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WWE Survivor Series 2011

Survivor Series 2011

Kick starting the PPV, to an excited Madison Square Garden, for the 25th anniversary of Survivor Series, on Sunday November 20th 2011, John Laurinaitis wished to thank us and share his 10 year anniversary with the company, and vowed to give us all a tremendous show.

United States Championship
Dolph Ziggler (c) w/ Vickie Guerrero Vs John Morrison

Beginning the task of double performance tonight, WWE's new age lieutenant, Dolph Ziggler defended the US Championship against John Morrison. Ziggler stated beforehand, that if you were that good at what you do, you could back it up "Really. Good. At what you do". Why thank you. :)

Both men finally impressed together for WW
It was in this match, both impressed for a change. It was refreshing to see and an enticing opener. Vickie Guerrero was shortly ejected from ringside after clutching Ziggler's leg and placing it onto the rope. Once banned from the match sidelines, Ziggler and Morrison wrapped up fairly quickly, with Ziggler gaining the pinfall on his opponent thus retaining the US title.

Mmm Kissy Kissy
Seconds after the result, Vickie returned to congratulate her beau. After her return, Zack Ryder sprang from the back to make his presence felt and nailed Ziggler down. During the match, "We Want Ryder" rang from the crowd. Ryder is still petitioning for a shot to interim Raw GM, John Laurinaitis.

Both men in this match proved an interesting battle on screen. Morrison showed an ability to work a structure for Ziggler and made sure not to perform daft jumpy gimmick moves. His tope spot from the ropes was fulfilling.

Scored the important 3 fall
As for Ziggler, he still has the blonde locks, however, not only did he deliver on the night as a wrestler with a strong performance, embodied with a strengthened approach as a star, he now sports wrestling attire in the form of tights, and has ditched, for the time being, the unsexy pants. Ziggler is half way there to looking very interesting as a promising star. Even though he is loved backstage for his work ethic, that is not the be all and end all, though we understand it, you need more than a diehard attitude, and must showcase your potential as a character whilst being able to showcase wrestling panache.

Morrison showed style and working his talent tonight (outside of the 'Jobber' notion)

We agreed JoMo wasn't strong enough to capture the title
He did that tonight, and we are thrilled he took note. We wrote in the Raw gets rocked review on the site, from last week, that in the case of Ms. Alicia Fox, a dress can make all the difference. 

Staking his claim, wait...
Has he got ginger hair?!
Ziggler once again struck gold on that note, he should have kept the notion since it debuted at the Capitol Punishment PPV. We now want the brunette locks to return, to complete Zigs new package. With the fan following and acceptance, Ziggler could easily turn, once he falls from Vickie's clutches and becomes a serious contender to the heavyweight division.

No one star needs to lift the title instantly, the key is having 'reserves'. A range of challengers make for a varied amount of matches and competition to enable a new star to sweep in. Imagine, for example, a match of CM Punk, Del Rio and other challengers with prospects, say Ziggler, Riley, Clay, Ryan and Mc Guillicutty. Any of those newbies would be a shock to the system, yet options are available for ALL involved, including the established ones.

It was a tough choice for man of the match for these two, though WW will NEVER sit on the fence. (see below at end of review).

WWE Unified Women's Championship
Lumberjill Match
Eve Vs Beth Phoenix (c)

Lost herself once again

Out piled all the WWE Divas. Look how many WWE actually have. Not all are great, but hey, if they try wrestling wise, the company may have some contributors to the impending fail of the big 4 / 7. (the Bellas and Fox).

Maxine! It's the closest Max Waltham is to the Women's Division so far, and if she starts developing wrestling flair, we may just champion her.

Eve entered first. The Glamazon and her sis, Natalya, headed towards the ring. Phoenix meant business. A trip up and kicks started the free flowing, before Eve, and WWE disgraced it once again. Eve just shot her own credibility down. What an idiot! After 4 months of non existence on the brand, her match at the previous months' PPV being a fair showing, just destroyed everything she just did. She deserves to lose her spot.

After performing a pitifull booty shake, from the outside the ever also appalled Natalya and the Bellas grabbed Eve's leg to try to halt her movement. She was then shortly caught by the Phoenix, whom stamped kicks on Eve. Beth impressed further with a guillotine under the bottom rope. It was crisp. Capitalising with a reverse choke hold, a turnbuckle spot loomed. A flip and drop kick came from Eve. Jerry Lawler chirped in. Claiming people didn't 'get' the barbie's because they are "so jealous of their look". Is that the best response they could come up with? Yeah, we are so jealous...

