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WWE Draft Predictions 2011

WWE Draft 2011

The WWE Draft is back and taking a look at whom may move and should (both are very different of importance).

So then, undeniably the  poster boy for the Draft 2011 has got to be...


The question is , will Maryse follow him? Ted needs to move to be reinstated as a key player for WWE and raise his stock value. Announcing his move as a MAIN move in the draft rather than the supplemental will have huge benefits. Keeping him as a supplemental draft (which is possible) shouldn't happen if they want people to accept and follow Ted's progress to be remade a bigger star.


The women's (now Diva's) yet the title is still the WOMENS title, she will stick with Ted even though the break up teases have been, well , teased. Smackdown needs a few new gals to feud with the dire Kelly Kelly and give Laycool some new competition. There will be enough female talent shipped to RAW so Maryse's move looks sustainable and can reinstate her as the Diva that was #1 before the Draft shifted her over to RAW  a few years ago.

The Big Question is.. surely one of the biggest players must move? RANDY ORTON or JOHN CENA? Well firstly, i watch RAW most. Secondly, one sells merchandise and gains the child demographic, boosts revenue for WWE and public relations for 'charity'. He also loses all the wrestling male supporters. The other, is the figurehead of RAW and keeps those men coming to RAW, though numbers are smaller due to the off putter. Therefore, WWE should NOT move ORTON. However, one may need to go and most likely WWE wouldn't remove CENA. But you will actually lose a lot of revnue if ORTON is gone and CENA remains. Throwing CM PUNK over is an option, but dillutes everything with the now ever destructive on their own practices Nexus. If one has to go send CENA. You can once again do your editing to make CENA look wonderful and still keep RAW alive with Miz, Punk and Orton


I don't think anyone could doubt that this move is highly necessary. For WWE and Morrison. I think there's enough info in other posts to let you figure this out, but Morri needs re development asap and this could help put wheels in motion.

so then would another spouse, MELINA move too? Perhaps, and i would say yes, send her over she has lived out the RAW fulfillment and has been worn out. Moving to S/D will give her breathing space from the competition of the Diva's division that she has no chance of being a bigger player in just yet. Time on S/D and then with reputation, she can return to 'the game' (not HHH).


Capable of many feuds, with DiBiase, and other S/D stars Bryan could even be presented to upper mid card and even potential slip past the post and be in the main event given building time. No, this isn't an 'internet darling' moment Vinnie, X. But cut the mockery on Mr Veggie-licious and you'll have another firm key player for the company, with a fan base that is already there for him, and those whom can get a lot of lovely camera shots when he is down on the mat wide open :) Thank You x

My man, (though he didn't like the Twitter post on looking nice from me [ which prompted a tweet regarding his wife] JACK SWAGGER, most people would abandon you as they have, but i am a sucker for it (no puns) I was the only one who saw MITB at Mania 26 coming. And though its downcast right now, Swagger has the look, feel, potential, and fair mic skills for a 'newbie' to carry some cans. The derailment crippled his momentum but it can easily be repaired and Jack is already championship material and can easily look good holding it. And next time Jack, don't get testee for a compliment :)

KOFI KINGSTON could do with a move. Though he could still credibly stay on S/D and be re built. Don't give him the IC Title, because they mean nothing that way, build him for months, then throw him into that picture. After that he can eventually win after a red hot - fair mid card feud.

IMO, there is no need to split up LAYCOOL just to say we split a team for the Draft. One of the best partnerships WWE has, it's hard to imagine what either would do on their own. Both need slightly more tweaking as singles after having immense hype together. And don't get me started on Layla being Women's Champion then having to share her reign as a pair and then not defend it AND have it cut up and removed from all obscurity even though it was the Unified belt to remain on TV!

Talk of changing ALBERTO DEL RIO and THE MIZ as champions? No. Miz has just gained his cult following on RAW, and gathers immense exposure for himself, his opponents and WWE. Media take notice also and get him involved (the favorite piece for McMahon - the media :@) Play to it's strengths. As for Alberto, again on S/D he has become top draw. No need to demoralize him further in public perception. Yes Edge retiring meant he wouldn't lose the title at Wrestlemania 27, but he should for two reasons. 1- thats the art of the business, even though you wanted to respect Edge's commitments, he should have lost to be more respectful for the biz. 2) Del Rio lost a lot of his following by the loss, and WWE involved with the angle lost a lot of people's respect. Damage control is necessary.

