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Wrestling Wonders Pro 50, The Wonder List 2014 Part 2 (25 - 1)

Wrestling Wonders Pro 50
The Wonder List

Part 2 (25 - 1)

Continuing on from Part 1 (link below) of the WW Pro 50 2014. 

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2013 Placing - Unlisted

Tested the water with The Uso’s in tag team start up on Raw in Jan… Joined multi-man Royal Rumble match to no real effect… Took off over February with guiding leader Bray Wyatt as Family including outstanding 6 man fight with The Shield at Elimination Chamber… Built credible tag foundations against The Uso’s Rhodes Brothers, The Shield and Los Matadores in building months… Floated in August around tag battles away from leader Wyatt… Took on The Uso’s over Sep-Oct with incredible input and crowd respect from all four’s connection… Destroyed Dolph Ziggler to claim the big one as Intercontinental championship in a passionate Nov 17th Raw fight… Continued displaying formidable ground skills at Survivor Series five man mega match to near end… Fought best pal Erick Rowan since break up in singles disqualification at Raw’s Slammy awards show consistently…  First IC defence in Ziggler rematch at TLC Ladder match ended in loss of title over compact risk taking moments and technical skill shining through further… Failed to regain gold in Raw Christmas rematch which was another tight encounter….

Short spell as Intercontinental champion confusing but interesting development on character… Should have another win in sight soon, no doubt… Has built strong foundation to creating place in WWE outside of Wyatt Family, which helped greatly… Smooth work in tag’s with Rowan and Uso’s elevated career effectively with technique on offer for bigger, sluggish man… Could use more fluidity in tiny pockets, not overused to slow working style, which is beneficial at this time… Needs strong booking force than short reigns… Pray IC title curse does not affect growth…



2013 Placing - Unlisted

Started shocking New Year with NWA World title victory from sterling champ Rob Conway in tense thriller… Returned favour day after on 5th Jan dropping NWA tag titles to Conway and Jax Dane with Hiroyoshi Tenzan smoothly… Entered Road to New Beginning tournament over Feb with multiple victories all month… Defended World title for NWA over Big Daddy Yum Yum in strange but decent showing… Proved consistent over following months for New Japan in tag action supporting others… 29th March England showdown with Rampage Brown proved a delight for SOW Super Clash card… April turn around captured tag titles from Conway and Dane adding stability… Held promise in major defence of NWA title with Conway week later with superb contrast… Kept tag titles on 13th in another controlled battle from Dane and Conway… May start for Donataku card established NWA world title competitively with Wes Brisco defence… Defended tag gold in three way with Dane and Conway and Lance Archer with ignorant waster Davey Boy Smith Jr losing credibility as defending victors… Continued title defence of NWA World gold from Jeremiah Plunkett at NAW event… Capable building of NWA gold maintained when dropping title back to Conway in passionate Jun 2nd battle… Participated in G1 Climax tournament over August with careful wins and occasionally decent losses… Dropped tag gold to Smith and Archer in pitiful exchange in Oct… Joined NOAH’s Global League over late Oct – mid Nov well… Rubbish opponents in World Tag League for New Japan dismantled standing… Held good match against La Sombra and Tetsuya Naito ending November…

Up and coming from nowhere, Kojima has had guiding year with superb NWA support in company and Conway… Has proven capable abilities but requires more depth to holding title and why defence is important… Lengthy reign has been unexpected booster… Needs strong booking among others than champ stealer come builder plus one… Could hold NWA title again should landscape need changing… Needs further competition than one or two opponents despite strong upholding… 



2013 Placing - 19

Ten man tag elimination was another entertaining thrill for Golden Lovers upgrades with fascinating loss to blow up dolly YOSHIHIKO… Took KO-D contendership with ease as Golden Lovers with Kota Ibushi for time limit draw against Konosuke Takeshita and Tetsuya Endo… Three way tag title as result of draw saw victory of gold from Isami Kodaka and Yuko Miyamoto in a 14:01 tantaliser… Scores of successful defences followed in more dramatic and entertaining encounters… Won Ko-D six man tag titles with stable rookie Daisuke Sasaki and Ibushi adding to trophy case… Defended six man gold in another stunner with Danshoku Dino, Makoto Oishi and star of the match YOSHIHIKO once more… Dropped six man gold soon after in short spell on 4th May rally… Flew solo in Best of Super Juniors tournament for New Japan earning six points stabilising contest for others… Failed to pass first round King of DDT battle… Another impressive showdown at DDT Toad To Ryogoku for KO-D Openweight title in double Knock Out finish with champ HARASHUIMA… Teamed up with Chuck Taylor in Special Enforcer’s tag for PWG with shaky entries including ignorant fellows Adam Cole and Zack Sabre Jr. which devalued the potential for greatness… Kept stable ticking over and reunited also with Ibushi in paces with more battles, dropping tag titles on 28th September in another fine outing… Ended year on October 26th in gripping Falls Count Anywhere victory with Ibushi over Dino and Takeshita… Contract expired after October 26th with DDT… Joined New Japan on November 8th…

