Friday, 18 November 2011

Raw gets ROCKED!

Raw gets ROCKED! 
3 hour special Supershow

This 3 hour Raw supershow had over 15,000 fans in attendance, so were told. Opening the show, Michael Cole being announced, runs in with jazz hands to the ring in his cream white suit, then informs us JR is in the building to take the Michael Cole Challenge, claiming JR was the closest thing to a “cartoon float” WWE had. Lawler was hoping Cole would quit, as a stipulation of the challenge. Their will be three bouts, JR wasn’t allowed to comment, before the good old arm wrestling was unveiled for the “fat tub of goo”.

The gorgeous ref was officiating this one. What’s his name, WWE? We know all the others, don’t we? Cole warmed up with star jumps then stalled for time with the clap of his hands airiating white talc, in preparation to defeat JR. Cole was bested in a “fraction of a second” as Lawler accurately put it. Cole said he “gave up” allowing JR an edge. JR’s barbecue breath was the excuse for Cole being unable to breathe as the ref, who headed outside swiftly after, also repulsed, according to Cole.
Cole paraded his undefeated streak in the challenge. Allowing a vote from the WWE Universe in attendance, there would be a dance off! Oh yes! Cole would go on to produce a seductive paso doble cape dance?????? Would JR forfeit? JR was ready. After doing some hilarious poppin an’ lockin, embarrassing WWE at their own game, JR had it goin’ on!

The votes didn’t go in Cole’s favour. Cole acknowledged a 2-0 to JR victory. Cole reminded he would leave forever if JR won the next one, keeping speculation apparent. Up next? “Who weighs less” Taking to the scales, Cole, who didn’t check first before stepping onto them and had to restart again in a comedy of errors for WWE, coming in at  200. JR, weighed 239 pounds and therefore lost the ‘bout’. Cole proclaimed he was still the voice of the WWE. CM Punk’s music then burst through the sound streams.

“How dare you!” Cole bellowed, for interrupting his challenge. “Your time is up, Michael Cole” Punk responds, informing us this was a colossal waste of time, except for JR dancing”. Speaking sense, Punk then wanted Cole to leave. Speaking from experience, Punk said many chose to lift remote controls to Cole’s inane behaviour everytime he is on. Sterling ratings advice. 

Punk claimed he would make this “Entertaining and interesting” once again, whatever it takes. Whatever it takes? Would you kiss Max Waltham? If that's what it would take? The cough drops don’t work, “Punk” in the hazy voice, entered like a sore aftertaste. Babbling on regarding his Twitter Followers, one I am shamefully part of, helping raise numbers to 38,000.The interim GM John Laurinaitis does care. That’s one long finger. Punk flipped his ear comedically to hear. Punk Show V Del Rio & Henry was announced for tonight's main event. “Pipebomb blew up in your face” mocked Cole, not before demanding an apology. A failed headbutt nudge and an Anaconda Vice, before a messiah sit down then came from CM “righteous truths” Punk.
Announcing became awful, but the smile is to die for! Send me a Text!

Matt Striker was on hand. Breaking news for WWE’s correspondent. A stretch black limo pulled up. “This is it!” Excited at the thought of seeing The Rock, Striker was doubly thrilled when out popped Mick Foley! Mick said he “wouldn’t miss The Rock’s return for anything” vowing to make this “a night Cena and Rock would never forget”.

Sin Cara made his return to Raw, with the support in a tag match assisted by Kofi Kingston. After giving a dazzling entro, note worthy, the lone tag team champion paired up to battle Cody Rhodes and his pard, Hunico. Rhodes has dropped the face mask, and DAMN, he has never looked better. A Cody vignette started before the match saying Orton emancipated him. Do WWE know what emancipated is? It’s when you don’t eat and are rag and bones almost becoming skeletal in appearance. (People can see your bones protruding).

Looking like a member from the gritty TV drama, Oz, Hunico received ankle kicks and a flip head scissors off the top ropes from Cara. Kofi shortly was tagged in, to which Kofi did the springboard roll knee lift launch from the turnbuckle to Hunico, then sending both himself and Rhodes to the outside mat, after Cody entered to receive a one leg dropkick connect.

The mask has gone! Hurrah!

