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Wrestling Wonders Year End Awards 2013

Wrestling Wonders Year 
End Awards 2013

Wrestling Wonders presents the 2013 Year End Awards celebrating the greatest, wacky and rightfully earned achievements from the previous year of 2013. Respected for their craft, talents, hotness and damn right shrewd behaviour wrestling finest are rewarded. Below are the nominees and the winners. To be nominated is the hugest of honour alone, let alone to bag a trophy. Congrats to all those who made 2013 an interesting year for fans and the critics.

Written and awarded on December 30th 2013. 


Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton, Kazuchika Okada, AJ Styles, CM Punk

2013 belonged to one man alone, Daniel Bryan. Insanely popular with crowds and critics for fan appeal and wrestling values, Bryan made the transition from minor support structure to main event headliner. Bryan's technique, promos and precision silenced everyone else in contention and kept the highest honour as 2013's most recognisable and valued face giving meaning back to the wrestling business.

Gail Kim, AJ, Cheerleader Melissa, ODB, Stephanie McMahon

AJ remained the centre point of television for females this year. Despite her talent, skills in ring and promos being a little off, she delivered when she looked at an inner essence to develop on from outside influences. She held the strong point on TV as the only one in charge. 

Undertaker Vs CM Punk (WM 29), Daniel Bryan Vs Randy Orton (Night of Champions), Kazuchika Okada  Vs Suzuki Dontaku , Ishii vs Shibata G1 Climax Day 4,  CM Punk Vs John Cena Raw 25th Feb 13

The Match of 2013 was undoubtedly Undertaker once again dazzling on the big stage at Wrestlemania. This time with CM Punk, the pair put in an enthralling, clean and empowering battle that kept audiences on tenderhooks. The story and action was tight, concise and skilled. 

Daniel Bryan Vs The Authority, CM Punk Vs Paul Heyman, Kazuchika Okada Vs Minoru Suzuki,  SUWAMA and Joe Doering Vs Jun Akiymam and Go Shiozaki, AJ Styles Vs Dixie Carter

The biggest feud was clearly Daniel Bryan's struggle to be accepted by WWE's upper headquarters' suits as a legitimate champion for their company. The struggle was strong, engaging, captured fans attention like no other and had numerous twists. Both sides had enough to work with to string the contest out further. 

Joe Doering, Christian York, Curtis Axel, Bray Wyatt, Ethan Carter III

Christian York made the biggest Impact in the business. Launched onto the catastrophic scene of TNA during its pathetic Gut Check series, York held competitive action, looked a star and was a new riser. Regardless of the ludicrous decision to remove him from the TNA roster for clueless financial saving purposes, York is one of the independent's most bankable stars with strong recognition. Let this be a lesson to all, steer clear of TNA.

Daniel Bryan, John Cena, CM Punk, Sting, Jeff Hardy

Bryan held everything needed to be the most loved star of 2013. Fans in their droves vehemently yelled his name and catchphrases with such passion. Evoking empathy and in ring talent Bryan rose from a nobody to a somebody. The year was all about Bryan who became WWE's newest star with glowing colours. 

Brock Lesnar, YAMATO?, Minoru Suzuki, Stephanie McMahon, Paul Heyman

Devilish, cunning, charismatic and succinct, Heyman delivered all parameters to thrill an audience as well as annoy them in unison. Borrowing material from Max Waltham as most did, Heyman, however, is the only star able to sell it tenfold and hold his own in the scenario, with levels of development on offer for his sparring partner. Comical, brash, clever and witty, Heyman blew everyone away, everytime, which is vital for the business to excel when all else in the industry fail to deliver. 

Personality/Game Changer
KENTA, Daniel Bryan, Darren Young, RVD, Bruno Sammartino inducted into WWE Hall of Fame

Darren Young made the boldest of choices to reveal he was gay. Revealing such information in a sport where fans often condemn such sexuality despite the fact guys are talented and capable was a brave decision. With strong commitment to the business, fans and himself, Young has became a well placed openly gay man in the wrestling business and the first in the WWE. Quite a milestone for a newer age. Perhaps this will encourage others to reveal themselves, at their own pace, and perhaps the audience will be less distant from some of its most beloved performers worried of upsetting the status quo. 

Goldust, Rob Conway, Rob Van Dam, Bobby Fish, Sean Waltman

Double champion and new NWA stronghold Rob Conway shone like no other in his return to the business. Still in good shape, and holding up strong support structures for the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) Conway proved he still had strong levels of competition and was rightfully rewarded as champion. Representing the NWA wholesomely, Conway is still very much in the game. 