ALEX RILEY going to S/D is a great chance for key development. Only problem is 1) i watch RAW mainly. 2) I want him there, and technically he can be away from Miz on the same brand if WWE enforced it. 3) On S/D he would be lost in the shuffle, and be jobbed out to the dire Big Show and crippled as a potential new star.

previous Nexus members (SKIP SHEFFIELD, MICHAEL TARVER ETC) an't be moved, because they are not specified on which brand they are on now and which to move to. Oh Dear.

DAVID OTUNGA could move but pointless as he wouldn't then have a place to go to on S/D. Even though he needs to get gone to anywhere off WWE TV. We are not thrilled.

same can apply to DREW MCINTYRE. Vince McMahon still seems to hold the "Future World Champion" tag on him so that Vince isn't proved 'wrong'. Keep Drew on S/D, especially now Ziggler is on RAW -they are practically the same person, and allow Drew to sit there and slowly creep up or get future endeavored.

sending ZACK RYDER over? Noooo. Everyone cannot help but love our Zack. Our 'Bro' could easily be brought back up to the mid card, given air time. Being implemented as a regular face on which ever program would be something many would tune in to see, positive or negative. Now is the time to enforce it.

Woo Woo WOO! S'up Bro?

EVAN BOURNE. Or Evan Bo-u-ring. Sadly this guy is way to green to ever get over. It is not WWE's fault. The gave him the platform to excel numerous times even though the internet marks hype on that WWE didn't give him a push. He had 4 - 5 main chances to make it and HE didn't take one of them. WWE wanted him to produce and gave him even more stage presence but he didn't take to it. He even ruined Jack Swagger when WWE threw the pair of them together to try and make the both of them. Wrong move completely. Swagger had the tools to go forward first. Then you should have pushed Bourne after, but Evan doesn't exude anything from himself. Show your in ring style, move set and deliverance rather than showing off a fancy move and smiling like a goon, this isn't a slam - it's credible critique!

It's Morphin' Time!
SIN CARA might get the boot over after the debacle on RAW 2 weeks ago. Bungled entrances and top rope calamities - don''t blame Primo, could send Cara over. But, that's an oversight. Leave him on RAW. Del Rio and Mysterio on S/D cannot house a third Mexican Wrestler for the Hispanic demographic. It will be overflowed and we have just got past Rey/Alberto. It's not needed right now.

BETH PHOENIX must join Monday nights. Pallying up with best bud Natalya on RAW will re enhance the Diva's division. The Bellas as champions - finally a good move considering the current state of it all. along with Gail Kim/Kong in the wings (put them together on the RAW stage) - exposure will be amazing and Kim is someone who can work wonderfully for the Women. This can re invigorate her positioning. Send EVE with ALICIA FOX to S/D and we can all be happy. Should TAMINA stay or go? Keep her on RAW and send THE USO'S to S/D. reinstate the Tag essence and Tamina shock split from the Draft will leave her 'stranded' with Santino. Even a Beth V Tamina Ex's bout could happen.

MICHAEL COLE can go to S/D. Enough said.

SHEAMUS doesn't NEED to move.

Sending HEATH SLATER & JUSTIN GABRIEL over is an interesting musing. On the plus side, you could set them into the Tag division, establish themselves alone, and develop Wade Barrett as a single competitor. EZEKIEL JACKSON can be cast out or drafted. I would draft, personally. He isn't gaining anything in The Corre. We don't know who he is except in name only.

Keeping them on S/D means they could split and go solo and feud with Tag of Barrett and Zeke or someone else. WILLIAM REGAL can go over and maybe join also.

KANE needs the change. Plus having the blazing monster back on RAW will be worthwhile. S/D can keep BIG SHOW. don't send him over.

 Main Draft-

The Draft's poster boy

Golden Couple to move

2nd Heavyweight Run Possible?

WWE's Got Talent

Big Red Monster return
Glaming up RAW?

Already on S/D, Technically.

Needs the move

Could do with moving, but not vital

Might move, nothing else going on..

Either he will move..

Or this one will..


Should be a star on RAW 

Supplemental Draft - 

Alicia Fox. ps. i miss DJ Gabriel :(

WWE's PG version of  Barbarella!