Attempting a Glamslam to Eve, Phoenix was foiled by reverse elbow's as Eve "saw it coming".

Eve then wrapped her legs around Beth's head. This was a fair move to be allowed. But her earlier shambles undid the credibility this could hold. She looked ever more a 'tart' and lost respect from the Universe as anything other than. She ruined her own chance of success in getting over.

Ever known as inconsistent after this debacle
A lift kick to the Glammer sent her slammer-ing down to the mat, which Cole claimed again sent her "out cold". As Eve clambered the top rope in the top right corner post, Phoenix rose from those seemingly burnt ashes, halting a Moonsault attempt from Eve, whom was then caught with her legs resting on the side of the rope, next to the turnbuckle pad. Again, this move was necessary to intiate the next importance, though Eve, was still seen as a tart. One move early on, just once, is enough to cause more destruction than you realise, and that is one of the sole reasons Divas like Eve fail to grasp why the audience will not invest in such a practice. She should also be ashamed of disgracing the division.

Hung up on the ropes, Phoenix climbed to the top of her perch, grabbed Eve to the side of her, raised her high into the air atop the turnbuckle and dropped the 'Phoenix Flame', a Glamslam from the top crushed Eve down to the mat, even having lumberjill Bimbo Bimbo, shocked to see her 'friend' decimated. Maybe Eve can sell the angle instead of bouncing back in a week's time. She didn't see this one coming.

Oh SH*T!!!

If The Rock didn't return tonight, Phoenix would have owned the PPV outright.
Beth took the 3 fall and thankfully retained title prestige. Even though it is still in the wrong guise.

It would go on to be the highlight of the night. MW is very proud of the Phoenix here. This showed just another fraction of what she has to offer, which is plentyfull.

To the spoils go the victor
Punk was seen backstage in a skit with WWE's very own legal brain box, David "I Love New York 2", Otunga. Ironically, Otunga's nickname was indeed 'Punk' on the show. After giving some "according to Harvard law..." quips, Punk shot it down and left. Not much left to say on that one.

Tiffany Pollard, maybe erratic but I love watching her :)

Can you spot Otunga?

Former tag champ, and one for the Otunga lovers on WW

Up next, finally! The Rock appeared, in a backstage promo addressing the WWE Uinverse in attendance, as well as at home. Mentioning his career, dodgy haircuts and defining moments, Rock did something extraordinary. It wasn't down to this, though The Rock, in New York, decided to verbally show us his "vagabond shoes", performing a karaoke rendition of Frank Sinatra's classic, New York New York.

Stole my Vagabond Shoes! Gimme Strudel and all is forgiven...

What it proved, was that in his 10 year abscence, not one star has developed any slight iota of The Rock's ability to be in a promo, own it, command it, and have the audience eat out of the palm of your hand so freely. Of course, no one would ever be a "Rock" but not one in his abscence has transcended any strong mike skills.

After "lady parts" we're mouthed by the fans in attendance, The Great One told Cena it was "simple as this.... Boots To Asses!"

It was another sure fire hit for WWE and Rock's return.

5 man traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match
Kofi Kingston, Mason Ryan, Sin Cara, Sheamus & Randy Orton Vs Wade Barrett, Dolph Ziggler, Hunico, Cody Rhodes & Jack Swagger

Performing his Double duty for the night, Ziggler assisted the team and went first. He took on Kofi Kingston. It was a short stay for Dolph. After a quick few moves from both, Kofi tagged Captain Orton, whom blasted an RKO to Ziggler and quickly eliminated him. Fans were livid.

The reason, he was expendable was due to two factors. WW shares the notion that, although he was a replacement role, once in the position, he should have had a run longer, though we can make a case for both, we believe it was better to send Ziggler out early. Rebuilding him up is key and although this could help him, the vital part the audience miss, is that it can harm him instead, as he will eventually be dropped. The longer he stays, the more he will become irrelevant.

The second and most concise reason is that, as Christian's replacement, you should also be grateful he wasn't there. This would have been Christian's pre determined fate, regardless.

Outside, Orton clotheslined Barrett. This match wasn't WWE's idea of fun, anymore.