Kingston and Cara both flew off both pads onto Rhodes and Hunico, respectively. Kofi showed tag team support and a lively attitude. It was short and refreshing to see. Hunico has Cara in a crouched head lock upon TV return. Taking charge, he tags Rhodes, whom sends a knee to the gut and club elbow to the back, then tags back in Hunico. Cara reversed into a pinfall, unsuccessful. We're told Rhodes looks like his mama (from JR, who had returned to the announce desk with Lawler). Hello Mrs. Rhodes!  Corkscrew leg twist from Cara looked good.

A tag to Kingston saw a roll up jump clothesline charge. A cross body pin, interrupted by Hunico, wasn't bad. Cara jumped outside to Hunico, when he could have turned and saw Cody back grab Kingston for the Cross Rhodes, which lost them the match. Rhodes was victorious. It was a moderate match that was long enough to influence interest, and wasn’t overly packed. It was a polite “little earner” and stepping stone to Survivor Series.

Right on so many levels. PHWOAR-ROAR!

Rhodes has got a metallic rock theme now :(. The Rock is coming! The Great One can then be seen walking backstage.

God DAMN! :p
Santino is playing as The Rock, marketing WWE 12 for the company. Previously the company banned all staff playing video games. In the game, he was beating John Chay-na.

“Hey broski!” rang out. Zack Ryder asked if Marella would sign his online petition. After talking up the People’s Edition for WWE, he tapped Ryder’s phone. Ryder has developed some Stubble. That looked grubby and beautiful. This Is a Ruff Ryder we could get on board with. WWWYKI! Ryder also has a phone cover on the back, all to his own logo. A sign of petition later and this was finished with. Ryder's petition is to gain a US title opportunity, once again.

Excuse Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Piercing JR’s ears, some bad news was revealed. Christian’s ankle injury (at the hands of Sheamus), was explained. WW declined to comment in the S/D Liverpool post, because not everything is like the dumb-asses online, thinking they have found the “next big scoop” which results in bad journalism. Christian was injured in a match with Sheamus on the European tour, last Wednesday (after Smackdown was recorded).

Christian: Is off the team, and on the injured list.
"Excuse Me!!!" He was out. WWE acknowledged it. “Discouraged to me”, Vick was also unimpressed with’s ‘reporting’. Teddy Long’s incompetence – and failure for the media team over on their website, who can’t write. (Music to our ears again, but…)

Last week, MW checked for the first time in a long while. Noticing the Raw results for Kevin Nash’s return, the writer in question, claims Nash returned in the 2010 Royal Rumble. Nash returned in the 2011!!!! Royal Rumble. Goodness sake. Who writes this s**t!

Vick continued to deliver her good news, from her dear friend John Laurinaitis. Interrupted by Dolph, self proclaimed 'show stealer' Ziggler! “Yay!!” Vickie cheers. Ziggler, who has a Championship, having the looks, skills and charisma, wondered why he wasn’t captain. “How good am I at this” he also boasted. He was “officially” in action at Survivor Series. If he had all the skills he mentioned above, then why wasn’t he booked a place before, then?

Ziggler doesn’t have the looks though has fair skills, though not overly impressive, he has a championship with which he has done virtually nothing with and could ‘donate’ it to someone else also, to enhance his own name now, supporting his so called claims, and lacks full charisma. Only a tad exists. Looking the way he does now, he doesn’t exude a star, and is the “best of a bad bunch”. Showcase the wrestler inside with a look of a wrestler and you may just get there. In the blonde hair and unsexy pants, it isn’t happening.

“More cyborg than man”, with two first names and no clue (against his opponent MaxWalt.., Mason Ryan, Ziggs would offer us a taste of what's to come. JR was “very impressed” with Ziggler. Well I want to be. But I'm not. So sort something out, or it will never evolve, even should you eventually hold a heavyweight title for longer than a day or two. Maybe Ziggler beats Kane’s reign?

Laurinaitis, along with Michael Cole, who has an arm in sling, removed JR from commentary. Hmmm GM/Foley moment? JR tapped Cole’s arm as he left. May give whole new meaning to envy in provocation.

Mason Ryan, (no Waltham armband?) came to inring action. Cole may sue CM Punk. Should get those “accident at work injury lawyers”. With a lock up, hurling Ziggler into the corner and making a clothesline attempt, from the Welshman. A missed hit (see:Botch), intended to be a slap from Ziggler, prompted beefcake Ryan to chase, grabbing Ziggler with a wedgie, before clotheslining him hard. A running shoulder charge followed, with a swift Big Boot. A lift press three times before he released Ziggler dropping down to the in ring canvas. Up on the outside canvas, Vickie rewarded Ryan with a believable slap (Ziggler could learn), to Ryan. Oops! She did it in full view! The referee initiated the DQ. Ziggler legged it once Ryan was unaware. John Moron-ison came out to another feud that didn’t involve him (he cannot seem to get his own), hurled Dolph into the ring, where Mason Ryan grabbed and swayed left and right in hold, before delivering a Full Nelson slam, to the blonde bombshell. Ouch. Ry gave us a smile, afterwards, reminiscent of a cuddly bear you would love to hug.