Proof of ability to work with blow up doll on numerous encounters and create place for him on shows exemplifies quality entertainment… Claims to be after money and title which could see heavyweight build up if New Japan are serious… Many fans having difficulty associating Omega to NJPW… Needs to be built to top above NJPW favourites if to be viable signee…



2013 Placing - Unlisted

Strong and compact partnership with Naruki Doi throughout Jan-March as unstoppable, connected duo… Free Weapon mash up on 8th March was another colossal hardcore pleaser…  Failed to gain Twin Gate tag straps with Doi against the ignorant Akira Tozawa and Shingo Takagi keeping foundation of match strongly in tact… Beat the odds in twelve man elimination four way tag with Cyber Kong and Doi well…  Was dropped from MAD BLANKEY stable after tag loss with YAMTO and Kong… Worked intense feud with Naruki Doi after tag partnership fell through to bitter rivalry… Started at King of Gate tournament victory over Doi to advance to semi-finals… Finished up feud with Doi as victor stabilising both as growing stars… Moved on to YAMATO taking his Dream Gate title in one of the best matches for Dragon Gate all year in 32:15 Anniversary card reckoning… Lost gold two weeks later under a four on one handicap battle from MAD BLANKEY’s Doi, Kong, Kzy and Mondai Ryu… Regained gold two weeks after in transitional singles with Naruki Doi where both made decent transition of championship trading usually considered profound… Finished up year with tag team support adding colour to division…

Veteran style and seemingly smooth aura benefited mysterious worker… Contained balance and drive throughout all matches alongside worthy challengers… Title runs were supportive to nature and context of battles… Held prowess throughout with high determination and stance…. 2015 could make better title reigns, more lengthy and include more twists and turns to thrill all involved…



2013 Placing - Unlisted

Previous December win of Triangle Gate championship defended with Jimmyz Ryo Jimmy Saito and Mr Kyu Kyu Naoki Tanizaki Toyonaka Dolphin with successful dominance… Entered feud with MAD BLANKEY nutjobs… Title shortly vacated due to booking confusions… Jimmyz regained title over Cyber Kong, Kzy and Naruki Doi in another twenty minute brash beatdown… Dropped gold two weeks later to Eita, T-Hawk and Flamita in a highflying super thriller exchange… Reached finals of King of Gate tournament winning t contest over T-Hawk in another twenty minute technical throwdown… Fought YMATO in June for Dream Gate title on losing end in a near perfect singles exhibition… Feud with MAD BLANKEY continued into Summer and beyond with intense building blocks of anticipation…  Took home Summer Adventure tag league finals from Hawk and Eita in another controlled contest with partner Jimmy Kagetora… Lost chance to get Twin Gate titles from Eita and Hawk in a 22:20 October tag surprise full of intricate details… Regained Open Triangle titles with Genki Horiguchi HAGeeMee from Doi, YAMATO and Kong on 2nd November crazy yet cool collision…  Continued stable encounters throughout with teams and singles with YAMATO fervently… Ended year on 23rd December singles with Super Shisa in near fifteen minute victory…

Putin consistent matches of lengthy time and effort to boost best from competition and self for company and its fans… Invested skills payed off for new entry to Wonder List displaying strong skills, ground work and communicative aspects… Nifty style in places crafted newer, thrilling match pockets… Credit to titles held/holding with more likely defences and challengers to succeed… 



2013 Placing - 15

Playful seventeen man battle royal beginning January won by Takao Omori for New Year card… Delivered another secure victory as All Japan tag champion with Joe Doering over Omori and partner Jun Akiyama… Comfortable defence with Akebono and Yutaka Yoshie month later… Began action against Xceed stable led by Go Shiozaki… Lost intricate Champion Carnival A Block finals to Omori in April… Held smooth tag title defences until 28th June loss to Team Burning Wild’s Akiyama and Omori in supreme tag fight… Turned tide day later winning All Japan Triple Crown heavyweight title from Omoti in 33:09 tantaliser… Unexpected bitterness from partner Doering set alternate paths with eventual clash at Summer Action event providing AJPW and Doering with required condensed handover of title… Reached finals of Royal Road title earning tournament pipped at post by Go Shiozaki in another robust ring entry… Re-joined partner Doering over November in strange but somehow workable reconnection… Joined Shiozaki in tag victory over Akebono and Omori on Anniversary show in December with another contained performance…

Stabilised events involved in and builds opponents to higher standing supportively… Highly assists building of future stars and opponents with level of certified understanding… Continues to add to own profile effortlessly… Will be intrinsic force in developing ALL Japan’s foundation of support to build future for self and others… Keeps tag world compact but might be best used in 2015 as champ helping others in switch overs with hotter feuds longterm…