Kingston and Cara both ran to fly over the ropes to victims on the outside. One victim was claimed. The Sin Cara catastrophe continues. Cara suffered an injury, once falling to the outside. His knee buckled as he charged, in-ring, to launch over the ropes to the outside. Kofi, checking his partner's welfare, received the 'no'. Cara became eliminated as a result.

As pet project to Triple H, it isn't going well. Maybe it is time to call it on Cara, and give someone desperate to shine in that spot the chance. Kharma (whose case is different and deserves her run), has also been delayed and these two stars have been put on the shelf. It's time to shelf the 'I can make my hand picked stars work'. Sheamus is also a big fish out of water, flapping in the wind badly.

Cara will be sidelined for approximately 6-9 months.

After a delay to the match proceedings, everything was shook up. Maybe the 'E were scurrying to cast a new result? Either way, it shows the point that you need new stars in place.

pure Nexus beef.
now needs a Waltham band :)
Orton and Rhodes were scheduled to face off and regain the match momentum. Mason Ryan would shortly receive a tag in, giving a tough shoulder block to Rhodes. A flip out of the ring, then saw Hunico tag in. After some attack, Ryan tagged Kofi. Hunico brought in the big guns. Captain Barrett entered. Sparring with Kingston, a knee drop slam was given, before Ryan and Hunico both took charge back in again shortly after. Rhodes partook in a blind tag, with Ryan unaware and having Hunico in hold, missed the opportunistic and clever mindset of Rhodes, receiving a jump kick with speed from the ropes and added elevation to take the big man of rock hard abs crashing down. Goliath was slain. :p

Sheamus took charge next. Barrett, pulling down the ropes on the outside, sent Sheamus tumbling outside. Hunico back in, was allowed strong offence in the match. Maybe due to change or not, Hunico impressed either way. He aimed to make the most of his spot, and that he did.

After Sheamus derailed, he tagged back in Kingston, whom gave a jump punch attack, allowing him to follow on with th Boom drop, on Barrett, whom was the legal man at this time once Hunico tagged out. Kofi caught a two fall on the opposing captain. Barrett then caught Kofi at the ropes, lifted, and smashed down with the Wasteland. Kingston was finished.

Captain v Captain was about to happen. Orton/Barrett going at it was okay, before a tag to Hunico saw the recently unmasked villain launch himself like a torpedo at Orton, to the outside, which looked superb.

Keeping it fresh, in theory, Jack Swagger made his entrance to the match, after waiting among the sidelines for all this time. Literally a couple of moves and Jack tagged back out. Doesn't look good, does it?

Rhodes was sent back in to Orton. It was clearly visible here that Cody suffered a cut to the side of his head, which he sustained in the kaffuffle earlier.

Tossed away from the tag area, Swagger and Sheamus now going at it, the Great White threw clubs at the turnbuckle.

The Irish Curse Backbreaker
An Irish Curse Backbreaker, which looked good, then saw kicks to the ribs of Barrett. Attempting the Celtic Cross, the ginger warrior missed, and chose to deliver endless and rather careless knees to his opponent lying down. Sheamus, enraged, failed to stop, break the count and indeed, was eliminated for failing to comply. Unrealising his mistake, he was eliminated as a result. Orton was all alone. Trying to preserve Sheamus with this dumb result didn't go down well once again. It sank like another lead balloon.

Now you remember the sole survivor drivel from 6 days ago on Raw, regarding Orton's 2006 match, don't you?

Rhodes, on the attack mud-hole stomped all over Orton in his top left corner, whilst down, imitated and mocked his signature pose, raising his arms out in the Orton greatness fashion. An Irish Whip instantly reversed allowed Rand to recapture his stride. With a strong clothesline and swift and powerful scoop slam, then proceeded to drop Rhodes with the DDT in the ropes. With a distraction from Barrett, Hunico was able to tag in, though Orton, after dealing with Wade, dropped Hunico with an amazing RKO mid air elevation.

Hunico came in afterward to receive a swift and deadly RKO finisher, thus eliminating him. He had a lengthy showing, he had to be happy with that.

Hunico's sacrifice (unbeknownst to him, unintentionally) to save his team, seemingly pointless provided a silver lining. Barrett, able to take control, caught Orton and smashed the Wasteland upon him. Shocking to the audience, yet glad, Barrett and Rhodes remained the victors. Orton sold perfectly for a 3 fall. He put talent over. Many in this role would never have done so, and proves exactly why he is key to the system and as a performer.

