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Best NXT call ups for WWE

Who will be WWE's best 
call up from NXT?

With 2014 officially upon us, the new wrestling year is one of vivid possibilities. Here, Wrestling Wonders discusses who may be an interesting and sustainable call up from developmental territory NXT. Below we will look at who would have a valid chance on the main shows of the WWE and who could potentially be worked on or called up.

Those who comprise NXT have the aspirations to climb to the upper echelons of main event status or headline act on WWE's major shows Raw and Smackdown. Though not everyone will make it, yet. Talent require a strong emphasis on skill, talent and believability. Connection with its fans are crucial, especially entering the WWE arena as a full on blank canvas. Fans have no knowledge, understanding or reason to instantly like or dislike them. Striking a cord from NXT requires a fair to decent level of skills for an upgrade to the main shows.

So who would be likely candidates that have shown such promise to be considered for a likely advance now or in later time over 2014?

The first candidate to consider, in no order, would be Corey Graves. With his work in the tag scene and individuality in medium settings Corey would be a potential to grow for a sturdy mid level run and a United States title run. One consideration WWE should change is the surname. On WWE TV, in 2014, language by other performers, including someone to the repertoire of CM Punk, for example, would be counterproductive.  

Partner and pal come enemy Adrian Neville has been rapidly gathering steam. An aerial ace with technical stability in place makes a very interesting and plausible call up. Neville could start in the tag scene for a year before expanding and as a float to mid and tag distinctions.

Glamour Chic Banks
Sasha Banks is the most talented female on the roster for NXT. WWE should place her onto the main shows and keep her consistent ground work as a priority with other lagging divas struggling to make an interest. Banks is the only diva that should be considered. All others are too infeasible, though Charlotte is one who is coming along nicely but requires more time.

Though Banks is the most secure option, Emma, an Australian diva that has improved considerably has a chance. We would like her as Banks, to be called upon. Her nationality alone will set her apart from the pack and stand out. She could also increase global markets, but needs strong booking faith than switching around its divas here and there. She could even enter as a team with Charlotte or Banks if necessary, or even a trio of diva delight. If forming a trio to enter the main shows, WWE could actually make a leading lady bring the three in to produce a diva quarter. Tamina, as leader, or others could do well from this.

Developing at an alarmingly positive rate are some other gentlemen. Aiden English has the body and mild skills to be expanded upon if required. While many might think English's promos may be a tad pansy, crooning and roses of adoration for English and his talent is something WWE can work with. Unique, distinguished and smooth, as the best star WWE had whilst breaking into ballad, will work tremendously as a new act for Raw or Smackdown in time. This one will silence the critics.

Mojo Rawley is a charming pretty boy that could do well with audiences given a good starting basis. Though he might want to consider losing a little bit of flab abs as WWE tend to notice this could cost him longterm. We don't mind some timber, but WWE clearly do. He should still remain in NXT but could be likely to boost onto TV within the late or new year of 2015 if he conditions and improves his already clean ring work. This one is a prospect in time if a strong angle and storyline basis is attached to compensate. 

Chris Hero, recently released for failing to have a certain body image in favourable fashion, was ordered to improve. Without using initiative, Hero soon lost his place and thus released at this time. After being highlighted of the problem, WWE clearly felt they gave him enough time to deal with the issue. Superstars should identify and attempt to deal with an issue than plainly ignoring it. WWE is a company. It cannot wait around years for you to work on anything that should have been thought of independently. If you are seen to be making some effort in certain places, it will be noticed and often respected.   

Konnor has made strong improvement and made a character interesting for the product. These qualities might be lucrative if WWE agree a place with tight background.

Sami Zayn is another obvious grower, but fan intentions shouldn't be overtly rushed. Zayn could place on WWE TV through June/July through Summer. It will all depend on the all round package presented. As a new signee to the company, Zayn's removal of mask has proven to be a delight. The character has been able to flourish, gather a new stance on his name and become meaningful. He also looks rather appealing for a red head with chest hair to audiences looking in.

While WWE may be sighting the likes of Alexander Rusev (which WWE will do due to body mass) Tyler Breeze and others, none have shown any real skill to survive the pitfalls of headline television. It is not beneficial to call up those who must immediately be wiped from main broadcasts to recoup to the NXT nest. Rusev, favoured for his height and build, has Vladimir Koslov written all over him. Breeze is another Dolph Ziggler imitation with slick blonde hair, pom pom ruffles and sheen pink tights bearing a hybrid of John Morrision's fur coat. Lena, Rusev's manager has a striking presence, that's for sure. 

Unless there are strong feuds, storylines and skills with entertainment, there is a likely chance of minimal call up. Raw and Smackdown must also cater for stars that are already finding tough times in their own personalities or being. There is no point adding more waste if one is not simply stronger, equal nor better than the competitor. 

©  Max Waltham 28th January 2014

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