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Laying the Smackdown! in Liverpool. UK Supershow

Laying the Smackdown! in Liverpool. 
UK Supershow Results 
11th November 2011

Beginning Smackdown’s UK supershow, Randy Orton, took to his lines instantly, explaining his captaincy at the upcoming Survivor Series PPV. He reminded the Universe and Teddy Long that he doesn’t “play well with others” and it usually ends badly, “doing something horrible to what was my friends”.

Stole the WW spotlight :D
The Apex Predator claimed he was not exactly a leader, however was no follower. (Music to my ears, perhaps?). He had no problems being captain and accepted the role. He would be happy to give Cody Rhodes “the beating of his life, again” and to “shut Christian’s mouth”.

“One and for all”, Rand said he didn’t know Jack Swagger too well as some of the others, but would strive to challenge them. Once again, he built stars up to a level of competing against a WWE stronghold. No other is ever willingly to do so, so willingly.

An interruption came from the UK’s own stronghold, Wade Barrett. Certain people “got in his way” and would ask Orton exactly what he had “No problem” with, in terms of captaining. Barrett, we are reminded, fought bare knuckle battles which was “dangerous and educational”.

Barrett claimed he never started as a leader; however he was naturally born for it. “People always gravitated towards me” Wade told the WWE Universe. The Barrett barrage would continue to sweep the Smackdown brand and at the Survivor Series PPV. Everyone should beware. Barrett is coming. Will WWE put the round wheels on instead of the square ones and allow Wade an elevation either way?

One thing he has yet to achieve, being World Heavyweight Champion. Just maybe, 2012 will be his year to achieve this goal. One thing standing in his way, according to Barrett was the Viper himself, and needed Rand out of the picture, in order to do so. Barrett addressed Orton as his in ring superior. A true statement and one Barrett attempts to rewrite.

This was an intriguing promo from both that built ever more towards the hype of PPV, the match and a feud or intense rivalry heat with possibilities for a future to an unknown Universe, in terms of expectation.

Rand wasn’t really listening as Barrett asked. Randy was rather interested in visaging Wade’s head bounce the matt after an RKO given to him.

Christian then came to break the party. Telling Orton he was catastrophic, “you’re the Yoko Ono to the Beatles, my friend” Another Beatles reference to the Liverpool audience, the Yoko effect, is known as breaking up the Beatles.

Ono never actually did that, but she was blamed as John Lennon went solo as the others had insecurities that exposed and fell the band apart.

Ringo Starr was technically the 5th Beatle :)

Christian was sporting a new fashion accessory – a neck brace. He spoke well with it on. The excuse was a chokeslam from Big Show last week. To which Christi explained was due to “no reason whatsoever”, therefore making the angle, meaningless.

After delivering a thank you to leader Barrett, Christian explained he turned down the offer to captain, and volunteer services to his superior, Wade. He said it was down to his health status. Captain Charisma “kindly declined” as some leaders recognise when not to take the lead and support, giving his “full endorsement”.

That made them all equals according to him and they would be synchronised at the PPV. They wanted to send a message to the team. Orton, realising, struck a right hand first, before being worn down by the two. Christian’s neck brace was eventually exposed and he seemed healthy.

Theodore Long, Smackdown GM, explained he would fight Sheamus next, seeing as he was fit to fight. Just like his neck and back, Teddy Long called Capt’n C “spineless” “Holla!” It was a strong showcase of dialogue.


Once action began, fists and knees in the ropes, a back reverse chop/club from Sheamus then a  flip over slam into the ring from the apron facing outside to achieve a two fall rollup. Running the ropes Christian slid under Sheamus and delivered his trademark slap, before a lift over his head toss from Sheamus was initiated. Irish whipping corner to corner, a powerslam hold and drop to Christian was delivered. Christian needed a time out and went outside.

Hands, a suplex attempt from Shea, broken with a hard slap from Christian, perfectly given, runs into a shoulder block from Sheamus through the middle rope, whilst among the ring apron on the outside section of the ropes, then hurled himself over them to shoulder barge Christian down once again, like a torpedo. It was an impressive move to say the least. WWE are trying to be mildly inventive here.

