Friday, 10 January 2014

Dean Ambrose: Shining leather light of triple tandem?

One third of hottest trio able 
to steer steady future

As one third of the recently hot tandem The Shield, unchallenged natural leader Dean Ambrose burst onto the wrestling scene. Alongside former rival in NXT Seth Rollins, in which both went to frivolously tantalising matches partnered together. As a strong unit of their own independent skills the unison was a clever step forward for both newbies in WWE's call up system. Added with a relatively unknown presence in the beefy muscle monster Roman Reigns, the trio was complete. Holding the WWE roster in uproar, the three conquered television like no other. After one long year, the group have not only impressed fans and critics but held their own levels of competence. The three of them were not rushed and for good reason. This alone has held the group together long enough despite WWE's previous attempts to fast track a group into disbanding completely which leaves all its adequate performers isolated. 

Hailed by fans as the strongest member of the group, leader Ambrose has impressed vividly with his brawler technique. However, Ambrose has been on a distilled level. This is not down to WWE or the low pecking order. Ambrose should be a slow burner, up and coming, in order to protect his longevity to WWE. In battles with Dolph Ziggler and others Ambrose held matches together, however, was left isolated too long which almost exposed his lack of input in matches, on Pay Per View. At Extreme Rules in May 2013, Ambrose bagged the United States Championship, his first major title in WWE. His Shield teammates secured the tag team titles at the same event. 

Ambrose is a skilled worker and is still learning on the job, as it were. The landscape of opponents, application allowed by bigwigs and input from himself will be a delight to view over 2014, no doubt. However, in order to gain more interest should Roman Reigns clearly disband, Ambrose should remain with Rollins and potentially recruit a third member or four inclusive of a diva. The must not select a 'fan favourite' diva everyone raves of in NXT who is highly inexperienced. 

Ambrose should dump the US title in the lead up to Wrestlemania or on a card shortly after. To give more impact to the character, Wrestling Wonders suggests Ambrose should lose this title in February, in order to give more credibility and support heading into a fresh Wrestlemania battle, with fallout starting new feuds. This will create a newer frontier for Ambrose and challenger to have the chance of hot contests and strong on screen presence to expand on their future. When called up higher, all involved have more stable background and character to maintain a healthy WWE headliner career. 

Ambrose can slot into the mid card and tag scene perfectly. Falling back with the supergroup in tow, Ambrose can be protected from losses and develop rivalries. Kept in motion with support and strength the group can maintain its core being on television. 

In 2014, Ambrose has the chance to develop cleaner in ring skills, adapt on style and keep consistency with repetoire whilst adding nifty little extras, here and there. Given strong opponents and scenario, Ambrose will be able to remain as one of 2014's most poignant characters with intriguing options. 

©  Max Waltham 10th January 2014

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