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Christian DETHRONED as World Champion

Christian DETHRONED as World Champion. Were WWE Productive or just plain cruel?

Fell off the proverbial ladder as soon as he climbed it
And how many people suffered as a result?

Over the last couple of months WWE’s world title picture was up in the air, so to speak.  With the Failure of Alberto Del Rio grasping the title as initially perceived, (at Wrestlemania 27), and again at Extreme Rules, it seemed WWE were going to get the ball rolling with Christian after 17 years. But unfortunately I could see this coming a mile off. With one at the top viewing Christian as no main eventer, you would think they would at least have run with it a month or 2 minimum to honour the prestige of a) the title and b) the long hard struggle – which is always a storyline of its own.

Rematch no doubt..

Choices to drop to were Mark Henry, seriously? The Great Khali (a former World champ, has a place to ask for a run, though shouldn’t be put forward, sorry), and Randy Orton. Obvious choice, deserved but all the same, the title run sadly for Mr.Stubblesworth , is slightly diluted again – though none of it is his fault.

Tattoo's, stubble, vocal, and skilled, anything he cannot pull off?

 It would have been highly productive to have Del Rio as champion, and have Christian as challenger with John Cena rearing his head in Orton’s place on Smackdown. Orton could have resumed the WWE Title on RAW and gave it notoriety and respect to the demographic he presents – men!

Should've happened at Extreme Rules 2011
Del Rio & Christian, the calamities of the title picture that only they were in, rendered these last 2 months of TV and PPV time pathetic and tacky.
Isn't credible to be a contender

So Orton, Christian and Alberto Del Rio have been scuppered by this whole process.

Former World Champ had a right to ask
And who will be Orton’s challenger? Henry? Khali? Or even Wade Barrett? Unfortunately Wade is IC Champion and not ready. There is no heel on S/D to take the lead role.

More of a candidate

Certainly looks Corporate

Sheamus and Bryan are battling and could be candidates, but have no ‘presence’ as legitimate competition to ‘The Viper’ through WWE’s bungled panic attempts to reshuffle correctly and in hindsight, made it even worse a position to be in.

WWE Champ once again
Once again, Cena and Orton are WWE’s champions. As the WWE Universe proclaim – “It’s the same ol’ s**t”. Investing in champions to enhance company investment means your sacrificing those that matter – the people watching. If nothing drastically changes, and for the better (a new champion who stays at the top as legitimate competition), will recover those who have lost their faith in the WWE ‘product’. The ‘fans’ want THEIR champions, not the same old 10 years, non-moving the product forward 'substitutes'.

Mr Stubbleworth ( © Max Waltham 2011 :p) is your new World  Champion

Did Orton’s film have anything to add to this decision?

© Max Waltham 14th May 2011

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