Commentary a joy!

The Great White smashed his opponent’s head into the announce table at ringside, resulting in a ringpost counter sending Shea into it. Over at the announce desk Booker T, love or loathe, stated he was giving the guy some credit. He didn’t like his attitude, but apart from Cole, recognised the credentials.

A missed dropkick, a 2 fall, punches and a punch chest back from opponent, then saw a pulldown of the ropes from Christian. Jumping over them he got caught by the Great White. Sheamus performed a fall away slam to the barricade outside.

Very long on paper...

Retuning from commercial, in ring action continues. Fists from Shea, kicks from Christi, jumping outside of the ropes and slap from Christian, followed by a push away then saw Sheamus punch and hurl over the top rop, which saw Christian land on the apron, feet first, giving a punch swing which missed for Sheamus, allowing a reversal for Christian whom pulled down Shea’s back on the ropes and sent the Irishman flying. Climbing the turnbuckle, punched with a fist to the chest, a slap retaliated then saw an Irish Whip reversed and knock down to Christian. Throwing to the turnbuckle, a clothesline powerslam scoop slam, gave a two fall for Sheamus. A tired Sheamus swung for another clothesline, which failed to connect.

A mule back heel kick from Christian, he climbed the turnbuckle once again. A sunset flip powerbomb beautifully performed, saw Sheamus, unable to be rolled over, he then pulled Christian up from beneath his legs, though Christian issued a kick, again grabbed by and received an Irish Curse backbreaker from the Celtic Warrior. A two fall continued. Performing a war cry, gearing up for the Celtic Cross, a reversal occurred and a slap again, before jumping the turnbuckle to deliver a fall away slam for the second time. A clothesline charge off ropes, going to the corner post and grabbing the leg, a punch then a kick to the knee. A dropkick came after. Booker T claimed again, selling for a star, as his role rightly is for, Christian was “no joke” it was just his attitude disliked. A punch to the turnbuckle climb again, both were atop the corner post. Sending rights to each other, Shea lowered back down off it. Running into an elbow, another charge, missed.

Too repetitive...
Christian nailed the guillotine leg kick through the ropes, and then performed a move off the top turnbuckle connecting, with a jump swinging DDT. A “lateral press” pinfall gave a two count. Sheamus, once lowered into the turnbuckle, chose to lift his body up in a showcase of strength and flipped his whole body up and over to sit onto the ropes. Dangerous, but impressive. A shoulder block, “tackle” as Booker put it, asked Cole, whom claimed a “battering ram”, saw a two fall again. Christian was “resilient”. After pumping up for a Brogue Kick, he missed and Sheamus was put into the Killswitch, he then countered with a back drop, which Christian flipped out of, then ran towards the turnbuckle pad into a kick, after Shea moved. The Celtic Cross ended Christian with a three fall to finish.

A long, construed and sloppy match on paper, though acted well by both in ring, however it was detracted by the clumsy, repetitiveness of it all. Just like the feud, it has already gone on too long without having the spark lit early on to carry it further forward. It was too repetitive, and lacked consistency.

Daniel Bryan was seen backstage with AJ and Kaitlyn. Haven’t they done well? They are on Smackdown so congrats from being NXT season 3 rookies. Though neither is doing anything at all and are waiting to be future endeavoured at this rate. If unready for ring matches, which they are, in part, get additional training at FCW while you make Smackdown appearances and valet/promo/vignette/manage.

Bad make up and pouted mouth, maybe Rosa Mendes was right

Hell, ask Natalya if she would observe you two having an impromptu backstage lockeroom tussle for experience.

Only premier WWE Diva

So, Daniel Bryan almost cashed in last week! Hmmmm. Sneaky WWE.

AJ was “so excited” Bryan may become champion. The entire Universe was too. Bryan’s comeback was scripted as “Really?” This was dumbfounded. Why would you have a performer who may be World Champion in your midst to doubt his own possible achievements when he planned a possible cash in.

Went to the dentist

Henry appeared and told Danny Boy that it weren’t easy to become champ. Took Henry 15 years. And in that one year, McMahon “gave” it to him as respect for service that proved nothing World status-ly and due only to sizing proportions, making a mockery to the sport.