Mick Foley encountered Zack Ryder backstage. He would only sign the petition if Ryder “Let me wear the chain”. Foley was joking, of course. Ryder looked worried for one moment. They looked like Jerry beads. (from Jerry Springer, you know…) The WooWoo air pump was important to act and Ryder told Foley he should do it some time. After signing, Ryder states getting Foley’s signature was SIIIIIIIIIICK!” (Meaning fantastic).

Who wouldn't love to have Ryder's iphone 4-SKIN? X
I hope he ain't 'Jewish', Maybe I should check for you?

The Multi-time tag champion returned. It was a "night of goodbyes and returns". Waltham wasn’t there. Yet. He has serious business to address, expressing this was an epic confrontation coming. This being one of the tag combos of all time. Foley did it once, so maybe he could "do it again". He attempted to christen the "Rock 'n' Cena connection", which panned like a lead balloon. Cena was booed in Boston, something WWE planned not to happen so willingly. The greatest performer in WWE history – is how Foley sees Cena. The Hardcore Legend wanted to "fix things" and make them right. Intro to Cena. Once again ignored the pleas for him to do something to change the audience perception.

Cena proclaimed he and The Rock “Don’t need to be friends to be a tag team”. Well, it certainly helps, doesn’t it? Saying he knew what the Hardcore Legend was up to, Cena, addressed The Rock as the great one “because he’s the most electrifying man in most of all entertainment”. Therefore making Cena irrelevant.

Foley tried to drum up support for John. Foley remembers in 2006, when he watched interactions backstage with Cena and the lockeroom brass. He treated everyone with respect, regardless of size or other factors, Mick informs. So, he treated everyone with respect. Except the audience, which matters most? No?

After Foley decided to Twitter a few things about Cena, when he was “getting used” to the micro-blogging website, he wasn’t prepared to encounter the “Firestorm of controversy”. Once engulfed, Foley couldn’t comprehend what he thought were a “legacy of great matches” from Cena to the opinion of the WWE Universe, who did not agree.

Foley sported a new tee shirt, hoping to be the “thread” in the middle bringing both greats together. His shirt consisted of Cena and Rock slogans above and below his middle line message.

Mick made a bold move. He presented Cena with something he has done before and can do it again. Hosting this is your life! For Cena, he too stated “I don’t think this is a good idea”

Cena became embarrassed with the song choice of video. Should’ve had a Koda Kumi one instead. The tribute featured child Cena growing up with his family archive and teen years. Baby Cena, title victory and fans with banners were shown. Also shown was the culprit for this name put forward, namely Stephanie McMahon, who was dressed as a witch at the Halloween Smackdown party dress up, opposite a 70/80s style pimp Cena.

“Told you it’d be powerful”. It consisted of nothing to evoke that emotion. There weren’t many highlights of the how long career to show (from 2002 onwards).
Cena's "coach"
Cena’s coach, Will Grey came and gave Cena a hug, which John seemed unwilling to accept. He would also laugh at how unbelievably stupid he felt this all was. Even he didn’t believe it. John struck out, his coach told us.

"Failing in that spot would keep from a better man” The coach revealed, before, revealing Cena cried about it, too. Cena remarked the coach was “striking out with all this” in another ungracious acceptance of his life from Foley achievements. Aiming to turn that frown “upside down” an “instrumental” piece would come in place next. Boo yeah! Old rap partner, B2 (B Squared) Bull Buchanan, from Cena’s early years joined him. He looks like a guy from Oz, also. “Wonderful. So wonderful”– Cena mutters. (Ooooh).

This “Outta be fantastic” the former champ continued. Buchanan said it was great to see his old pal again. Cena was the best partner he had “bar none”. It was the “greatest time of my life” Awwww. Don’t keep Baby Bull in the corner!

Bull Buchanan returned for the night!
Like all great tag teams, they all break up, he mentioned. (Did the Bushwackers, Legion of Doom, Beverley Brothers)… Though nowadays they do, I guess.

