Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Hulk Hogan's impending return to WWE needed?

Will Hulk Hogan return to 
WWE and is it needed?

Since leaving TNA towards the end of 2013, Hulk Hogan has quietly disappeared from the wrestling limelight. A tough choice for publicity loving Hogan. Many have since speculated the legend's impending return to WWE, with the lead towards the Royal Rumble event this January. 

Often asked ourselves if Hogan will return, fans are still slightly unsure of a possible return. Given WWE's track record and Vince McMahon's ability to regain any superstar previous lost, disgruntled or upset, over time, whatever their circumstance may be, Wrestling Wonders would believe Hogan will return.

There is no way that Hogan and McMahon, whom have both been talking, would ruin an opportunity and have agreed to keep the media level low to heighten Hogan's 'shock' return.  With one last run, at Hogan's age, and being Vince's star creation that launched the rebrand of the WWF now WWE, the obvious is clear. Hogan will be leading towards a match or involvement on the Wrestlemania XXX celebration. He may join a tag match with John Cena or other plans as they so often change in the run up to the April supershow. 

Having Hogan back at the final time, and at the most standpoint pinnacle of WWE's history, Hogan will return. Though he wants financial support and fan adoration once more after a terrible running of TNA, WWE will prove it knows how to book a star once again. Added with a rather bleak card already with no defining feature, Wrestlemania, and in McMahon's mind, needs a strong focal point. With a Goldberg deal up in the air, and tough decisions to book its current and mild level of stars, WWE need to have something to offer. 

While Hogan is an uncharismatic leech on the business, the last run in WWE, due to long time away and under WWE's control, a last run is feasible. However, Hogan should be prepared to lay down for an upcoming star, if necessary. Everyone remembers the debacles on offer with the refusal to support Shawn Michaels at Summerslam and then failing to boost Randy Orton's rising star years ago. Fans allowed Michaels to pass, but Orton was the final straw which dipped Hogan's credibility. 

All in all, WWE will be out to prove how to book, have a strong personality on board and place new settings for the product in a three month build up to its biggest event in the pro wrestling calendar. WWE can survive without him, but for now, and with many legends unavailable, the timescale requires Hogan, who has gladly and quietly accepted a deal. "Training like mad" in the gym, the Hulkster knows how to play the game and will be back. We can only hope WWE place him in less important matches that wont ruin the opposing forces needed to provide a future. One loss to Hogan could drop a certain star rising in fan understanding which would ruin every piece of work they have since built years being at WWE. 

©  Max Waltham 15th January 2014

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