2013 Placing - 25

Began Wrestle Kingdom card on losing side to The Young Bucks in January for Junior Heavyweight gold in a four way dream filled with frolics and airy appeal… Lended hand to Independent circuit with March beginning with some good and bad opponents that outdid all the good thanks to Kyle O’Reilly and Kevin Steen’s own ego building win for fan moment selfishness… Foolish battle with ignorant Jimmy Jacobs for XICW Intense nothing title diminished Shelley’s strong sell of lacking opponent… Was made fool of again by Ring of Honor and New Japan on combo card in favour of Young Bucks keeping tag titles which should have switched to Time Splitters… Outstanding success in Best of Super Juniors as winner of B Block seeding only to be dropped by flippy stuntman show off ignorant youngling Ricochet making mockery of whole tournament in NJPW calendar… Finally won big one after dropping Bucks for IWGP tag titles with KUSHIDA in Time Splitters… Held fertile tag match against Bobby Fish and O’Reilly on New Japan soil for 14:21 title retainer… Comfortable tag action over months leading to November… Lost tag titles at NJPW Power Struggle to Fish and O’Reilly over seventeen minutes in daft ROH/NJPW promotional partnership devaluing titles and match output… Respected at SMASH for SMASH Wrestling title dropping Matt Cross in pretty, intricate tussle… Joined in ROH’s Final Battle PPV in first rematch this time for ROH World Tag titles to boost combo events in another discredited title match for promotional distaste affecting potential to have amazing match…

Despite dodgy booking and put down by others, Shelley once again excelled himself as a star worthy of time and effort… Has much to offer as interesting force with prolific standing… Needs high respect, strong booking and lengthy title runs as establishing figure… Often overlooked for bigger models yet holds all matches for them together…



2013 Placing - 21

Biggest test for future came on Jan 27th Raw against company favourite John Cena, Daniel Bryan and Sheamus in six-man tag loss which was strong input as The Shield… Tore roof of Elimination Chamber six-man collision with The Wyatt Family on losing side where both teams (untechnically) won… Kept United States title in weak disqualification against Mark Henry which Ambrose showed strong work… Was robbed of Wrestlemania moment in short match barely over thirty seconds… Put in wonderful entry against reformed Evolution with Randy Orton, Batista’s and Triple H which was dominated by Triple H’s ego to ring return over The Shield’s win… May 5th Raw shocker relieved Ambrose of United States championship in nineteen man over-the-top-rope Battle Royal by lukewarm company favourite Sheamus… Briefly moved onto Randy Orton boosting skills as future prospect in WWE’s mind… Finally fought group breaker Seth Rollins at Battleground, Money in the Bank and Night of Champions with mesmeric performances from both in red hot power feud… Hell in a Cell culmination sparked high interest and passion with continued crazy dives pleasing in places… Lunatic Fringe went into new feud with Eater of World’s Bray Wyatt including Survivor Series and TLC thrillers involving Ladder’s adding extra potency…

Whilst incredible year as Lunatic Fringe madman mustn't allow brawling style all over the place fighting anyone everywhere take over future progression… Works in places but needs tiny tweaks to refinement… Could lift US title at some stage later in year, but could be problematic if not booked with credible stars… If regaining US title, needs real challengers to prove title sits on shoulders in-tune with landscape… As Shield number one, number two prospect should not be too heavily rushed and smoothed over in places to prove greater longterm… Isn’t ready for heavyweight success yet…



2013 Placing - 22

Maintained hardman reputation with rewarding All Asia tag team titles with Yoshinobu Kanemaru from Xceed’s Atsushi Aoik and Kotaro Suzuki In twenty three minute skirmish… Couldn’t gain AJPW tag title from Evolution team of Joe Doering and Suwama in another growing excitement… Coming months to March defences of All Asia tag gold expanded horizon’s for all involved including titles… Took on Doering in losing feat at Champion Carnival B Block tournament in April… Gained reprieve in playoffs as victor over Doering when Go Shiozaki was unexpectedly injured… Snared Iron Man Heavy Metal title beating Iron Man Heavy Metal in DDT comedy battle that had good groundwork too… Dropped All Asia titles on 29th in DDT in decent encounter… Abruptly lost DDT Iron Man title on May 25th in six man battle royal teaser… Bafflingly won it back seconds later same night in 18:49 settler which was confusing as to whether gold was being established or remaining jokey title all the while pleasing in parts…  Dropped goofy gold again to Akihiro on 29th … Moved onto more serious exchanges for vacant Triple Crown title in All Japan grabbed by Omori… Steadied profile back into AJPW tag title victory over dysfunctional Suwama and Doering…  Comfortable in tag scene building for next few months with stable support and high value title defences… Entered Real World tag league adding impressive detail over series including finals victory…  

Powerful skills and behemoth approach worked favourably for him… Strong support of tag structure in All Japan at a time of credible need…. Is comfortable in this division for another year whilst dabbling in single title builders for all… Ending of 2015 could push him towards heavyweight challenges for potential change… Worthy and loyal booking in All Japan has made Akiyama set…



2013 Placing - 24

Smooth beginnings over Jan for CMLL with tasty Lightning match against Volador Jr ending in perfect ten minute draw… Reached semi-finals of Torneo Gran Alternativa event showcasing high flying velocity… Held comfortable six man tags over coming months… Took historic defence of NWA World Historic Middleweight title as champ in gracious two of three falls with Rey Escorpion… Retained title from Volador Jr in breezy, passion builder two of three falls also taking Jr’s NWA Historic Welterweight title… July CMLL World tag title loss consistent… Returned Welterweight title to Volador Jr in another perfect two of three falls contest over Aug… Lost rematch on Oct 6th in another stunning showcase of style by both… Attempted triple man tag title for Mexican National Trio’s gold unsuccessful over Nov… Involved in New Japan world tag league pairing Tetsuya Naito with victorious entries and controlled work…