Henry went to tell Bryan something, whilst pointing his finger on his chest, which Bryan instantly flicked away. Henry admired Bry’s guts. But it was “ a shame” as Henry planned to “spill your guts all over the ring tonight”. This was Henry’s finest work. Though it is no excuse to pat yourselves on the back for the donation of title.

Ip Dip Do... Your It!

Don't touch what you cant afford, I'm Money In The Bank!

Cole hoped Mark Henry would “splat” Bryan all over the ring tonight. A promo aired of Ezekiel Jackson, now the “Personification of domination”. Have you noticed how WWE aims to get all the big men or muscle meat heads over, and fails everytime. That’s because the less average man of muscles has more talent and potential, plus an aptitude for vocal ability. Shame WWE fail to realise that the “standard” body of say, Rhodes, DiBiase, Riley, McGuillicutty and Kingston are much more capable than those they are trying to promote, whom are dead pan fishes out of water.

Jackson had two sides to him. No, he wasn’t Tommy Lee Jones/TwoFace from Batman returns, he was a family man, awww PG are happy. The other, changes, like a switch. Yes, the remote control has a switch over button.

“No grey areas” Just green then….

Boredom personified.

Referee, now official, Charles Robinson was informed of a job being well down by S/D GM. Well., it is good to see praise for certain individuals. He had a big match with the Uso’s tonight.


OOoohhh. The lights changed, dimmed to a more romantic scenery, a good angle came here. If you’ve ever wondered how much WWE listens to WW then this was it.

Aksana spoke to the GM. Inquiring about booking, going on for the last two weeks Teddy claims, he wanted Aksana’s ‘first time’ to be ‘special’. She totally agreed. The GM wanted her to have “more seasoning” and “experience”. She would be in the corner of another diva. Upon entering, Aksana was thrilled! OMG you got me “Rhianna”, as Alicia Fox stood facing her. Fox, in a bearskin hoodie coat thing didn’t look that interesting. She muttered a “no” to the Rhianna likeness. Aksana claimed Teddy was her Umbrella. Eh Eh Eh?

Why she put on a child's voice and goofy smile , no one knows.

Drop the stupid gimmick.
WWF might want to know about her bearskin!

It’s a shame that the Aksana article on WW was put back by myself. It was going to be a week before Liverpool S/D, however it shall be coming shortly, so you can all look out for that. I don’t need to change my articles just because WWE change their product. Keep viewing soon, the news agenda is overflowing. A sexual angle that worked well, who’dda thought it.

Ted DiBiase got a match. Starting it off with a kick to the sternum, running of ropes, kick back, knee drop, jump to face. Who writes these instructions?

Ted in Red 

Michael Cole said Ted was the leader of the DiBiase posse, and suggested the name should change. The DiBiase Dopes, the Teddy Bears, or the DiBiase Dummies were his sarcastic offerings. I prefer to call DiBiase my “boyfriend”. He could do far worse! Don’t judge me…


My new boyfriend. Fabulous ar"e!

He launched himself at Mahal with an intended running dropkick double footed at Jinder, which inadvertently became a shoulder/clothesline takedown. Knee drop and clotheslines again, later. Mahal going for what looked reminiscent of a masterlock hold, was foiled by the sweet dreams Full Nelson backdrop. This gave DiBiase the three fall. The short match was a good one to bring him back into the picture. Cole said his posse name was not better than then Cole Miners.

Mahal couldn't make it successful

Daniel Bryan came out to some hyper music. Scolded by Cole as a hypocrite for attempting a cash in, (WW suggested one not so long ago also), Bryan chose to leg kick Henry, who almost caught it, then a quick cat and mouse esq chase for each others body parts, before an equal face off occurred. Flipped outside shortly after, Henry chucked Bryan into the barricade. Then crushing Bryan’s head onto the steel ring steps, Cole believed Bryan lost his stance, due to “girls on his mind”. WW aggress Bryan should focus less on these too :D

Oooh, Gimme strength!

