 2 year or so period of call up. Meaning by the time they are pushed to the heavyweight titles, the public have lost interest.

In the attitude and ‘new school’ era’s many were in the pool of contention. Rock, Stone Cold, Foley, Michaels, Triple H, Kurt Angle, Big Show, Kane and Undertaker. In the early 2000’s the new batch of Eddie Guerrero, RVD, Jeff Hardy, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho and also most notably,  Brock Lesnar were created. Shortly after followed Orton, Cena and Batista. Instant stars overnight with opportunities like Money In The Bank and Royal Rumble victories today had the sole purpose for, are not being utilised to push forward the new breed of talent.

Dolph Ziggler is today’s most favoured of the new batch in WWE. Dolph is working harder than most, some may say, though he still isn’t fully captivating an audience, and the perfection/blonde locks/sex symbol angle isn’t getting over as it should be.

Following Dolph is uber talented and underutilised Daniel Bryan. WWE have future World champs in their grasp, but are taking too long to present them to the audience.

R Truth has shown from his heel turn in 2 months how to completely own the microphone and use his in ring talents beneficially to provide comic and professional angles. WWE clearly could now push him forward with his ‘conspiracies’ to represent the company with a black champion they clearly want and be proud of, as he indeed has more available than Mark Henry ever could ascertain.

Those still stuck in the ‘not excelling fully’ category are that of Mason Ryan, Michael McGuillicutty, Alex Riley, Wade Barrett, Kofi Kingston and Zack Ryder.

Kingston was once possibly primed for a stint towards the top if he proved something with Orton. He did, though WWE pulled rank and since, have given KK the mid card stigmata.

Barrett also has the same reputation. McGuillicutty, however, has the tools, but WWE’s low placement to try to sell the ‘big boys’ has cost him his audience. Though the never say never mentality should be embraced. Anyone and anything in wrestling can be turned around on its head should a power vacuum sweep through WWE’s creative process. Alex Riley is a similar case, though recent injury has not helped matters.

Zack Ryder is not appreciated by the top for working the internet. WWE wouldn’t book him, so he found a new way forward. It was not with WWE’s go ahead and since, has been never quite “cutting the mustard” regardless of net success.

Cody Rhodes is gathering certain steam. The face mask needs to go, as it is holding back his credibility to get across as a champion who looks daft with the plastic on. The I/C title run is a shining testament to what Rhodes is capable of. It’s a shame WWE left it 4 years too late.

Sin Cara is the latest shocker WWE had. High hopes were dashed once the suspension arrived. Its plausible WWE may have placed Cara towards the top areas of the card or above midcard.

Christian is the only disaster currently among the ‘E. The esteemed veteran, with workable reputation and transferable skills, has found himself achieve his dream and have it cruelly dashed in a split second. 17 years down the pan. Christian, however, has a demand, audience and a back catalogue that can transcend World Champ. But he isn’t ‘rated’.

So, if the future is to be brighter, WWE need to enhance its new batch of those it has playing into it’s hands right now, and leave those whom are not able just yet to wait in the sin bin. At this time, unless they choose to improve and grab WWE’s eye, these mentioned stars should remain the priority to getting over.

Without a strong superstar around any corner, WWE’s future is bleak. The only way to turn that corner is afford them TV/PPV time, mic attention or strong scripted vignettes rather than toilet humour, and give them equal standing with a competitor, or seem to be a healthy ‘challenge’ to veterans such as Orton and Punk etc. Don’t send them to John Cena.

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© Max Waltham 2nd November 2011

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