Mexico’s youngest, brightest and smoothest aerial ace could use title acquisitions soon… Has built strong profile over last two years and is a joy to watch… Controlled, learning and capable, Sombra has the tools to be a huge instrument for Mexican wrestling on positive ground… Should be careful of UK tour’s with wrong people and companies… Has real chance of being new age star if given tight booking placement… 



2013 Placing - 34

Used for publicity by TNA management in WRESTLE-1 combo card building to win TNA tag titles in triple threat after being booked as inconsistent laughing stock, still providing strong skill… Defended with precision to hold match together in first defence from Sanada and Tigre Uno and tired out feud with The Wolves… Stupid angle allowing DJ Z to defend titles in Robbie E’s place on April Impact show ending in equally ridiculous disqualification… Lost another weak DQ battle with Wolves alongside title owner Robbie E though still capable force holding match in tact… Finally lost Tag Titles properly in singles tag at Sacrifice after Godderz did all the technical work perfectly in a fittingly daft No DQ match…  Virile tag match at Slammiversary with DJ Z against Marshall Von Erich and Ross Von Erich in a gleaming tag match of value to all four’s serious work… Won a Knockout in Angelina Love in Beautiful People grab bag… Continued tag stability among much useless workers in field…

Forever underlooked by TNA, Godderz has all the tools as best option for Heavyweight title… Excellent work with DJ Z instead of clown Robbie E. shone through… Should ditch pair and race for title… TNA’s painting by number approach was detrimental to hardworking, technical star holding all matches together… Added much needed stability to TNA’s pathetic tag divisions… Has look, feel, style and highly improved understanding to make wrestling work… How long will TNA take?...



2013 Placing - Unlisted

Still had short straw drawn in unworkable tag team with liability Ryback where Axel put in all work available including tags against Rhodes brothers and The Uso’s always falling short of tag gold… Compacted four way tag title contendership won by The Shield’s Dean Ambrose and seth Rollins on 18th March Smackdown… Bungled to the Wrestlemania Pre-Show in tag four way elimination as last opposing team standing in filler spot… Was rebuked again with a considerable effort in United States title twenty man battle royal prize grab won by Sheamus… Played part in helping Roman Reigns qualify for Money in the Bank battle royal…  Joined another battle royal at Battleground having to make way for cowardly The Miz to win by hiding outside ring until end after Axel held big part of Intercontinental title vacancy grab engaging…  Used as fodder and quietly disappeared from television soon after… Ushered back onto Superstars in nothing matches by WWE in which Axel is again structuring the brand of no-hopers… Recently lost at NXT on December 12th to Hideo Itami, formerly KENTA with credible input… Has been given ridiculous ‘Real Man’ beard angle…

Needs to be respected once more by employing organisation… The star of the two, WWE were too scared to break them for the outshiner to meathead liability… Could easily become new US or IC champ if WWE cared to rebrand… Must lose beard and scruffy idiocy like the bandana lunacy years before… It’s like WWE actually want him to fail… Is one of WWE’s longterm players and had much skills to offer… Former trainer to The Rock’s John Cena battle is highly disrespected with no logical reasoning… 



2013 Placing - 11

Started slow as support structure for singles and tags over Jan – Mar proving lively and entertaining actions… Made notable change in New Japan First Round Cup win over Toru Yano… Reached semi-finals passing Hirooki Goto in sturdy match up on Mar 22nd… Dropped day later in the semi’s by Shinuske Nakamura after supportive match input by Suzuki…   Was expert guiding force in G1 B Block Climax tournament for many others with exceptional skill all-round… Took to the streets for Street Fight with DDT in hilarious and expertly controlled Match of the year candidate tag win with Michael Nakazawa over Jun Kasai and Sanshiro Takagi almost having face pushed in a urinal… Joined TAKA Michinoku in fifteen minute reckoning tag win over Hiro Tonai and Shiori Asahi ending August… Proved superb in tag team action as hilarious and capable act with technical and brawling qualities efficiently… 5th December tag scrape with Togi Makabe and Tomoaki Honma became one of most memorable tag battles of the year at the Osaka Centre with such efficient and detailed skill on offer…

At 46 years, Motorbike loving madman Suzuki has much to offer… NJPW should capitalise and make him a primary fixture for fun, entertainment and capable battles where appropriate… It wouldn’t be outrageous to suggest a lengthy Intercontinental title win… Can bring humour, difference, style and charisma to matches… Needs to have little more cleanliness where appropriate to boost rank… 



