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WWE Draft Predictions 2011

WWE Draft 2011

The WWE Draft is back and taking a look at whom may move and should (both are very different of importance).

So then, undeniably the  poster boy for the Draft 2011 has got to be...


The question is , will Maryse follow him? Ted needs to move to be reinstated as a key player for WWE and raise his stock value. Announcing his move as a MAIN move in the draft rather than the supplemental will have huge benefits. Keeping him as a supplemental draft (which is possible) shouldn't happen if they want people to accept and follow Ted's progress to be remade a bigger star.


The women's (now Diva's) yet the title is still the WOMENS title, she will stick with Ted even though the break up teases have been, well , teased. Smackdown needs a few new gals to feud with the dire Kelly Kelly and give Laycool some new competition. There will be enough female talent shipped to RAW so Maryse's move looks sustainable and can reinstate her as the Diva that was #1 before the Draft shifted her over to RAW  a few years ago.

The Big Question is.. surely one of the biggest players must move? RANDY ORTON or JOHN CENA? Well firstly, i watch RAW most. Secondly, one sells merchandise and gains the child demographic, boosts revenue for WWE and public relations for 'charity'. He also loses all the wrestling male supporters. The other, is the figurehead of RAW and keeps those men coming to RAW, though numbers are smaller due to the off putter. Therefore, WWE should NOT move ORTON. However, one may need to go and most likely WWE wouldn't remove CENA. But you will actually lose a lot of revnue if ORTON is gone and CENA remains. Throwing CM PUNK over is an option, but dillutes everything with the now ever destructive on their own practices Nexus. If one has to go send CENA. You can once again do your editing to make CENA look wonderful and still keep RAW alive with Miz, Punk and Orton


I don't think anyone could doubt that this move is highly necessary. For WWE and Morrison. I think there's enough info in other posts to let you figure this out, but Morri needs re development asap and this could help put wheels in motion.

so then would another spouse, MELINA move too? Perhaps, and i would say yes, send her over she has lived out the RAW fulfillment and has been worn out. Moving to S/D will give her breathing space from the competition of the Diva's division that she has no chance of being a bigger player in just yet. Time on S/D and then with reputation, she can return to 'the game' (not HHH).


Capable of many feuds, with DiBiase, and other S/D stars Bryan could even be presented to upper mid card and even potential slip past the post and be in the main event given building time. No, this isn't an 'internet darling' moment Vinnie, X. But cut the mockery on Mr Veggie-licious and you'll have another firm key player for the company, with a fan base that is already there for him, and those whom can get a lot of lovely camera shots when he is down on the mat wide open :) Thank You x

My man, (though he didn't like the Twitter post on looking nice from me [ which prompted a tweet regarding his wife] JACK SWAGGER, most people would abandon you as they have, but i am a sucker for it (no puns) I was the only one who saw MITB at Mania 26 coming. And though its downcast right now, Swagger has the look, feel, potential, and fair mic skills for a 'newbie' to carry some cans. The derailment crippled his momentum but it can easily be repaired and Jack is already championship material and can easily look good holding it. And next time Jack, don't get testee for a compliment :)

KOFI KINGSTON could do with a move. Though he could still credibly stay on S/D and be re built. Don't give him the IC Title, because they mean nothing that way, build him for months, then throw him into that picture. After that he can eventually win after a red hot - fair mid card feud.

IMO, there is no need to split up LAYCOOL just to say we split a team for the Draft. One of the best partnerships WWE has, it's hard to imagine what either would do on their own. Both need slightly more tweaking as singles after having immense hype together. And don't get me started on Layla being Women's Champion then having to share her reign as a pair and then not defend it AND have it cut up and removed from all obscurity even though it was the Unified belt to remain on TV!

Talk of changing ALBERTO DEL RIO and THE MIZ as champions? No. Miz has just gained his cult following on RAW, and gathers immense exposure for himself, his opponents and WWE. Media take notice also and get him involved (the favorite piece for McMahon - the media :@) Play to it's strengths. As for Alberto, again on S/D he has become top draw. No need to demoralize him further in public perception. Yes Edge retiring meant he wouldn't lose the title at Wrestlemania 27, but he should for two reasons. 1- thats the art of the business, even though you wanted to respect Edge's commitments, he should have lost to be more respectful for the biz. 2) Del Rio lost a lot of his following by the loss, and WWE involved with the angle lost a lot of people's respect. Damage control is necessary.