Bull went on to explain his life story, he “got fired” was schemed for money, the old lady divorced him, and to top it all, he was bit by his dog, who gave him rabies and killed his career! “You ruined my life!” he barked at Cena.

Through all of this, Cena was smiling and laughing once again unselling the angle. He felt it was “Finally worse than the Shockmaster.”

Giving Foley one last chance to redeem himself, John Cena Sr came out to address the WWE Universe, in an unbiased approach. Jerry Lawler stated this “actually is” Cena’s father. Cole felt Cena Sr was a “little over the top. A Moron, an idiot, and had horrid music.”

He had a bone to pick with the WWE Universe. Especially the “testosterone jacked up apes” forgetting that Cena, a man, produces testosterone, has a square jaw line reminiscent of an ape, as well as evolving from one through the process of evolution, which would make even Charles Darwin pissed at that comment, and Cena is also muscley – you could define as ‘jacked’”

Would Darwin be proud?

“Cena sucks. YOU suck” he said. How dare you hassle my son!” “Do you have any idea how hard he works?” Cena Jr couldn’t help the cartoon hands over his mouth motions. “Little children love him”. So? Big kids love wrestling is the flip side to that comment.

“Let’s be cool” Daddy Cool said. “You’re not cool, your losers” “Not one half the man my son…” Aiming to salvage his flagging reputation, Cena butted in “dad, I know what you’re trying to do, I love you but this is awful, it's not the time for this.”

Cena would go on to drive support by stating he embraces free speech and never tells anyone how to feel towards him, be it positive or negative. “This is my life, this
20x20 box in front of all these people boo or cheer, my two feet in this ring are all I have”, and that’s what he aims to bring to Survivor Series.

He felt that this was one of “Wrestling’s (!!!!) greatest catastrophes”, being even worse than the Gobbledy Gooker. Hoping this would end like the rest of us, Cena claimed “Its done. Who else you got back there Doink the clown?”

The Rock‘s music finally hits. He came and gave out a Rock Bottom. To Mick Foley! To no emotion, which kept this angle key to existing. Cena was smiling and laughing that Foley was dropped, when he should have been dismayed. This didn’t sell the whole angle we had just bear witnessed to and had mountains of TV time possibly swallowed up that could have sold stars for tomorrow’s future today.

The Rock has more Twitter followers. 1, 4 to Cena's 1.0. MTV footage of Sheamus presenting the Best Male award to Justin 'Baby' Beiber was again aired. Sheamus needs to hang out with a kid to gain exposure? Jack Swagger entered with Vickie, doing some press ups.

Got maintenance to pay in the near future...

Dont Cha Wish...Dont Cha!?
Cole helps Swagger by acknowledging him helping against the Jerry Lawler feud some months back. "Helping", that one word raised Swagger just a little bit, but then the match dropped him. Into a headlock tussle, Shea drops down, still in hold,  before running the ropes. A clothesline. A Swift back grab, drop down to the  mat based technical wrestling interested, Irish Whips to a clothesline again diffused the match. Knees from Sheamus. Clothesline outside. For goodness sake.... Clubs to chest in the ropes hold. Then giving Suplex sledgehammer stylee blows, you can thank HHH for that, no doubt.  A Swagger kick out at two. "What you looking at?!" Vickie Guerrero screamed as the Great White smiled at her once Swagger was down. It was class, once again from Vick. A running torpedo dive flying, Swagger shoulder blocked. Arm lock submission from Swagger followed. A belly to belly suplex came too. A shoulder press hold with force next. After a club and  pose, pushed Sheamus into the ropes, forward facing, to bounce back,and receive a shot to the kidney, which was actually the back area of it, on Sheamus. Swung to the ropes, Shea counters a clothesline. Running arm take downs, clubs to back, a knee flip powerslam two fall for Shea.

Head legs and arms raised up met a reverse elbow behind, a back powerslam drop from Swaggz then saw him clasp on the ankle lock. Slip over kick out the ring, Swagger then gained a modified Rock bottom looking back-breaker. The three fall then came for Sheamus. Swagger lost.

The Bellas were next to sign Zack’s petition. Instantly they steered towards Alberto Del Rio. “Hi Alberto!” Interested in the car he drives, one of the Bella’s made a slip up mentioning last night but quickly realised as soon as said and corrected herself to last week, which proved the Bella’s take it seriously. The minor trip up is inevitable with everyone, though self correcting instantly didn’t harm the angle. Others could learn, as some have been there for years and making more mistakes than this, that’s why the Universe come down hard on it – no responsibility is taken to rectify, unlike here.