2013 Placing - 26

Reached Global Tag League over April with stunning performances against the likes of Colt Cabana and Chris Hero and Yoshihiro Takayama and Hideo Itami, then KENTA… Three way challenge won by KENTA in May was another joy featuring close to ignorance dweller Shane Haste…  Scored the big one for NOAH winning the GHC Heavyweight gold after departing force KENTA secured WWE deal by dropping Yuji Nagata in twenty-five minute crowning thriller on 5th July… Defended very same title on 21st in a defining moment in title ownership over 25:31 stunner with Katsuhiko Nakajima… Landed on losing side at summer Navigation card in eight man elimination which built other stars and establish Marufuji as legitimate threatening competition as champion defeated by insurmountable odds… Took down Takeeshi Morishima week later in another twenty minute supremacy… Continued further extemporary defence following from Maybach Taniguchi and Daisuke Sekimoto beautifully… Went solo in Global League tournament easily downing lacing competition of Shane Haste in A Block finals... Kept gold in esteemed veterans of Japan clash with Takashi Sugiura over thirty mins… Supported eleven man battle royal propping up Sekimoto as contestable force in NOAH… Lost comfortable six man tag on December 27th still maintain worth to company and opponent building in place…  

Technical ground battle ending with strong knee smashes with Takeshi Morishima was another fierce joy for Marufuji’s GHC title retaining mid Aug as MAYBACH Taniguchi laid down gauntlet for future match… Battle began on 23rd September in marvellous twenty two minute scrap for successive Heavyweight title defence… 12th October skirmish with Daisuke Sekimoto...



2013 Placing - 27

Short reign as National Wrestling Alliance champion was detrimental but affectionate handover with expert professionalism by Conway to Satoshi Kojma… Was rewarded rebuilding of tag division alongside IronGodz partner Jax Dane in successful retaining of NWA tag titles at New Japan… Burning chemistry in tag defences for NWA up till April dropping them on 6th to Hiroshi Tenzan and feuding nemesis Kojima… Reclaimed NWA world heavyweight tile from Kojima in stunning June 2nd event… Steel Cage defence over Chris Richards was sweet steel encounter… Slur of successful defences raising prestige and affinity to NWA world gold from Sigmon, Tyson Dean and Chase Owens, making star matches of all opponents…  Entered New Japan’s World Tag league over November adding viable input and foundation structure to opposing teams… Final Tag league bout on 5th December against La Sombra and Tetsuya Naito was an empowering domestic roof raiser…

Loss of World title prematurely was baffling choice, but Conway quickly resurfaced with positive tag action.. Tasked with rebuilding tag scene was perfectly capable in Conway’s hands… Hopefully will be further respected by NWA for making them, among others, relevant once more… Has immense staying power and delivers quality excellence… Should hold title for yearly reign…



2013 Placing - 14

Fell out with longtime tag partner Jun Akiyama before 2014 leading to inevitable tag battle in January providing strength as opposing forces equally… Cleverly separated paths from split instead of constant battles with Shiozaki in honourably self-built Xceed stable… Challenged Akebono for Triple Crown heavyweight gold in February in Okinawa with stylish singles loss… Entered the Champion Carnival contest over April boosting the ranks for another chance at championship worth… Sidelined by damning thumb injury until August shelving all grand plans for All Japan as growing prospect including forfeit of final round challenge with Akiyama… Returned to action at Summer Impact card against Suwama to restart credible standing… Lost receptive tag championship try back in Xceed stable against Akiyama and Takao Omori… Smoothly rebuilt swagger in Royal Road Tournament ending in final match with Suwama in epic 29:55 all action encounter to win contest earning Triple Crown title opportunity… Fought month later on October 29th with champ Joe Doering in unsuccessful twenty minute belter…  Moved into Real World Tag League as victor with Kento Miyahara for Xceed dominating the tournament with finals battle against Akiyama and Omori once more in another superlative scrap… Joined with Suwama as a pair to drop Akebono and Omori in Kyohie Wada Referee 40th and 60th Anniversary event decently… 

Sprung back from debilitating thumb injury to regain stride towards top smoothly… Is being built as credible contender for Triple Crown eventuality… Would be smart move for young 32 year old trier capable of longhaul ask… Could lead All Japan into further success as mid-late 2015 champion after others lead way… Resilient and controlled, has key role in AJPW’s future, given the opportunities and logical bookings… Future prospect must not be rushed, but rewarded within a year or two…



2013 Placing - 9

Had excellent match with T-Hawk in Japan during No Ropes guiding glory… After months of consistency to tag division was finally given green light destroying Ricochet in well performed 20:50 Dream Gate title victory in May… Was protected by championship in first round loss at King of tournament to Genki Horiguchi HAGeeMee in gracious encounter... Beat Genki in follow up Dream Gate challenge on 25th in another scorching defence… Delivered yet another outstanding performance in 30:32 title defence of Jimmy Susumu adding depth to championship rule… Entered feud with BxB Hulk with MAD BLANKEY members resulting in shocking and charismatic title loss to Hulk over July…  Put in a stunning thirty minute draw with T-Hawk in best of seven series as match number four… Lost out in Summer Adventure League to ignorant self-server Akira Tozawa and Shingo Takagi… Failed efforts against Jimmyz in November for Triangle tag titles were another mesmeric six man show twice over… Built steam in tag action throughout December including eight man technique on 23rd putting over Flamita, Hawk, Eita and U-T…