Got a huge win at the 25th showing

We would have preferred sole survivor Cody Rhodes, but of course, Barrett was captain.

The white tights on Rhodes have never looked hotter, and he doesn't double bag! 

Rhodes is my boy!
Backstage, Alberto Del Rio was chatting with the VP of Talent Relations once again. Accused of not taking his championship reign seriously, Del Rio barked back at the stand-in GM. "I take this serious". The stronghold of Mexico mentioned his roots and making his nation proud and Johnny Ace should remember just who Alby is.

It was a tight promo. Even calling CM Punk someone who "sleeps in the sideway" on Wall Street.

Ace then sent (me) a text.

World Heavyweight Championship
Mark Henry (c) Vs Big Show

Steal beams were in place to make sure that the next match would be structured (hilarious, right?).

Yes Big Show "pushed" him
It was absolutely ridiculous. Booker T would express himself further. You wouldn't see this nowhere in sport except the WWE. You got that right. We were hoping that the ring would launch them out of it instead, into the Universe and never be seen again.

It was the same old match, with no passion. Lawler claimed he "felt it".

Chants of "let's go chocolate" from the audience rolled out. Maybe WWE will gain a new sponsor. We would recommend Galaxy!

Another typical start, a lock up and breather was once again a disgraceful excuse for this match. And a disgrace it is still continuing to plague our screens. WWE cannot comprehend why it is losing ratings. They believe there is nothing wrong with this outdated procedure of match booking. There are more than enough young guns on the Smackdown roster capable to under-take such a role.

Throughout the match, the audience chanted for Daniel Bryan to cash in and even for the Undertaker. Surely WWE must acknowledge Universe demand - they pay your wages.

After the lock up, as mentioned, Big Show launched himself up and jumped over Henry, when he was supposed to look like he had been leg tripped by the champion. It was highly embarrassing. The royalty program struck again. After the Bryan chants, at this point they then wanted ANYONE, surely a sign of calamity needing addressing?

Henry got a World's Strongest Slam on the Big lummox for a two fall, then a Big Splash, which claimed another two fall. If you had any respect for the audience, apart from not booking this disaster, you should have made this a short as match as possible. There was no need to keep this going, especially if neither can stand there for five minutes without feeling the pressure and becoming sloppy.

Expect a Chair match to end this at TLC
Henry crashed Big Show into the, ever breakable barricade on the outside of the arena. "Holy Sh*t" rang out. Show broke the count at nine. Loud boo's greeted that result.

After an elbow drop spot from Show off the turnbuckle which he hit, he took so long to get up there and steady himself, due to being blown up (worn out) , many wondered if he was going to fall through the ring with Henry upon impact. Obviously, WWE had another match scheduled and therefore, could not facilitate this manovuer. Randy Savage chants blasted through the audience in the arena. Of all the references, only Shawn Michaels was picked up by the announce desk.

Go on, fall through.... OH damn!

Henry promptly ended this match. With a low blow. Yes. After all that pointless match structure, that ending happened. Big Show won via DQ. It occurred to also ensure this feud will continue to the next PPV, TLC. Ending this any other way, wasn't an option as the company couldn't figure out any sustainable way to book two ailing stars at the top of the heavyweight position neither deserve.

After a steel chair leg spot, Henry, aiming to top turnbuckle drop onto and crush it, saw Big Show plainly move out of the way. Pitiful all round. Show reversed and leg dropped onto Henry's trapped leg in the chair, backfiring his own hall of pain. This was after a KO punch. Yes. Big Show was allowed offence and a KO AFTER the match decision. This is just one of the shoddy reasons you lose viewers' faith.

A stretcher came for Henry. "Leave me alone!" he shouted at EMT's. Many in the Universe wanted him to leave them all alone.

The fight continues. And Henry is richer as PPV goes on....

Wade Barrett, fresh from victory, gave an interview to Matt Striker. He claimed to become the first British World Heavyweight Champion. It looked and sounded very baby face. He was interrupted by Awesome Truth. Barrett left as Miz then took to the mike. R-Truth said they were charismatic and "in the flesh,living colour".

In a quick turn, expertly intertwined with his promo space, "stop WHATTIN' ME!" he screamed in a flustered outrage, before quickly getting back into the mike space. It was pure class.