Could do well on S/D 

No other options..

Maybe, but those tights are HAWWWWTT!

Was a naughty boy in London's O2 Arena!

Class, not Crass.

The Masterpiece, i wouldn't say no..

Yoshi Tatsu, Japan's Finest in WWE

Many options if moved, either way it's win - win

Needs back in the Tag Division and they got mooves!

Wasn't Primo's fault..

Step up or step out i guess.

As always post views and thoughts. It's late because i have a life lol, but review after coming soon .


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John Morrison Unhappy with Wrestlemania 27 angle featuring Trish Stratus

John Morrison was on the winning team at 'Mania 27
After 'Mania weekend it was revealed Morrison was unhappy with how the booking practice occurred for it's match which pitted him with Trish Stratus and Snooki to challenge Michelle Mc Cool & Layla (Laycool) and their partner Dolph Ziggler with Vickie Guerrero in their corner.

You SO would! Can't blame Melina for grabbing it..
JoMo felt that Trish's spot on the card could have been replaced by his current girlfriend Melina. Melina, being a heel, would have worked well in a babyface team according to Morrison's mind. Adding to this the original plan was to insert Bimbo Bimbo aka Kelly Kelly in Trish Stratus original spot. Now that would have been an utter disaster. Their open relationship also came under scrutiny. Melina has also previously had 'under the dirt sheets' with Batista a few years ago. Read his book – Batista Unleashed. (10% referral Dave?) lol.

Fued with Melina in the pipeline?
Trish was the best choice and Morrison as moody as ever was seemingly very distant and awkward to work with for Stratus. The legendary diva, who has a valid contribution to the business, made a credible match for what it was built on to be fair.
A Rock and a hard place..

Many now assume WWE dislike Morrison and has gathered 'heat' for this. The reason his career hasn't taken off was long before this discrepancy, His career nose dived long before Trish came along. His own fault it is seeing as he does nothing to enhance his persona. The so called 'Shaman of sexy' is not appealing on any level as a sex symbol, not even getting the gay vote, that should be clear enough to step it up.

The 'Shaman Of Sexy'
How to change? Many say “turn him heel” , one option yes, though he can achieve it as face, but needs to develop his own persona, charisma and ditch the shaman of shambolic-ness and lose his attitude, - it's the wrong one. Dropping the ego too would help focus. The mic skills need a lot of work since becoming very sloppy as a result of long-standing positioning. Lose the stupid gimmicks like spiderman prancing all over the ring/cage structures and stop devaluing the match, it doesn't look as though you care about what your in or what's at stake so how can you be taken seriously? Royal Rumble was an opportunity to get a title shot and you decided to jump around for a laugh, then in the #1 spot at Elimination Chamber? Yes. A gimmick climb and fool, oops,  - Fall.

Wrestling a match with charisma, lack of ego and character development will benefit. A long standing guy in the company that wishes him to enhance himself, has now become placed lower than the likes of R-Truth and  below. R-Truth actually has MANY more options if he had half the time Morrison got over the years. Recent Heel turn clarifies this slightly. JoMo should have managed to project himself as one of the top head-liners in the making, although WWE gets the blame for it, this one is solely on John.

Every Heterosexual man sees the appeal

 WWE gives ample time to you, you have matches of a caliber to become credible, you don't wish to make it for yourself, and only one person can be blamed for that.

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Wrestlemania 27 Review and Thoughts

Wrestlemania 27

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No One could Deny the stage was spectacular

So Wrestlemania was produced to enhance superstars that were in spots for growth or becoming ever more established and strengthened in main events as well as the company’s invested future. Did 'Mania 27 achieve this?

Having booked a card almost full of nostalgia opened the debate.
Were YOU Stratusfied?
With ol' favourites such as Stone Cold Steve Austin, good ol' JR, Jim Ross, Trish Stratus and The Rock (as your host), along with Booker T on guest commentary also, many expected a great PPV whether the “old” stars were booked on it regardless.

The Rock Says...

After a beautiful rendition on America the beautiful by Keri Hilson, Wrestlemania 27 began. The Rock makes his way out for his belated and well received return. This is how promos are done. Gone for so many years, and with a roster full of people who have scalled or failed to up the ladder, The Great One is still the man in wrestling that owns the stage, audience and microphone. The Rock owned Wrestlemania tonight. Something WWE's current “contractors' have tried to achieve forever. Enhancing the fact that Wrestling belongs to the people, after commenting on Mr Fruity Pebbles Cena, the most electrifying man in sports entertainment set the tone for Mania to begin on a highnote. If you smelll....