ALEX RILEY going to S/D is a great chance for key development. Only problem is 1) i watch RAW mainly. 2) I want him there, and technically he can be away from Miz on the same brand if WWE enforced it. 3) On S/D he would be lost in the shuffle, and be jobbed out to the dire Big Show and crippled as a potential new star.

previous Nexus members (SKIP SHEFFIELD, MICHAEL TARVER ETC) an't be moved, because they are not specified on which brand they are on now and which to move to. Oh Dear.

DAVID OTUNGA could move but pointless as he wouldn't then have a place to go to on S/D. Even though he needs to get gone to anywhere off WWE TV. We are not thrilled.

same can apply to DREW MCINTYRE. Vince McMahon still seems to hold the "Future World Champion" tag on him so that Vince isn't proved 'wrong'. Keep Drew on S/D, especially now Ziggler is on RAW -they are practically the same person, and allow Drew to sit there and slowly creep up or get future endeavored.

sending ZACK RYDER over? Noooo. Everyone cannot help but love our Zack. Our 'Bro' could easily be brought back up to the mid card, given air time. Being implemented as a regular face on which ever program would be something many would tune in to see, positive or negative. Now is the time to enforce it.

Woo Woo WOO! S'up Bro?

EVAN BOURNE. Or Evan Bo-u-ring. Sadly this guy is way to green to ever get over. It is not WWE's fault. The gave him the platform to excel numerous times even though the internet marks hype on that WWE didn't give him a push. He had 4 - 5 main chances to make it and HE didn't take one of them. WWE wanted him to produce and gave him even more stage presence but he didn't take to it. He even ruined Jack Swagger when WWE threw the pair of them together to try and make the both of them. Wrong move completely. Swagger had the tools to go forward first. Then you should have pushed Bourne after, but Evan doesn't exude anything from himself. Show your in ring style, move set and deliverance rather than showing off a fancy move and smiling like a goon, this isn't a slam - it's credible critique!

It's Morphin' Time!
SIN CARA might get the boot over after the debacle on RAW 2 weeks ago. Bungled entrances and top rope calamities - don''t blame Primo, could send Cara over. But, that's an oversight. Leave him on RAW. Del Rio and Mysterio on S/D cannot house a third Mexican Wrestler for the Hispanic demographic. It will be overflowed and we have just got past Rey/Alberto. It's not needed right now.

BETH PHOENIX must join Monday nights. Pallying up with best bud Natalya on RAW will re enhance the Diva's division. The Bellas as champions - finally a good move considering the current state of it all. along with Gail Kim/Kong in the wings (put them together on the RAW stage) - exposure will be amazing and Kim is someone who can work wonderfully for the Women. This can re invigorate her positioning. Send EVE with ALICIA FOX to S/D and we can all be happy. Should TAMINA stay or go? Keep her on RAW and send THE USO'S to S/D. reinstate the Tag essence and Tamina shock split from the Draft will leave her 'stranded' with Santino. Even a Beth V Tamina Ex's bout could happen.

MICHAEL COLE can go to S/D. Enough said.

SHEAMUS doesn't NEED to move.

Sending HEATH SLATER & JUSTIN GABRIEL over is an interesting musing. On the plus side, you could set them into the Tag division, establish themselves alone, and develop Wade Barrett as a single competitor. EZEKIEL JACKSON can be cast out or drafted. I would draft, personally. He isn't gaining anything in The Corre. We don't know who he is except in name only.

Keeping them on S/D means they could split and go solo and feud with Tag of Barrett and Zeke or someone else. WILLIAM REGAL can go over and maybe join also.

KANE needs the change. Plus having the blazing monster back on RAW will be worthwhile. S/D can keep BIG SHOW. don't send him over.

 Main Draft-

The Draft's poster boy

Golden Couple to move

2nd Heavyweight Run Possible?

WWE's Got Talent

Big Red Monster return
Glaming up RAW?

Already on S/D, Technically.

Needs the move

Could do with moving, but not vital

Might move, nothing else going on..

Either he will move..

Or this one will..


Should be a star on RAW 

Supplemental Draft - 

Alicia Fox. ps. i miss DJ Gabriel :(

WWE's PG version of  Barbarella!

Could do well on S/D 

No other options..

Maybe, but those tights are HAWWWWTT!

Was a naughty boy in London's O2 Arena!

Class, not Crass.

The Masterpiece, i wouldn't say no..

Yoshi Tatsu, Japan's Finest in WWE

Many options if moved, either way it's win - win

Needs back in the Tag Division and they got mooves!

Wasn't Primo's fault..

Step up or step out i guess.

As always post views and thoughts. It's late because i have a life lol, but review after coming soon .


© Max Waltham 24th April 2011

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