Gettin' around on Raw. Make me yer Hoeski of the week!

Zack tried to convince the Bella’s to party with him instead of going with Del Rio. He gave a fist pump at Al and Ricky, with invites, before they and even the girls walked off. “Something I said? Uhh, seriously?” Ryder pondered. Fist pump and all night long party with Ryder? Where’s my invite? Jacuzzi time Bro! WWWYKI! Women are also more hassle. Bro's before .... you know? :D

A dress changes everything (in Alicia Fox's case)

Isn't it amazing what a dress can do. Alicia Fox finally looked like a real, new person. Still a long way to go, but this was refreshing. No stupid mannerisms (‘cept for the end walk slightly) and no daft speak or behaviour. Raw,  S/D and Raw were washouts. Then she turns it around tonight in appearance. Now will come the skills and performance. Let’s hope no disappointment follows.  She had some colour.  Maxim / Kelly Kelly backstage clips of making the video were shown.

Bimbo Bimbo said it was so much fun modelling; it’s how she got into WWE.  The pervy overweight photographer, proving modern man all over the world said Kelly’s personality was “infectious” (no, not an STI). Her personality has been non existent. She has shown none since. She also said modelling is “my passion”, rather meekly. Then why bother being in the WWE at all? Eve and Fox with Beth in the opposing corner were all ringside.

A short match followed. Natalya, taking on Bimbo Bimbo, A powerful Natty back leg trip into a pinfall happened first. Lift up to the turnbuckle. Asking if Kelly would cry, she shortly found her self receiving the non touching stinkface. Now renamed the “Rump Bump” 

The stinkface/RumpBump, which never connects ,
 is as useless as  the 2011 Torrie Wilson clone
Bawh God! Natalya, grabbing the legs, started to flip like jelly pasta strands wriggling, before being lifted up, then filling Kelly in with a hard locked sharpshooter. The tight clasps inside Kelly’s legs was then rolled over, surprising Natalya, as Kelly rolled on top. A roll up win, cheap and tasteless as ever created many “bulls**t” chants from home viewers. It's the way a valid performer always loses to a pitiful mockery ending of a match in the division that could be meaningful, which fails to be taken seriously, that peeves viewers. There you go. WWE’s elite professional woman loses. Natalya, some three months ago came in at #4 in the top 50 PWI Women’s ratings. That was the highest for any female WWE member. For KK to reverse the sharpshooter, is yet another disgrace. That move is a crucial one in anyone's repertoire. 

Sharpshooter... roll up reversal

John Laurinaitis was on the phone speaking. He wanted your “Debut to be really big and not on Rock’s show. Next week Brodus”. Clay was the mystery caller, presumably. Is it 9 weeks now? Either way, it’s been two months delayed. This is more harmful than jobbing, sometimes, you know. Plus – Clay has already “debuted” since his NXT/S/D days. A “debut” is when one makes an appearance that has never been seen before. Johnnie L should have said – your debut on the Raw supershow, or left debut out completely. *sigh*.

Will he be there next week?
I had (and still do) have high hopes for BC!

Another one of WWE’s elite was on a cover of a magazine! The WWE champion was on Hombre magazine. So, then, the big question is, who would grace the first cover of Wrestling Wonders? Answers on an internet postcard, please :)

The interim GM, amongst other job roles, said Punk was showing Del Rio up lately.  The stand in GM was “Impartial”. and said Punk winning the WWE title would be “trouble” even though he didn’t care who won.
Money Shot!
Alby claimed he “Won’t make it. (The) industry is better with me at the helm”. He plans on being champion for a “long time”.  WW feels Punk is unready for the WWE title, since his recent pipebomb has blown up in his face. Del Rio is a solid option, develops growth, and is finally free from Cena’s clutches to rise his star once again. Plus the on off title not happening was a disservice to him. Given the time, Del Rio is one WWE needs.

Matt Striker interviews R Truth and The Miz next. Talking of Survivor Series, he asked if either felt it was “all about Cena and The Rock”? “Do you feel overshadowed”? Both questions received no response. Miz and Truth glanced over at un-Striking Matt’s questions. Continuing to ask about feeling “Disrespected, What can Awesome Truth do to get the attention of Cena and The Rock?” Plain looks and simplistic tones sold this angle.