Henry soon took control and in ring, lifted Bryan with an over the head press hurling him sideways onto the top turnbuckles. Stuck atop the pads, slammed on his guts, Henry charged into Danny B. He missed! D Bryan managed to haul himself out the way quick sharp, kicking Henry back and delivering a high flying leg retracted inside dropkick from the top turnbuckle. He almost toppled the “Colossal Wall” that was Mark Henry, down to one knee. Manic Bryan swiftly flew three kicks to Henry’s chest before nailing in the head. Bryan took charge and placed on the LeBell Lock.
LeBell lock is on Henry

Crushing Bryan's skull
For the first time in WWE booking, Bryan looked champion-worthy ON the product. He also has the skill set to continue that. The win for Bryan, however, was far away. Henry, what looked like it could be an interesting move if WWE capitalise on it, would be when he reversed the LeBell Lock and lifted Bryan with his trapped arm and back dropped his aggressor delivering a pretzel like hold backdrop. This looked good. But on Henry, it is a waste. These are moves that could be added to new stars to elevate further up the card.

Henry was angry he was almost piped to the post. Henry delivered headbutts, and then told to “listen to the official” by the official/referee. Grabbing the leg like a carcass, D Bryan was tossed like a starfish. Layed out, Henry nailed a splash pin for a 2 fall until big Mark broke his own count. With his open legs, Bryan was grabbed up into the World’s Strongest Slam, for a three fall ending. It was “Career Suicide” Michael Cole suggested.

Nose poking
It is at this point I must commend the female announcer. Carry on like this, and she has a bright future. Looking a little like Skank-ass Michelle (Candice Michelle), WWE has been struggling to fill the void of female announcer since the great Lillian Garcia left. She ain’t no Lillian, but I never said she was. But she has good steed, so far.

Henry afterwards grabbed a chair. Planning to crush his leg, Big Show arrived to make a save. It was not to be. Henry wouldn’t allow Show in the ring attacking the ropes just as he attempted to enter. After being helped by officials, Bryan was struck by vicious Henry, then allowing Big Show to advance further to the ring apron for a tense stare down with Henry. Launching the chair into him, Show punched it away, foxing and flabbergasting the World Champion. He fled as Show entered. But he forgot his World title, laying at Show’s feet. What happened next were disgraceful undoings to all that happened to make an angle plausible.

Henry, who LEFT his title, if he respected would have made sure went with him, received it again, after Show TOSSED it to him like a rag toy. What a way to truly devalue the World title.

Big Show informed Henry to watch him in action next proving why he should fear the bulking challenger. Show took on three local British wrestlers, booked to be cannon fodder and embarrassed on home soil. This is WWE’s excuse of “giving them a chance”. Anyone remember when WWE booked a ROH champion to job to the Masterlock challenge of Chris Masters?

Stood no chance

Show decimated the 3 on 1 handicap jobbers, with a double clothesline, whilst one planned to leave, and was caught by the giant, lifting above his head and hurling over the ropes into the ring. With a fist, and the other two men still down, for way too long, Show took the pointless three fall.

We were told it was impressive, “whatever your view”. It really wasn’t. Not even Henry was impressed. They ain’t me! I’m World Champion, Henry remarks. Henry mentions he impressed Show, when he slammed Show into the mat along with his former buddy some four months ago. At one point in the match, Big Show , Kane and Kozlov were mentioned as being dropped by Henry. Kozlov – released, and Great Khali, whom was also written off TV by Henry, (and shant be returning), wasn’t given any mention. Khali is planning to open a school in India and isn’t likely to return for a run. There you go…

And now…


Women wrestling! Shock. Tamina was booked, with Rosa in her corner, to take on Alicia “Rhianna” Fox. Natalya provided commentary at the announce desk. During her commentary, Natty claimed ‘Cole’ (Hmm), knew and understood a good woman in detail. Booker T comically didn’t know where to put his voice, slightly baffled by Cole’s prowess. “Strong, bold, bright, beautiful, built in the front, stacked in the back” Nat claims, “Oh my goodness” Booker responds. It was pure class. Natalya also told Josh Mathews to “zip the lip” when assuming jealousy to Kelly Kelly’s Maxim cover spread.