Underrated force in Dragon Gate held back by company instead of given full heavyweight title for natural progression as mentioned last year… Would have led company to greater prosperity… Should not be neglected again… Needs to win the big one in 2015 if the DG bookers put aside their idiotic direction of their own ego… Could remain with stable or neglected from it as result depending on feel of situation presented… Key player for DG higher forgotten about… Mustn’t be tarnished in battles with rookies like Ricochet or ignorance from others like Akira Tozawa and Johnny Gargano…



2013 Placing - 7

Returned to New Jap Pro Wrestling in sixteen minute tussle with Prince Devitt taking the IWGP Junior heavyweight championship at Wrestle Kingdom 8 smoothly… First title defence against El Desperado a passionate encounter over February… Devoted time to NJPW and DDT sensibly including victories with Golden Lovers Tag title partner Kenny Omega in blessed encounters… Held off Ryusuke Taguchi in May with another IWGP thrilling defence… Kept KO-D six man tag titles with Omega and Daisuke Sasaki in fun filled flight fest at DDT Max Bump against Danshoku Dino, Makoto Oishi and Ibushi’s nemesis, blow up doll YOSHIHIKO… Fought for NEVER Openweight title against champ Tomohiro Ishii in stunning embrace as unsuccessful challenger… Made easy work of ignorant inferior gallivanter Ricochet at Dominion keeping IWGP Jr. gold over June… Lost KO-D tag title to Happy Motel’s Konosuke Takeshita and Tetsuya Endo in super September smash up… Teamed with Sasaki for months as Golden Lovers tandem converge well… Signed full time to NJPW… On winning side on Dec 20th in six man thrust alongside Togi Makabe and the overrated ignorance of Hiroshi Tanahashi at Road To Toyko Dome event…

Given the correct guidance, Ibushi, one of New Japan’s strongest stars could become its top star for the new age… In doing so must avoid ignorance booking overseas to remain on top of career… One match could burn entire prospect for good… Bookers must think before acting irrationally… Has immense staying power and ability to work excellent matches with blow up doll adds testament to mat power perfection…



2013 Placing - Unlisted

Began year with loss to The Uso’s on Raw with new family enthusiast Daniel Bryan… Built the Bryan feud all the way to Royal Rumble defeating shabby imposter Bryan in over twenty minutes of pure enthralment… Dropped Roman Reigns by DQ victory over February… Fought The Shield at Elimination Chamber to sheer elation… Branched out in singles with Kofi Kingston and R-Truth over March… Moved towards John Cena briefly in April… Led The Wyatt Family when not participating in action over coming months expertly… Finally began locking horns with Cena in a twenty-one min Cage battle as victor at Extreme Rules to boost reputation… Family feud with Cena built mysterious thrill… Dropped Jimmy Uso in a resonating Last Man Standing Smackdown collision ending May… Lost the big one at Payback in Last Man Standing with SuperCena diminishing Wyatt’s opportunity to grow to the top… Supernatural being couldn’t beat company stronghold Cena once again diminishing top level worth despite committed approach…  Joined Money in the Bank Ladder scrape for vacant WWE World Heavyweight Championship in convincing title opportunity won by John Cena… Dipped further in standing after putting over ignorant money returnee only Chris Jericho at Battleground superbly… August rematch at Summerslam proved successful against Jericho who since zapped all of Wyatt’s magic for money to disappear from WWE again… Finally removed Jericho form WWE in a Steel Cage skirmish on Raw in September as Y2J phoned it in and then left with money in hand, leaving Wyatt’s position worthless… Returned to television on UK tour beating Sin Cara in November on Smackdown…  Rebooted career at Survivor Series in meddling surprise from mystical lantern costing Dean Ambrose vital revenge match with Seth Rollins…

Protection of company lovely John Cena over Wyatt has shelved any chance of real stardom for future… Has many roads to regain since losses… Has proven outside of Cena can only go so far before stumbling to filler with Goldust, Los Matadores and others…  Needs real boost at top if going to be more than a quick buzz when the lights go off and on, just like career… Has verbal skills but not much else without generosity from WWE HQ to win the battles that matter most…



2013 Placing - 10

Started year with outstanding match with Trent Barreta for FIP World title, unsuccessful at EVOLVE 25… Stunning twenty minute singles exhibition with Chris Hero day later had attractive delivery… Swiftly signed up by Dragon Gate USA as rightplace for him at this time… The Premier Athlete Brand merger with Barretta for Dragon Gate USA added subtle honour in tag victory… Fought Fa├žade and Eddie Smooth separately over March in independently booked joys… Lost to unsure prospect/failure Roderick Strong at PWG in another performance doing all the considerable work… Made insane fool of during inexplicable loss to ignorant teen Ricochet at EVOLVE 28 card in April… Put in another mesmeric three man twenty minute Iron Man match with AR Fox and winner Chris Hero gaining one fall to Fox’s 2 and Hero’s 4 with impeccable timing and detail… Went back to former homestay NYWC for Fusion title three way loss in another epic battle… Put in a respectful first round match against winner Papadon in the Shame Shamrock Memorial Cup for MCW… August drew gaze with EVOLVE title vulnerability in smooth loss to Drew Galloway (formerly Drew McIntyre) at EVOLVE 32… Wasted with ignorant cat lover Johnny Gargano… The Premier Gods Nese and Papadon dropped Milk Chocolate on another natural NYWC card of pleasure… Continued venial direction over months to December with excellent independent shows…

Should avoid being booked with losers that will ruin progression as new age star on rise… Needs to be given stronger push in tag teaming and title acquisitions… Should start slow then burst out of nowhere to shock factor… Should drop Ricochet for title to make logical progression and retain title credibility… If so, must have rematch and then move forward with others than be stuck behind… Is strong prospect for future if not sent to idiotic ignorant UK promotions or stars based on company bookings…  If booked, Nese should refuse to go in order to keep career in tact… Why WWE have not offered him contract in his prime is baffling... 



