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Kicking off with the first draft pick from the WWE 2011 Draft, who would it be, clearly someone monumental. Someone who would set the tone for the evenings preceedings. None other than JOHN CENA! The unthinkable occurred. HE moved. Crowds all over rejoiced and were thrilled. Though we should have clearly seen how events were to unfold towards the end of the night, Cena, who came out so quickly  and easily took the blue shirt and gave his salute without any disagreement or shock. This was an obvious sign which was overlooked by the elation of Cena moving and the fact that technically, once a draftee moves they are taken out of the 'pool' of draft selection.

The lockerroom, seemed totally shocked to lose Cena from RAW, rather than showing joy.

(Minor note :- it was announced that 2 picks were to move via the announce desk)

See below for the R Truth response that came next on RAW's broadcast.

So second pick to go, well, who could follow Cena of all people? Leaving one key player firmly on RAW, WWE then shocked the world by moving RAW's only left Key Player - RANDY ORTON! RAW became fresh and open for a new star to evolve as the top man now both it's figurehead's had left the fold.

After 2 Smackdown picks, RAW was due one. They got REY MYSTERIO. This told us who would be moving in the draft later. With Cena also gone, many wondered if this was a marketng ploy to sell more masks.

Next was a double pick, 2 to move finally, and S/D got the steals. MARK HENRY as #4, ( a main powerful draft pick was someone who has done nothing of importance or been involved in angles of meaning) and #5 being SIN CARA (as predicted by Mysterio's move) if Cara didn't mess his tope rope spot up with Primo a few weeks back he would've stayed on RAW and Rey wouldn't have moved.

It's getting late in draft picks for a 2 hour show. Original talk was for 12 - 14 picks to move in a 2 hr show. Getting to the sixth draftee, pretty obvious WWE would move this one, but unfortunate. Kane would have been a much more sustainable choice, but alas BIG SHOW became an official member of RAW (every year he moves back and forth, which renders him and the draft pointless).

Alongside Big Show, RAW gained another joint pick, ALBERTO DEL RIO! The man lined up for the World Heavyweight title on S/D was thrown away from it. WWE have just dropped Del Rio flat on his backside. First missing the boat at Wrestlemania and now drafted to RAW. The third knock for Del Rio will be from John Cena. Their match at Summerslam will clearly be a disaster for Alb. His momentum was spectacular, but being sidelined is now costing him his fanbase. One has to wonder how much involvement the future chairman in the wings, namely Triple H has to do with this.

So, at the end of the broadcast, waiting forever for the picks to come and draft to end on a high note, and announcing that 3 would be moving (then only 1 was announced) speculation was rife. The eighth man to move was... JOHN CENA! What? and B*ll***t! was proclaimed by many watching this pointless draft.

As mentioned to begin with, once a draft option is selected, they cannot technically be placed back into the selection pool, Which therefore means that Vince McMahon royally messed up with this one! But hey, only WWE/Vince could do the classic Vince swerve turn and 'get away with it'.

Please listen... Damage control is needed as this has just seperated yourself from the 'WWE Universe' as well as questioning how far away from the product one actually is. Behind the times or outdated from the understanding of it all? To look credible, you must stick to it. This draft is one of the biggest draws for RAW yet it didn't shake things up again for Key Players, it shook the WWE system in terms of it's followers and supporters who wanted a change in the product (and with Cena moving).

The supplemental draft has been comprised of main players that should have moved in the televised draft to establish themselves among the elite. This space was for the likes of Mark Henry. Jack Swagger or Sheamus should have moved among the main draft.

After the first draft, RTruth came out to give the best heelistic promo of a)his career and b) for a VERY long time in WWE land from ANY performer on the roster.

I'll say it again, R Truth has many more options than John Morrison IF WWE pushed him and gave him ample time and his 'voice'. They attempted to do this here, which i give praise to and i myself definatly enjoyed it, even if it was slightly long for the Draft edition of RAW. Many however don't believe in the WWE product for one fact, they removed R Truth from his spot, whether undeserved or not, they should have run with it, just as the Cena draft debacle which was a massive stick two fingers up at the audience.

See next post on the supplemental draft moves.

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© Max Waltham 05 May 2011

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