WWE Championship
CM Punk Vs Alberto Del Rio (c)

After Del Rio recieved the linger of Ricardo Rodrieguez, CM Punk had in place his own personal ring announcer. Introducing Punk was legend, Hall of Famer and fan favourite most known as the Royal Rumble's most distincitive voice, Howard Finkel.

The Fink!

Thigh Bone Baggins

Upon arrival, Punk looked like a hobbit/hobo. Whatever next? An Ice-cream WWE Championship? Mmmm. Instant chants bellowed for "Colt Cabana". A leapfrog and reverse armdrag for Punk, then expressed by Michael Cole as an armbar, which is what Del Rio performs, not Punk, then gave a kick to the head before Del Rio attempted to take some "time out" by rolling outside the ring.

Punk, would not be outdone and launched himself like a human cannonball at the Mexican Aristocrat. Rodrieguez would shortly attack the challenger, which saw Punk retaliate. It was at this point, that Del Rio, now in the ring, would charge at Punk with a low launch, feet first dropkick through the ropes to the outsdie after he had pinpointed him with sheer accuracy after seeing him chase Ricardo around. Another sterling reason Del Rio has talent.

All I can say is, Outline, Mmmmm

He would proceed to jump down the turnbuckle once both back inside to execute a double axe handle drop. A kick to the back legs from Punk came, and delivered some butterfly hand motions that looked rather comical.

He gained a two fall, then saw a top rope jump hit and saw another pinfall for two.

Del Rio then dropped a reverse backbreaker.

Shortly after, however, Punk gained a submission on Del Rio and lifted the WWE Championship. Punk, finally regained the title in a hard fought and fluid contest from both competitors.

In a flurry of celebration, Punk even went to leave, then ran in and jumped over the barricade onto the fans whom held him up, as if it were his own rock concert. One fan said he was "doing a Cena".

That fan on the right with the happy mouth and rosy cheek bones -
Call me! What a cutie!

Punk goes Rockin' Mosh it up!

With one indy turned WWE wrestler whom must wait years to recieve their dues before scaling to the peak of the mountain, Daniel Bryan will have to wait longer for his now, presumably.

Something for the Universe 

Is new WWE Champion

The main event beckons.

The Miz & R-Truth Vs John Cena & The Rock

Sold like hell for his counterparts

An instant entro of rapping, Miz and Truth were perfect at their deliverance, 'on point', at the flow, words and timing to a key second were fantastic. "In yo mouth!".

Miz began the match with the returnee of ages, The Rock. The Great One grappled him into a headlock, proving he would need greater offence to topple The Rock. Miz then conferred with partner R - Truth outside in regards to forming a new strategy.

The crowd told Rock he had "still got it". It never left him. After a number of abscence in years, Maivia still commands the scene.

Saluting a hand gesture to envoke R-Truth to join him in the ring, Miz complied. Once tagged in, R-Tee was arm dragged all over. With a flexible spring board counter, Rock then had a cover in a gorgeous German Suplex pin. It looked phenomonenal.

Cena, had come in to charge over the other side of the ring, in a heelish manner, to assault The Miz off the apron he was on, when he provoked no threat at all for just standing there. Abandoning his morals again, in a no point move, the referee did not see the pinfall attempt.

Miz wanted back in, and recieved his request. The Rock sold hugely for BOTH challengers throughout this point till now. Greatness personified. Tagging Cena in, 'lightly' a corner knee drop roll came from Mr. Fruity Pebbles. R-Truth then gained a tag. "You still suck". RT gyrated his hips and motioned towards his groin at Cena. After a supercena esq change of play, as always, a five knuckle shuffle was teased, before a no tag of The Rock was played out. Gloating later, and R-Truth poised, a slam with Cena happened. A sit down boot to face, followed by shoulder take down, and reverse chin locks later, with Michael Cole gaffing again that Triple H was the "General Manager of Raw" when he meant to say, the COO of WWE, RT and Cena had a leg lock submission moment. "We Want Rocky" came again from the crowd.

RT holla'd "take that Lil' Jimmy's" to the crowd as he dealt with Cena outside. Miz shortly was tagged back in, which saw him steady himself with some on the spot, step aerobics. One for the WWE network, me thinks. (See future post coming in December).

Here it comes... Miz should realise how lucky he is. Great view point!