2013 Placing - 35

Took on Jun Akiyama and Takao Omori in twenty-five min tag joy with Suwama to retain titles… Built high profile in tags over March… Entered the Champion Carnival tournament in Block B with a total of eight points losing to Akiyama once Go Shiozaki abdicated potential victory to injury… Kept tag titles in another gripping defence over Zeus and The Bodyguard at Super Power Series card in May… Dropped the gold to Burning Wild’s Akiyama and Omori in another fantastic battle in June… Turned on Suwama blaming him for losing tag titles in smooth transition… Dishonourable Doering eyed up Suwama’s Triple Crown title and stabilised New Japan with high credibility in shock heavyweight title win… Built intense repertoire as champion leading All Japan into wider age of global interest and technical stability… Defeated Go Shiozaki in twenty minute magnifier ending October… Convinced Suwama to reconcile as team in absurdly pleasing angle which continues to work by excellent management of All Japan from previous times of strife… Has slotted back into tag action comfortably to keep structure in place and deliver meaning to title when defended…

Has moved from tag champ to World title success effortlessly… Now needs to maintain workload and appeal as champ… May well be his year to come assisted by new found respect from bookers and management of AJPW… Could be little cleaner in places… Ironing out of edges will be beneficial longterm… Would look better without the ‘tache…



2013 Placing - 1

Began year with ongoing Wyatt Family collision losing in twenty-one minute jaw dropper to Bray at Royal Rumble intrigue…  Joined as a member of the Wyatt family shocking all fans… Revealed was a trick on Wyatt two weeks later in wasted revelation that helped no one… Moved on to Elimination Chamber test with retaining heavyweight champion Randy Orton in expert showing with Sheamus, Antonio Cesaro, Christian and John Cena… Tight No disqualification with Orton on Mar 17th Raw… Passed overbearing boss Triple H at Wrestlemania qualifier for World title later that evening with sheer skill… Finally rose above on the night and lifted the heavyweight gold in triple threat from Orton and Batista to become face of the WWE… Heavyweight title defence against Triple H on following Raw ended in lame no contest as first defence… Easily dropped reverted monster Kane at Extreme Rules title defence on pay per view in hearty thriller… Took down Alberto Del Rio on May 5th Raw with technical tussle working both well… Suffered crippling injury to neck requiring surgery as champion… Was given time off, as champion in transit which was filled with errors and made mockery of Bryan, fans and the title… Eventually stripped by heartless boss in waiting Stephanie McMahon which was too little too late, despite expert interaction… Absence grew fonder until Bryan’s surgery woes continued with a more unexpected lengthy bench spot… Has not returned to television during rehabbing… Brief pop-up appearance after Survivor Series elation of The Authority power release on post Raw kept profile in back of fans minds than entirely forgetful…  

After finally becoming WWE’s number one, Bryan crashed into stalled momentum and injury sideline… Once WWE’s official face, became a B+ player by default despite efforts to advance… Must be built back into spotlight heavily during return… Working with new risers including Seth Rollins will kept air of mystery and a pool of heavyweight contenders for audience intrigue… Must be kept at top level or main event challenger, but not overdone in fan/crowd pandering which will diminish it… 



2013 Placing - 31

Continued tag work over Jan with Jack Swagger… Denied Royal Rumble victory due to WWE’s lack of foresight booking, regardless of Batista’s scheduled win… Received nod to gain profile with impressive Elimination Chamber entry losing six man battle to Randy Orton… Won Royal Rumble replay at Wrestlemania to scoop Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal trophy… Dropped loose weight Swagger and blabbering mouthpiece Zeb Colter for Paul Heyman smashing Andre trophy night after ‘Mania XXX… Knocked out by Rob Van Dam in Intercontinental tournament disaster over April to safeguard loose tool Wade Barrett… Won empty triple threat at Extreme Rules with Swagger and late addition Van Dam in what was an attractive display of technique… Qualified for Money in the Bank Ladder extravaganza only to eventually be dropped from the approaching match in absurd decision despite build up with sheer wrestling skills crafting the other combatants well… Perhaps blessing in disguise after losing vacant Intercontinental championship Battle Royal on by hiding fool The Miz where Cesaro held intrinsic detail to match formation… Joyous No disqualification loss to Dean Ambrose on Smackdown few days later was rousing pleaser… Beat Rob Van Dam in clean but cheap three minute contendership approval for United States title… Put in an exceptional singles exhibition with Sheamus for same title at night of Champions defeat… Played middle man in making both The Miz and Dolph Ziggler have a good match for Dolph’s IC defence on 29th September Raw… Was used as fodder in another expert performance carrying Ziggler for IC title at Hell in a Cell… Being used as WWE’s tool to chip away at despite making stars of others including recent three minute loss to no-hope Bad News Barrett on 29th December Raw waster…