Punk walking backstage was attacked by Alberto, slammed into the production truck nearby.

Stat time – The Facebook followers, 9,173,687 on average go to Cena , Rock – 4,422,450. Does WWE rely too highly on social media? Rock has Twitter, Cena has Facebook. Hmmm.

RicRod announced:- ADRRRRRRRRRRRRio! Don't you just wanna grab Del Rio’s scarf and swivel motion side to side on his shoulders with it?! Mmmmm. Lawler felt Hombre magazine, with Del Rio gracing the cover, would be perfect to "line your birdcage with!

Going for Del Rio around the ring. Big Show, on paper - Slam. Slap. Slap. Slam. Tag. Kicks to corner came from Punk. Foot stomping. The ref charged back in. Mudhole stomping was referred by Lawler – “stomping a mudhole”. Cole said he was “so 1995”. A two fall. Tag Big Show, a slap came. Henry was tagged. A Lock up instantly came. Instructions were mouthed by Big Show to Henry, before they broke and decided to lock up again.

Punch back into the ropes. Show takes shirt off. Here we go again, hold up again. Pushing Henry back with punches like the moving arm figurines crouched from the floor, proceeded to hit two headbutts then a lift up which saw Henry’s colossal weight fall on top of Big Show. Henry then had his headbutt turns x2, and then grabbed a leg. Jerry Lawler stated the emotion of Big Show would make a difference. There was absolutely no emotion form either man let alone Big Show. It made no difference whatsoever.

Tagged Del Rio flies aggressive kicks with an upper hand after, aiming to pin, Big Show throws him off, Del Rio responds with a drop down dropkick to the head of Show before giving a Tag to Henry. Henry barks with attitude (which is his only best attribute) get your hand off me!!! After punches to the chest Show delivers laughable motion hands before a headbutt again. He’s got moves that stagger. Oh yeh yeh!  “Amazing displays of strength” Cole mentions. Irish Whip shoulder block. Roar fist. Upon seeing this breath of fury, Henry declines and makes a tag to Del Rio. Del Rio asks “why?” “That’s your opponent!” “I tagged you!” Henry answers back to the WWE Champion. “I don’t care” Del Rio shouts in frustration. Back to both men down after commercial return (Punk & ADR). Henry tag in. kick to Punk, still on the floor, into his side. Punch, before standing onto Punk’s chest, holding the ropes for leverage. Tag to Del Rio sees and arm wrench beginning to work down Punk. JL shows how appreciative he is of Cole via Twitter. So he doesn’t tell him any other way then?

Changing the tide, Rio runs into Punk, who, now in the turnbuckle lifts his leg to Del Rio’s face. Punk aiming to change the momentum, charged into a triple roll backbreaker from the Mexican champion after being swiftly caught. Punk kicks out at two. Tenacious. Tag Henry. Punk was mentioned for being unafraid of the establishment, for stepping on toes, and being real, (Thank You x) Jerry Lawler announced. Henry tags ADR. The arm wear down begins. Breaking with punches, a running leg calf drop. Rolling neck breaker from Punk then sees Henry stumble in, kicks straight to his head swiftly and Show charges inside to give Henry an added superkick (which was more of a back heel kick). Christ that was something. Henry (once recuperated) caught Punk after shoving Del Rio out the way, World’s Strongest Slam from the turnbuckle saw Show give a jump charge. Outside, he missed and landed in the steel post. ADR gained a pinfall at 1-2-3, after stirring to, when both men were still down, after waiting for Henry/Show to head outside. Del Rio implemented the cross arm-breaker AFTER the match.

The title only suits/fits Del Rio. This man is holding up the prestige that everyone is truly failing to do.

Santino, fresh from the outfitters, entered in a Japanese dressing gown tee shirt. Looked like a Japanese dressing gown with a Jakks pacific logo on it. Seeking forgiveness for interrupting, but he could not resist.
In this very building and city, ‘Tino came close to winning the “Royal Rumbles”. Planning to put his career back on tracks, he vows to become champion next time he returned to Boston. Kevin Nash broke it up instantly. The Italian stallion hoped he was “not here to beat me up and prove a statement are you?” pleading with Big Sexy. Nash was “one of your biggest fans” Rumble talk brought back fond memories.

(Kevin Nash retuned in the 2010 Royal Rumble, didn’t he?)