Tag Team
Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns, Shane Haste and Mikey Nicholls, Time Splitters, The Young Bucks, Golden Lovers

The Shield's double act Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns destroyed all on television, held brute force with levels of skill and tender behaviour. The pair dominated the tag division, took titles and were the focal point of success with skills and working others to good or excellent matches. They kept fans in their droves happy and rose the division. 

Pay Per View
Payback, Slammiversary, SHIMMER Volume 44, Wrestle Kingdom 7, G1 Climax Night 4

Quite a surprise for all, WWE's Payback, the May Pay Per View slot which usually features one or two interests then flops, was strong throughout. Every match had a place, the performers were given strong lines of detail and involvement. Added with great action, support, skill and strong main evening, the whole package for a PPV that had every avenue covered was king. 

Dixie Carter releases scores of talented staff, Lights out for WWE, Chris Sabin as World Champion, Austin Aries shoves crotch in Christy Hemme's face, Big E. Langston hits diva AJ on entrance with chop

There was only one who took the crown on this one. A law to herself, Dixie Carter proved to be the most inconsistent, clueless and ridiculous owner come business body in pro wrestling. A woman with no real knowledge of the industry, with lucky investments from her family decided to pull away from the resident television filming studio to go on the road and copy WWE. Doing this was the first catastrophe on offer. Releasing bundles of talented stars to save money instead of the leeches who took twice as much and contributed nothing, whilst keeping bad PR stars and wasteful talent who cannot perform, Carter continued. Making a pig's ear of the company, Dix was finally exposed to the audience as the most hapless female, let alone wrestling owner on the planet. She even denied a leaked set of information to sell the company. Furthermore, Carter and her TNA executive doubling up as markish fans, actually believe they are doing an excellent job at running TNA. Fans have given up on the embarrassment, which has been struggling to fill seats in arenas. The old studio for filming is no longer available for bookings. There is no going back for TNA, who also host special PPV's to secure low paid talent as a cheap measure to fill a card.

Brooke Tessmacher, AJ, Mickie James, Jim Ross, Hulk Hogan

Jim Ross publicly denied he had been fired from WWE. With his own, hugely ignorant ego on show, Ross was even quizzed by a reporter where he was caught out and flummoxed his words. Backtracking, Ross held another level of trying to protect his own image above all else and even pandered to the fans to try to maintain profile. What a Hoeski. 

Jesse, Randy Orton, Seth Rollins, Tony Nese, Antonio Cesaro

Another category in which anyone can enter. Have you done enough to be the hotty of the wrestling year? If you have, and outshone the rest to make one of the fiercely fought five nominations, which is an honour in itself to be nominated, you'll find yourself here. This year, for 2013, Randy Orton once again became the hottest pro wrestler. Damn, look at  that sweat too. 2014 is now upon us. Who will go all out for this award? We are all watching with anticipation. Anyone can enter. Can Randy retain? Or can you go one better? :)

Open Legs
Damien Sandow, Alberto Del Rio, Randy Orton, Jesse, Daniel Bryan

Unlike the other categories here's a peek at the five nominees in this unique category which delivered in many brave and creative ways. However, we would like to see many more contenders over 2014, boys. What are you afraid of? 

Dean Ambrose, Antonio Cesaro, Fandango, CM Punk, Randy Orton

Joined at the hip, the other unique category notices and respects the best butt in the business. Still, there weren't too many takers for this, but WWE sure did deliver a few contenders. As with the above category, Randy Orton gave both on offer in one showing. Though Rand scooped the biggest win when Goldust gave him a little gusty draft down below. Some fans where more than happy.  

Newest Development To Excel
Shinsuke Nakamura, Curtis Axel, Dean Ambrose, La Sombra, SUWAMA

Despite falling from grace towards the end of the year, Axel held the Intercontinental championship for near half of the year and took the title on his debut match where it counted. As a token of respect to his late father, Axel developed a profile and held a level of interest. However the obvious and lame name should be dropped. Axel needs to gain a name that is not linked to his roots and stand alone to raise his name. A return to McGillicutty should be avoided too. The phrase and wording needs to be correct. Since abandoning it, Axel is a blank canvas full of vanilla emptiness. WWE really need to think about a strong name for him if he is to become a big future star, which could be affordable for both. Thought process than one random thought is crucial to a stars development. Regardless, Curti did enough to excel as the newest force on WWE tele. 