Alberto Del Rio arrives
However dressed up, an Armbar can still be very lethal, thanks to Del Rio
Edge applies the submission
Kicking off with our first match, Rey v Cody? Bryan V Sheamus perhaps? No. The World Heavyweight title was on first! That's right, one of the 2 biggest matches in terms of titles was on first. Everybody instantly knew but was hoping it wouldn't be the case. WWE pushed for months Del Rio's route to stardom which would culminate here in a World title victory. (see later blog entry as to why this occurred) , which he would not gain. Alberto Del Rio failed to grasp the big moment and take the title to match his underwear. Gold would've looked exceptional around that waist, to be honest.

World Heavyweight Championship
Alberto Del Rio w/ Brodus Clay V Edge (c) w/ Christian

Going over... Or not..
With the addition of the bit parts, namely Christian and Brodus Clay, managers were at ringside in corners of a world title match that went on first, everybody knew Del Rio was dropping the ball to their anger, surprise and disgust. They, myself included, felt the months of build up for Alberto was a complete waste, and cheating the viewer, This is one of any reasons they don't choose to pay for the WWE product. Invest in the future and they will invest in your product, and merchandise sales follow too, or does the John Cena effect not apply to anyone else?
Wasn't washing the windows..
Dismayed, Alb's gunna have to walk it..
Alas, after a good title match to be fair, Edge retained the victory and World title, to which viewers seeing the start of Mania 27 were already peeved and uninterested. To embarrass Del Rio further, Edge smashes his rental car up before leaving the arena. Not a good start..

Beautiful :) and nice legs too..
Onto the second match Cody Rhodes V Rey Mysterio.

This match was booked WAY too long and lost fans interest by dragging it's heels for 2 stars they weren't fully connected too. People cheered and got behind Cody, but eventually became tired. By match 2 they were tired, bored and uninterested in the biggest PPV of all time.

Capt America V The face mask of beauty..
Dressed as Captain America in the usual gimmick, Mysterio at Mania to sell mechandise attire, Cody surprisingly , and fulfillingly wrapped this up and won. His new push begins a year or two later. Rey was clearly only there to sell some merchandise/masks over the Wrestlemania period.

America lost this bout :(

Snoop Dogg made a shock appearance and then followed a host of future endeavour stars doing an American Idol – Got Talent skit , some of the highlights included Great Khali and Beth Phoenix doing a slow number from grease, and Zack “hotness” Ryder charming us all. The shock was Hornswoggle, as a rapper, with his gals the Bellas, finding his actual voice and speaking! (rapping technically). Khali and Glami In My Opinon were top of this needless cool down period to give jobbers a place at Mania 27.

Third match, the WWE Universe needed to be uplifted, interested and brought back into mania spirit. The irony of mania perhaps. Did WWE do it? Unforgivably the answer was No.

Aerial Kingston :O 
Kane, Big Show, Kofi Kinston & Santino Marella V The Corre (Wade Barrett, Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater & Ezekiel Jackson) 

Knocked Out and rendered obsolete..
It booked the sloppy, substandard team of Kane, Big Show, Kofi (in Kozlov's place, but was actually the logical choice who fitted the match – Barrett IS WEARING Kofi's IC TITLE) along with comedy booked Santino Marella. Taking on The Corre, Wade Barrett, Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater and the unknown, (oops) Ezekiel Jackson, WWE managed to end this in quick succession with Big Show landing a KO punch on Mr Wendys himself (Slater). Barely even a minute or two match and it was over.

Can you imagine how the Universe felt after this?

Seeing Mae Young is always a highlight. This woman still has everything needed in place for WWE segments.

Next match we had some sense of purpose.

The Viper's Vice (Grip)? 
CM Punk took on Randy Orton. The Viper, as predicted, being WWE's star worker for every year, crafting the best performances out of new workers gained his receival of appreciation with a win at the biggest PPV of all meaning.
DDT A-coming, will you kiss him afterwards? Aww :(
Eyeing up the Prey

Viper goes for the unmentioned Anaconda

Punk and Orton, as expected put on a very good show, but slightly diluted to make way for the other 2 BIG ones. Shame. This was a red hot feud that could have become explosive in this final match meeting. And the viewers needed it. All the same both star workers delivered on the night and gave the best match so far and a thrilling conclusion all the same.
It's a hard slog.. but it's over..