Asking how to do the trombone victory dance, it was Nash who would hear the fanfare. Santino walked into an unsuspecting Big Boot. Nash instantly took to the mike to cheers, The Rumble saw Nash get the “biggest ovation of the night”. Triple H hadn’t the business sense to hire his former pal then, which peeved Kev! Gloating that Nash was there and Trips was not, he proceeded to pick up Santino and slam down with the Jacknife Powerbomb.

Good flight and sell from BOTH here...
Nash followed through with his "Javelin" hands.
I may be the only one in the Universe, though I believe Nash actually is a good fit to return. And I am interested to see his developments. Given the right parameters, he can take control of the situation and be beneficial.

Orton was seen doing some press ups in preparation for his upcoming match of the evening. Mmmm. Need someone underneath to “clock your time?” :)

Wade Barrett entered with his Survivor Series team-mates. Hunico, Dolph Ziggler, Cody Rhodes and Jack Swagger. Orton equalled with his. Kofi Kingston, Sin Cara, Mason Ryan and Sheamus. Barrett started first with a cheeky promo in ring telling the world he proved to the world Orton is the past, since defeating him on the previous UK Smackdown show. Barrett is the present and future. The Barrett Barrage was dealt and swept through the Great White (Sheamus) and Orton.

Gettin' the rear view...

Tonight he would lead by example “de-venomising the viper”. I’d like that job, too!

Beginning with Punches followed by an uppercut punch into clothesline was fluid. Suplex, jump knee drop amounting to a one fall supported further. From Orton, a stamp on the exposed hands of Barrett. Face grating with his knee. Barrett then swung his opponent into a Whirl Side Slam. It received a two fall. Punches from Wade. Stomp on Orton.

Kick to the guts with back clubs down on Barrett, wear down in a headlock, we are then reminded of some history.  Orton was sole survivor, in '06 and 1990 saw the debut of The Undertaker. A lift up back drop. Clothesline, then a fierce two scoops fast slam. Rapid and beautiful. Barrett in ropes for DDT, delivered. Leadership by example. Writhing on the ground to cheers, all teams charge in. Heels sent out. Hunico was left stranded and picked off with an RKO. Ryan grabs up with a power lift hurl outside onto their rival team. Propping up weary Hunico, who sold tremendously well as being sparko-ed out of it, Swagger also proved a team player. (Shame both are going to fall rapidly at the PPV). The faces too looked like a team for once. 

Mention goes out to the Mankind fan seen! 

Props to the Mankind fan!
#MaxWaltham :p
“Ladies and gentlemen” please welcome… silence. The Rock. Miming thank you in his return turnbuckle pose, proved exactly why he is truly epic. Commanding the stage, not one person has remotely one tenth of Rock's persona in his absence.

For those who say Rock doesn’t care, he showed it right here. 

The Rock began with his daily diary. After this he addressed the 25th Survivor Series, claiming this would be the biggest of all time. That was in six days. The Rock wanted to live the moment, “right now” Now is what drives The Rock. He had to Rock Bottom Mick Foley, whom he loves, because he couldn’t listen to the “hot plate of steaming garbage” Foley was serving up to the fans.

Straight up your Candy A**!!
3.15 - Got Up. 3.30 – Breakfast - “not one fruity pebble in sight” 3.45 – send morning tweet 4.30 – Gym.  6 - filming GI Joe,  3.00 in the  afternoon – got a flight, 6.45 - arrived

7pm - met a security guard, who claimed Rock was a wicked pissup”. “The Rock’s got great aim”, he responded. 7.30pm - drive by his favourite Italian eatery. But he couldn’t stop until this moment right here. November 14th the right and honour. The privilege to get there for that live show, despite his tightly packed schedule. Finally!

“Thank You Rock” one fan yelled. “You’re Welcome” The Great One responds. Moments like this, being the most electrifying man in “twitter-tainment”. He creates trends worldwide. Rock’s new slogan, “Boots to Asses”, rang out in droves from the crowd, only moments after he mentioned it.

He said he made “Twitter history” right there and then. Making sure Raw would get rocked, he couldn’t wait six days. He needed to find and deliver an “ass whoopin’ to Awesome Truth”. The time was now. On cue, Awesome Truth arrive.

In what will be a career defining match for them come Sunday, it would be the matches of their career, so were told. “Really”? “That’s what you want?” Miz answers, in reference to the beating intended.

Truth said “We got news for you. Don’t WHAT me!” “If you think for one second…” that The Rock could cause many upset to Truth in certain ways, he said Rock must be the “most delusional man in entertainment”. It was a strong vocab for Truth.