Despite booking team’s lack of faith and up/down approach, Cesaro’s skill has shone through in every match outing… Has body, vocals, skill and determination to succeed… Never a problem with good work ethic should be considered as one of WWE’s key futures… Needs strong go-ahead push to last… Could work either honourably or not… Should probably avoided cursed IC title… Needs forename back to really boost strength and being as WWE superstar with colossal might…



2013 Placing - 4

Began year putting over Big E. Langston on 7th Jan Smackdown credibly…  Dropped match to Kofi Kingston over sixteen minutes on following Raw well… Defended as WWE World Heavyweight champion from challenger John Cena at Royal Rumble with sheer skill… Fought of Cena, Christian, Sheamus, Daniel Bryan and Antonio Cesaro in six man Elimination Chamber to retain gold in fast paced joy… Re-joined with Batista in lead up to Wrestlemania collision over Mar… Lost World title to Daniel Bryan in smooth and talented handover Triple Threat with Batista at ‘Mania… Returned to Evolution supergroup with Batista an frontman Triple H to battle The Shield… Tasked with making Roman Reigns next big star over May including loss at Extreme Rules six man Shield/Evolution tag… Returned to battle The Shield in follow up six man Payback encounter with another outstanding No Holds Barred masterpiece… Went for WWE World Heavyweight title at enthralling eight man Money in the Bank Ladder mayhem only to miss out to regular WWE favourite John Cena once more… Followed with four man rematch at Battleground with Kane and Roman Reigns too which only Orton could salvage… Was stuck alongside team RybAxel with talented Curtis Axel and useless bloc Ryback which WWE has since role reversed for success where Orton and Axel could really go places as partners or enemies… Was ushered into The Authority with Kane and Seth Rollins to stop John Cena’s rise as same old face of WWE…  Fell short to Authority’s plans becoming upset with new faith in Seth Rollins over losing Orton… Switched on former group and went solo against The Authority resulting in a loss with Rollins on 3trd November Raw to sheer elation of match quality respected by all… Off television since part-time deal signed… Rumoured return at 29th December Raw nixed after unknown instance… Returned on dark show afterwards to dispel often feeble dirt sheet rumours…

WWE’s five star worker did not back down in face of boosting success... Worked with others to high level delivering excellence in skill, storytelling and in-ring psychology perfectly… Raised prestige of WWE title’s battled for… Maintained profile, own deliverance and teamwork principals effortlessly… Could work 2015 with Antonio Cesaro to excellent matches as honourable man…. Needs strong backing from above to really go for it and be key player in establishing newcomers as well as self…



2013 Placing - 6

Teamed with stablemates The Shield over January including three on one battle with CM Punk in comfortable exchange… Entered thirty man Royal Rumble craze exerting spectacular qualities won by returning behemoth Batista… Continued expert progress of The Shield losing to WWE favourites Daniel Bryan, John Cena and Sheamus to qualify all three to the Elimination Chamber… Teased change at Chamber card in an epic Shield verses Wyatt Family mayhem thriller… Extreme Rules provided near perfect three man tag against Evolution’s rehashed formation of Triple H, Randy Orton and Batista… Glue to The Shield and unappreciated, self-creator Rollins turned on bandmates to huge surprise… Stole the show at Money in the Bank as its deserved winner over five other men whom Rollins made equal…  Won respect of fans, although disagreeing, defeating Dean Ambrose at Summerslam in heat fest Lumberjack brawl… Tried hardest possible to launch Roman Reigns on singles path with him at Night of Champions in a dud countout still technically perfect by Rollins… Sided with The Authority’s Kane and Randy Orton to battle John Cena and Ambrose in Street Fight two on three victory on Raw in late Oct… Hell in a Cell win over Ambrose in spooky Wyatt interference with crazy dives was spectacular… Lost Survivor Series thanks to interference from financially motivated appearance from Sting in cheap rollup after excellent carrying of the match… Gearing up to big time after losing controlled Tables match working John Cena to twenty-three minutes with a fantastic double tables drop finish meticulously planned to perfection forcing a terrible restart at TLC… Favour returned on Raw night later in Steel Cage victory of same length in another epic showcase against John Cena… Final Raw of 2014 saw disqualification from returning Roman Reigns…

Former Shield creator viewed by WWE as number three has achieved highest success as leading candidate for future WWE Heavyweight title… Coming battles with likes of Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton and other credible opponents look to be showstoppers… Only matter of time before logical progression to company title ownership… Immense year and sterling skill has boosted Rollins to #1…

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Until next year, who can achieve the greatest success for their careers? Who will be able to boost the ranks, keep their place and be the hottest thing in wrestling for the next coming year? The challenge is on and the bar is set. Let’s see who can listen to the critics, take advice, repent for their actions and develop their skills to rise above. The year is about to begin again and the wrestling will be watched. Will you make it? It’s all up to you. Good Luck!

© Max Waltham 30th December 2014

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