Wrestlemania 2011 Theme Song 300x156 Wrestlemania 2011 Recap
The Viper strikes with a deadly but gorgeous hotted RKO. Look at them fly.

WWE's star turn, Retro Love <3
After we got a good match to get the ball rolling, WWE stopped the action to produced the Hall Of Fame Ceremony. Shawn Michaels, Sunny, The Road Warriors – Hawk, Animal and Manager Paul Ellering, Bullet Bob Armstrong, Abdullah The Butcher, Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Drew Carey.  

This Ceremony, had the 'stars' whom have contributed to wrestling in a grander way over a numerous amount of years be rewarded. As the came out to a brief name introduction, and placed on their star spot, their names were rushed and didn't mean a single thing to their appreciation. Call your name, stand there, wave, leave. Of course everyone was waiting for it's star turn, and even HBK didn't get a good build up. The Original Diva, First Ever Royal Rumble Winner (1988), and Greatest Tag Team of all time fitted well with the rest of the inductees for this year.
The Great Tag Team known to man, What A Rush!
What's for dinner? I'm not about to eat, fool!
Lock n Load 
The Original Diva, Sunny

Drew Carey... Celebrity Wing..
Notable mention, because you cannot ignore the irony that was Drew Carey, a man who 10 years ago, entered the Royal Rumble match, and then subsequently decided NOT to do any move/s wait in the ring, and climb over the top ropes eliminating himself when Kane entered. Not one bump taken, and costing someone their spot. Ironically again he took a spot that could have been filled by someone else. Being the anniversary of WCW.. as well as Scream 4 hitting cinemas/theatres (and recently on WWE RAW at the end of the year), David Arquette would have been the most logical and credible choice. He had contributed more than Carey, regardless of the WCW booking days.

Finally we get back to the action, and the highly pushed bout of Wrestlemania was to begin, which just happened to be the comedy/spoof match.

Special Referee?

Michael Cole w/ Trainer Jack Swagger V Jerry “The King” Lawler. 

Run in central written all over it, Cole came out in some wonderful orange leotard resembling a tangerine. (Funny, due to the fact that he was in an actual WRESTLING apparel).

This match featured Stone Cold ' I quit and only ever come back for another paycheck' Austin, as special referee.
Mmm, Heelish and Suave :)
Almost had the win...

Stone Cold decided that he wouldn't wear the black and white stripes and 'Zebra up'. He looked a state and that was a huge insult to all of the industry to not physically wear the shirt. Do Us a favour, leave and don't come back, or at least not until you are serious about something and actually give a care in the world to commit to it.

Eventually Lawler won, but the good old GM of RAW (still anonymous) declared Cole the victor after a Disqualification. We didn't get an explanation as to why. We just got the decision.

1 Year ago, and still repairable 
Boomer Sooner! Great to see JR again

Jack Swagger, former World Champion all set last year, and the rightful choice to be 'made' had a role tonight. His involvement was to allow Michael Cole to hid behind him, take a beating from Jerry Lawler and throw in the towel for Cole. Amusing us by training him with the 'An-Cole lock', he eventually steps up to Stone Cold 'Biased Referrer' to receive an ever predicted Stone Cold Stunner. Austin, who attacked Cole with punches and biased opinion, mocked him when Jerry had submission holds on, before calling Cole the loser officially by declaring Lawler victor. Crowd chants of boring throughout should have told WWE Creative how this, the heavily produced match on the card, was received. Swagger's carrying of Cole was very officer and a gentleman. :) Booker T also made an appearance at the Austin beer party that 10 years ago was interesting, 10 years on, it was drab and long even when cut short. Booker thought he would be safe, but the fool took a Stunner after a spinaroonie!
Speedos would've been more pleasing for your gay community, just a thought
wrestlemania 2011 wiki 300x155 Wrestlemania 2011 Recap
Hiding in the Cole-Mine, Hoping Stone Cold would leave us all alone forever.