Sassy chic

Tamina was allowed a few kicks and hurl into the turnbuckle. Fox gave a punch back, then Tamina gave a Snuka headbutt to Fox, which could be implanted stronger and more so, if WWE book further for the Samoan superstar. Tamina impressed all audiences with her fierce nature, flinging Fox by the hair furiously through the air. It looked powerful, believable and stuck to the narrative of Tamina as a superstar.

The Tamina Twist, breaking all arms near you.

She then stamped on Fox’s hands. Once again, beautifully fierce. A submission, hands behind Fox’s back for extra force, in what could be dubbed as the Snuka stretch or Tamina Twist :p , though Fox battled through and fireman carry esq lifted Tamina over her head, then following with weak elbows and a dropkick and running knee from Fox, before a powerslam by Tamina.

OOF! Missed a punch

A running fist dive to the floor missed, swing round kick from Fox, crouched on ground, which looked valuable to her non existent ‘repertoire’ (take this move), then delivered a roll flip with a leg drop mid air somersault to gain a 1-2-3. Aksana, congratulated Fox with a hug. Aksana, didn’t over use herself, which was key to her role at ringside. Over using in one instance will be costly.

Swivel Kick to the head

Bear on her head

Why the giggles?
 At least she didn't trip over her own feet down the ramp this time.

Striker interviewed Sheamus asking if he was a “hothead”. 

MTV again. Lucky WWE. They share history, you know.

After a Justin Beiber/MTV comment (Don’t mess with the Beiber’s) (I am no Beiber), Sheamus joked with Striker about presenting him an award at the ceremony. Footage from last week aired of a backstage Barrett/Christian/Sheamus brawl, near the parking lot garage doors, with lead pipes tumbling over. He preferred to spend time with his family member, cousin, Beaker from the Muppets, rather then JB. Before breaking a smile stating he had “no temper”.

Me cousin, Beaker. Uncanny

Hunico has been revealed. Yes, a few weeks back, I do follow you know, now entered to a Mexicool/LAX/FBI style tandem. Joined by Epico and Primo the three came forth. Epico, is the cousin of Primo, who is the brother of Carlito, who is the son of Carlos Colon.

Hunico and Epico

The Uso’s entered to a War Cry, picked up by Booker. “’oooooooowwwllllll!” Whether you like BT or not, he is more entertaining and professional in selling than most. The odd announce occurs, but overall, I could listen to more. (!)

Uso's did not have a rugby ball with them

Corner kick beatdown, Tag, kick, slap, scored a two fall. Tagged in Hunico, not bad performance, but standard tag matches again, shortly after a minute –ish in, a spinning elbow “corkscrew” punch from an Uso, identified as Jey, shortly followed a superkick from the other Uso, once Epico broke up the pinfall and outside Primo distractions played its part. Hunico then blasted with a backdrop. His top rope manoeuvre was unannounced by the announce desk…. Not good…

Look out for the Primo!

After the match, it was a game of ‘Taunt an Uso!’ With one down for the pinfall the other was mocked by Hunico and Epico, unaware Primo was behind nailing with an attack. P and E nailed a double backbreaker each. Maybe do opposite knees each, together as a tag move for more impact? Hunico took to the air again. Performing a reverse Moonsault style aerial, yet to be defined by WWE, failed to hit the Uso in question. Oh dear.

New age Mexicools?

I don't fancy him, but Primo looked good in that vest. Along with 'stache and swag, this is a role he could grow into. Am sure some out there will be turned on.

Primo worked a vest, grey looks good.

Randy Orton then received the corridor walk treatment.

Barrett V Orton started with a hold up in the corner. Both had fist stances upon the break. Barrett checked his hair. Steadying himself, another corner lock happened. A kick, headlock, and roll on the mat making sure the break didn’t happen kept Barrett in charge. His hair then had a tiny overhang. This was a personal favourite of mine from B’s hairstyles. Not too much, but a little something to ponder. That’s a tip, darl (and not for your hair). L’Oreal should be calling soon…

Wade Barrah, cos I’m Wurth it!