“Raw gets rocked? What a joke!. Truth is, every time we on this show Raw gets…”


Uncaring about the diary entrys and trends Rock created, Awesome Truth planned on leaving the Samoan superstar a "quivering mess".
“Matter of fact,… we can do that right now” R Truth said intently, preparing to steady himself towards advancing.

Miz said it was not to be, as they don’t care about anyones needs except their own. They pledged to create history at what they claim will be the biggest Survivor Series of all time. “Tonight, Raw gets rocked. Sunday, Rock gets beat” Miz uttered.

John Cena pending, burst through the curtain to assist his match enhancing promo at the upcoming PPV.

His first line? “Are you wearing make up?” To The Miz. It was pathetic to start a promo that the three before him, had built this so highly up the card.

Telling us to excuse his partner (without his acknowledgement) for getting excited, Cena went on to mention he gives “crappy messages via satellite”. Cena has been awarded many crappy matches, in terms of the WWE Universe’s opinion. Rock, unwavering returned fire. “Excuse The Rock's partner for not having support of someone who has reached puberty.”

After mentioning one of Cena’s many tee shirt slogans, rising above hate, Rock said he should be more concerned about his boot kicking him in the lady parts. “Trending worldwide”, in a classic, humorous and fantastic promo.

Cena, unable to understand his now “fictional mangina” (if you turn the company PG with that star at the helm, no matter what you chose to do, you are supposed to stick to it? No? Kids have now been told one of the ‘rudest’ words, you are supposedly sheltering them from), “Sunday, we have to be a team” Cena reminded. 

“My partner's ego gets in the way of being a team” after Cena, unprovoked, had verbally assaulted his hasty minded partner to be, The Rock, in a bullying manner. Cena said it would then look like he “bitchslapped Rocky” should it all go wrong. Warning delivered, Rock had time to think…

“I am so sick of this!” The Miz, points out, whom with Truth, was still standing there among this Cena/Rock fest, like a spare part again. Sick of becoming “inconsistencies” and “afterthoughts”, (oooh, I wonder :P) he would remind the two over-expressed stars that last time they moaned, they bypassed the man whom bested them at Wrestlemania (27). “I won Wrestlemania!”

Has some words for Lil Rocky!
After making a case for a national holiday for Cena and The Rock, Miz tells the two  “When we done with you two, it will never be forghotten.” R Truth chips in from Miz “Lil Johnny n Lil Rockie, have a blast. See u Sunday”, issuing pause for thought come Sunday evening.

R Truth got GHOT!
Commanding the stage without a word once again, “as they sayin’… Cena and Rock in sychronised timing delivered “Boots To Asses.” The Rock Bottom was smashed onto R Truth. Cena then raised Miz for the Attitude Adjustment, but this was Rock’s show! Pulling Miz off of Cena, The Rock then planted the Rock Bottom onto The Miz as well, sending a statement.

Mimicking the hand wave of Cena atop the titantron. Cena smirked back at his upcoming partnership. Never before, never again.

“Can they co exist? Never” Cole states.

Raw developed many situations tonight. Building stars heading into the upcoming PPV, it gave them a purpose. It created opportunities. How it will be booked on the night, however, will be its downfall. It’s more than clear who will be eliminated, and most assume the main event will be one way. Punk's esteem has dipped. Should he win the title, it will be low in expectations, regardless. He will need to strengthen his position once more if his title reign, should he gain one, is to become meaningful whilst sustaining an emotional connection to the audience in question. Nash looked strong and could be supporting the veteran/youth role for WWE further. With the JR angle finally over with, until next time, and the Women/Diva’s downplay, WWE need to find new ways and create new stars, as continually reiterated. These new stars are not just the ones on the 5 on 5 team matches. They are the ones demoted to Superstars. The Big Show / Mark Henry is a disgrace and are taking spots that no one wishes to see in 2012. They haven't earned their status with their shabby 'performances' and it just isn't relevant in today's market. Both should be heading Superstars, rather than PPV title matches. Neither can contribute to the roles or buy-rates of WWE stock. Without creating new livestock, WWE will be a few sheep short in the future, as a continual method. 

Note for WWE's Opening credits ~ (so if your listening Mr.Dunn), the final graphic in the Raw opening credits, should be the brand's champion (same with Smackdown), whomever it is. Just a tip (my 10% fee can be paid in Wrestlemania tickets :p) X 

© Max Waltham 18th November 2011

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