Undertaker V Triple H

After 10 years of meeting HHH previously being wiped from our minds ( Until mentioned after the match), could someone, who meet Undertaker at the same event 10 years ago and could not defeat his streak, feasibly end it now? And to tell us that HHH was Undertakers only challenge left ever? So next year, we can clearly assume the winner will be Undie again?

I WILL steal your move!
No, he shouldn't be defeated, but he should always have a challenger that looks strong enough on the night to destroy Taker's Streak. Bear in mind this was No Holds Barred, by the way. So it was plausible, technically in name.
10 Years ago, has much changed?
WWE Wrestlemania 2011 Recap 300x155 Wrestlemania 2011 Recap
I Will win, even in defeat..
So when it came the match was a standard one for a while, then HHH ventured outside for a chair. No hold barred, after taking a while to get going, was about to start. The WWE Universe were starting to gain something from Wrestlemania (with it's biggest draw in the match no less) to have the chair shot thwarted, diluted and become slightly irrelevant. The chair, was the only weapon in the match, until later a second one entered. It was an ordinary match with a chair that was barely used. False advertising anyone? Triple H revealed his signature weapon, the sledgehammer, after a long while, cutting a long story short, tripper couldn't stop the Deadman after 4 pedigrees, yes Four. And only HHH could, to do a tombstone piledriver, taking it away from The Undertaker and still not completing the challenge. Triple H managed to steal Undie's move, give 4 pedigrees, use weapons and still lose. Undertaker ended HHH via a submission hold. Undertaker wasn't allowed a Tombstone pinfall. At the end of the match Undertaker couldn't get to his feet. Triple H didn't help, nor hand shake etc and just stared as he walked on. The Cerebral Assassin had his head screwed on. He managed to bury the Undertaker at HIS biggest event and match. Undie wasn't allowed his own move to win, or to even walk out of the arena as he usually does.

1 Pedigree, 2, 3 4, why??

Yes Undertaker has injuries, but Undertaker ALWAYS works through them, and would gladly have walked out to the back for his celebration. Vince should have allowed this. Instead Taker was removed from the building on a stretcher by EMT's. Triple H made sure he won once again by losing. Charming.   

Time to sleep, but you'll wake up soon, I'll be sent out though, Thanks..

Snooki, Trish Stratus & John Morrison V LayCool & Dolph Ziggler w/ Vickie Guerrero 
Should've been me in Snooki's place. Woo Woo Woo! He knows it, Bro :)
Yes the skank of Jersey Shore blagged her way to Wrestlemania with Trish Stratus and John 'Moody' Morrison V LayCool and Dolph Ziggler, with Vickie Guerrero at ringside.

John Morrison, xcast in a supporting role once again, rightly so, and not for the Trish/spot/upset scenario (see later blog entry), was a background character in a match were indeed the celebrity spot of Snooki was undeserved and Trish was credible. Albeit the same, this match was a disaster from start to finsih and a c omplete waste of time.
Girl Power! Trish 'n' Snook got their game on.
wrestlemania 2011 results 300x226 Wrestlemania 2011 Recap
Supporting cast again.. JoMo has nothing to offer, that's why.
A match featuring Phoenix/Maryse/Gail Kim or Natalya involved with Trish/Laycool would've added weight and depth pardon the pun's of WWE's gimmick team scripters. John Morrison needs to get his own feuds, instead of poking into others. His 'performances' at Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber were classed by the marks as 'incredible'. They were sloppy, childish and uninteresting by taking away from what the matches stood for. It looked as though he wasn't serious about his craft or why he was in those matches. Being a performing duck was foolish. When he gets his own persona maybe he will becoming something huge. Until then he has no stock value and has future endeavours written all over him.

WWE's #1 Heel, Vickie Guerrero, looking 10 ties better than Morrison

John Cena V The Miz (c) w/ Alex Riley - WWE Championship

Dapper Dudes!
The WWE Championship was on the line here. Miz defending. Cena challenging. Cena was in charge of working match layout. No could disagree with that when he made the biggest blunder ever by pushing Miz into the corner with hand over his mouth, leaving a gap open and clearly shouting instructions to The Miz ON CAMERA! It didn't stop there. During the match Miz punched Cena, in the middle of the ring to which Cena stopped for a second or two, lost his bearings, then slowly lowered himself and his ass backwards to 'fall' down. This match was an absolute shambles. And it was ALL Cena's fault.