Paul Heyman, post MITB Raw, Stephanie McMahon, 19th Aug Raw, Damien Sandow, 1st November Smackdown, Bray Wyatt, 27th Oct Hell In A Cell, AJ, 26th Aug Raw

Livid with former friend and star he helped further into career, Paul Heyman expressed his feelings on the post MITB Raw. During Punk's betrayal of Heyman's good nature the ignorant behaviour of Punk was championed instead. Setting the record straight, Heyman blew everyone away with his detail, accuracy and sheer deliverance eon the mic as always guaranteed.

AJ destroying the entire Total Divas in one fell swoop, Stephanie McMahon's controlling nature and Wyatt's eerie misunderstood knowledge were strong in their own right but couldn't hold what Heyman ultimately gave to the segment necessary to create stronger outcomes. 

Max Waltham Appreciation
Jerry Lynn

Jerry Lynn retired this year from wrestling after years of support. Skilled, technical and an aerial ace in his own right, Lynn towards his later years gave guidance to other younger stars in the business today for a future. Here, Wrestling Wonders recognises all that Lynn gave to the very core of wrestling past, present and future. Lynn's contributions are invaluable and well respected. 

Wrestling Wonders Hall of Fame

Jake Roberts, Fabulous Moolah, Mae Young, Rick Rude, Adrian Adonis, 
Hawk, Animal, Paul Ellering, Alice Cooper

Every star inducted earned their own levels of recognition for providing different levels of contrast, style and fun filled skill to every audience member of their era's. Still holding prominence over the years till today, Roberts and Cooper, Young and Moolah and the Road Warriors all held strong partnerships for fans as well as their own. It was only fitting that everyone of them joined the class of 2013 together, on their own merit. Joining them are the equally significant and skilled stars Rick Rude and Adrian Adonis. Both gave their own unique styles that further highlighted how extraordinarily great wrestling could and still can be. 

Most Improved
Goldust, Rob Conway, Damien Sandow, Jesse, Icarus

Returning from obscurity and re-capturing the Wrestling industry with flying colours, Damien Sandow scoops the award. His skills were refined, had strong connectivity with other performers in tense and compelling action were counted. Having maintained his skillset, Sandow has contained his levels of charisma, given the correct opponents. 

Goldust was a close second but could not outdo National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) champion Conway enough. Despite a very good return and tag championship to boot, Goldust gave strong levels of support and skill but couldn't give as exceptional as Conway delivered.  

Face of the WWE, Aces and 8's v MEM, Rhodes Brothers fight for jobs back, Dixie Carter knows what's she's doing, Mark Henry's Fake Retirement

Daniel Bryan's struggle with The Authority and corporate WWE owners believing he wasn't 'The Face of the WWE' was the strongest angle of the year. As with the very feud, Bryan and the Authority figures all had enough material to bounce off one another and keep fan guessing while engaged. It was the only storyline any wrestling fan or critic was able to be fully focused on. 

Stupefied, Jeff Hardy, Alex Shelley, La Sombra, Tetsuya Naito

The high flying prowess of all mentioned was a joy to watch. Though one could take the prize, all gave levels of interest. This one, however was taken hands down by aerial ace La Sombra. The action, fluidity and motion of flight was the best the business saw over 2013 from such a young star gathering rapid steam.

Stephanie McMahon, Brad Maddox, Bray Wyatt, Vickie Guerrero, Vince McMahon

Can anyone defeat the unstoppable Fashionista Vickie Guerrero? As the now first candidate to win the award as well as the only award from Wrestling Wonders, a record three times prove Vick has got such style and sophistication. Some challengers were in her way including blue pants Brad Maddox and the monochrome bigwig Stephanie McMahon. Guerrero stunned all competition and remains the first triple winner of an award with such panache on offer. She simply always looks good. Congrats Vickie!


This year a few awards have also been resigned. These include Finisher, Entrance Theme, Most Popular, Returning Veteran and Online Sensation. Let's face it, there's only so many times Max Waltham would always win the Online Sensation award hands down every year without any contenders or impact made from, well, anyone.

Until next year, this wraps up the 2013 awards. We are watching intently for some new risers to gain nominations. Surprise us and you may just gain an award. These are the awards any self respecting wrestling personality should aim to receive as the most influential, career enhancing and valued awards in pro wrestling. You're Welcome.

Lets face it, WWE wiped the floor with everyone this year. Whether you like how they run their product or not, they had many things in place when it came to award nominations well rounded. no-one else barely came close. This highlights more than anything how crucial it is for wrestling companies to get their act together if they want to provide competition. If they can't (and they haven't this year) figure out how to do so, it should find a way to get audiences without stupidity, ego and daft choices for a bit of buzz at the time. That's not wrestling, is it?  

©  Max Waltham 22nd January 2014

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