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Kelly Kelly taught to strip by Vince McMahon

Kelly Kelly taught to strip 
by Vince McMahon

If you ever wondered why a useless Bimbo managed to become the most irrelevant and disgraceful champion of all time destroying every fragment of The Fabulous Moolah and many other Women among her’s legacy, this would be it.

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Vince McMahon taught Kelly Kelly, real name, Barbie Blank, (that IS her real name, despite the irony), how to striptease. A useful tool in any champion hoping to become a star’s arsenal.

Another Kelly Kelly pose

McMahon’s personal project, Bimbo Bimbo reveals all in the December issue of Maxim, in which she finds herself spread over a red car in just a bikini. Good for publicity, eh?

Wanted Expose... and it costs...

Once Vince showed her the routine, Kelly claims “I was in shock, but you know, anything to get my foot in the door”. She proved that all right.

Looks VERY shocked to strip...

“A lot of the guys didn’t like me at first, because they were used to training with girls who had wrestling experience. I was one of the youngest diva’s they ever had and one of the first models.”

Pulling down

The word you are looking for is, WOMEN, not girls. That sums up Ms Blank’s repertoire completely.

Kelly received her position after John Laurinaitis saw her whilst flipping through the pages of a swimwear magazine. Yes. That’s how he ‘hires’ people.


"I’m going to work my butt off". A comment to which KK has done nothing in working her butt off, unless at least 10 locker-room members disagree with the usage of her butt.

Forced her Glumness upon the WWE Universe

Everyone remembers her sterling ‘match’ on ECW with Layla, don’t they? In which both ladies were in tears afterwards, disgusted with their own shabby performances.

"To win the title, after being in the ring – for five years – it felt like  I’d really achieved something. It was my time". Kelly’s “time” was not due. Many wait on the roster for longer than five years and receive nothing just for being there for a number of years.

As Di-sgraceful-Vas champion, she achieved nothing. Her “training” was relying on others to job her moves she should have learned. For her five years in the sport, she should have had enough time to excel as a performer. Trish Stratus is a prime example of a Diva whom became a Woman with her die-hard work ethic. Kelly simply couldn’t be bothered.

She made her debut at the age of 19 on June 13th 2006.

Ashley Massaro?

On being a ‘wrestling’ fan she said “My dad would sneak me into the bedroom to watch with him.” For someone who had ‘knowledge' of the business, should have at least proved worthwhile by now.

Her reign has benefited Brie Bella as the last female Women’s champion in existence. The legacy has been tarnished. Beth Phoenix is trying to become its saving grace. She has a mountain to climb, but if WWE make sure they NEVER cause this problem again, maybe it will mean something again.

Here is the Video Shoot :- 

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