Still WWE Champion, despite the odds of Supercena.

This is why people dislike John Cena, added with the fact that these performances continue to happen, and though Cena remarks he loves this business, he doesn't bother to work to change his wrestling to become better. It's a sloppy disgrace and pitiful laziness. The Miz worked his backside off.

Here comes the 5 Knuckle Sh*t Fall...
Later the match took a different stance. A ref bump and Alex Riley predicatbly made a beeline for Cena, to which a textbook duck and Miz dive into him sent Riley flying played their paprts. Cena lands an FU on Miz to a 2 fall kickout, rolling to the outside Cena gives chase to the Awesome one, and stupidly decides to clothesline him over the barricade. Both Cena and Miz were over the barricade in the audience outside and neither could make it to the ring before a count of 10.

Yes. The main event, for the WWE Title, ended on a countout.

'I love you Miz'.. oops i mean shhh stay here for 10 seconds.

Could The Great One BE the GM? Hmmmm...
Someone was NOT happy about this, and I don't meant the WWE Universe, obviously. The great one returned. The Rock returned! Ordering a restart because, after-all, this was Wrerstlemania. (someone actually realised that then?), This restart was a “no rules” involved match ironically, to which Miz and Cena went at it. But The Rock who was ambushed previously on RAW by Miz AND John 'cheap shot' Cena, received The Rock Bottom and The People's Elbow. The end saw The Miz manage to clamber over Cena and gain the 3 fall that some, but most did not expect, and delightfully cheered as The Miz retained the WWE Championship which drew Wrestlemania to a close.

PAYBACK! One for you...
and here's your receipt, Champ..

There were a lot of holes in this PPV, The booking of Snooki, casting men into the Diva's match when neither did anything mentionable, no hold barred that was n't what was suggested, Bryan V Sheamus cut, long matches on Cody/Rey and short squashes for The Corre, Hall Of Fame amounting to nothing, and the audience tuning in to see Alberto Del Rio claiming the gold.

There's No Time for us...
Blessed be the WWE Cameraman with Daniel Bryans mat presence, Keep up the sterling work :)

The only highlight was The Rock. That's what drew the audience to Mania. Undertaker/Triple H, Punk/Orton and Edge/Del Rio were the ones they wanted to witness. Those were also the strongest matches. Seeing how Cena/Miz/Rock played out was the added bonus. But it all let down those expectancies. Diluted, Stale, abysmal and poor decisions in the matches cost Wrestlmania dearly.

Mizalicious! Rileylicious! Time to switch the title over to Riley soon WWE..
Open Note to WWE – booking Sheamus, Bryan, Del Rio, DiBiase, Swagger, Ziggler, Riley and The Corre in derogatory or lower down roles ruins the growth for the company as well as new faces to evolve and become what you need. No new stars have been maintained. Where does the product go from here?
Build on me..
Need someone to clock your time underneath? 

Gold would have suited this man's waist, and added a whole new dimension..
Jack Swagger, Alex Riley, Alberto Del Rio and Daniel Bryan are your starting points. Though you may not think it, these 3 are the ones that need to go forward first. Then the rest can slot in and follow. DiBiase can easily feud with Bryan, Del Rio or Christian. Swagger needs to go to RAW and NOT be booked with Evan Bourne! Among the main title picture Swagger has development there. Riley can easily be bumped up to first class also. It's just giving the green light. Scared of how they play out is the concern, and rightly so. But this is the SECOND Wrestlemania that has peeked. (number 25 was the first brick to fall). Should it continue, the greatest PPV ever created for the Wrestling industry will lose it's foundation. And more to the point, no one will care. As just another PPV, that is a dangerous thought.  

Not one Heavyweight Title changed hands on the show where at least one is supposed to in order to interest fans further. Heading into Extreme Rules, the just another PPV concept is continuing for the next few months till Money In The Bank, which understandable left, should have been booked here also, and there would also be 3 briefcase holders than 2 coming up. Knowing the Kane cash in situation may loom, WWE should preserve it's future willingly.
Overall - 4/10
Man/Woman of their matches - Alberto Del Rio, Cody Rhodes, Justin Gabriel, CM Punk, Michael Cole, Undertaker, Michelle McCool, The Miz

Person of the PPV - Undeniably, The Undertaker

© Max Waltham, 16th April 2011