Come round for a bath, I've got said shampoo

Running the ropes, and down on the canvas lay, a dropkick for 1 fall from the Viper. Orton responded with a headlock, then forced to the corner from Barrett, in hold to create a break, punches, slammed back to the turnbuckle, Orton, charging out of it, clotheslines Barrett. Stamping the hands of Wade, proved vicious in deliverance. Good. A knee drop to high elevation was suited appropriately to said enforcer. (Orton). Shortly Rand, planning a running charge at Barrett in top right turnbuckle, a leg kick from Wade, then allows him to scale the second rope, with a hand up salute to the nation, before dropping a connective elbow drop. Covering, Orton broke to head outside. “Let’s go Barrett" rang from the crowd. Orton needed “space”. This space allowed Orton to comeback. Irish whipping Wade to the corner, Barrett stepped over the steel ring steps, taking control, with his long legs back kicked Orton over the other side to Randy’s knee. Charging towards him, then flung Orton into them. A knee hold from the Viper was seen, portraying agony.

Back inside, Barrett showed off his now mossy hair, with a headlock wearing down his challenger. Raising over time slowly, slowly lifting himself up, both exchanged hands, before a Whirl Side Slam from Barrett was executed. This looked tight.

After Wade worked down Orton in the ropes pushing his legs against. Orton was held up in the ropes rather seductively, sitting on the second motionless, and puppet like, before a big boot flattened him down. A turnbuckle punch, then joining Barrett up the ropes, smile and suplex from Mr.Orton, done with schoomizing sex appeal and sheer wrestling panache.

Make your own words, Mmm
Orton caught a Powerslam/Scoop Slam on Wade. The English native, introduced at the start of this match as a bare knuckle fighter, caught a DDT ropes smash from Randy. After the “sinister smile” trying for an RKO, Orton missed and was hurled back. Managing to partake in quality control, Orton avoided a referee collision, only to be caught by the Barrett Barrage! A right hand from Wade floored the ”nine time World champion” as Barrett held Orton’s arms down whilst in pin hold to ensure shoulders were down for the three fall, which he received. Booker was astonished as Barrett’s punch seemed to be clarified as a thud to the eye. It was.

Barrett bested Orton, on home soil. Michael Cole claimed "whatever way you look at it”, it was a “career defining moment”.

So then, was it a career defining moment? Or picking up scraps? Barrett received a huge win over Orton to propel himself, and with a strong finish to re-brand his new marketing strategy. We get that. But, one victory will not be enough, when WWE books its traditional approach of same old routine. Orton wins and Barrett loses the next four or so matches. This does not intensify a feud and makes said challenger look weak. Orton always works the best out of opponents and creates magic in the ring, but in order for Barrett to excel fully as headline status will be based on strong vocab, powerful back stories, not yet implemented, and a backbone in the ring.

A heel he may be, but seen as a coward, or running away at times will devalue the run., It is these tiny principals WWE assumes don’t matter, yet if you look back at the library of all performers aiming to break out, it is the tiniest crack that crackles their foundation built upon.

You Lose Ort'n!

Ignore this, and there is a tough period of moving forward. Barrett is on his second most crucial run after the ‘failure’ of the Nexus/Corre disinterest.

And what of the state of Smackdown itself? I have never found myself writing turnbuckle and clothesline so many times. Headlocks, ring posts, kicks and running the ropes, this show was ALL repetitive and destroyed any momentum the show could fully receive. Every match had almost the same convention and narrative infused inside it. Was it really going to fully achieve star quality from performers when so much was diluted in contrast? Was it all a safe bet? Viewers want definity and originality. Adding some clarity, the product won’t be so bad.


Sheamus def. Christian
Ted DiBiase def. Jinder Mahal
Mark Herny def. Daniel Bryan
Big Show def 3 local British wrestlers
Alicia Fox def. Tamina
Hunico and Epico def. The Uso's
Wade Barrett def. Randy Orton


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Seeing as you allow reporters there anyway, what do you have to lose? And it’s not like I would see a Wrestlemania otherwise. If you truly support your Universe, then maybe you’ll consider it :)

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