Miz tagged R-Truth in. A good suplex came. Booker T, constantly building Rock as selfish, said he "fails to come in" to help Cena. The Rock, from what we can see, was obeying simplistic wrestling rules. Babyface teams are NOT allowed to jump in and save members, and must wait for the "hot tag". Plus he respected the sport in full, by adhering to this practice. "The Rock is selfish." Book continues, after Cena was 'in trouble' for the first time in his super-surge, match breaking career.

Isolating the leg area, RT tagged his partner. WW was surprised R Truth was allowed a move or two on Cena. Bout time he was 'allowed'.

The People's Elbow!

He carried onward with a leg drop. Shortly, as ever to match changing so quickly and complicated with Cena involved, saw him catch on the turnbuckle and roll over with a disgraceful sell for younger talent once again.

A two fall on R-Truth. Lawler said Rock was "thinking 'bout coming in", Miz would then taunt the Rock, waiting patiently on the apron. As Miz ran the ropes, Cena leg tripped him up. Moves llike these are what destroy the art of wrestling as well as his own credibility.

A punch to The Rock by R -Truth, then saw a beat down. A slam into the ever trusting barricade, saw the Rock finally enter shortly afterwards. R - Truth and The Miz recieved the steamroll of in ring house clearing, prompting Booker T to state that "Rock should be outside now". Well which is it? You can't have it both ways.... "If you want everything, you'll end up with nothing."

Whoops! U Gettin' one too...

Cena was hammered down by his two opponents whom were not allowed to be seen as his equal just weeks prior to this. Was it believable that now they would thwart Cena?

Truth came back with some wearing down submission moves for Cena. Rock finally got the tag. Slaps RT and swiftly spins him into aa Rock Bottom with exclamation point. Miz had his leg dragged into place to take the deadly Sharpshooter. RT bumps into The Rock with a spear to make the save. Cena jumps onto R-Truth in the process. Miz punches Rock's back. It was not to be. Miz soon found himself no match for The Brahma Bull, who saw red and charged the ring with a People's Elbow connecting on his foe.

Deserved, but could it have gone any other way, really?

After a lengthy pause, Cena and Rock, both deliberated at the end. Cena was then on the recieving end of the Rock Bottom after some intense, 'Will they, wont they?', 'what happens now?' scenario to build Wrestlemania's main event.

Crowd didn't WHAT them here

Cena also mimicked at the top of the titantron with his hand gesture of you can't see me. 

Legend in spirit at MSG
If you were wondering who the "old lady" was whom Cena hugged at the beginning of the match, the elderly woman was Betty Skaaland, widow of Arnold Skaaland. Skaaland was famed for his wrestling contriubtions. Skaaland managed Bruno Sammarantino and Bob Backlund to the WWF Heavyweight title in his time, amongst other credentials, also starting out in the field of Boxing.

She has been greeted by Triple H and Cena numerous times at house shows previously. It's always a 'nice touch' to see WWE involved in aftercare somehow.

Zack Ryder's father, Judah from 30 Rock and The Rock's mother were also in attendance (as well as an ESPN reporter :@).

Is he a contender once again?
This PPV, at the biggest venue of wrestling heritage, on it's 25th anniversary, built around one man, returning after a lengthy abscene to a role he still knows. This PPV, mainly building it's main epic encounter in 5 months time, actually looked outside it's proverbial box and made a PPV that was filled with many up and comers, also engaged with experienced company strongholds that were given a chance to elevate themselves toward the spotlight for the company. If WWE persits with this practice, it will clerly have a future in sight. The let down was its second Heavyweight title, which should have been defined as meaningful. Regardless of this, this was one of WWE's strongest PPV's in a longtime, due to the booking of other stars in spots than just one main match prestige. People in the Universe want a future. New stars are it's way forward. Many are embracing the change and if WWE fails to do so then it will be left behind, as is proof with recent ratings dips. To claw it's way back, new talent put forward, whom are current, over and strike a chord with those paying their money to see stars they want, will prove most profitable. Royal Rumble will be the next big stepping stone. Will the company truly invest in newer stars to carry its can? Whats the worst thing that can happen? If they 'fail', at least they were given a chance, which then sees them replaced. It is that simple. One or more may just surprise you/us in a breakout moment. It is better to try than to ignore. Leave the ego, at the door.

Men/Women of their matches - Dolph Ziggler, Beth Phoenix,  Randy Orton, Mark Henry,  Alberto Del Rio, The Rock

Man/Woman of the PPV - The Rock

PPV Rating - 9/10

© Max Waltham 23rd November 2011

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